David S. Hough


New Anki files from JFBP (right click and "save target as"): JFBP Volume 2 Kanji, JFBP Volume 3 Kanji.
JFBP grammar patterns: Volume 2 (partial).
JFBP vocabulary, Volume 2: ch.1-5, ch.6-10.
JFBP vocabulary, Volume 3: ch.11-15, ch.16-20.
Other sources: Tadashi Kikuoka's Japanese Newspaper Compounds (1000), Naoko Chino's All About Particles (partial),

Japanese resources: Anki free software, Jim Breen's WWWJDIC, JLPT login.

Go: GoGameWorld, Go News, Go4Go.


Publications and Preprints:
A Construction for Eulerian Posets, 2/25/04 (pdf).
Descents in noncrossing trees, 10/6/03 (pdf, EJC Vol 10(1), #N13).
The noncrossing descent matrix is Riordan, coauthor Louis W. Shapiro, 5/16/03 (pdf, accepted Congressus Numerantum)
The genus of partitions and trees (phd thesis), 8/15/01 (pdf, genealogy).

Tools: GAP, PARI.

Math resources: ArXiv, EJC, On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, Mathweb.