Updated 8-March-2006

Software Download Page


TERMS Is a terminal server for OS X and Linux.  In conjunction with telnet it will create a serial terminal.

SERMONCL is a command line serial analyzer written for use with OS X.  It can monitor both TX and RX displaying them in a terminal window. It is designed to be similar to tcpdump, dumping serial data as received with timestamps.

DUMBTEL is a Demo program to show how to use BSD Sockets in OS X 10.2. The program opens a socket and waits for a connection. When connected it echos input till it terminates. Includes SOURCE & Project Builder Project
AVR Development Cross compling using an AVR targeted gcc to develop code to run on AVR RISC micros. This also shows how to use Xcode to run the cross compile.
Hog Bay Notebook Files -> HTML Converts the Hog Bay RTF converted form to a Web Site
 Spinning Cube of Potential Doom - Network Monitoring  Tool Shows a 3D picture of TCP/IP connections