D. McCree, improved on the fire-escape used in bigger buildings and created a portable wooden fire escape  that could be attached to a home window-sill and used in the home. This  portable fire escape, of course enables people inside to escape from second and third story levels of homes during a fire.  McCree patented his portable fire escape on November 11, 1890 and it is the basis for models used today.

(U. S. Patent # 440,322 )

Kedrich Jackson is a Hardware Design Engineer living in Washington State who played an integral role in the development of Hewlett Packard's DeskJet Printer Series 850C and 855C. HP printers were going to be delayed for distribution because of a high noise level.  Jackson developed a spur gear that dampened the vibration and reduced the noise. He also devised a wet wiping method to improve  the print quality of those printers. Jackson has two  U. S. Patent #'s  6,017,110 and  5,706,038 for print clarity processes.
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Kenneth J. Dunkley of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, discovered two points located at the periphery of a person's vision that, if obstructed, cause an ordinary picture to appear three-dimensional. This discovery led to the invention of three-dimensional viewing glasses (3-DVG ) that achieves 3-D effects without lenses, mirrors or optical elements of any type (U. S. Patent # 4,810,057).  Dunkley has conducted visual effects workshops for four years at the Museum of Scientific Discovery in Harrisburg, PA. During this time, two major articles on his invention and his workshop appeared in Stereo World magazine, a primary source of information for 3-D photography enthusiasts in the USA. Another article appeared in the SPIE Proceedings, a scientific publication for 3-D topics.  Ken Dunkley's reputation as a visual pioneer surpasses the patented 3-DVG invention. He is a leader in the field of art holography where, in 1973, Dunkley created his hologram entitled "Thoughts."
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