Book 8

Presented to Grandma Haviland on her 82nd birthday, April 21st 1903, by Catharine Marie Schad.
Mrs Roger Haviland,
Byron, Michigan.

A letter dated Sept 22 1884 on stationary from the First National Bank Of Corunna, Detroit Mich. Roger haviland listed as President, Wm Mc Kellops as Vice President, A. T. Nichols as Cashier, J. D. Leland as Ass't. Cashier

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the Dr Telephoned to St Marys Hospital saying there was a man for treatment his wife and friend with him, would be at the hospital at 11 ocl the next day, wee left his office, my husband said he was not tired wee would walk to Smiths and leave his watch to be cleaned, he said wee will now go to Mablys and get a wrap of some kind that I can throw around me loosely and be comfortable for winter when I take Kittie and Robbie to school, he found just what he wanted; he said I am tired and weak, I will go to the Griswald you trade what you wish and Express it to Gaines call on Mrs O Conor & Mrs Vanburen dont be in a hurry on my account, we done so and went through the market and returned, he was sitting in the reading room Smoking a cigar and chatting quite cheerful, he said oh you have come he came to me said did you find what you wanted, I said no Pa, I did not want anything, til you are well, but wee called on the friends, they will call in the morning
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Tuesday 23d - 11 o'clock which they did, Mrs O Connor & Mrs Vanburen, Bernard and I took the first street car after breakfast, went and called on Sarah Ferguson, was back at 1/2 past 9 oclock, he had a verry poor nights rest in the Griswold, he walked the floor at times and said how I miss my big chair. I would fix him sitting up in bed, as well as I could but he was in pain, wee were both glad when morning came, it was a gloomy morning at 1/2 past 10 oclock wee took the street Carrs for St Marys Hospital wee arrived in a few minutes, went to our room, which was prepared for us by one of the Sisters, in a little while, Dr Mc Graw came in shook hands and said I am ready to treat you. I started to go with them, when they steped on the Elevator, I expected to go and see him seated in the Chair, they told me gently I could not go, I said I wanted to go and take his shirt off. I was affraid they would hurt his poor arm, the Dr told me he would be as gentle and kind as if it was his own Father, I shall never forget the look my poor husband gave me, he was leaning on his cane he said Catharine dont come. I was so afraid they would hurt his poor arm, but they took him away. I walked the floor of my room, it seemed hours I prayed to God to give him strength through Tuesday
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I could hear the groans of the patients all around me, every groan I thought was my poor husband, about 1 oclock an attendent came in spread down the bed, directly I could hear his voice, oh my God what a sight I beheld, such perfect agony I never saw, he was realizing his pain the first words were oh Dr what made you tear my arm from my body, oh Catharine they have tore my arm I feel the chords torn from my heart, he said I never thought I was comeing to St Marys Hospital to die. I leaned over him and caressed him said Pa I will take good care of you as long as you live, but oh my God I was not permitted to doe that, he was struck with death, the cold death, sweat was all over his body, bottles of water was put all around him, every time wee raised his head to give him a drink he would faint, then he would vomit and faint, he was given Ice instead of water and Brandy in water but vomited several times dureing that afternoon and evening.
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Tuesday night Dr Mc Graw came in about 10 ocl as near as I remember, I was in great grief, I could see he was failing, he said he thought by morning he would rally, when leaving the room said he wished to speak with me in the hall, he took me by the hand and said kindly now every tear you shed in the presence of your husband it helps to depress his spirits, now be brave and prepare for the worst. I said oh my God how can I be brave and repeated it over and over, he said be quiet, it has taken a verry differrent turn from what I expected, he said I never saw any one under my treatment that every nerve in his body was parralized, now go to your room be brave, I went, I never was brave, I was less now the Sisters came gently administer beef tea and Stimulents, spoke a kind word went on their mission of mercy to other bead sides, for they saw there was 80 patients in the Hospital, the attendants were verry kind and obliging and one Dr called every hour, Dr Mc Graw Telephoned at one ocl at night, he orderd flaxseed poultice all night every 40 minutes or one hour at longest it was attended to all night, from his shoulder to the points of his fingers and cloths rung out of hot laudnum for his poor Shoulder but his finger nails were black
Page 5
Wednes morning he looked up and smiled and said well Catharine how is it with me this morning. I answerd how doe you feel, he said I feel better than I did yesterday then I said your poor arm pa, his finger nails were black when they brought him in on the strecher and black stripes were across his fingers, I asked him if he could talk any to Barney or me, he said can I talk intelligibly, my head is so confused, and I feel my tonge getting thick, he said it is well, it is well, moved his lips as if in prayer, said Catharine, reached for my hand several times raised his lipse for me to kiss, the dead sweat dried up about one hour and before he died and he breathed easier, his eyes became glassy, I said to Barney look at his eyes, he, pa, said to warm throu them clothes of, I laid off some of the clothes he laid his hands on his bowels said he was in great pain their, I rubed them, said to Bernard raise him upon his pillow, oh my God he was dying he breathed about six times the lamp of life
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went out, 5 minutes past one ocl just 24 hours after they brought him in on that stretcher I hope no mortal will ever suffer such agony, nor any wife ever see such a sight, when he was in a great agony, I told him I would bear his pain if I could, he answerd you dont need pain.

Mrs Duncan came in as he breathed his last breath the next was to prepare to get home, the Sister Telephoned for the undertaker, he came, Bernard & Mrs Duncan went to his office, the Sisters said one of them would stay with me or one of the Ladies that were there for treatment, I said please close the door, and leave me alone, which they did, for near 2 hours, I was alone with my dead husband and God, I talked with him, then I smothed his pillow, laid my cheek against his on the pillow and fell asleep, oh if I could slept the last sleep, then and their.the undertaker came a Sister said she would go with me to another room, I was frantic with grief, I said they murderd my husband they tore his arm from his body. the Dr never let him out of his hands til he was struck with death and the blood settled under his nails and the cold death sweat was on him but he realized all

Page 7
Dr Mc Graw came in and said oh, Mrs Haviland dont say so I treated your husband as gently as if it had been my own Father, I pitty you from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry now from the bottom of my heart that I undertook to reduce it, that was the term he used but I thought I could, I said why did you hold him under treatment so long for wee both told you wee were here for advice not treatment, - he said I dont want you to go home with any ill feelings towards me, promise me you wont, if I done wrong which I acknowledge I did, it was of the head not the heart, he said now I pitty you from my heart, now promise, I said I believe you are sorry for what you have done, but I am verry sorry now, he said you could not had your husband but a little while longer he was in years and quite feeble, I said that is poor consolation, I told you
Page 8 Wednesday
he was in years and enfeebled by treatment, and you agreed to put him under a gentle treatment of Either, and if you could not set it you would say so I said you never let him out of your hands til he was struck with death, the cold sweat was all over him and his nails were black, and you murderd him I did not know any one was in the room but Dr Mc Graw and myself, when he said how long did Dr Knapp hold him under treatment, I answerd about 15 minutes he said is that so, well I held him under about 3/4 of an hour did I not, - I looked up to see who would answer, there stood the Dr that attended him, while there he answerd all of that, friends began to come in, Dr Mc Graw bade me a kindly farewell and left, oh how I raved I thought my heart would break, about half past 8 the friends all left but Mrs O Conor blessings on her, She staid with me all night Thursday morning came, Mrs Duncan came early, in a little while Mr Nichols of Corunna, and Mr Frank Bush of Gaines came to our room like ministering angels, if two had come from heaven I would not have been any more surprized or pleased, I was frantic with grief, I went in there with my poor husband in tolerable health and in 24 hours he was a corpse
Page 9

Thursday 25th 1884 - and in 24 hours he was a corpse, not by the hand of God, but by ambitious man aspiring for fame, oh cruel fate, I am a widow to day, they took his precious life from him, the friends came Mrs O Conor & Lizzie

25th Mrs Mc Key Mrs Mc Kerrow Mr & Mrs Vanburen Mr John Ferguson, and wife, Miss Anna Ferguson and two lady friends & Mattie Duncan my poor dead husband was in his coffin in a parlor wee went in there, I thought my heart would break, the Hearse and one Carriage was there at the front entrance, wee left that dark citty, it looked like the Citty of the dead to me, I never wish to return to it Mrs Duncan came with us. My dear Children and many many dear kind friends met us at Gaines, but oh when I came in view of my once happy home now made dessolate by the hand of man what a sad - sad reflection God help me I am alone in this world

Page 10
the grave was not like the cold clay oh no for Mrs Thomas Green Mrs Sheldon & Frank was down in it and trimmed it with Ever greens and flowers that made it look like a little room for the sleeper to repose in, blessings on them all. I hope they never will see sorrow, is the prayer of a sorrowful one Sunday 28th he was laid to rest in that little room of evergreens and flowers, with hundreds of kind Sympathysing friends that came to mourn with us then wee must return to our once happy home made dessolate by death, the light has gone out of it, I pray God to give us strength to bear our sorrows if it had been Gods will I could bear it with more fortitude, but it was ambitious man aspireing for fame. thus ends the fate of my dear Husband, Lord have mercy on his Soul

C Haviland a sorrowful widow
oh God give me strength to bear my sorrows

Another letter wrote by Mrs R Haviland to Mr Huggins dated Byron Jan 18th - 1886
Page 1
Bernard brother of Roger Haviland was born near London Derry, Donegal Co Ireland Feb 2d - 1808 after serving an apprenticship at Shoemaking - 7 yrs he started in business for himself, which Continued 3 yrs, thinking he could do better in America, he left the home of his birth May 3d 1832in his 24 year he came to philidelphia, finding his trade good here, - he was a fine bootman and received the best of wages, he allways worked by the piece, - he wrote to Roger advising him to come, as Roger had his trade learned by that time, Roger landed in Philidelphia Oct 15th 1833 in his 21s yr business was good, but hearing trade was better in Canida, they both went there, in 1836 they came to Detroit, they had accumulated enough money to purchase 160 acres of land in the Township of Sharron Washtenaw Co of Mr Lewis for which they paid $300 dollars
Page 2
they sold that same year to Micah Porter for $600 dol which enabled them to purchase of Government 480 acres at $1.25 pr acre in the County of Shiawasse, - each taking a Deed in his own name of 240 acres, Rogers being the farm he lived on to the time of his death. Bernard made his home with Roger over 20 yrs making improvements on his own farm joining Rogers, in 1856 he visited Ireland England and Scotland, he was a verry Charitable man he spent a great deal of money trying to make his relatives Comfortable, he went on the principle not let the right hand know what the left hand doeth, his health began to fail the fall of 63 in the Winter wee saw Consumption was doeing its work, slow but sure, he died as he lived a good man, with a full assureance in the reward of the just, May 27th 1864at Roger house in his 55th yr
Page 3
Roger Haviland was born near London derry Donegal Co Ireland Dec 12th 1812 he came to America, landed in Philadelphia, Oct 15th 1835 he was a Shoemaker by trade, - in 1836 he bought of Government 240 acres at $1.25 pr acre in Shiawasse Co to have a farm of his own was the hight of his ambition, in 1837 he married Catharine Ferry at AnnArbor they went to Ypsilanti the fall of 1838, the Summer of 39 Roger came to the woods and hired 5 acres of timber girdled, the same land plowed and sowed to Wheat Mr John Barnum, and Son, Isaac, done the plowing Mr Aaron Wellman, sowed and draged it in, while Roger had the body of a small logg house raised, - and hired Mr Joseph Westbrook to split out shake for a roof, they were over 2 feet long, but Joseph made every thing strong, Roger walked from Ypsilanti, and carried 10 lbs of nails on his back from Dexter,
Page 4
to put the shake on, there was no R Road or Carriage going his way, if there was they passed by, but he was young and ambitiouse and going to have a home.

Feb 2d 1840 wee left Ypisilanta for our new home, two waggon loads consisted of our household goods, and provisions all told, our Stock was one span of horses, wee had one pig one dog 6 fowls, Bernard and Roger came with the first load, they marked the trees from Daniel Kitsons - one mile to the little logg house, for the snow was deep, when they arrived they found some body had cut out two loggs, so they could get in, it proved to be Edward Peck, who came to put up the body of a house, and stay in ours til he done so, Bernard and Roger cut out a door, and chopped some wood, set up a stove, the third day Bernard started back to Ypsilanti for the other load of goods and Rogers

Wife Catharine, the snow was going fast with rain in Washtenaw, but in Livingston it was pretty deep which made it bad wheeling wee were from early morning til 12 oclock at night comeing from Brighton to Byron Mr Layton kept the hotel

Page 5
Mr Layton kept the hotel, he was husband of Mrs Wood that still lives in Byron, he kindly raked open a bead of Coles in a large fire place, wee warmed, the road was on a side hill east of Byron, Bernard said it would not be safe to drive over at night, he put the horses in the Stable, - took his gun, and said what will wee doe with the little pig, if wee leave it, it will freeze, he said if you will drop it in my cloak, I will carry it on my back, Bernard and Catharine started, after we got to the hill where William Joslin lives there was onely the track our sleigh made 5 days before, Bernard said if wee were right, Mr Kitsons dog would soon bark which it did, Snow now was knee deep, and a crust on it, at one oclock at night, or rather morning wee arrived, found Roger and dog lying as comfortable as they could together, with quilt for door and window, but it was home sweet home, the next day the door was hung and window put in, it was now Feb 8th the snow began to go and soon showd signs of Spring
Page 6
Bernard and Roger began to split rails, and fenced the 5 acres of Wheat, then Bernard left, to work at his trade in Detroit, but did not forget Roger, when harvest came he sent dried Apples, Tea, and sugar, wee had 75 bushels of Wheat from 5 acres of girdling, Roger hired 3 acres broke and sowed oats, and planted Potatoes, the ground yealded abundently, now wee had plenty of provision the first summer, Roger was verry lonesome, and he just comeing out of a Shoe Shop, - he said if he had some Tobacco, he would not be so lonesome, and he would go to Linden, and get some if he could not get it there he would go to Pontiac, and not look for him til he come about 9 oclock evening, he made the woods wring Singing and whistling, - the next morning, he thought he would take a chew of tobacco, and start anew to work, the tobacco was a large twists, he could not get the bite off, he took the twist apart, there was half of an old Silk handkerchief in the twist, that pound lasted a good while,
Page 7
Now ten years had passed since the Brothers left the home of their birth, true to the promise they made their parents, as soon as either had a home and got to living they would send for them, and take care of them in their declining years, the money was sent, Bernard went to the Citty of New York, to meet them, for fear some thing might happen them, Roger met them at Detroit, with a span of horses and waggon, July 8th 1842 - it took five days to go and return from Detroit, parrents and sons were reunited, their Father was 70 yrs old their Mother 60 yrs, they brought a grand son with them - 14 yrs old. John brother of Bernard jun he went to school to Mr Huggins at Byron he was famed for taking his own part among the boys, as some that are Grand fathers now well remember how handy he was with his hands, - Nov 10th 1846 death came and took the Father aged 74 March 3d 1859 their Mother died being 77 yrs old
Page 8
they died as they had lived with blessings on their lips for their sons - John their grand Son, enlisted in the Mexican war, he was shot in the storming of Chapultepec, Sept 10th - 1847 - being 19 yrs old now the Brothers were liveing together, and helping each other to lighten the burdens, in the fall of 1863 Bernards health began to fail Consumption soon showed it was doeing its work when death claimed a shining mark, May 27, - 1864 now Rogers spirit was broken, for the loss of his onely brother, he never done an other days work on the farm, but was an active man in other respects til the misfortune which befel him, of a dislocated Shoulder, with undue treatment he died Sept 24th 1884 now sleeps, Father, Mother, Bernard, Roger, side by side in the cemetery at Byron, with a Granit Monument, with Suitable Inscription, and Granit headstones to each of their graves, Catharines the same as the rest onely the inscriber to mark died, Catharine sits in the deep twilight thinking of the past and waiting her masters bidding
Mrs R Haviland
to Mr Huggins

Tues 16th Sept 1890 - Wm named baby Catharine marie, after her Grand Mother Schad and myself, God bless her, and watch over her Grand Ma Haviland

A newspaper article pinned to this page

From your distant home in the city,
Your thoughts travel far away,
You think of the graves of your loved ones,
This sad Memorial day:
You know that kind friends are near them,
You feel the good words they will say.
For many long years they knew them,
'Ere yet they were called away.
Yourself, your boy and your husband,
Will be with us all in your heart,
And though unseen by our vision,
In thought will take active part;
So we stretch out our hands to greet you,
And reach out thoughts to find
That our souls with yours may comingle,
Mind answering unto mind.
Just as near are the dear sprits to you,
As though you were really here,
For they linger not round their caskets,
But have passed to a beautiful sphere,
Oh, soon will the years, rapid rolling,
Place our bodies, too, 'neath the flowers,
But praises to Him who shall save us,
And give us immortal power.
It is well you rely on "Our father,"
All potent, all loving, all kind;
It is well you trace in all changes
His mercy-in purpose of mind,
Then joy and praises forever
To Him who again will unite,
In the realms of bliss and glory,
The sweet ties of filial delight.
With love of your friend,
Mrs. H. E. Cole

1903 Tues Apr 21st - Dear little Catharine Marie presented me this diary my 82d birthday Kittie & Catharine attended Ellen Simonsons funeral, she was found dead in bed Mr Wm Gilmore called

Wed 22d - Wm & Kittie has gone to Byron I sent a letter to Mary A Mc Farlin

Thurs 23d - it rained 2 men are plowing wee heard Mr Minor was dead in Chicago

Frid 24th - it rained Wm shipped the last of his Lambs, Miss Mary Joslin came to spend the day

Sat 25th - Catharine & I spent all day to Idas verry pleasant Nick, Bernice, Kittie, and Catharine, Wm started for Buffalo at 10 ocl at night to meet his Lambs from Durand

Sund 26th - a lovely morning Wm & Kittie attended Mrs Miners Funeral yesterday Roger Minnie & Children came Fannie Shaunts came and staid all night

Mond 27th - Mr Dodge is here, Nick is sowing oats to day, Norah Boice called yesterday

Tues 28th - Kittie & Mr P Schad has gone to meet Wm at Durand, started 6 ocl this morning Wm returned safe, thank God, for every blessing received Mr Harter & Nick are sowing oats, it is a lovely day, Kittie & Catharine has gone to the musical recital

Wed 29th - Florence Berkhart came on last evening Train to visit Catharine & Perry Mrs Frank Anderson, & Mrs Josie Mc Ewen & little boys visited here to day

Thurs 30th - Kittie & Catharine are going to Detroit on this morning Train God be with them Hay pressers came pressed most 8 Tons Wm has 23 acres of Oats sowed Mr Harter is here to work. Kittie brought sad news Mrs S Vanburen, had a shock of Paralisys Kittie bought her green velvet Couch and Rug for Sitting room a dress suit and a good deal for Catharine while in Detroit

1903 Frid May 1st - Mrs Mc Kinny made a pleasant call, I received a letter from Kittie Ferguson Wm had 6 Hay pressers he received a letter from Hugh Aldrich

Sat 2d - A lovely morning, Kittie & Catharine came on evening Train, praise God for safe return

Sund 3d - it is raining all day a little Robert Cowan called yesterday

Mond 4th - there was a frost last night I sent a letter to Kittie Ferguson

Tues 5th - Kittie & Mrs Kirkendol commenced to clean house up staires Wm is whipping carpets, Kittiesteped on a nail is quite lame I cleaned the two Clossets down Stairs and set out yellow Chrisanthems Katharine commenced school this morning has not been in 2 months

Wed 6th - it is a lovely day Mr Harter is here, he ans Nick are plowing for Corn I had my plants brought from the stairs, I repoted my Rack full for my summer garden Minnie Haviland came for a pleasant call - I went over to Alices yesterday

Thurs 7th - Lissie & Emma came and staid last night, They went to Byron this morning

Frid 8th - Perry went for Mrs Kirkendol she worked here yesterday, Mr Harter is here Kittie & Mrs Kirkendol are cleaning my room & Mr Schads bedroom

Sat 9th - Kittie & Bernice went to Owosso, Kittie bought a carpet for her Bedroom T(he) velvet Couch & Rug came to day

Sund 10th - it is a lovely day - Ralph Schad came and went to Church with Perry & Catharine

Mond 11th - Perry went for Mrs Kirkendol Kittie & Mrs Kirk has made the carpet and put it down cleaned and settled Parlor put rug Sitting room

Tues 12th - Perry went for Mrs Kirkendol, they lifted Linolium in dining room cleaned Windows Kitties Suit came to day from Detroit Linolium came for dining room Kitties Suit came from Detroit

Wed 13th - Perry went for Mrs Kirkendol, they put Linolium down in dining room Nick & Mr Harter are planting early Potatoes, a lovely day - every tree in bloom

1903 Thurs May 14th - Perry went for Mrs Kirkendol she is washing Curtains I sent a letter to Mrs Nichols, - Lettie Wolfin came last evening to sew for Kittie

Frid 15th - Mrs Stone & Harry, - and Mrs Hathaway spent the day pleasantly with us I received a letter from Mrs Mc Farlin, Navada Reno 108 3d St

Sat 16th - Lettie made Catharine a skirt and waist, Kittie took her home

Sund 17th - merc 84 above I tied my crazy quilt all alone yesterday. Catharine & Ella have gone to Church and S School it is a lovely day every Tree & Shrub in bloom

Mond 18th - it Thunderd, Lightned, rained & hailed yesterday. Roger, Minnie & children came Lettie Wolfin came last evening, John Williams died Sat afternoon Eddie Sheldon took dinner with us to day - his Wife had a little Son born this morning

Tues 19th - merc 75 above wee had a light Thunder Shower, Kittie & Lettie Wm has gone to attend John Williams funeral at 2 ocl I received a letter from Cyclone Insurance Charlott, company Cyclone & Wind Storm, Insurance Company, Charlott Mich, assessment $6.00 every thing looks lovely Thunder Showers

Wed 20th - Kittie & I went to the cemetery once more, wee called on H Cole to trade Kittie bought garden seeds, Cabbage & Tomatoe plants

Thurs 21st - Kittie & I drove over to Roger Ms, the first time I have been there there was a Thunder Shower in the evening

Frid 22d - Kittie drove to Ella Sheldons, and saw the new Baby, met Rob & Lissie there I hemmed 8 pocket handkerchiefs on the machine this afternoon

Sat 23d - The Teacher Miss B Phips & Catharine went to Owosso it rained

Sund 24th - Perry & Catharine went to Church and Sabath School, a shower Mrs Mc Donald sent me 2 qut of Strawberries, how kind, they are beautiful

1903 Mond May 25th - Kittie went to the cemetery this morning to set plants did not finish 5 o clock afternoon Wm Kittie Lettie Wolfin Bernice Phips & Catharine

Tues 26th - have all gone to Durand, Wm has made garden over in the field

Wed 27th - Kittie went to the cemetery this morning finished setting plants, finished her own

Thurs 28th - it is Thundering and showery an other is comeing at looks terrible in the west Mr Schad came with Kittie, Wm made garden to day

Frid 29th - Kittie is baking doeing her Sat work so she can attend dedication

Sat 30th - they have all gone to Byron to attend dedication, Emma Carland came on evening Train from Corunna, has gone with the rest it is cold wee have fire in the Furnace The Ella May Tower Monument will be Unveiled at 2 P M they have come home they say there wasprobably 5000 sd People there

Sund 31st - Perry & Catharine, and his company went to Church, it is cold wee had a fire in Furnace all day, they went out riding Dr Sleath was 80 - May 2d 1903 Mrs Slaeth 76 - yrs

Be sure your Sins will find you out, Numbers 32 & 23 for God will bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, weather it be good or evil

1903 Mond June 1st - merc 60 above Miss Emma Carland has sick head ache, this morning she left on evening Train, the rest went to Uncle Tom Cabin, entertainment

Tues 2d - merc 62 above Wm, Mr P Schad and Kittie has gone to Durand, I am all alone, after dinner Kittie went to Byron, visited my dead, - went to Ella Sheldons saw the new baby, called on Hellen Reynolds, poor Hellen, onely a wreck of a woman, that she was once.

Wed 3d - Kittie took Teacher to School & me to Roger Ms, I spent a pleasant day

Thurs 4th - Mrs Pattison, Methodist Ministers Wife, of Gaines & Mr Atherton made

Frid 5th - merc 74 a pleasant visit, Vera Mattison came to spend the night with Catharine

Sat 6th - merc 72 I darned Stockings & put away the ironed Cloths that Mrs Kirkendol washed and ironed

Sund 7th - Roger M, Minnie, Georgia & Howard came, Kittie, Perry & Catharine went to Church it rained last night, Nick said he put in 8 acres of Beans Yesterday it is Thundering

Mond 8th - Nick put in more Beans, 13 acres in all, I tied my crazy quilt to day Perry Schad passed in 8th grade & received a diploma, pretty good for a 15 yrs

Tues 9th - Mr Harter is here to work, our School closed Sat 6th, Miss Seaman Teacher, I received a Program of Graduating Class, Gaines from J Allen Mc Coughna, he being one of the graduates

Wed 10th - Kittie picked her first Can of Strawberries yesterday Mrs Ralph Tubs spent the afternoon yesterday with us & little girl Kittie & Wm are going to Durand this forenoon Mr Harter is here to work for Wm, they are planting late Potatoes Wm & Kittie went to Durand this forenoon - Kittie picked an other pan of Strawberries

Thurs 11th - merc 46 above Wm & Kittie were out last eve to a banquet of Eastern Stars it is verry cold N Boyce is sick to day, Mr Harter is plowing cold Wm built fire in Furnace, Mrs Mc Donald sent me 2 quts Strawberries

1903 Frid 12th -

A newspaper article pinned to this page
Things Worth Knowing
Peach leaves pounded to a pulp and applied to a bruise or a wound made by a rusty nail or a cut, will give relief. A drachm of borax in an ounce of glycerine is the best external application that can be made in case of erysipelas. To remove ink stains, soak in sour milk. If a brown stain remains, let lie in a weak solution of chloride of lime till it disappears. Rinse thoroughly after using the lime. Coffee and tea stains can be taken out by soaking the fabric in cold water, wringing out, and pouring a little glycerine on each spot. Let stand several hours, then wash in cold water and soap. To take out sewing machine oil, rub with lard, let stand several hours then wash with cold water and soap. Kerosene will take out grass stains. Saturate the spot, then put in the washtub. Dry cornmeal will remove soot. Use before the clothes are wet. Baking powder cans make fairly good ice cream, jelly and pudding molds-if one has nothing better. Onion juice and white soap will usually remove stains made by scorching. Cold tea will clean stained woodwork without injury.
A Bad Habit to Cure.
Can any one tell me how to break a child of biting his finger nails? In some cases this is only done when angry or annoyed, but the child I have charge of gnaws at his continually. We have tried to rouse his pride and ambition in various ways, and applied quinine, with no effect, whatever. ANXIOUS. (The other inquiry our correspondent propounds should be referred to the family physician.) Diary:

1903 Friday June 12th - Kittie is verry sick to day, had a number of spasms, Dr Ruggles came took dinner with us - N Boyce is at work to day Mr Hurter is here Wm Bernice Perry Catharine & Mr Harter picked a pail of Strawberries

Sat 13th - Kittie was verry sick all night, Mrs S Stone & Mrs Hathaway came last evening, Mrs Stone stayed she and Wm sit up with poor Kittie, the Dr came at 9 ocl, and staid til 4 ocl this morning she seems easier this morning. I huled a pail full of Strawberries Mrs Stone canned the Strawberries, I received a letter from Ida E Wagner

Sund 14th - it is cold Wm built a Fire in the Furnace - Dr & Mrs Taggart came - Mr & Mrs Fred Close came Roger M Minnie came & children Mr & Mrs Hunt & children called

Mond 15th - Kittie is better this morning, I thank my Heavenly Father for every good and perfect gift Mr & Mrs Hathaway called, it is a lovely day Catharine went for Lettie she came is helping Kittie, Mrs Stone stays with us I have just finished working the edge of my Crazy quilt with San Silk, I tied it one week ago to day my darling Kittie is verry poorly Wm & Mrs Stone sits with her all the time

Tues 16th - Wm & Mrs Stone went to Durand got the dog came back it rained Ella Sheldon came and stayed all night, Bernard & Ida made a call it is cold and Thundering Dr Ruggles came

Wed 17th - dear Kittie is a little better, she sit up a few minutes to day Legrand Schad is making a gate west of School house Nick B is plowing north garden for Beans

Thurs 18th - the Dr came thought Kittie some better Lettie & Ella Sheldon picked 4 pans Strawberries Mrs Stone canned them Elder Walker & Wife Methodist Minister called

Frid 19th - it rained last night, Ella S went home with Legrand Schad last evening darling Kittie is some better to day - I sent a letter to Mrs Kline Detroit Kittie is better to day she that was Anna Harper & baby boy & Mrs Stowell called

1903 Sat June 20th -

A news paper article pinned to this page with a picture of James Sleeth and wife

The fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of James Sleeth and wife of Byron, occurred December 15th, 1903. Mr Sleeth was born in Ireland, came to America at the age of 14 years, and resided on a farm in Commerce township, Oakland county, till the age of 23. Then studied medicine with Drs. Foote & Morey, at Milford, afterwards attended Western Reserve College, at Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from that institution in 1850, when he settled in Byron to practice his profession.

Was married to Miss Francis EKelsey, of Byron, in 1853. In 1863 joined the army as assistant surgeon, 6th Michigan cavalry, and was discharged October, 1865. Was admitted to the bar at Corunna in 1869. In 1885 he started the Byron Herald, which he still publishes.

Mrs Sleeth was born in Vermont, in 1827, came to Michigan in 1844. is the last surviving member of a family of eleven children. Also the last one of a large Soldiers' Aid Society organized during the war. Both are Presbyterians.

Sat June 20th - it rained last night Dear Kittie is better but does not sit up yet Mr P Schad & Catharine has gone to Roger Ms I received a letter from Mrs Kline

Sund 21th - Mrs Stone Perry & Catharine went to Childrens day exercises Mrs Stone went home Kittie came down staires for the first in 11 days, praise God Roger M Minnie her Mother & two Children came it rained all night

Mond 22d - it is raining this morning, Wm went for Lettie, she came it is the longest day of the year

Tues 23d - it rained all night & this morning, Wm took Mrs Stone to Durand this forenoon, it is clearing Kittie is better how good it seems to see her down staires, Lettie is doeing the work

Wed 24th - it rained wee heard Mr J Kanouse was dead

Thurs 25th - Mr Schad & Perry took old Kit and went to Durand Mr J Kanouse was buried to day - Kittie & Lettie met the class at Mr E Lewises Wm found Lenoras Dog dead at the east gate - Mr P Schad went to Perry

Frid 26th - Miss Bernice Phipps School closes in western district. I received a letter from Mrs Nichols Corunna

Sat 27th - ------ 9 yrs to day since A T Nichols died ------ Nick finished putting in Beans to day, Catharine & Bernice took Lettie home, Mr P Schad returned from Durand Perry worked for J Smith

Sund 28th - it is a lovely morning - Robert Lissie & Emma Cowan came to dinner Roger Minnie their two children & her Mother came was here to supper at 11 ocl

Mond 29th - Mr P Schad & Bernice went to Fenton, then to her home, Perry went to work in Beets to John Smiths Mrs Dr Howard and 3 children & Mrs Lutes & little girl made a call it rained this evening

Tues 30th - Perry went to pull Beets to day

Love God and keep his Commandments for this is the duty of man

1903 Wed July 1st - the hardest Thunder storm of the season, Cenia Wellman made us visit

Thurs 2d - Catharine & I went to Roger Ms and spent this day pleasantly, Howard was kicked by the Horse Wm & Nick worked on the road, it rained, Nick is cultivating Beans, it rained

Frid 3d - Kittie & Wm went to Byron Mr P Schad came from Fentonville it rained

Sat 4th - Mrs Bauchman come and spent the day, Roger M was sick all night, the little boy is no worse

Sund 5th - Mr & Mrs Neal is here spending to day, it rained last night, Bernard & Ida called yesterday

Mond 6th - merc 86 a lovely day, Kittie, Catharine & Perry are picking Raspberries, Catharine went to Mrs Mc Kinneys and picked 2 qut of Cherries this forenoon, Nick is cultivating Beans, Roger M came got the mower to cut his clover

Tues 7th - merc 80 above a lovely day Kittie bought 1/2 bush of Cherries of Mrs Rorason $1.25 Wm is taking Catharine to Byron to take her music lesson on Piano Nick is cultivating Beans, - Mr Lovelace came last eve is putting Parris Green on Potatoes

Wed 8th - merc 90 at 4 ocl afternoon Wm. Mr Lovelace & Perry have gone to help Roger M haul in clover hay Nick Boice is cultivating Beans over by Railroad Kittie has gone to Mrs Lutes to meet with embroydery class - I am piecing Callicoes, Kittie & Catharine picked 18 quts of Raspberries off our bushes and canned them

Thurs 9th - verry warm, Nick & Perry has gone to help Roger M get in the rest (of) Clover Kittie is picking Raspberries and caned 24 cans, Mrs Boucman came to help Kittie Nick commenced cutting hay in field South of old Barn this afternoon

Frid 10th - something broke about the machine, Wm is Teding hay, Nick Perry & Lovelace are loading on Wagon with hay loader, the men put in 6 loads of hay

Sat 11th - it rained last night the men put in 7 loads of hay after it dried off Mr B Van Riper will be buried to day, it is cooler

Sund 12th - Kittie has gone to Mr Van Ripers funeral at the house Roger M Minnie & Howard came to supper, it is cooler

1903 Mond July 13th - Roger M has come to help Wm, Mr Lovelace came last eve Catharine has gone to take the washing to Mrs Kirkendol

Tues 14th - Cold Catharine & I drove to visit my dead once more it began to sprinkle could not stay long enough, Catharine drove to Mrs Coles had a pleasant visit Catharine took music Lesson - I done some trading a bread dish farm pail wash bason and some other things

Wed 15th - Catharine has gone to Perry, - Mr P Schad gone to Durand, so farr with her Mrs Vanness & Mrs Marston of Howell has called and gone the men are hauling hay from the field south of old Barn, Mr Lovelace Nick Boice & Perry - Minnie is here I bought her 10 yds of sheating 6 1/2 (cts) pr yd

Thurs 16th - the men are hauling hay Claud Haviland is helping Kittie received a Postal from darling Catharine, Kittie bought 14 quts of Huckleberries of Mrs Kirkendol .08 cts pr qut

Frid 17th - is canning 8 quts some has put up Mrs Balcom is helping her, I fed 30 little Chickens this morning the men put in 62 loads of Hay without a drop of rain then it rained all night the first in two weeks

Sat 18th - the ground (is) so wet, men could not work, Nick went to Langsburg Wm & Kittie went to Durand to meet dear little Kittie Roger M & Minnie came for a call

Sund 19th - Children went to Church - Alfred Barns home from California took dinner with us Roger M, Minnie & Howard came to dinner & Lunch on ice Cream & Cake Mrs Bouchman went home with them dear good woman

If your lips would keep from Slips, Five things observe with care, of whom you speak, to whom you speak, and how, and when, and where it is not all life to live, neither is it all of death to die Judgement is on the way

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, Bible

1903 Mond July 20th -

A newspaper article and picture of Solon Stone dated July 29th 1903 - 103 yrs old
Solone Stone died at his home in Vernon last night at 11 o'clock (July 29th - 1903)

For lazy liver try Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, They invigorate the liver, aid digestion, regulate the bowels and prevent billious attacks. For sale by N. P. Leland.

it rained last night a shower to day then cleared off fine ground to wet to work Mrs Sexton is dead in Langsburg where she went to be treated Warren Downer fell dead in Durand Pope Leo is dead in Rome

Tues 21st - Catharine and I started for Rob Cowans we stoped at Mr Chafees to dinner then started for Robs when a Thunder Storm came up we rode in it all did not get wet, we staid all night, they are verry Comfortably fixed, the worst storm I ever saw, was to the north about Durand

Wed 22d - we started for home called to see Seward Chaffes house it is a beautiful house came as farr as Ella Sheldons, took dinner then went and called on Mrs Omer Barnes, she is verry sick, met Mrs Jenings & Mrs Davis both Widows

Thurs 23d - merc 86 above it is the Aniversary of my darling Sister Mary burial in Dixborough

Frid 24th - merc 82 above Wm & Kittie went to Durand Catharine & I got dinner

Sat 25th - verry warm Mr P Schad went to Durand to day

Sund 26th - Wm Kittie & Catharine went to Roger Ms and spent the day verry warm

Mond 27th - Mr G Eddy spent the afternoon Mrs Balcum Minnie & two Children come I sent Minnie $1.00 worth of Huckleberries Catharine went for Mr Schad I bought 11 quts of Huckleberries for Kittie, she canned them and one bushel Wm dug some new Potatoes the first this season

Tues 28th - Cooler, Nick is cultivating beans east of the north orchard Nick finished cultivating Beans yesterday

Wed 29th - Kittie and I went to Durand to get my lower plate of teeth mended I called on Mrs Leland, they are building an other house I was in Marshals office got some ointment for my face saw Roger M & Minnie, her mother went to St Johns last eve it rained hard last night, Henry & Clarra Reus came Mr Hunt came with them

1903 Thurs July 30th - it is a lovely morning Catharine, Henry & Carrie Reus are at breakfast, 6 oclock evening Henry & Carrie Reuse & Catharine are going to Bennington Wm and Kittie are going to Byron Station with them Catharine will stay til Monday

Frid 31st - Kittie went to Mr Tagarts to spend afternoon Solon Stone is dead aged 102 yrs last March

Sat Aug - 1903 - A lovely day, - it is 19 teen yrs to day since my darling husband got hurt which caused his death I heard Ed Kelsey is dead, Wm has gone fishing, Nick B is hauling up wood Kittie attended the funeral of Ed Kelsey Gracie Schad came from Byron

Sund 2d - Perry went to Mrs Hathaways for Mrs Lola Stone

Mond 3d - a light shower last night Letta Wolfin came to sew for Kittie

Tues 4th - Kittie & Mrs Stone went to Durand Mrs Stone came back with her Gracie Schad is poorly Mr P Schad is poorly Nick & Perry is splitting wood Lettie is making Shirt waists for Kittie, Wm went fishing caught 9 lbs dressed it is not warm no doors open to day, Roger B called & Dewy

Wed 5th - Catharine & I attended Mrs Nelson Smiths funeral yesterday Roger M, Minnie & Howard came last evening

Thurs 6th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Mt Clemens to receive treatment of baths God bless her May her anticaptions be fully realizedand bring her back healed, to us Letta is going home Mrs Stone and Gracie is staying with us

Rev Mr Stone preached Mrs Nelson Smith Funeral Sermon from Psalm 16th Chap 15th verse precious in the sight of the Lord are the death of his Saints.

1903 Frid Aug 7th -

Anewspaper article pinned to this page
Hotel Thieves at Mt. Clemens Mt Clemons, Mich., Aug 13. Thieves visited the Hotel Eastman last night and relieved O. E. Mc Graw, of Younstown , O. of a gold watch and S. S. Conroy, of the same place, of $60. and a gold watch and chain.

Frid 7th - There was a wreck in the Grand Trunk R Road Yard, of the Walace Brothers Circus Train, 28 persons killed, 21 injured serouisly, over one hundred Slightly quite cool last night, a lovely day Letta is sewing for Gracie, Mrs Stone is making Cookies and a Cake Catharine & Gracie are prepareing for dinner 1/2 past 10 Mr P Schad is not up yet

Sat 8th - after dinner Mrs Stone and I went to Byron to the cemetery wee (took) nice boquits put them on the graves, it was the aniversary of her Mothers birth Mrs Hathaway went - after visiting my dead I saw Mr Lord asked to clean my lot then I went over to Mrs Lemons she is verry poorly nervouse prostreation

Sund 9th - Catharine & Gracie took Letta home, I paid her $2.50 cts for Kittie Mrs Stone Gracie Catharine & Perry went to Church & Sabath School I read a letter from my darling Kittie this morning from the Medea Bath house, Mt Clemens, she thought she would go to Church to day

Mond 10th - Wm took the washing to Mrs Kirkendol came home Mr F Hunt came with his Auto Mobile, Wm went with him to Corunna & Owosso I wrote a letter to send to Kittie, but it did not go, he returned at 10 ocl

Tues 11th - I have sent an other letter to Kittie, to Mt Clemens, bath house the terrible news came to P Schad that Mrs Colby his sister in law Elvas Sister was struck with Lightning while bringing in her washing Monday, was not found for ten minutes later

Wed 12th - Wm got the Washing, Perl Tubs made a pleasant call yesterday John Smiths 3 girls called yesterday Mr G Dodge finished cutting oats to day and Nick & Perry set them up

Thurs 13th - Wm & Catharine has gone to Howell to a Show Mr P Schad & Perry has gone to Mrs Colbys sad funeral Perry returned on evening Train, Wm & Catharine returned on evening Train

Frid 14th - Wm has 5 men & 2 Teams hauling and stacking Oats Mr Harter Roger M & Carpenter Minnie, Mrs Daly and 5 children called yesterday Mrs C Sickles called to day

Sat 15th - wee received a letter from Kittie saying she is no better.

1903 Sund Aug 16th - Wm went to Detroit & Mt Clemens to see Kittie on the 6 ocl Train Mrs Stone and Gracie, went to Byron to Church & Sund School Perry, Elva Phips & Catharine went to Gaines to Church for a change

Mond 17th - Gracie has gone with the washing, - Catharine & Elva has gone to Gaines to meet Wm he came on 10 ocl Train, wee received a letter from Kittie

Tues 18th - the men finished stacking Oats - it Thunderd & Lightned a light shower this evening

Wed 19th - Elva Phips & Catharine has gone to her home in Hartland, Mrs Stone retuned on this morning Train, Wm met her at Depot Thinder shower

Thurs 20th - Mrs Stone Gracie Mrs Ed Hathaway & Lillie has gone to Vernon Cemetery took boquets from our yard, the Lightning struck Mr Priors Barn, and a large dwelling house in Vernon yesterday I received a Postal to day from Kittie, she is feeling better, thank God Mr P Schad went to Byron came back with Wm Schad

Frid 21st - I sent & received a letter from dear Kittie she says she is better

Sat 22d - this afternoon Wm took Gracie to Byron she is going to Detroit Monday, she is a dear good girl Gad bless her Wm took the Train at Gaines for Detroit expects to meet Kittie, Nick and Perry hauled in the rakings of oats to day

Sund 23d - it rained last night, there is a fog this morning & Mizzles Wm returned this evening, found Kittie better, thank our Heavenly Father.

Mond 24th - it has rianed all day, Alfred Barnes took dinner with us Sunday yesterday

Tues 25th - Mr P Schad and Perry has gone visiting to Langsburg. Catharine returned home from Hartland where she was at Mr & Mrs Phipps Mond eve wee were all pleased to see her.

1903 Wed Aug 26th -

A newpaper article and picture of Edward M. Plunkett

Edward M. Plunkett of Ovid, Who Died Sunday. Ovid, Mich., Aug. 31 - The death of Prof. E. M. Plunkett, which occured Sunday morning and was briefly noticed in the Tribune today, came as a sudden shock to the community. Although 65 years of age, he was much younger in appearance, and had been in his usual good health and spirits. Sunday morning at 8 o'clock he was stricken with paralysis, and at 9:45 the end came. An hour before the attack he was seemingly in perfect health. The announcement of his demise was made from the various pulpits at morning services, and at the Congregational Church, in which he had long been a valued worker. The congregation were deeply moved. Edward M. Plunkett, M. Pd. was born in Wheeling, Virgina in 1838, but received his elementary education in rural schools in Pennsylvania and the academy at Remeo, Mich. In 1859 he entered Michigan State Normal college, Ypsilanti, where he remained three years, and then began his professional work at Armada as principal of the high school. He taught four years at Armada and held similar positions for eight years at Byron and six years at Vernon. In 1886 he took charge of the schools of Ovid, where he has resided ever since, although he resigned his position as superintendent a year ago. Deceased completed the scientific course at the normal college, and in 1893 the degree of M. Pd. was confered upon him by that institution, while he also held a state certificate granted by the superintendent of public instruction. For a number of years Prof. Plunkett has been active in institute work as a conductor and instructor, and also in the state teachers association, having held office as treasurer and member of the executive committee. For 14 years he was a member of the board of school examiners of Clinton county, which position he still held at the time of his death. While residing in Shiawassee county he was secretary of the board of school examiners. The members of the family surviving him are his widow, Mrs. E. M. Plunkett, a teacher in the Michigan State Normal college, and Miss Kate Plunkett, a teacher in the high school of Troy, Ohio, and a son, Edward M. Plunkett Jr. Deceased was a member of Corunna commandary, Knights Templar.

Mr badgero Threshed 1500 bushels of Oats for Wm finished Frid 4th

Wed 26th - Catharine and I went to the cemetery to visit my dead, I called on Mrs Lemon she is verry feeble, wee went to Ella Sheldons, met Mrs Moor, staid to dinner, Lucy & Catharine had a nice time, came home, Ida Haviland was here, Bernard called

Thurs 27th - it is dear Catharines 13th birth day, it rained all night and all day, so far at 12 ocl wee received a welcome letter from Kittie Yesterday, - and wrote & sent to day Mrs Stone canned 14 quts of Plumbs this forenoon

Frid 28th - it is raining, received a letter from Kittie, Mr Schad & Perry came

Sat 29th - after dinner Wm & Mrs Stone went to Durand, there was 3 Thunder Showers

Sund 30th - Perry and Catharine went to Church and Sunday School. Alfred Barnes came to dinner, Mrs Stone & Catharine took old Kit and went to Byron, Perry went after dinner, to board to Mr Chambers, and attend School, it has rained every day this week, did not to day, but cloudy

Mond 31st - Catharine commenced School, I sent a letter to Kittie, - it rained last night, cloudy all day it is verry gloomy, and lonely for Kittie.

Sept 1st -

Tues 1st - Wm went (on) afternoon Train to Mt Clemons to see Kittie,

Wed 2d - Wm returned 3 ocl afternoon the Threshers just drove up lane before him

Thurs 3d - Mr Badgero commenced to thresh oats, Alice Haviland came to help Mrs Stone 15 teen to dinner

Frid 4th - 4 Threshers to breakfast 10 in all - Minnie Haviland came to help to day Mr P Schad has gone to take Catharine to school Theres 1500 bush oats Bernard Haviland came, I went home with him staid all day he brought me home yesterday

Sat 5th - received a letter from dear Kittie, she is better thank God Mrs Stone & Mrs Hathaway went to Durand Catharine took E Hathaway home at eve Bernard & Elva Phipps came, Nick went to Corunna returned evening

1903 Sund Sept 6th -

A newspaper clipping

Aug. 31, 1903. - From the London Times.

Lay him in this quiet spot,
Shadowed by his stately home:
Pompous rite he needeth not
Underneath cathedral dome.
Simplest in his life, of men,
Leave him now as he was then.
Humble heart, majestic mind,
In him grew on self-same stem:
He but proffered to mankind
Weighty words to consel them.
But who fain would learn to steer
Ancient Realm may learn it here.
"Aves loud and vehement,"
Never were his quest or choice;
All he cared for was assent
Whispered by the still small voice,
And being loved and understood
By the just, and wise, and good.
Death hath cloistered now his lips,
Hushed his voice, and sealed his eyes,
Think of how much wisdom sleeps
In the churchyard where he lies!
Who will guide us now? Alas!
One be one the Sages pass.
Chanting then around his bier,
Under overarching sky,
Prayer and hymn he loved to hear
In ancestral sanctuary,
Bring him, for funeral crown,
Reverence rather than renown.
Both the lowly and the great
Here may learn how Virtue far
Outsoars din and dust of state,
And what tinsel Honors are.
Acclamations have their day:
Quiet Fame is fame for aye.
A. A.
*" Measure for Measure." Act 1., scene
1. (The writer of these verses is Alfred Austin, who was made poet laureate by the late Lord Salisbury in 1896.)

A note on a separate piece of paper

Sept 11th 1903 Wm gave me $80.00 dol on Oats, paid me $20 dol he owed me

Sept 1st received our first free delivery, mail Ed Hathaway deliverd

Sund 6th - Mrs Stone & Catharine have gone to Church & Sabath School, verry cold, Last night, - a lovely day - Bernice is getting dinner to day. I sent Kittie a letter to day and received one, on Sept 1 st received free delivery

Mond 7th - it is raining, Roger M & Minnie came last evening, I sent aletter to Kittie this morning by Catharine Wm is going to take Bernice Phipps to her school

Tues 8th - Wm commenced to haul Oats to Elevator Roger M is helping

Wed 9th - Roger M came brought a mess of Sweet Corn Mr Schad took Catharine

Thurs 10th - Wm Mrs Stone & Catharine went to Pontiac to St Fair Nick was married this morning at Gaines and went to the Fair Roger M came and done chores and Minnie came and staid all day Bernice Phipps took all to the Train & went after them in the evening Kittie came home with them felling some better she was gone to Mt Clemens 5 weeks to take baths

Frid 11th - it is a lovely day, I walked out to the garden the beans look fine

Sat 12th - it is warm and lovely, the beans are ripening look fine Rev Mr Towler called, Ella Sheldon Mrs Moor & Children called

Sund 13th - dark and gloomy all day

Mond 14th - A nice warm morning Wm is taking Catharine to School

Tues 15th - Mrs S Stone & I went to see Mr Lawrence, who is verry poorly May not get around there was a terrible Thunder Storm to the south wee were out in it all it rained Thunderd and Lightned

Wed 16th - it rained all day and all night

Thurs 17th - Wm has gone to take Mrs Stone to Durand, he took Catharine to School, it is raining

Frid 18th - it has cleared off Mrs Moor came and spent the day pleasantly with us

1903 Sat Sept 19th - Sept 17th commenced taking the Evening News I paid $2.00 dol Wm took me to Dan Mc Caughnas had a pleasant visit, he came after me then he took Mrs Stone to Durand

Sund 20th - Roger M, Minnie, & Howard came to dinner, Bernard & Ida came

Mond 21st - it is a sad - sad morning 19 yrs ago this morning, Bernard Haviland & I started with my darling Husband to Detroit to be treated oh God his life was taken, God help me I am sad and lonely this morning, I hope no one will ever know

Tues 22d - after dinner I went to Mrs Wm Kitsons to spend the afternoon Mr Schad went for Catharine, I rode home with them, I had a pleasant visit, 7 Hay pressers came

Wed 23d - 19 yrs ago to day my darling Husband died in St Marys Hospital Detroit God help me, the Hay pressers finished at 3 ocl, pressed between 13 & 14 teen sold 7 1/2 pr ton Kittie has gone to Lettie Wolfins to meet with Art Society.

Thurs 24th - 19 yrs ago to day, I bought my dear husband home in a Coffin, Sad, Sad. ---- Mrs Chaffee & Mrs George Eddy spent to day with us, Fred Stone came to work

Frid 25th - Kittie & Mrs Stone has gone to Durand Wm finished hauling Beans that was pulled

Sat 26th - Kittie & Mrs Stone went to Gaines - it Thunderd Lightned & rained last night

Sund 27th - 19 yrs ago to day my Darling Husband was laid to rest in the Byron Cemetery My days are passing swiftly by, and I am a pilgrim Stranger would not detain them as they fly, these hours of toil and danger, for oh I stand, Dewey Haviland is sick Catharine has gone to see him

Mond 28th - Miss Louesa Bruce came to work for Kittie

Tues 29th - Kittie took me to Mrs Mc Kinneys, I spent the day pleasantly Wm & Nick hauled in two loads of Beans it is a lovely day, they have finished pulling 29 acres of Beans I never saw grass so green, or so much of it as this fall or so little frost this time of year

Wed 30th - I spent the day verry pleasant at Ida Havilands, Bernard gave Kittie and Wm a bushel of onions they are fine, Roger Mc Caughna & Wife called Miss Louesa Bruce has got the washing & ironing done, Dewy is better does not sit up

1903 Thurs Oct 1st - Miss Bernice Phipps has come to stay all night with us it Thunderd Lightned & rained last night and this morning

Frid 2d - it rained the men cut Corn in afternoon

Sat 3d - Wm & Kittie went to Durand, Roger Mc Caughna and Wife came staid to dinner Bernice Phipps came, Nick went to Chesening, Louese went home.

Sund 4th - Kittie took Bernice to John Smiths, Louese came, Wm & Kittie went to Church

Mond 5th - a lovely day 2 men working in Beans, Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand

Tues 6th - Louese ironed, I am setting Star quilt together

Wed 7th - Kittie spent the afternoon at Mrs Hunts to a Colonial Tea, it rained by spels all day, the men could not work

Thurs 8th - I am tying my small block comforter, it is cold and cloudy. George Harris went to Barnyard to milk his cow Monday night but did not return, was found by his crazy wife Tues morning God help her was

Frid 9th - buried to day, - Minnie was here to day, - the men are hauling Beans

Sat 10th - A lovely day - afternoon Roger M came helped haul 7 loads of Beans

Sund 11th - Wm & Kittie went to Church, Roger M Minnie Georgia & Howard came in the evening Wm & Kittie went to Church, Ida sent us a lot of Tomatoes

Mond 12th - the men hauled in the first load of Corn, it is pretty good

Tues 13th - they put the last load of Beans in the Barn this morning Minnie & Mrs Gool made a pleasant call, it is a lovely day the sun set back of west Barn this eve. I bought a Tablet .10 cts

Wed 14th - A lovely day, I bought .25 cts worth of stamped, Envelopes

Thurs 15th - I sent Rev Mr Stone, Baptist Minister $10.00 dol, My Donation this year it rained a little last night, Fred Stone is helping Roger M haul his clover seed

Frid 16th - Fred is opening ditch from Cistern

Sat 17th - Wm Kittie Catharine & Bernice has gone to Detroit on early morning Train

1903 Mond Oct 19th - they all returned on mid night Train - Fred left Sunday morning Mr J Driscol took dinner with us to day, Roger M Minnie & Children called

Tues 20th - Kittie took Wm to Rogers to help him haul in clover hay I sent by Kittie, to Detroit, for a pair of Prunel Gaiters $1.50 & 4 pocket handkerchiefs $1.00

Wed 21st - A lovely day Nick is helping Roger M put in Clover seed hay

Thurs 22d - there was a frost, wee have fire in Furnace all this month.

Frid 23d - Kittie went and helped the Methodist Ladies Aid a lovely day frost last night

Sat 24th - Kittie went to Howell with Macabees Ladies, Catharine & I went to Roger Ms I bought a matress for my bed of Mr Savage paid him $8.00 dol pr kittie

Sund 25th - Wm & Catharine went to Church & S School Mrs Conrad made Louese a visit of 3 days

Mond 26th - Louese washed, Kittie is sick with sore throat Mr P Schad is poorly Mrs Anna Mc Caughna Thompson made a pleasant call.

Tues 27th - Wm took 8 pigs to Byron this morning Miss Niles

Wed 28th - Miss Niles called, & Louese went home with her I received a letter from Ella Nichols to day

Thurs 29th - Kittie has a sore throat Wm bought me 10 yds crush & other Roger & Minnie came

Frid 30th - Mrs Solon Stone came in eve Wm and all went to Byron to attend Lecture

Sat 31st - Wm, Kittie, Bernice & Catharine have gone to Hartland, Mr Redmond called it is a lovely day, Nick picked about 5 barrels of Apples yesterday Mr Redmond called, Mr W Gilmore called

Mrs Lawrence died, Sat Nov 7th 1903
They have a mother Hog & 9 Pigs
have a new Milch Cow.

1903 Sund Nov 1st - Mr Niles took dinner with us, they came home evening

Mond 2d - Louese washed

Tues 3d - merc 64 above Mr J Kline and two Friends came from Detroit a lovely day

Wed 4th - Mrs O Barnes is dead, the men are out hunting this morning Mr Kline Mr John Shaw Mr Mathew Woolenweber left on evening Train

Thurs 5th - the ladies Club met with Kittie, a verry cold day and freezeing Mrs Seward Chaffee, Mrs E Walker, Mrs Fred Close, Mrs Anderson, Mabel Savage, Hattie Eddie, Mrs Lossie Eddie, Mrs Tagart, & Friend Mrs Henry, Mrs Crawford, Mrs Dr Howard & Sister, Miss Zimmer, Mrs Parkhurst , Miss Rollel, Mrs Lutes - 15 two children ---- dinner 2 0cl Minnie came and helped Kittie, Mrs Omer Barnes buried to day

Frid 6th - A nice day Mr P Schad poorly & so is Wm poorly Nick put in Apples

Sat 7th - Nick Boyce time is up he has gone to Corunna to day Wm is poorly. afternoon Mrs Phipps came with her son Raymond, he

Sund 8th - Raymond commenced to work for Wm, Bernice spent Sunday with us the mother Hog has 9 pigs they are nice, Mr Jabes Close has shock of paralasys

Mond 9th - Wm took the 2 girles to School this morning, had the Dr come it is a lovely day, to see his Father, the Dr came

Tues 10th - Louese is ironing the Dr came again to see Peter Schad

Wed 11th - it is raining Dr Ruggles came again to day to see P Schad

Thurs 12th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand the Dr came Mrs Lyma Dunning is dead

Frid 13th - Wm got 2 Barrels of cider home yesterday the Dr came Mr P Schad no better

Sat 14th - I paid my Fire Insurance Assessment pr Wm Schad $8.72 cts

Sund 15th - A nice day, Mr P Schad is some better the Dr came Kittie & Catharine went to Mrs Dunnings funeral, Roger M Minnie and children came, it Thunderd, Lightned and rained at night

1903 Mond Nov 16th - I renewed my subscription Nov 1st 1903 for Byron Herald $1.00 dol a heavy fog all day

Tues 17th - Louese is washing.\Kittie is doing the work

Wed 18th - verry cold, Louese is ironing, Nick Boice called and bade us good by.

Thurs 19th - the ground is white with snow this morning, for the first this fall Wm & Raymond shut the fowls in the hen house yesterday Nick Boice & Wife Ella have just passed with their goods to go housekeeping

Frid 20th - merc 2 below Sun bright verry cold, Wm is poorly has a bad cough, Mr P Schad is better Minnie and a Ladie friend from Alma made a pleasant call

Sat 21st - cold Louese went away came back Sunday night, Bernard & Ida called

Sund 22d - merc 26 Raymond went to Hartland, came back at 12 ocl at night

Mond 23d - Louese washed, snow all gone, thawed wind blows little snow flying

Tues 24th - I sent a letter to James Haviland & Mary A Mc Farlin, Wm is poorly

Wed 25th - Kittie & Louese are getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner

Thurs 26th - -------- Thurs ----- Thanksgiving verry cold 20 yrs ago to day My dear husband, presided and carved the Turkey Roger M Minnie & Children spent to day with us

Frid 27th - Roger came to day to butcher a small Beef for Wm Mr Berton is hauling out manure, Mr Ed Barton he worked 1 1/2 day

Sat 28th - the Bean Threshers came last eve, left their machine, 2 came to breakfast they threshed 1 stack south of red Barn beans was damp they left about 10 ocl Louese went to a dance, Thursday after dinner has not come back yet, afternoon

Sund 29th - about 2 inches of snow fell last night, Kittie is sick Dr Howard came

Mond 30th - Dr Howard came, said Kittie has Tonsiletes, she does not sit up has not since Sat evening, Louese sent a Postal she is sick Bernice came and staid from Saturday til this morning Catharine & I are the House keepers Catharine has not been to school since Thursday, she is poorly, Wm is poorly

1903 Tues Dec 1st -

A piece of paper dated Aug 6th 1903 pinned to this page

Kittie borrowed $100.00 dol of me to be paid this fall Catharine Haviland

on the reverser side

Catharine M Schad
R. F. D. No (2)

Another piece of paper

I lent Kittie $100.00 dol to go to Mt Clemens to be paid this fall, took it out of Bank
Thurs Nov 11th 1903
I lent Wm $100.00 dol to be paid when Beans are Threshed andsold took it out of Bank
Jan 31st Wm borrowed $200.00 dol took it out of Bank Catharine Haviland

Tues 1st - merc 6 below zero the Dr came to see Kittie

Wed 2d - I gave out am sick in bed all day Mrs Stone & Mrs Hathaway called

Thurs 3d - it is warmer, I am some better, Kittie is not much better Minnie is here helping Raymond is doing the housework, - Mrs S Stone has come to our relief

Frid 4th - Lettie Wolfin has come to stay the rest of the week. dear Kittie is no better, the Dr came said her Tonsil must be lanced, - I am better thank the giver of every blessing Mr J Driscol took dinner with us - the Dr lanced Kitties tonsil Minnie Haviland came and staid yesterday, Ida & Bernard called

Sat 5th - Bernice Phips came Lettie went home, came back Sund eve

Sund 6th - to day Mrs Stone is here Kitties Tonsil broke this morning how thankful I was poor creature sufferd so much the Dr came he lanced it Frid her Tonsil

Mond 7th - Wm took Teacher to School - then took Catharine to School Lettie is washing Mrs Stone is getting dinner Mr P Schad is poorly I received a letter from Kittie Ferguson Reeves to day Lettie is ironing Wm & Mrs Stone has gone to Durand it is a lovely day, Kittie is better Mr P Schad has not sit up in 2 days

Tues 8th - Rev Mr Stone made a pleasant call Wm took Lettie Wolfin home

Wed 9th - Kittie is better Gracie Schad came with Raymond, P Schad is better Wm has gone to Hartland a lovely day. I walked to the pig pen

Thurs 10th - dear Ella & Frank Sheldon made a pleasant call in forenoon in the afternoon Mr Mc Kinny made a call, verry pleasant

Frid 11th - Wm has just come, has been gone 2 days all glad to see him Raymond started the clock running, it had stoped some time

1903 Sat Dec 12th - I renewed my subscription for My Christian Herald Frid 18 - 1903with 5 volums of Crown Enciclopedia - $300.00 dol 8 below Roger Haviland was born Dec 12th 1812, had he lived would be 91 yrs to day it snowed all day til 4 ocl then it thawed so it rann in the cistern

Sund 13th - merc 10 below then came off cold and snowed more, - there is sleighing this morning

Mond 14th - wee are all feeling pretty well this morning thank the giver of all good

Tues 15th - merc at zero all day 6 inches of snow, good sleighing, Kittie is better verry cold Wm took Mrs S Stone to Durand, he bought a Cutter for which he paid $30.00 dol it is verry cold Roger M Minnie & children came made a pleasant call Mr Donaldson came and tightend the Piano, two Markle girles brought him it is the aniversary of Wm & Kittie 17 yrs of marriage, God bless them & future life

Wed 16th - 10 above this morning cold and clear Wm took Catharine in the new cutter to school this morning Gracie Schad is here helping Kittie doe work, Wm took Mrs Stone to Durand Bernard & Ida called, Wm took Kittie to Durand, she & Mrs Stone are going to Detroit

Thurs 17th - merc 10 above on the 6 ocl Train, this morning Heavenly Father bring them safe back Raymond went for Bernice she came and staid all night Gracie is finishing the ironing I washed breakfast dishes and ironed some Mr P Schad is poorly, - Wm went to Gaines to meet Kittie & Mrs Stone on 7 ocl Train

Frid 18th - merc 20 above it is lovely sleighing I received a letter from James Haviland yesterday

Sat 19th - Wm & Catharine has gone to J Driscols for a sleigh ride, Dan Mc Caughna called I sent to Detroit by Kittie for 2 doz Pocket handkerchiefs $5.50 cts 7 Childrens pocket Handkerchiefs .25 cts Legrand Schad, Mrs Ed Hathaway, Gracie, Ollie, & Lillie Schad came to dinner

Sund 20th - merc 26 above it snowed and rained last night, the trees are hanging loaded with snow, my Christmas Cactus has a number of blossoms on

Mond 21st - Mrs Stone washed Kittie is busy making Christmas presents

Tues 22d - Mrs Stone ironed she and Wm went to Durand I sent a package to Kentucky

1903 Wed Dec 23d - it is a lovely day, Wm & his Father has gone to Byron. Kittie & Mrs Stone are making Christmas presents

Thurs 24th - it is snowing & raining a little this morning, Wm bought a 12 lb Turkey .18 cts pr lb

25 -- Christmas day -

Frid 25th - merc 2 below it snowed, fine all day and colder, Kittie had a fine dinner and beside our own family, was Mrs Lola Stone, Gracie Schad, Bernice Phipps, Roger M, Minnie & 2 children, their Mother Mrs Bauchman, Melba and R Stewart Sheldon 16 teen to dinner, Frank and Ella came in the evening they all had a pleasant Christmas, giving and receiving presents all went home after lunch, at 10 ocl at night, the gifts are treasures to numerous to mention they had a lovely Christmas Free loaded

Sat 26th - merc 12 deg below this morning A funeral of Mrs Tom Fowler has just passed, - Mrs Sam Lemmon will be buried to morrow Bernice staid all night, she and Raymond went to Hartwell this morning

Sund 27th - merc 6 below verry cold Mrs Lemmon was buried to day, Kittie is bad with Rheumatism she could not attend the funeral, Received a letter from Mary A Mc Farlin

Mond 28th - merc 6 below verry cold Mr & Mrs Fred Close made a pleasant call

Tues 29th - Mrs stone washed Raymond Phipps came at noon

Wed 30th - Mrs Stone & Kittie have gone to spend the day with Mrs Hathaway just received a letter from R Willie Haviland Bardstown K Y

Thurs 31st - merc 8 above Grace is ironing Kittie is better, - all are feeling pretty well, the first time this winter it snowed a little all day I received a beautiful Callender from little Almeda Tubs Belle fountain Box 904 Ohio I received 5 volums of Crown Encyclopedia and Butterfly Callender from Christian Herrald office - I renewed subscription for Christian Herrald - Farewell old year -- 1903 Thou hast been good to me given me health an kind Children to care for me

1904 Frid Jan 1st - it is a lovely morning, Wm & Raymond was away for a load of Ice, at 7 ocl - Allen Hathaway was here for Mrs Stone, his mother & Lillie are sick, she went with him Yesterday Raymond got a load of Cole, 2 Tons less 129 lbs

Sat 2d - 8 below Raymond hauled 2 loads of Ice & one load of cole, 3 Tons that makes 11 Ton, - 5 Ton $7.00 pr Ton, 6 Ton $7.25 pr Ton, it snowed fine snow all day, Wm went to Byron for Bernice

Sund 3d - merc 12 below it is bright and cold, after dinner Wm & Kittie drove over to Roger Ms

Mond 4th - merc 18 below morning it is bright sunshine, Wm took Bernice to School then Catharine wee dont feel any cold with the Furnace night or day Kittie sent her washing to Mrs Kirkendols, it ia lovely sleighing

Tues 5th - 12 below zero verry cold, bright sunshine, I sent a letter to little Almeda Tubbs, - she sent me a Callender I paid my Tax $148.19 cts pr Wm Schad Raymond hauled the last load of Ice to day, Thomas Cowan made a pleasant call

Wed 6th - merc 12 below I paid the Tax on Roger Ms 40 - $17.68 cts pr Wm Schad in Durand I sent a letter and $10.00 dol to R Willie Haviland Kentucky a letter to Mrs Kittie Reeves Detroit with $10.00 dol Kittie & I (sent) a letter to Ed Hathaway with $5.00 each for $10.00 for benefit Methodist Church Wm & Mr Schad went to Durand to transact business Bernard called this morning, I sent by Catharine for 4 handkerchiefs

Thurs 7th - merc 20 above it is a lovely day Raymond finishing putting sawdust in Icehouse prepareing for summer

Frid 8th - 26 above snow squalls all day, Wm & Kittie went to Durand to see the Dr Robert Cowan was here to dinner - Wm went for Lettie Wolfin Lettie is making Catharine a dress

Sat 9th - merc 10 above there are now 566 deaths to record of the Chicago Theater ? Fire

1904 Sund Jan 10th - merc 10 above some warmer

Mond 11th - A lovely day, I wrote to the Editor of Detroit Freepress - Lettie Wolfin is here sewing

Tues 12th - 10 above Kittie & Catharine are poorly - there will be no more issues of twice a week Freepress onely a daily. Ruth Cleveland died of Dyptheria Roger M Minnie her Mother & 2 children were here to dinner Wm went to Owosso, Mr P Schad took him to Train - Mrs Stone came with her Father Raymond took her home, - & went for Wm Kittie is verry poorly coughs terribly Catharine is poorly, Lettie has a cold and coughs, snow squalls all day

Wed 13th - merc 6 above a lovely morning good sleighing 4 weeks to day since Wm took out Cutter I just received a letter from Mrs Catharine Reeves Detroit

Thurs 14th - 10 above a lovely winter day Ida & Bernard called good sleighing 9 inches snow Gracie Schad sick, Kittie has a terrible cough

Frid 15th - 8 above it is a lovely morning Lettie is helping me, Jene came for Lettie her Mother is sick Grace is sick Catharine is poorly, - Kittie got up at 4 ocl this afternoon

Sat 16th - merc 10 above Kittie is better Catharine & Raymond got breakfast, Bernice came Wm bought 1/2 of a large Hog, - there is a snow squall Mrs Hattie Cole has Pneumonia - Mr P Schad is poorly

Sund 17th - Bernice Fipps came yesterday - Kittie is suffering pain her left hand is swolen

Mond 18th - Wm took Bernice to her School, Kitties hand does not pain so hard but is swolen received a Postal from Letta her Mother is better Gracie is better the snow has drifted bad it is so verry cold - a bright sun shine

Tues 19th - 4 below it is a bright sunshine Kitties hand is better she can move her fingers Alfred Barnes made a pleasant call last evening

Wed 20th - 26 above Wm went to Corunna Raymond took Catharine to school and brought Mrs Mary Fowler back then went for Mrs Vansickles it rained & thawed & snowed all day

1904 Thurs Jan 21st -

A newspaper article

I feel a kind of undertone
Of sadness and regret,
That the treasured land-mark, olden,
Must succumb to time, I yet
Seem to see my aged father
With his worn, abstracted look,
Silvered head, grown over weary,
Bending o'er his pond'rous book!
Up above, in court-room, olden,
(Strange anomally, 'tis true),
When a child, I heard the message:
"Rise, He calleth, now, for you."
Prayers of prodigals, repenting
They have ever left the fold
Oh! 'twas then my heart was broken Healed,
within that court-house, old!
Brother, oft with buoyant foot-step
Bounded through that open door
Though you built as high as heaven
He could enter, never more!
Like a soul by all forsaken
When he has outlived his use
That old frame of brick and morter
Soon shall vanish, with abuse!
You may build a structure, grander,
Wrought with marble, granite, stone,
That will do your county honor,
Grace your city, more, I'll own
But the vanished forms, and faces,
seen-of old- within those walls,
So endears that ancient land-mark,
I shall mourn it, when it falls!
Bay City, Mich.

County Orders for August. County Treasurer A. H. Northway paid the following orders during August: County, $534.39: poor, $511.26; juror, $11.50; witness, $82.36; building, $4.07; soldiers' relief, $15.05; drain, $159.80, death warrants, $2.50.

Thurs Jan 21st - the snow is 2 feet deep on the level it thawed a little yesterday it snowed, every Tree is ladend, Catharine took her first lesson in danceing, Mrs L Vansickles has a beautiful little boy 11 months old

Frid 22d - merc 26 above Wm took Liletia Vansickles to Byron Catharine went with a load of school (children) for a sleigh ride Teachers went with them it snowed hard

Sat 23d - merc 26 above Wm took Mrs Mary Fowler to Byron this morning snow 2 feet deep I received a letter from R Willie Haviland K Y - one from Dell Tubs Ohio

Sund 24th - 14 below morning it is blowing a blizzard all day and verry cold. they all went to a Lovets Bostons Starrs Bernice Phipps came home with them last evening

Mond 25th - merc 26 below this morning Wm took Bernice to school, then came and took Catharine the north & south roads drifted bad it is verry cold, but wee do not feel it with our Furnace, every room warm, alike, they say the snow is 2 feet deep on the level there has been sleighing since the 13th of Dec- 42 days

Tues 26th - merc 10 below it snowed last night, wee received an invitation to a birth day party for Roley Crawford dinner at Methodist Church I sent $1.00 Wm bought for me 24 yrds of Callico for Mrs Fowler & Mrs Vansickles each a dress, I sent it to them at Etta Hathaways.

Wed 27th - merc 10 below morning it is a bright sunshine but verry cold Wm went for Lettie Merc rose 8 degrees

Thurs 28th - merc 10 below Gracie went to Byron, Letta is sewing, bright sun shine

Frid 29th - merc 10 below Kittie is poorly, her hand is bloating again, it is cold the roads drifted

Sat 30th - merc 4 below Minnie & children came pretty cold and fine snow

Sund 31st - merc 18 above warmer wee have had good sleighing 42 days and snow 2 feet deep now old Mr Coffin is dead, 96 yrs old, it is a terrible time to bury Letta is making a shirt waist for Gracie Mr Coffin buried to day, 48 days of good sleighing since 13th of Dec Sund

1904 Mond Feb 1st - 16 below verry cold this morning merc fell to 20 below zero, Roger M, Minnie, children and Mrs Bauchman came and spent the day Lettie is sewing, Wm took Catharine to school & washing to Mrs Kirkendol Mrs Bauchman & Georgia staid to make a visit this week Mr Coffin was buried Sunday.

Tues 2d - merc at zero it is a terrible afternoon snowing & blowing a gale from the west I do not think the ground hog will see his shadow to day the sun shone bright for about one minute

Wed 3d - merc 4 below it is a lovely looking morning but verry cold - Catharine could not go to school the snow is drifted in the road Wm had to walk last evening to keep the Cutter right side up merc 4 below zero at 9 ocl morning it is snowing & blowing. Wm & Raymond went through the snow drifts - with his Horses back and forth as farr as John Kitsons had to let down Mc Kinneys fence it is 64 yrs to day since my darling Husband and his Brother Bernard arrived on this Farm from Yspilanti

Thurs 4th - 12 below Lettie is making Kittie Broadcloth skirt and a Callico Wrapper. Mrs Bauchman is sewing for Kittie, Wm & Catharine started for school, the snow was so deep yesterday they could not go til he broke the road Traines are delayed roads bad all over it is verry cold the mail has just (came) for the first in 2 days the snow has hung on trees for weeks

Frid 5th - 4 below zero it is some warmer merc has gone up to 6 above at 10 ocl forenoon Letta is pressing Kitties broad cloth skirt Mr P Schad is poorly Wm has gone to take Catharine to school Kittie is some better Gracie is poorly - I have a bad cold the Trains are snow bound all through the state

Sat 6th - merc 36 above it rained all night merc went up from 4 below zero to 36 above

1904 Sat Feb 6th - merc 36 above wee have had 55 days of sleighing The snow has hung on the Trees since the 20th of Dec til the rain last night Raymond Phips has got through working for Wm and gone home Alfred Barnes has come to work for Will, I feel poorly with a cold Lettie finished sewing for Kittie, God bless her she is good Alfred took her home it is thawing, quite a fog, Feb fogwill freeze a dog the 6th of June, old Proverb

Sund 7th - 40 above it Thunderd Lightned and rained last night the snow running in streams there is a fog this morning, I feel better this morning of my cold Roger & Minnie came to dinner Georgia went home with them

Mond 8th - merc 12 below verry cold Mrs Bauchman stayed Wm has gone with Catharine to school and took the Washing to Mrs Kirkendol Kittie feels better but lame - I am better of my cold it is 64 yrs to night since Bernard Haviland and I arrived on this Farm - My Husband came with one load one week before - he had a quilt hung - and a door he made set against it and quilt over a window wee had windows & hinges for door the snow was 2 feet deep but soon a thaw came wee had a span of horses, a dog, a pig six weeks old - 3 hens a rooster

Tues 9th - merc 10 below the sun came up bright but cold. I sent a letter to the Freepress Kittie & Mrs Bauchman is sewing it is 1/2 past 11 Mr Schad is not up yet it is verry cold and bright

Wed 10th - merc 8 below Kittie & Mrs Bauchman & Gracie are sewing up staires News that Japan has declared war against Russia it is verry cold and bright

Thurs 11th - 8 below verry cold Wm has gone to Corunna, Alfred took Catharine to school wee are all better, thank the giver for every blessing

1904 Frid Feb 12th -

A picture of Marcus Hanna pinned to this page dated Tuesday February 16, 1904 below it

The Czar of Russia has issued formal declarations of war - so says paper Wm returned from Corunna, I received a letter from Mrs Sarah Ferguson

Sat 13th - merc at zero morning I sent a letter to Mrs Ferguson yesterday, Alfred hauled 2880 lbs of Cole I paid an Assessement on my cemetery lot of $2.00 dol pr Wm Schad Perry Schad just called, it is snowing at 5 ocl afternoon Alfred has come with an other load of cole 2690 lbs Kittie & Mrs Bauchman is making Catharine a dress

Sund 14th - merc 4 below cold and blustry Mark Hanna is dead

Mond 15th - Cold merc 11 below all day Kittie & Mrs Balch (Bauchman) making Catharine a dress

Tues 16th - merc 24 below the coldest this winter, - I pieced a block for Mrs Phipps yesterday Mr Driscol took dinner with us and made a pleasant visit Merc 13 below all day

Wed 17th - 22 below morning it is verry bright sunshine, merc 2 above at noon, Gracie has gone to Durand to attend Ollies wedding

Thurs 18th - 4 below snowing & drifting, there 67 days of sleighing - and plenty of snow on the ground, Kittie is pretty lame with Rheaumatism I bought a pair of shears for which I paid .50 cts pr Wm Schad

Frid 19th - 10 below Virginia Chaffee came with Catharine to Tea, Catharine went and staid all night with her a bright sun shine, Gracie Schad came yesterday after attending her sister Ollies wedding

Sat 20th - 20 below Kittie is verry lame, she & Mrs Bouchman are sewing for Catharine, it is a bright sun shine after dinner Wm took Mrs Bauchman to Rogers then went to Durand and had Frankie Schad & Bernice Phipps come home with him Bernard & Ida Haviland made a pleasant call

Sund 21st - merc 20 above there has been a fine snow all day merc gone up to 26 above at 1 ocl Wm left to go on 2 ocl Train for Chicago Heavenly Father go with him and bring him back safe to his loveing Wife and Daughter

Mond 22d - merc 28 above it snowed last night, Alfreds 2 Brothers visited him last eve - Alfred is verry poorly

1904 Mond Feb 22d - merc 4 above Alfred has gone to take Frankie Schad to Durand 1/2 past 6 this morning it is cold blowing drifting, Alfred is back 1/2 past 9 ocl

Tues 23d - merc 26 above it snowed last night, Alfred took Bernice to Mr Smiths, Ruth came and staid all night went to school with Catharine this morning Roger M came and butcherd a beef for Will.

Wed 24th - merc 6 below Virginia Chaffee came and staid with Catharine, she & Catharine went in a load of school children, by invitation to Ruth Smiths

Thurs 25th - merc 12 below Wm returned on evening Train from Chicago, thank God for safe arrival it is verry cold our Furnace keeps us from feeling the cold in the house Alfred is poorly - this morning, Kittie is afflicted she has hives all over her body

Frid 26th - merc 4 below wee have quite a hospital here to day, Alfred is sick, Mr P Schad is sick, Kittie verry poorly, Mr Martenes is here to fix Wind Mill pump for which I paid $1.00 dol pr Wm Schad, Roger M & Minnie are here

Sat 27th - merc 8 below Alfred is some better but not up, Kittie thinks she is better her hand is swolen I sent a letter to Mrs Beardsley, Howell. Mr P Schad is some better

Sund 28th - merc 30 above Kittie & Alfred Barnes are some better, Mr P Schad is verry poorly it has thawed through the night and thawing to day

Mond 29th - merc 28 above it snowed last night, Alfred is verry poorly, his 2 Brothers visited him last evening Kittie is some better, Mr P Schad does not sit up any Mr Driscol took dinner with us it is thawing Letta Wolfin & Bernice Phips called wee have had 78 days of good sleighing and plenty of snow yet it is thawing, the sun set north of the west Barn for the first time since last fall

1904 Tues March 1st - merc 18 above Kittie is verry lame this morning Mr P Schad is verry poorly Gracie & Kittie are making a shirt waist for Gracie it has froze up Wm has gone to take Catharine to school

Wed 2d - merc 28 morning Alfred has gone to see his cousin that is sick merc 36 at noon Mr P Schad is poorly Kittie is better all coverd with hives she & Gracie are sewing up staires it is cloudy but warm, thawing.

Thurs 3d - merc 4 above last evening it Thunderd, Lightned and rained, - then it snowed and blowed, it is squally this morning and blowing. Mr Frank Barnes, Son Royal is dead, God help his mother to bear her sorrows, - it is a hard stroke of affliction Mr P Schad is better, Kittie is better. Alfred is doeing the chores this morning he is better.

Frid 4th - merc zero Wm had a load of Lambs from Chicago 273 this morning. Frank Badgero helped Alfred get them home 3 was dead I am sick, Minnie and Mrs Bauchman came

Sat 5th - merc 20 above Bernice came last evening, I feel better to day, Mr Schad better Alfred and Catharine have gone to attend Royal Barnes funeral at Methodist Church at one o'clock Mr Dunning was buried this afternoon. an other Pioneer gone - one by one Gracie Schad left to day for Durand will go to Detroit Monday. I gave her $5.00 dol

Sund 6th - merc 30 above it rained a little this morning the snow is going fast, I dont know where Kittie verry poorly she is full of hives and a terrible itch, she cannot walk without help Bernice Phips is running the house to day there has been 88 days of good sleighing since the 13th of Dec.

1904 Mond March 7th - I cut a double tooth March 1st 1904 it was all winter comeing through & painful merc 30 above it rained last night - the snow is getting thin wee can see the green grass there has been 86 days of good sleighing - not gone yet

Tues 8th - a lovely day thawing Wm has taken the Carriage this afternoon first time in 87 days the birds are singing and it seems lovely, Kittie helped me with the dishes at noon

Wed 9th - merc 30 above a lovely day Kittie is verry poorly both hands and one foot bloated Roger & Minnie came he cut up a Beef & she baked & churned God bless them and restore him to health - Bernard & Ida called

Thurs 10th - merc 20 above colder & cloudy the snow went fast yesterday. Wm went with Carriage the sleighing is spoiled but a good deal of snow in drifts

Frid 11th - Bernice Phipps came, I had give out am quite poorly

Sat 12th - Kittie is verry poorly - I am filling out a blank to the Morly Ear Company

Sund 13th - 8 above a lovely morning, Roger M, Minnie & Howard came

Mond 14th - 16 above it is snowing hard Alfred took Bernice to school, Alfred took Catharine I sent for Morleys, Ear Phones this morning by mail & $5.00 dol for them

Tues 15th - merc 20 above about 4 inches of snow fell yesterday it is good sleighing again Kittie is better Mr P Schad is 82 yrs old to day every tree & bush is loaded with snow

Wed 16th - 20 above Wm has 2 men, Mr Vanhorn & Mr Walworth helping Alfred Minnie & Howard came to help Kittie, they have just come with a load of Bean pods there was 3 extra men to supper

Thurs 17th - Wm received 239 lambs yesterday from Chicago there is good sleighing, they have just come with Bean pods

Frid 18th - merc 20 12 inches of snow fell yesterday good sleighing - Kittie is better

Sat 19th - merc 30 above it is raining this morning Kittie is some better - Mr Vanhorn helped Alfred yesterday

Sund 20th - A lovely day 2 of Alfreds Brothers, Milan & Riley took dinner with us to day Dr Howard came to see Kittie to day, it is thawing plenty of snow

A newspaper article pinned to this page
Creed of a Chicagoan.
Rev. Dr. W. E. Barton of Chicago, submitted to his congregation the other day this home-made creed; I believe in God and the privilege of working with him. I believe in Jesus Christ and in sharing that which he came to perform. I believe in the spirit of God and in the fellowship of all who labor in that spirit. I believe in Chicago as a part of the kingdom of God and will labor till its sky is clear from smoke, its streets clean from dirt and its poorest quarters a safe place for boys and girls to live and grow in. I believe in the kingdom of God, one in earth and heaven, and will labor to make it real on earth and to lead men to heaven

The coming of Spring. I hear the rain piping in the barnyard maple tree, The bluebird from the meadow sends a gen tle melody; Across the vale the rumble sounds of new electric plows; Anon there comes the lowing of the auto matic cows, And here and there on every hand the mo tor harrows ring The dear and gladsome tidings of the com ing of the spring. -Newark N. J. News.

1904 Mond March 21st - merc 29 above yesterday Dr Howard came to see Kittie, she is verry poorly. Roger M, Minnie & Howard called it is a lovely day

Tues 22d - it rained, Thunderd & Lightned last night Wm took Catharine in the Carriage this morning the sleighing is spoiled, there has been good sleighing since the last snow fell, the 15th, there has been 88 days good sleighing I sent a letter to Mrs Klien yesterday

Wed 23d - merc 40 above Wm has 4 men shearing sheep there was 8 men to dinner & supper

Thurs 24th - merc 40 above 1 man staid all night, 5 to breakfast Wm got breakfast with Catharine to help, Kittie is some better - there is 11 in family Roger M Minnie came

Frid 25th - merc 40 above it rained, Thunderd & Lightned last night, there was 8 men to supper there was 7 men to breakfast, Wm got the breakfast, pancakes, eggs, & Potatoes, coffee the snow is almost all gone, some along the fences, the birds are singing

Sat 26th - merc 18 above 7 men to breakfast 11 in our family, they are shearing lambs it has come off cold, every thing froze up, Kittie is a little better, 8 men to dinner 11 in family it is raining they are shearing sheep

Sund 27th - merc 8 above got up this morning, ground coverd with snow, squals all day Kittie is verry poorly, it is cold

Mond 28th - I paid Mr Lowrie $1.50 pr Wm Schad for fixing Wind Mill Pump Mr Sturges & Mr Betterly finished shearing 548 lambs to day

Tues 29th - Bernice Phipps came last evening, - Kittie is a little better, verry cold Wm & his Father went to Durand, Minnie & Howard came Bernard called

Wed 30th - Wm bought a horse to mate one of his, Legrand Schad came Wm, Teacher & Catharine have gone to Byron Perry Schad called, Wheat is $1.01 in Detroit yesterday, Kittie is better thank God

Thurs 31st - merc 51 above Kittie & Bernice are sewing

1904 Frid April 1st - Good Friday , Crucifiction of Christ dark and gloomy, Mr & Mrs John Smith made a pleasant call

Sat 2d - Wm & Catharine are going to Byron snow squals all the afternoon

Sund 3d - Easter Sunday, - Christ is rissen, bright sunshine but cold Alfred & Catharine has gone to Church

Mond 4th - Mond Town Meeting all have gone to Byron to Town meeting a lovely day Kittie & I ate dinner all alone wee never done so before wee heard Mrs Mary Carpenter died was buried Saturday

Tues 5th - it is a lovely morning Wm has gone with Catharine Kittie is better

Wed 6th - Mrs Stone came last eve Wm took me to Bernards, I spent the day lovely it mizzled all day - I received a letter from Mrs Lizzie Klein

Thurs 7th - Mrs Stone bought my bottle, full of Camphor, paid .75 cts pr Wm Schad yesterday Kittie has gone to Byron to take electric treatment by Dr Howard

Frid 8th - Kittie has gone this morning to take treatment, God help her,

she is afflicted

A newspaper article dated April 8th pinned to this page
Census Estimate Places It at 309,653 Persons. Washington, April 8.- Yesterday's census bulletin, estimating the population of the United States at

79,900,389 places Detroit's population - at 309,653. The population of other Michigan cities is estimated as follows: Bay City, 27,656; Grand Rapids, 91,630; Jackson, 26,494; Kalamazoo, 26,252; Saginaw, 41,151. Milwaukee has passed Detroit being credited with 312,736.


Sat 9th - Kittie went and took treatment 2 ocl

Sund 10th - Kittie went and took treatment once , Mr & Mrs Fred Close made a pleasant call, Roger M, Minnie & Howard came wee had fresh Fish for dinner

Mond 11th - verry cloudy it is raining & cold, Mr J Driscol took dinner with us

Tues 12th - the ground is white with snow, Kittie has gone to take treatment

Wed 13th - Kittie went to Byron did not take treatment spent the day with Mr Fred Close

Thurs 14th - snow showers all the fore noon, snow all gone afternoon sunshine

Frid 15th - when wee got up this morning it was snowing hard Evergreens loaded I sent a letter to Mrs Fitzgerald - 6 inches of snow fell before night

Sat 16th - merc 4 above Wm Kittie & Catharine has gone to Byron to take treatment, a lovely day

1904 Sund April 17th - it is thawing snow going fast Bernice Phipps, Ruth Smith called

Mond 18th - the snow, 6 inches of that fell last Thursday is all gone, Kittie took treatment

Tues 19th - it snowed last night

Wed 20th - merc 8 above Kittie has gone to Byron to take Electric treatment there is snow along the fences that fell the 14th of April there was 8 inches Kittie will stay to Mrs Andersons by invitation and take 2 treatments I am housekeeper

Thurs 21st - This is my 83d birth day, born Apr 21st, 1821, I thank my Heavenly Father for my health, and natural abilities, can wait on myself, I thank my Heavenly Father for the kind care of Children to me it is a lovely day, Mrs Kirkendol is here helping Kittie, I sent a letter to Mrs Nichols

Frid 22d - Kittie went to Byron to receive Electric treatment yesterday there is a little snow along the north side of our house Wm Schad sold 3400 thirty four hundred lbs of wool yesterday .18 1/4 pr lb, Frank Badgero is helping Alfred

Sat 23d - 30 above morning Wm has Frank & Jessie Badgero hauling hay from Mrs Mark Boice they were here to dinner Bernice Phipps walkefrom Mr Smiths Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand, Mr P Schad went yesterday merc 72 at 2 ocl. Frank & Jessie Badgero are hauling hay

Sund 24th - Alfred & Catharine has gone to Church

Mond 25th - Kittie went to Byron Frank & Jess Badgero are hauling hay from Mrs Mark Boyces

Tues 26th - A lovely day Frank Badgero commenced plowing for Oats the Bean Threshers came about 4 ocl did not thresh that afternoon

Wed 27th - 11 Threshers was here to breakfast - 14 teen to dinner & supper

Thurs 28th - The Badgeroes finished Threshing 600 bushels of Beans by 10 ocl

1904 Frid April 29th - Mr P Schad came from Durand, Ralph Schad made a pleasant call

Sat 30th - Bernice Phipps came last eve, - Wm Kittie Bernice & Catharine went to Durand it rained, Kittie bought 2 linnen Towels for me

Sund May 1st -

Sund 1st - Wm & Catharine went to Church, it is verry cold, we had fire in Furnace

Mond 2d - it is a lovely day Frank & Wm Badgero are getting oat ground ready for sowing, the grass is green, - birds are singing, every thing looks happy

Tues 3d - Wm Badgero & Frank are working, a lovely day. The men has just gone to the field to sow oats

Wed 4th - Wm & Catharine went to Corunna on morning Train to see the corner stone of the new Courthouse laid and returned on evening train it is a lovely day Frank & Billy Badgero is here, Frank is not well

Thurs 5th - they are finishing sowing oats Billie Badgero is here a lovely day I set out some of my plants on Porch to day for first, Kittie is better but lame

Frid 6th - Mr P Schad went to Durand, - Bernice Phipps came evening staid til noon Lillie Schad was married to Carl Brandon May 3d, 1904

Sat 7th - it is a lovely day, fields are green, every Tree & Bush areleaving out Wm fixed the flower beds, - and burned the leaves in the yard My big Cactus has 6 blossoms I set it out on Porch - and the rest of my plants

Sund 8th - Wm & Kittie went to Rob Cowans, it was a lovely day.

Mond 9th - it is raining a little, every Tree & bush has leaved out, - 6 days warm Wm went for Mrs Kirkendol to come and commence clean house then took Bernice Phipps to school, then took Catharine to school

Tues 10th - Mrs Kirkendol is here, - A Negro cleaned the chimney - Furnace and stove

Wed 11th - a frost this morning, Wm took me to Idas, Mrs Kirkendol staid home to attend her Neices funeral, Minnie Karrer died in Owosso was buried in Byron

1904 Thurs May 12th - Mrs Kirkendol is here, they finished my room for which I paid her $1.00 dol

Frid 13th - Wm & 2 men took his fat Lambs to the Byron Depot Alfred has gone to Buffalo with them Mrs Kirkendol is here to day, Mr D Lewis is dead at Bert Mc Kinneys, Mrs Mc Kinneys Father, it looks like rain, Wm will start to morrow evening Saturday

Sat 14th - Mr Wormley is thinning out Raspberries - Wm took midnight Train for Buffalo Alger Barnes took Wm to Durand to take Train, Roger M, Minnie spent the evening

Sund 15th - it is verry cold, have a fire in Furnace, I called on Mrs Moor yesterday

Mond 16th - Mrs Kirkendol came and finished cleaning house, - washed and ironed Curtains, a lovely day, I paid her for that days work $1.00

Tues 17th - Alger Barnes took me to Ella Sheldons, - wee called on Mrs Lee --- and two Mrs Closes, Wm & Alfred came on morning Train. Wm came for me in afternoon, I gave Kittie $15.00 dol birth day present Wm sold his sheep Monday - 16th in Buffalo

Wed 18th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Owosso to day - it is cold & rains a little wee have fire in Furnace, returned evening Kittie bought Carpet for east room up staires and 3 skirts other things one for me

Thurs 19th - it rained a little all day

Frid 20th - Alfred cleaned cellar and planted Potatoes, Apple, Pears, plumb & Cherries in full bloom, I am working the Alphabet from a Sampler of 80 yrs old

Sat 21st - Mrs Kirkendol is helping make and put down carpet Wm is making garden, Catharine has gone to take first music lesson

Sund 22d - Alfred & Catharine went to Church and Sabath School Lucy came home with them

Mond 23d - I received a letter from Mrs Thedore Gale, Howell Mr Gale is dead

Tues 24th - Wm went a fishing last night with others had 6 lbs after they were dressed

Wed 25th - Ida made a pleasant call, Kittie is feeling some better, I thank God, Wm is putting in the screens in Windows

1904 Thurs May 26th - Kittie is running machine, she is better, it is raining a little, wee have some little chicks the first

Frid 27th - it rained hard yesterday afternoon, a Mr Drain took tea with us had one foot poor man

Sat 28th - Wm Kittie Bernice Phips & Catharine went to Durand to trade & get hats trimed Bernice bought me a Lady Washington with 2 blossoms on

Sund 29th - Alfred & Catharine went to Church & Sunday School

Mond 30th - Wm Kittie Bernice & Catharine attended the unvailing of the Monument of the victims of the R Road disaster erected in the Lovejoy Cemetery

Tues 31st - Kittie took Bernice to her School Wm took Catharine, Harry Reed is planting Potatoes I am making 2 chair cushons, I have finished my Sampler, I put

Wed June 1st - them on the chairs to day, Kittie is making a White dress for Catharine Mr Schad is gathering up sticks in the Wood pile Wm is useing the Lawn Mower Alfred is plowing for Beans Harry Reed is hauling out manure.

Thurs 2d - general farming I sent a letter to Emma Duncan one to Eloue Platten one to Kitie Reeves

Frid 3d - Kittie finished Catharines white dress & Skirt Bernice Phips came

Sat 4th - Miss Nora Boice came and spent the afternoon

Sund 5th -

Frid 3d - Mr Elipht Lillie of Argentine died

Jesus redeemed, and made me whole.
I can forget him never.
Out of the depths, he brought my Soul.
Now I am his for ever.

1904 Wed June 1st - I am making two chair cushons, I have finished my Sampler

Frid 3d - Kittie finished Catharines white dress and white skirt to wear with it

Sat 4th - Miss Nora Boice visited us, Mr P Schad came afternoon

Sund 5th - Alfred, Bernice Phipps & Catharine has gone to Church & Sabath School Mrs George Eddy made a pleasant call yesterday

Mond 6th - Kittie is better, one hand is swollen but general health better, Alfred is sick

Tues 7th - Alfred has gone to see Dr, Mrs Anna Bennet and baby boy of Owosso came to day, it is cloudy and cold, - I received a letter from Mrs Emma Duncan to day

Wed 8th - Wm sold a Mother hog & 5 Spring pigs, all weighed 1060 lbs .04 cts pr lb

Thurs 9th - Catharine and Ruth Smith went home with Virginia Chaffee last night to stay all night it is a lovely day, it is a mistake, Alfred Barnes is sick, Kittie is better I thank - Alfred Barnes came back this afternoon he is poorly

Frid 10th - Henry Reed & Mr Betterly are sowing Beans to day the first

Sat 11th - Wm & Kittie went with Bernice to Durand She took evening Train to Fenton Catharine and I went to Byron in the afternoon, I had Dr Howard fit my Eyes for a pair of glasses double lens, I traded with Hattie Cole, with Mrs Lewis bought some flower seeds of Walker, a pr of scissors of Mr Kohler then I visited my dead where I longed to go. Alfred came evening paid Mr Lord .50 cts for cutting clover, pr Wm Schad

Sund 12th - Catharine & Vera Mattison went to Church & S School Mrs Stone came home with her, Roger M, Minnie Georgie & Howard come

Mond 13th - Wm took Mrs Stone to Byron, Alfred took Catharine to school Kittie is better thank God, a young man came and tuned the Piano Kittie paid $3.00 I sowed 8 papers of flower seeds

Tues 14th - the horses ran away with Alfred hurt Maud and shook Alfreds nerves

Wed 15th - I received an invitation by Dewy Forshee to attend commencment exercises of high school Ann Arbor

1904 Thurs June 16th - Rev Walker & Mr Buel made a pleasant call Harry Reed finished sowing Beans verry dry Kittie finished a white dress for Catharine yesterday

Frid 17th - Alfred came to dinner Kittie took xray treatment of Dr Howard

Sat 18th - Wm went for Mrs Kirkendol to come and help Kittie, Catharine and I went to Byron to get my glasses, I like them verry much, - I spent an hour with merc 80 above Mrs Cole pleasantly, done some trading, Dr Sleath & G Lewis called, both feeble I looked through the x rays, it was a treat to me, Catharine went to Ellas and got Melba and Lucy, they came home with us, they are lovely little girls

Sund 19th - merc 80 above it is verry warm and dry, Kittie went and took x ray treatment to day wee have our first Strawberries for dinner out of our garden, wee have Radishes wee have new Potatoes from the market, $2.30 pr bush, Wheat $1.03 in Detroit Frank, Ella & 3 children were here to dinner

Mond 20th - Kittie went and took Ex Rays treatment a little girl baby came to Roger B Havilands

Tues 21st - I went to Idas, to see new Baby, it is nice, it and Mother doing well.

Wed 22d - the longest day in the year, verry dry, Kittie is going to Durand - I am making a Mother Hubbard

Thurs 23d - Kittie took x rays treatment Will went to Chicago on night Train

Frid 24th - in the afternoon the first hard rain storm since the snow went off

Sat 25th - Catharine took me to Roger M - it rained hard in the afternoon

Sunday 26th - Wm came last evening, Roger, Minnie & children came home with me Ed Sheldon, May and 4 children came, there was 17 to dinner Ruth Smith was here

Mond 27th - Alfred is going through the beans Kittie went to take treatment xrays

Tues 28th - Alfred in beans they look fine, Harry Reed come to work for Wm

Wed 29th - I received a letter from Dewy Forshee Indiana, there has been a nice shower I finished my Mother Hubbard, Harry is hoeing the Potatoes, Alfred in Beans

Thurs 30th - Wm & his Father went to Durand this forenoon

1904 Frid July 1st - Wm & Roger M are hauling Beans to Durand, Harry & Alfred are hauling hay from Mrs Boices, Mr Betterly is working here Mr P Schad has gone to Durand - Catharine took him to Train Della Tubs & Almeda made a pleasant call Thursday

Sat 2d - Catharine went to take music lesson - I went to Mrs Mc Donalds made a pleasant call got 5 quts of strawberries .05 cts pr qut - Wm is hauling Beans, Mr John Shaunts is building a fine house

Sund 3d - Nick Boice made a pleasant call, Mr James Runnyan of Detroit and I went with Catharine to Idas to see the new Baby girl

Mond 4th - all quiet and pleasant, Catharine & I went to Byron, I visited my dead once more

Tues 5th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand she bought Geranium & Sweisonian fern like I have just finished my Starr quilt yesterday

Wed 6th - I sent by male $10.00 dol to Rev Walker Wm gave me $200.00 dol payment on Beans, my last year and this year share Wm commenced to cut grass this afternoon in the field South of the Barn

Thurs 7th - Cutting and raking hay, Catharine & I visited my dead once more

Frid 8th - hauled in 9 loads of hay then it rained, Mr Betterly, Fred Reed, Wm & Alfred

Sat 9th - Catharine was going to take her music lesson I went to see Mrs Runnyan and George, he is an object of pitty, God help him, the hardest and most rain wee had this summer fell this afternoon

Sund 10th - A lovely day, Alfred and Catharine has gone to Church and Sabath School Wm & Kittie drove over to Rogers & Minnies

1904 Mond July 11th - A lovely day the men are getting up and in the hay that was wet Saturday wee had our first mess of green pease from our garden, lots of Radishes wee had new Potatoes, .40 cts pr peck for dinner Wm is called to Corunna as witness in a case between Mr Coats and Barnes, Mr Coats sued Mr Ira Barnes for $10000 dol damage for a hurt sustained by him falling down a hay shute in his Barn

Tues 12th - it rained hard Thunderd & Lightned wet the hay last night

Wed 13th - it cleared off nice, the men got in 7 loads of hay Wm came home on evening train Mr Betterely left at noon

Thurs 14th - finished getting in hay in South field in forenoon commenced an other in afternoon Mr Betterly came at noon

Frid 15th - Catharine & Ruth went to Byron. Catharine took me to Mrs Mc Kinnies yesterday

Sat 16th - A lovely day men are haying, they finished, Mr Betterly & Harry Reed finished

Sund 17th - merc 86 above Alfred and Catharine went to Church & Sabath School

Mond 18th - merc 80 above Kittie is picking Raspberries wee have string beans & beet greens new Potatoes for dinner

Tues 19th - merc 80 above Minnie Haviland and Howard came and spent the day Kittie is picking Raspberries

Wed 20th - Wm & his Father went to Durand, Wm is not well Kittie picked Raspberries Catharine with other school girles has gone picknicking along the river

Thurs 21st - Kittie & I went to Mrs Chaffees found her poorly with a stitch in her side Mrs Mulkin is attending her, wee enjoyed the visit, wee called to Ellas

Frid 22d - it is cold and cloudy

Sat 23d - Wm & his Father has gone to Durand, I received and wrote a letter to Emma Duncan Catharine is mopping the floors Kittie is poorly

Sund 24th - Catharine & Alfred went to Church & Sabath School Wm & Kittie went to Mr Driscols, - Robert, Lissie & Emma come

1904 Mond July 25th - Frank Sheldon came with his Reaper to cut Rye at noon

Tues 26th - I sent a letter to James Haviland Bardstown Kentucky Frank Sheldon is cutting Rye, Wm dug a pailful of new Potatoes

Wed 27th - finished afternoon Alfred went to Owosso Mr P Schad & Perry went to Owosso

Thurs 28th - Kittie met with the Art Class in Mr Redmonds grove

Frid 29th - Kittie & Catharine has gone to the Methodist Aid at Mrs Buels Minnie & Mrs Gould called at gate yesterday Kittie bought Huckleberries of Mr Sanford

Sat 30th - I rode with Wm to Mrs John Kitsons staid til Catharine took her music lesson

Sund 31st - Kittie & Catharine drove over for Lettie Wolfin

Mond August 1st - Mr Betterly & Alfred hauled Rye

Tues 2d - Wm and others has gone to Owosso to attend a Convention

Wed 3d - Kittie is getting ready to go to Mt Clemmens to take baths it is verry dry Tom Cowan staid here last night

Thurs 4th - Kittie is getting 2 dressing sacks made, Tom Cowan left after dinner

Frid 5th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Mt Clemens to take baths Letta left at ten ocl Will & Kittie went on 6 ocl Train, Alfred went to Gaines, came back then went for Frank Sheldon to come and cut oats, Catharine went for the washing Mr Kirkendol was just alive, Vera Mattison came home with her

Sat 6th - Frank is cutting oats

Sund 7th - cold Alfred and Catharine went to Church & S School wee had our first sweet corn for dinner Bernard, Roger B, and Dewey called I was so glad to see them Roger M, Minnie & Howard came made a call

Three newspaper articles pinned to this page
W. H. English of Chicago is visiting Dr, W. E. Anderson, of Fourteenth avenue, on his way home from a vacation in the Georgian bay district. He brings with him a very rare curio in the form of a stony aerolite or fragment of a meteor which fell near Elsinore and about 12 miles east of Port Elgin on the evening of Aug. 13. Aerolites are not common finds, but a specimen which lands in the sight of the possessor is much more rare. This particular specimen appeared in a blaze of purple light, traveling almost parallel to the surface of the earth. It was seen by various observers over a distance of many miles and the roar it made tearing through the atmosphere was audible at a distance of half a mile. It passed quite close to Mr. English as he was driving to his boarding place about 8 o'clock in the evening, and landed in a distant field. The shock of its landing sounded like a clap of thunder and greatly alarmed a family living near the spot. Next morning a search was made for the fragment and it was found just 17 hours after it fell, but it was still too hot to handle with comfort. It was a ragged piece of granitic rock, weighing 49 pounds and 4 ounces, and the field stone of a stone heap in which it landed all showed the effect of intense heat. The aerolite possessed the characteristic appearance of its type resembling the heavy scoria that is commonly thrown out by volcanic eruptions, The exterior was furrowed and gouged by violent erosion in the atmosphere and the interior looked like a mass of coarse granite that had been subjected to intense heat and enormous pressure. It is considerable heavier than ordinnary granite, however, which is also characteristic of stony aerolites. This visitor from a distant and disintegrating world fell during the period when the earth passes annually through the shower of leonids or meteors from the constellation of Leo.
The second article
Death of Mrs. S. R. Clark. Mrs. Lovina Clark, of Burns township, died at the residence of her son, James L., on Tuesday, August 9th, 1904, aged 81 years, 3 months, 22 days. She was born in Akron, Erie county, N. Y., April 17, 1823, and when 18 years of age was united in marriage to Silas R. Clark. Their marriage was blessed with four children, three sons and one daughter. In 1857 she, with her husband and family, removed to Michigan and settled on the farm on which she died. Mr Clark died in the village of Byron, October 17, 1887. Three sons, Chester E., of St. Charles, Charles R., of Flint, and James L., of Byron, survive to morn the loss of a kind and loving mother. At an early age she united with the M. E. church at Akron, New York, and her whole life was characterized by an undying devotion to Him who gave His life that we might live. The funeral was held at the house Thursday afternoon, services conducted by Rev. F. I. Walker. Burial at Union Plains.
The third article
One evening, while idly dreaming,
A stranger came to me,
"Twas in my vision I beheld him,
And plainly I could see
That he was clothed in flowing garments
Of the forgotten days of yore,
While in his hand a dial he carried,
And a cross on his bosom bore.
As quickly he came toward me,
There came a sudden fear,
But he dispelled it in an instant,
For when he had drawn near
He said, in accents softly,
"It is I, be not afraid.
A fortune others hath not of
Unto you, this eve, is made.
"Thou canst go back tonight
To days of long ago,
When in childhood's happy years,
Thy soul was white as snow.
"Twas then that sin did know thee not,
Thou wast free from all her toils,
But now she has taken thee as her own
Thou'rt helpless in her coils.
"But tonight, when thou goest back,
A child again thou'llt be,
Thy life again thou mayst live,
From care thou'rt free,"
Then from my dream I awoke
And in terror gazed around,
All was empty now before me,
There was nothing to be found.
But the old man's words burnt deeply
Into my aching heart,
And I would that from this life
I might forever part
And lie once more beside the stream,
And watch the beauteous day;
For this alone can ease the pain To be a child always.
Harris Redmond.

1904 Monday August 8th - wee are so lonesome since Kittie left, God help her and restore her to health

Tues 9th - Mrs S Clark died to day I sent a letter to darling Kittie - Wm is hauling oats, Riley Barnes is helping

Wed 10th - the men are hauling oats, Roger came afternoon, Mr Willis is helping wee had a lovely shower this morning, some thunder & Lightning

Thurs 11th - Wm is hauling in oats Roger M came at noon to help Alger Barnes is helping it is a lovely day after the rain - Alfred churned, took care of the butter

Frid 12th - Mrs Bouchman and Minnie came like two Angles of mercy and done baking and got dinner, it helped so much, God bless them both 2 Mrs Eddie came made a splendid call how I enjoyd it

Sat 13th - Wm & Alfred hauled the last load of oats, - Alger Barnes left last evening Miss Bernice Phipps came this afternoon

Sund 14th - Wm & Catharine went on the 6 ocl Train to Mont Pleasant to see darling Kittie Bernice went to Durand to meet them, Catharine staid with her Mother Kittie is no better will stay an other week, oh God restore her to health if it is holy will

Mond 15th - wee are verry lonely Bernice and I are doing the work

Tues 16th - it rained Thunderd & Lightned last night Wm & I attended Mr Kirkendols funeral to day Sermon by Rev Walker Text 14th Chapter 18th verse John I will not leave you Comfortless I will come to you, there was a letter from Ida Ray Wagoner in the mail I heard every word of the sermon, he read a Chapter, in my Fathers house are many mansions there was a large funeral, I visited my dead once more Wm & Bernice went to Gaines to meet Catharine, she said her mother felt some better but did not say how, received a letter from Ida Ray Wagoner

Wed 17th - 2 men came and put in Telephone, Alfred took a vacation one day, Minnie came brought a loaf of bread

Thurs 18th - Bernard & Ida called 2 hours how I enjoyed she bought 2 heads of cabbage

Frid 19th - Ida sent a panful of fried cakes, 2 pies , one loaf of bread Mr Charles Fox took dinner with us 84 yrs old

Sat 20th - I received Dewy Forshee Photograph, Ida Haviland came with Cade ? he is 89 yrs this month

1904 Sund Aug 21st - Wm has gone to see poor Kittie to Mt Clemens, Roger M, Minnie & Mrs Bouchman came to dinner Mrs Bouchman stayed, Wm returned at 1/2 past 10 ocl, there was a Thunder shower Kittie is not much better will stay this week, - Miss Kittie Kelsey made a pleasant call I went to the Carriage, met Mr & Mrs Charles Reed & Daughter & Mrs Newberry - had a pleasant call

Mond 22d - Catharine received a letter from Perl Haviland Ky, the grass that was red looks green I received a check of $30.00 dol from Frank Welch Sat - I have written a

Tues 23d - letter to Mrs Nichols to day, Wm returned 1/2 past ten last eve, wrote one to Mr Carpenter Wm has gone to Owosso Darling Kittie came on evening Train from Detroit, Mr Schad came from Fenton Wm came home from Owosso the dear ones all gatherd home how pleased wee were to meet

Wed 24th - Kittie, Catharine & Wm are gone to Corunna, Mr P Schad went to Byron called Ollie She that was Ollie Schad Vincent called to see her Grand Father, he went to Byron Kittie bought the sad news of Mrs A. L. Nichols death yesterday morning she died of Cancer of her right breast aged 72 yrs old a good Woman has gone to her loved one, I received a letter from Perl

A newspaper article dated 27th August
Funeral of Mrs. Angeline E. Nichols.
The funeral services of Mrs. Angeline E. Nichols, wife of the late A. T. Nichols, were held from her late residence Saturday afternoon. Archdecon Sayers, of Detroit, officiated, using the burial service of the Episcopal church, of which Mrs. Nichols was a member. The music in charge of Mrs. R. O. Cooper was rendered by Mr. Clyde Nichols, of Farmington, a nephew of the deceased, Miss Chittenden, of New York, Miss Newcomb, of Washington, D. C., and Mrs. James Osborn, of Owosso. Mrs. Nichols was born in Farmington, September 25, 1832. She was the daughter of Diana and Peter Mills. Her mother died in her infancy and she was brought up by her grandparents. She had one sister, the late Mrs. Hugh McCurdy, who died in 1891. Mrs. Nichols was married to Albert T. Nichols April 22, 1855, and came to Corunna in 1891, where she has since resided. She is survived by two children, Ella M. Nichols and Harry G. Nichols.

Thurs 25th - Roger M & Children came Minnie Came spent the evening

Frid 26th - Wee are all together again - Mr & Mrs Fred Close, Lucy & Harrold called Wm, Kittie and they went to Durand, Mrs Mc Kinney made a pleasant call

Sat 27th - Kittie has gone to Corunna to attend Mrs A. T. Nichols funeral I feel sad and lonely it is 10 yrs since Mr Nichols died

Sund 28th - A lovely morning, Roger M, Minnie & children , Mrs Bauchman went home with them

Mond 29th - I sent a letter to Perl Haviland one to Ella Nichols wrote one to Ida Ray I gave Mrs Bauchman $2.00 for staying one week

Tues 30th - Kittie has gone to Byron to see the Dr, Catharine & I went to Idas

Wed 31st - Wm Telephoned for Kittie to meet him in Durand, he is verry poorly, was sick in Chicago, Kittie & Catharine has gone to Idas, I walked to see new bridge over Beaver dam

1904 Thurs Sept 1st - Miss Lulu Boose made a call Sat 10th wee had a suprise Kittie canned 4 quts of Plumbs, it is warm, Thundering, cloudy

Frid 2d - it is cloudy, Thundering no rain, Kittie is feeling some better head aches all the time

Sat 3d - Kittie & Catharine went to Roger Ms for a call - Bernice Phips came eve

Sund 4th - A lovely day Alfred took yesterday vacation went to Owosso

Mond 5th - Bernice commenced her school in Byron boards here School meeting to night, Mrs Mc Kinney spent the evening with us

Tues 6th - Mr P Schad went to Byron, I received a letter from J Haviland

Wed 7th - Wm went for Mrs Kirkendol to help Kittie, the Threshers came, 17 teen

Thurs 8th - to dinner 21 to supper 13 to breakfast to day, 22 to dinner it rained yesterday afternoon, they quit at 5 ocl they finished to day they threshed 970 bush of oats, - 96 of Rye, Mrs Kirkendol is here

Frid 9th - Mrs Mary Fowler came with Wm at noon, I had a letter from James Haviland

Sat 10th - Alfred & Mr Betterly are pulling Beans, it is a lovely day Bernice & Catharine has gone to Byron, Ida made a pleasant call

Sund 11th - Catharine took Mrs Fowler to Ed Hathaways there was a wind & rain

Mond 12th - Wm & Alfred are gathering the Beans, Minnie came and got Brick they are building a cistern, - it is cold, the Beans got wet this morning

Tues 13th - the men are working in the Beans, Mrs S Stone, Mrs Mary Fowler, and baby Ed Hathaway came

Wed 14th - it rained this morning Wm & Father went to Owosso to see when Dr Lamb would take a philm off his eye, or Cateract he called it, it is cold looks like fall Kittie made Pumpkin pies to day the first wee had this fall

Thurs 15th - Mrs Wm Close & Miss Miles made a pleasant call Allie Haviland & baby made a pleasant call, Mr P Schad went to Lansing Mr Niles & Mr Betterly are helping Wm in the Beans to day

Frid 16th - A lovely day for Beans Kittie made 3 pumpkin pies

Sat 17th - Bernice Phipps came with Wm, Mr P Schad came from Lansing

1904 Sund Sept 18th - it Thunderd, Lightned & rained last night Ed, May & 4 children came to dinner

Mond 19th - Alfred, Mr Niles & Betterly are digging Potatoes I set 6 Tulips under the sitting room window, I received 2 doz Tulips from J L Childs and 2 Sacred Lillies, White & Yellow I set them this morning Wm took Bernice & Catharine to school this morning

Tues 20th - Dewy Forshee came to day, - the men are turning over Beans

Wed 21st - Wm has gone to Corunna as Witness on Coats & Barnes case, Dewy Forshee went home

Thurs 22d - Wm has gone to day again Kittie took him to Durand Dan & Margaret came to dinner, I enjoyed it verry much, there was 2 hard frosts last night and Wed night, Wm returned on eveningTrain

Frid 23d - Mrs Kirkendol came and helped Kittie Miss Patterson & Bernice Phipps came the men hauled and stacked beans but a good many are out yet

Sat 24th - it rained all this forenoon the men could not work Wm paid my Fire Insurance This is the day of the month my darling Husband died in Detroit 1884 20 yrs ago oh God how sad and lonely I am Wm paid my Fire Insurance to day $8.72 cts & Roger Ms .90 cts

A separate piece of paper pinned to this page

Sept 24th 1904 Wm paid my Fire Insurance Assessment to day $8.72 cts, Roger Ms .90 cts $9.62 for which I owe him

Sund 25th - Miss Paterson went to Byron with Catharine

Mond 26th - Wm took Bernice & Catharine to school it Thunderd Lightned & rained last night

Tues 27th - it rained last night - the beans did not dry much, they sent for Dr for P Schad

Wed 28th - it is the day of the month my darling Husband was laid to rest in Byron Cemetery Wm, Alfred & Mr Betterly has gone to Byron with 3 hogs it is cloudy looks like rain

Thurs 29th - Mrs Burn called with Extracts Ida made a pleasant call to day

Frid 30th - Wm received a Telephone this morning that a car load of sheep were on the track for him 230 sheep they look fine after so long a journey from Chicago

Sat 31st - Oct 1st Alfred & Mr Betterly got in the last of the Beans

1904 Sat Oct 1st - Catharine & I went to the Cemetery to visit my dead once more, - Catharine spaded at the feet of the graves and I set 2 doz Tulip bulbs then wee went to Ella Sheldons, Catharine and Lucy Close went to Frank Barnes and gatherd each a bag of Black Walnuts, - I spent a pleasant day, Wm & Kittie went to Byron, when wee came home, the freight Train came along, - Wm 230 sheep were on the track, the Train ran into them killed 30 of them, and wounded others Mr Mc Kinney & Roger B got there as quick as they could, one of the carr men was guarding them til the Passenger Train would pass, -- Lucy came with Catharine stayed all night

Sund 2d - they said it was a sickning sight some cut to pieces, some their legs cut off Ida came and staid made a pleasant call

Mond 3d - Alfred & Mr Betterly dug some late Potatoes Mr P Schad is poorly

Tues 4th - it is cold and raining wee have fire in Furnace

Wed 5th - Thunder, Lightning & rain all last night, I set my Jappanees Lillie Bulb, Wm & Kittie have gone to Durand - Roger M & Minnie were here to dinner yesterday Alfred has drawn 2 loads of Furnace cole to day, it has cleared off

Thurs 6th - Aseneth Welman made a pleasant call, Alfred finished hauling cole 11 Tons $7.25 pr ton Kittie went to Mrs S Chaffees to meet with art Embroydery Club

Frid 7th - Wm went to Elsie this evening in the interest of Mr Hunt

Sat 8th - Wm returned on morning Train, 2 carrs of double deck sheep came from Chicago this afternoon to Byron for Wm, 665 sheep

Sund 9th - dark and cloudy Mr Ralph Tubs made a pleasant call to day wee had 2 young Chickens for dinner, of my feeding.

1904 Mond Oct 10th - Mr & Mrs Ralph Tubs were here to Tea

Tues 11th - Mr John Driscol was here to dinner, - Mrs Vansickles came with Wm I commenced to piece a Silk block for Kittie, it rained yesterday

Wed 12th - Wm went for Mrs Lola Stone yesterday, Mrs Vansickles left this morning Kittie & Mrs Stone has gone to call on Mrs Tom Lawrence

Thurs 13th - Wm took Mrs Stone to Durand

Frid 14th - Mr Betterly, Alfred & Roger M finished digging Potatoes, 98 bush, beautiful, I washed 10 of them they weighed 18 lbs, they had 32 bush of Early ones thank God for the good crop, Mrs Lola Stone left this evening for Portland Oregon Miss Bernice Phipps came with Catharine

Sat 15th - Wm, Kittie & Bernice went to Durand, Alfred & Mr Betterly put in 50 bush of Apples

A newspaper article dated Oct 15th
ILL BUT A SHORT TIME Mrs. Eliza Allen Taken Sick and Died in a Very Few Hours.

Linden, Mich., Oct. 15th. - A very sudden death occurred near Gaines when Mrs. Eliza Allen, widow of John Allen, died at 6 o'clock Thursday evening, October 13th. Mrs. Allen had been about her household duties when suddenly taken ill and only lived a short time. She leaves a family of six children, five girls and one boy. Dropsy of the heart was the cause of death. The funeral will be held from the Catholic church at Gaines, of which she was a member, at 10 o'clock,

Sund 16th - Alfred & Catharine went to Church & Sabath School Wm killed 2 chickens weighed 10 lbs after their heads were cut off for dinner

Mond 17th - Alfred and Mr Betterly are sowing Rye to day. Sowed 14 acres

Tues 18th - Mr P Schad is verry poorly, got up at 12 ocl, Alfred is dragging the Rye the sun set south of the North Barn last evening, it is a cloudy day

Wed 19th - the Threshers came, Threshed 333 bush of Beans, - it is a lovely day Minnie came and helped Kittie, wee were so thankful to her there was 14 teen to dinner and supper, Mr P Schad is poorly Kittie called Dr Howard by phone for him, a lovely day

Thurs 20th - A lovely day, Mr Betterly is dragging in the rye, Alfred is hauling Beans

Frid 21st - Kittie & Mrs Fred Close went to Durand Catharine went home with her

Sat 22d - Showery & then sunshine Alfred is hauling Beans Mr Betterly hauling manure Mr P Schad is poorly, Kittie is better she sings and plays on Piano and does all her baking this week, thank God I received a letter from Sarah Ferguson 781 Junction Ave Detroit

A piece of paper dated Oct. 24th and Nov. 2d pinned to this page

Mond Oct 24th - Wm paid me $159.00 dol my full share of Beans

Wed Nov 2d 1904 - Wed 2d Mr Fay & Son came to dig for water pipes
they were here to dinner 2 meals
Thurs- were here to din 2 meals
Wed 9th Mr Fay and man 2 meals
Thurs 10th 1 man & Mr Fay 4 meals
30th Fay was to dinner 1 meal 1 meal
30th Mr Fay came finished received pay $154.99 cts My share was $100.00 dol paid pr Wm Schad

1904 Sund Oct 23d - Wm & Kittie called on Roger M & Minnie found her sick

Mond 24th - it is a lovely day I wrote a letter to Sarah Ferguson Wheat is $1.22 a bush in Detroit, Wm received $1.35 pr bush for Beans Kittie has gone to Letta Wolfins, I sent Rev. Stone Baptist minister $10.00 dol

Tues 25th - Wm is getting in his sheep to feed for winter, I have in all my plants

Wed 26th - I went to Idas and spent the day pleasantly

Thurs 27th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand, it is a lovely day hard frost last night

Frid 28th - Kittie is sick

Sat 29th - Kittie & Catharine has gone to Owosso to trade she got Catharine a dress

Sund 30th - Catharine went to Church & Sabath School, Bernice came home with her

Mond 31st - Wm took them to school Kittie is sick, Wm has got a new hired man his name is Walter Cozelmon, there was White frost last night it is a lovely day, Bernice came with Catharine last evening Alfreds time expired, he left this evening, God bless him a good boy

Tues Nov 1st - Bernice came with Catharine got supper got breakfast I am house maid - Monarch of all I survey

His precious promises I believe, and on him cast my care
The brightest hour of all the day, is that I spend in prayer
A false witness shall not be unpunished
And he that speaketh lies shall parish, Proverbs 19th Chap 9th verse

Speak gently to the aged

1904 Tues Nov 1st - merc 60 Kittie is sick, does not sit up, it is a lovely day, Dr Branock came to see her

Wed 2d - Kittie is no better, Bernice came with Catharine got supper - got breakfast

Thurs 3d - Dr Brannock has just come for the 3d time - I paid him .75 cts for medicine for myself, Kittie is not much better, a lovely day Tues 2d Mrs B. F. Green died sitting in her rocking chair

Frid 4th - Mr Fails quit work his pipe & Tanks did not come the ditch is dug

Sat 5th - Catharine & I went to Byron to trade, I bought in B Williams a bath Tub 2 slop pails, traded in H Coles & a pair of wolen shoes at Sextons then I visited my dead once more oh how lonely it looks, winter is comeing on

Sund 6th - Mrs William Kitson called, Dr Bannock & Wife called, Kittie dont sit up much

Mond 7th - dark cloudy all day, Bernice Phips & Raymond come staid last night, Mr Redmond called, Mr Fales came with a Wagon load for water work

Tues 8th - it is Election day bright sun Kitties up for the first in one week Wm received a letter from Mrs Stone, Portland Oregon Mrs Mc Kinney called, Kittie feels some better, Ida & Barny called

Wed 9th - Mr Fay & man came to put in water pipes to house, Mr P Schad came

Thurs 10th - the house Tank is full of water verry convenient, I got a bottle of Dr Bannock .50 cts I received a letter from Ella Nichols to day, Kittie is up to day

Frid 11th - Kittie is up to day thank God she is better it is a lovely day Bernice Phips came home with Catharine staid til Monday morning

Sat 12th - Mr Wm Smith once of Byron now of Washington State made a pleasant call staid to dinner I enjoyed it verry much Mr Gill Lewis died this morning

Sund 13th - Alfred called - I was poorly all day - Charley Fowler called yesterday

Mond 14th - Kittie is verry poorly has chills and Fever every day, I am better this afternoon Roger M & Minnie made a pleasant call & 2 children Mr Gill Lewis died Sat morning is buried to day 1/2 past 2 ocl

A news paper article pinned to this page


Mrs Eugene Vincent Passed Away Last Thursday. "Sleep till shadows take their endless flight; Till the morning break." Death is indeed sad, and when the eternal sleep called for the young woman in the person of Mrs. Eugene Vincent, it seemed a cruel sadness, but "His will be done." After an illness of three weeks with typhoid fever, Ollie A., daughter of L. Schad and wife of Eugene Vincent, passed away last Thursday at the home she and her husband had lived in for such a short time. The young couple were united in marriage last February, and were residing on a farm north of town. She had a severe attack of fever, but was apparently getting along nicely when the fatal complication arose. She was given every care possible, and a brave struggle was made for life. Mrs. Vincent was well known and highly respected in Durand. She was an operator for the Michigan Telephone Co at the time of her marriage, and had made many friends. She also was a member of the Eastern Star lodge, which organization had charge of the funeral services. In the M. E. church in Vernon, Rev. C. W. Butler delivered an eulogy to the departed lady, after which the Stars took charge of the remains and laid them to rest in Greenwood cemetery. Ollie A. Schad was born in Shiawassee county on February 21, 1883. She attended the Durand high school, and after graduating taught school in the country. She then entered the employ of the Michigan Telephone Co., and last February was united in marriage to Mr. Eugene Vincent. She is survived by her husband, father, step-mother, sister, Miss Grace Schad, and sister, Mrs Karl Braden, of Kalkaska.

Frid 18th 1904 I renewd my subscription for Byron Herald $1.00 paid

Tues 15th - Bernard & Ida called Kittie is verry sick the Dr came Banock

Wed 16th - Kittie is some better Charley Goodspeed is here to dinner, I am not well Mr & Mrs Hunt called evening, Dr Howard came to see Kittie Bernice came with Catharine got supper & breakfast

Thurs 17th - Mr Fay & Hodges came to work on pipes Wm went for Mrs Kirkendol to come and help Wm took Mr Fay to Durand he was going to Lansing Mr P Schad went to Durand

Frid 18th - we heard she that was Ollie Schad Vincent was dead Wm went to Owosso

Sat 19th - for flowers Bernice came Frid evening with Catharine, they went to Owosso

Sund 20th - to trade, Wm & the girles went to Vernon to Ollies funeral how sad a young life

Mond 21st - A lovely day Frank and Ella came yesterday it rained a little quite a shower, the first this month Mrs Kirkendol is here helping us to day Kittie is some better

Tues 22d - I am better to day, it is a lovely day, Minnie came this afternoon

Wed 23d - Mr P Schad is verry poorly

Thurs 24th - Thanksgiving day Kittie got us a beautiful dinner she was not able to get dinner for company

Frid 25th - Wm went for Mrs Kirkendol she is setling north room up staires Robert Lissie & Emma came in the afternoon Mr & Mrs Fred Close came

Sat 26th - Wm & Father went to Durand it is snowing hard the first of the season I am putting the triming on a Silk Cushion, dont feel verry well, poor Kittie is in the Kitchen, looks verry bad and feels bad

Sund 27th - the ground is white with snow, Bernice & her Mother came it is cold

Mond 28th - one year ago to day 2 inches of snow fell, Mr Fay has just come dear Kittie is better, I feel better to day Mrs Phipps went home Mr Fay came and finished around the Wind mill the snow is almost gone thawing

1904 Thurs Dec 1st -

A newspaper article with picture dated Dec. 1, 1904

LONDON, Dec 1.- Queen Alexandra is celebrating her sixtieth birthday today at Sandringham. Flags are flying everywhere, the church bells are pealing and the usual salutes were fired at the naval and military stations at home and in the colonies. The festivities at Sandringham were of a simple character, the main feature being the entertainment of the school children of the estate at which the queen and her guests personally attend to the wants of the little folks. The members of the royal family and a few intimate friends make up the house party, among whom is Consuelo Yznaga, dowager duchess of Manchester. The queen was the recipient of an immense variety of presents, mostly curious and artistic knick-knacks. Telegrams of congratulation from friends and public bodies to which the queen always responds personally, reached Sandringham in large numbers.

Dec 8th I sent for my Christian Herald to day

Thurs 1st - this morning the ground was white with snow Mr Fay came yesterday and finished his work, and received pay $154.99 let water in house for which I paid $100.00 dol pr Wm Schad, - and Wm paid $54.99 cts benefit for his sheep, - Mrs Shaunts & Asceneth Wellman made a pleasant call it is a lovely day, sun shines bright, Kittie and I are much better Mrs George Runnyan & Elsie made a pleasant call

Frid 2d - Snow squals all day- Roger M, Minnie made a pleasant call

Sat 3d - the ground white with snow - a bright sunshine Kittie is making breads for the first time in months, it seems good Mrs Brookins Seaman was buried yesterday fore noon at Byron Mrs George Eddy & Mrs Mulkin spent the afternoon pleasantly

Sund 4th - Catharine & Bernice has gone to Church Roger M, Minnie & children has come it is cold with snow flurries

Mond 5th - Kittie went to Ida Havilands,Mr Fosket called

Tues 6th - Mrs Elva Schad died 3 yrs ago to day in Detroit, - I see Mr Kitsons going by to the Train to attend Ella Beckwiths funeral at 1/2 past 10 ocl at Fenton a lovely day

Wed 7th - I finished a silk Cushion, A Christmas present for Ella Sheldon to day the men has gone to Frank Barnes for hay, Mr Driscol took dinner with us

Thurs 8th - they hauled 2 loads of hay Mrs Buel & Mrs J Royce of Corunna made a pleasant call

Frid 9th - merc at zero the men has gone to Mr Ira Barnes for bean pods, Roger M, Mr Betterly & E Sober the Rev Mr & Mrs Stone Baptist minister made a pleasant call

Sat 10th - Roger M & Mr Betterly are hauling Bean pods from Mr Ira Barnes

Sund 11th - Bernice & Catharine has gone to Church, it is snowing fine snow all forenoon

Mond 12th - snowed fine snow all day about between 3 & 4 inches

Tues 13th - Merc 11 below verry cold sun came up bright merc 10 below zero the coldest recorded this month Dec 12th 1812 my dear husband was born - would be 92 yr old now

1904 Wed Dec 14th - merc 26 below at 1/2 past 5 this morning it is a bright sunshine day but verry cold, Catharine is poor is not at school to day

Thurs 15th - merc at zero it is commencing to snow, - Mr Betterly and Irvin hauled a load of Bean pods yesterday

Frid 16th - 8 below at 9 ocl morning Wm & Kittie have gone to Detroit on the early morning Train I received a letter from Mrs Braden, South Boardman, informing me how Lillie is, it is a bright sunshine but verry cold

Sat 17th - merc at zero they returned last evening at 11 ocl, - Wm & Kittie have gone to Durand it is not so cold I sent a letter to dear Lillie who is verry sick & a Christmas present I hope she will be able to receive and use it.

Sund 18th - merc 12 above some warmer, Catharine is better Wm took her to Byron to practice for Christmas about 3 inches of snow no sleighing yet.

Mond 19th - merc 20 above a dull cloudy day, Perry came to dinner, Mr Fay is here putting down a new pipe at the Wind mill, Lillie Braden is verry low, I received a letter from Mrs Dr Sleeth

Tues 20th - merc 12 above it is cold Wm & Kittie went to Durand Minnie came over

Thurs 22d - merc 20 above it is thawing and muddy, Mrs Amos Graves is dead

Frid 23d - merc 46 above it is thawing and muddy, Bernice P came with Kittie staid all night

Sat 24th - 12 above our thaw has caught a cold wee sent Christmas presents south yesterday Kittie is baking to entertain the friends to morrow, Christmas the snow is all gone looks like a green Christmas

Sund 25th - the dear friends gatherd home - Kittie had a Christmas Tree Frank, Ella, Eddie, May, 4 children, Melba, Stewart, Carl, Lucy, Roger M, Minnie, Mrs Balcom, Georgia, Howard, Roger B, Dewy there was a Santa Clause a good many presents given & received I received among other things a Red Rocking Chair $7.00 dol from Wm & Kittie God bless them for their kindness

1904 Mond Dec 26th - Ella Sheldon gave me a pretty head rest for my chair that Wm &Kittie gave me it was cloudy all day began to rain & freeze Kittie received from Wm among other things, a beautiful Library Table and Wm received from Kittie a leather coverd Chair

Tues 27th - merc 20 above it is raining a little and thawing wee received Christmas presents from Bardstown

Wed 28th - merc zero it is snowing & blowing, - I received Mrs Lola Stones Picture from Portland

Thurs 29th - merc at zero it is cold not much rain or snow. I had Mr Havilands Chair coverd I paid $8.00 dol

Frid 30th - Kittie spent the day with Mrs Tagart, Wm went to Flint this evening

Sat 31st - Catharine took me to Wm Kitsons to call on Mrs Mc Farlin from Reno Nevada Wm returned this evening from Flint

Sunday -- Jan 1st, -- New Years day -

1905 Sund Jan 1st - merc 36 above it is dark and cloudy, Wm & Kittie has gone to Roger Ms to spend New Years

Mond 2d - merc 20 above it snowed all the forenoon, about 1 inch on the ground Roger M & Mr Betterly and Irvin hauled 2 loads of Bean pods from Mr Irs Barnes to day I would not live alway - no welcome the Tomb since Jesus has lain there, I dread not its gloom, There sweet be my rest til he bids me arise, to hail him in mansions, desending the skies I received a letter from Mrs Fitzgerald & a handkerchieves, Christmas present

Tues 3d - merc zero a bright clear morning, Bernice came with Catharine last evening, Irvin, Roger M, Mr Betterly came with 2 loads of Bean pods, I mailed a letter to Mrs Stone to day Portland Oregon A baby boy was born at Ed Sheldons to day

Wed 4th - merc 10 above Catharine took dinner at the hotel, 3 men hauling Bean pods

Thurs 5th - 10 above I received a letter from the Bank yesterday, about 3 inches of snow fell last night, Roger M & Mr Betterly came to day and butcherd a beef for Wm

1905 Frid Jan 6th - merc 10 above I sent a letter to Mrs Fitzgerald & pr of mittens to little girl in ? 1 to Christian Herald, - Wm & Kittie attended an entertainment last eve

Sat 7th - 10 above Alfred Barnes made a pleasant call, Catharine staid with Bernice last eve

Sund 8th - Catharine drove to Church alone, Bernice Phipps was here

Mond 9th - Mr P Schad went to Byron, I paid Mr Clarence Smith $2.25 for oiling floor pr Wm Schad. Wm Schad subscribed for evening News

Tues 10th - merc 10 below zero Mr P Schad and Allen Hathaway has gone to Durand

Wed 11th - it snowed and blowed all day yesterday is verry cold, Bernice came last eve

Thurs 12th - merc zero bright sunshine to day verry cold, Kittie is singing at her work seems good

Frid 13th - about 3 inches of snow, Mrs Mc Farlin from Reno is visiting us

Sat 14th - merc zero Irvin has a sore wrist, Mr Betterly brought us some sauceage

Sund 15th - merc 8 below it is verry cold, Catharine & Bernice went to Dr Howard to be treated for catarrh yesterday, I made a pair of drawers for myself about 4 inches of snow on ice Wm took out cutter yesterday the first

Mond 16th - merc 8 below cold Bernice came with Catharine verry cold

Tues 17th - merc 20 above 3 ocl afternoon it is warmer the ground is coverd with ice Legrand Schad took dinner with us Mrs Mc Farlin went over to spend the day with Alice. Mr J Driscol came to dinner, - Roger M & Mr Betterly to dinner A bright sunshine. Irvin has just come with a load of Pods, bean

Wed 18th - merc 22 above Charley Fowler came

Thurs 19th - merc 26 above Roger M & Irvin are hauling Ice from Myers Lake 1 1/2 ct a cake Roger has come with second load at 3 ocl Wm & Walter helps put in ice house Charlie & Mr P Schad have gone to Byron it is thawing a little

Frid 20th - merc 22 above Charlie left for home this morning Wm & Kittie has gone to attend a Macabee meeting Mrs Myrtle Chambers made a pleasant call Roger M, Mr Betterly & Irvin has gone to Myers Lake for 2 loads of Ice

1905 Sat Jan 21st - about 2 inches of snow fell last night and this morning Mr Thompson, a furniture dealer from Durand bought over a Leather Rocker for Wm $36.00 dol A Christmas present from Kittie & Mr Haviland chair he had coverd $8.00 dol I paid him $8.00 dol from Durand -- $8.00 dol Roger M, Mr Betterly & Irvin has gone for ice it cost me $8.00 dol they finished filling to day, Saturday

Sund 22d - Alfred Barnes & Nora spent to day with us pleasantly with us

Mond 23d - merc 10 below it is fine sleighing about 4 inches of snow on Ice, the ground was coverd Wm was taken sick about 6 ocl last evening, Dr Howard came and relieved him he is better this morning but not sitting up.

Tues 24th - merc zero Wm is better but doe not go out, Kittie took Bernice & Katharine to school yesterday and to day I sent a letter to Amanda Carpenter, wee heard Mr Robert Fox was low, and Mrs Rorason, it is a lovely day bright sunshine

Wed 25th - merc zero it snowed & blowed all night, Teacher & Catharine did not go to school it drifted all day to day it is squally then bright and clear verry cold Mr Roy Sayrs called

Thurs 26th - merc 12 below Ervin hauled 2 Ton of Cole, there is 6 inches of snow, good sleighing

Frid 27th - zero Mrs Rorason was buried in Gaines yesterday, bright sunshine to day, cold Dr Howard took Catharine Tonsils out to day.

Sat 28th - merc 12 below bright sunshine, Bernice Phipps is here all thisweek

Sund 29th - merc 12 below cold Wm & Kittie went to Fred Closes after dinner

Mond 30th - merc 12 below Kittie went and called on Ella and May Sheldon

Tues 31st - zero bright sunshine, Ervin hauled a load of Ice from Byron to day, our cistern is empty wee have not had but one shower, Nov 15 none since Nov 21st wee had a shower, none since, that was the first that month
Wheat is $1.20 pr bushel in Detroit

1905 Wed Feb 1st - merc zero Frank Sheldon came and got Kitties Crib for baby Kittie made mince meat, I made 2 aprons for her, - Bernice is here this week

Thurs 2d - merc 16 below the ground hog will see his shadow, the sun come up bright Wm had some repairing done to Furniture, Couch & 3 Chairs Mr John Driscol & Bernard Haviland took dinner with us it is verry cold mercury has been below zero all day 65 yrs ago to day Mr Haviland & his Brother Bernard arrived with the first load of our household goods on this farm

Frid 3d - merc 16 below Wm shiped 380 sheep to day

Sat 4th - merc 22 below verry cold, Catharine went to a party to O Neals last evening, Walter took Wm to Durand to take 10 ocl Train for Buffalo to meet his sheep, one Horse got louse in stable and kicked poor old

Sund 5th - merc 2 below Kit, the boys had to kill her, she was 25 yrs old she and I had to part after 18 yrs. Kittie, Bernice & Catharine went to the house of morning, Mr R Fox is dead Mr Robert Fox died Frid 3d 88 yrs old, - it is snowing - Bernard & Roger B come

Mond 6th - merc 2 below About 2 inches fell last night good sleighing, about 6 inches on the ground

Tues 7th - merc 12 below Wm returned from Buffalo safe thank God - an accident to the car Boiler injured, in the evening 48 guest arrived beside our own family of 8 & Mrs kirkendol came about 10 ocl to help Kittie, they were entertained nicely left at 12 ocl verry cold but good sleighing

Wed 8th - merc 12 below cold Wm has gone to Corunna Lettie Wolfin staid over night and Mrs Kirkendol is helping Kittie to day. Mr Robert Fox buried Jene Wolfin came for Lettie, Wm took Mrs Kirkendol home

Thurs 9th - merc 14 above I arrived on this farm 65 yrs ago to day it snowed yesterday & last night Irvin Sobers time is up he has left

1905 Frid Feb 10th -

A newspaper article on this page
By George!

Paste these particulars in your hat to refer to next time somebody asks: "Who was Washington?" Born Feb. 22, 1732. Left school 1747. Made surveying expedition 1748. Commissioned adjutant general 1751. Appointed Braddock's aide 1755. At Braddock's defeat July 9, 1755. Elected representative to Virginia house of burgesses 1758. Married Mrs. Martha Custis, Jan. 6, 1759. In continental congress 1774-5. Appointed commander-in-chief of American armies June 15, 1775. Took leave of army Nov. 2, 1783. Chosen first president of United States 1789. Chosen for second term 1793. Issued farewell address Sept. 15, 1790. Retired from presidency March 4, 1797. Died Dec. 18, 1799.

Hoch For Washington! In honor of George Washington, the University of Pennsylvania has conferred the degree of doctor of laws on William Hohenzollern, of Berlin, at present employed as emperor of Germany.

Frid 10th - merc 12 below Wm shipped 203 Lambs to Buffolo, he went as farr as Durand then came back

Sat 11th - merc 12 below Kittie went to Owosso to trade, returned on evening Train, Perry was here to dinner

Sund 12th - merc 16 above it snowed all night a verry fine snow last night.

Mond 13th - merc 20 below bright sunshine cold snow drifted on east & west road. Kittie is frying Cakes, Wm has gone with Catharine to school Mr Amos Graves was buried in Byron yesterday, Sunday Perry spent this afternoon with his Father pleasantly the snow 12 inches deep

Tues 14th - merc 26 below it snowed fine snow all day blowed snow 18 inches

Wed 15th - bright sunshine Wm heard from his sheep, has gone to Corunna I sent Rev Walker $5.00 dol, my donation, I sent a letter to Sarah Ferguson

Thurs 16th - merc 22 below verry cold snow drifts she that was Anna Harper Bennet made us a visit she has a nice little boy 2 1/2 yrs old, merc is 12 above 4 ocl afternoon

Frid 17th - merc 12 below blowing all day, I finished making 3 aprons for Kittie

Sat 18th - 4 below Bernice came home with Catharine Virginia Chaffee came with Catharine Wed there is big snow drifts all over. Wheat $1.20 pr bush Legrand Schad took dinner with us to day, - I sent a letter to Ella Nichols a bright sunshine, about 18 inches of snow with lots of drifts, no mail

Sund 19th - 4 above merc 28 above at noon, Kittie got us a beautiful dinner

Mond 20th - merc 20 above the snow is setling Mrs Fred Close made a pleasant call Fred took tea with Will

Tues 21st - merc 20 above Kittie is sweeping and dusting

Wed 22d - Washingtons Birth day - Kittie had a suprise party of 20

Thurs 23d - merc 20 above Kittie was invited out to dinner to Mr Kolies, Raymond & Elva Phipps came

Frid 24th - they have all gone to Byron to school, Frank Welch came to breakfast and work

Sat 25th - Raymond & Elva Phipps went to Mr Arthurs last eve Ed Welch Frank left this morning it is snowing this morning. Mr P Schad has a cold and feels sick Roger M., Minnie, Mother & children came Thurs 23d staid to dinner

1905 Sund Feb 26th - Presidential election S. of Theodore Rosevelt Saturday 4th March zero bright sunshine. Mr P Schad is poorly

Mond 27th - 2 above bright & sunshine

Tues 28th - merc 26 above a bright sun shine, I am poorly with a cold, Kittie went and called Mrs Shaunts, it is a lovely day, Mr Schad better.

Wed - March 1st -

Wed March 1st - it is a lovely day, - Kittie is invited out to tea to Mrs Fred Stowels

Thurs 2d - merc 28 above it is a lovely day Kittie is invited to tea to Mrs Tagarts

Frid 3d - merc 24 above Wm is just driving out of lane with 200 sheep for Buffalo market God bless him and bring him safe back to us

Sat 4th - 2 below Catharine went to town for Mrs Tagart & Allen, Ida came in afternoon

Sund 5th - 6 above Mr P Schad was taken sick at dinner yesterday, Kittie sent for Dr Howard he came Bernard came to tea, made a pleasant call, Mr Schad is no better to day the 2 Mrs Goffs are verry low, old Mr Knapp is sick, Elsa Runnyan was married Wed, March 1st, 1905 to Melvin Buck, 50 yrs ago to day Mother Haviland was buried, the snow had all gone Ed Hathaway Wife baby & Gracie Schad came a lovely day

Mond 6th - merc 6 above Dr Howard came to see Mr P Schad said he found him better but he dont think so, he dont sit up it is a lovely day.

Tues 7th - merc 10 above Wm returned on morning Train from Buffalo thank God for his arrival

Wed 8th - 12 above 8 lovely days in March, Mr Owen Knapp died Monday Alfred Barnes made a short call I finished a Silk block I commenced last Friday

Thurs 9th - 20 above Wm & Kittie attended Mr Owen Knapps funeral to day 90 yrs old this month one by one they are passing over a good man has gone, the Lord have mercy on his soul

Frid 10th - 10 days of bright sunshine in March.

1905 Sat March 11th -

A newspaper article dated Corunna Mich. Thursday, March 16, 1905
WAS NEARLY NINETY YEARS OLD Had been a Resident of the State for Seventy Years.

The funeral service of the late Mr. Owen Knapp, of Byron, was held last Thursday at his late home and was largely attended. Interment in the Byron cemetery. The pall bearers were, Wm. McKiney, John Kitson, John Shonts, Orlando Lee, Clark Buell and B. S. Williams, old friends and neighbors. The music was furnished by a quartets of gentlemen, viz: Mr. Bennett, Frank Sheldon, Fred Devore and Fred Stowell. Rev. Walker, pastor of the M. E. church, officiated and gave an excellent discourse and read the following notice: Owen Knapp was born March 28 1815, in Bath, Steuben county, N. Y. He came to Michigan in the year 1835 locating at Ypsilanti, where in 1850 he was married to Miss Ellen Ferrier. They moved to Vernon on the town line of Burns in 1854. His wife died Sept. 14, 1862. There were born to them six children, three of whom are deceased, viz: An infant daughter, Mrs. Mattie Campbell and Mrs. Eva Betterly. The three living are Miss Alice Josephene, of Byron, Mrs. Stella McFadden, of Cohoctah, and Charles Knapp, of Big Rapids, Mich., also a sister, Mrs. Begole, of Ypsilanti, and a granddaughter. He moved to Byron in 1865 where he has since resided, and where he engaged in the cabinet business and followed it for twenty years or more. When the Corunna flouring mill was being built Mr. Knapp worked on it, walking to and from his home in Vernon township. While living in Ypsilanti he joined the Order of Odd Fellows and joined the same Order upon coming to Byron, filling all of the offices at various times. He remained an active member during the long existence of that lodge. He was a most reliable mechanic. He was an unassuming, industrious and whose word was as good as gold. He was not only a father to his children but mother as well. Kind and indulgent, keeping the family united until they reached womanhood and manhood, and who have reciprocated by taking tender care of him in his declining years. Miss Alice having kept house for him for several years, and most unselfishly lightened the cares of his advancing years. He was taken to his bed last Saturday morning and died Tuesday evening at 6:15 at the grand old age of 89 years, 11 months and six days. The family of the deceased desire to express their thanks to the friends for their kindness to them during the illness and death of their father.

Sat 11th - Wm took out his Cutter the first time this winter Jan 14th, 4 inch snow Wm took Carriage to Mr Knapps funeral the first time since snow fell 52 days sleighing Bernice came home with Catharine last evening, Roger M called it is a lovely day Wm has just started for Chicago on 2 1/2 Train for sheep

Sund 12th - merc 15 above a lovely day

Mond 13th - Walter is sick, Kittie went for Catharine she is sick

Tues 14th - merc 10 above Wm returned safe from Chicago this morning Walter gone home Frank Welch is doing the work for Wm, Walter is back

Wed 15th - Wm had a car load of sheep come yesterday 260 they look nice Walter is better this morning, Mr P Shad is 83 yrs old to day

Thurs 16th - merc 20 above a lovely day, I am piecing a Silk block

Frid 17th - St Patricks day a lovely - every day through this month is beautiful

Sat 18th - merc 48 above it rained last night, Lightned & Thunderd the first since 16th of November wee started our cistern had been dry 4 weeks, wee had 18 lovely days in March

Sund 19th - 20 above colder and damp the snow freezes as fast as it falls - Bernice came with Walter last evening

Mond 20th - the ground is coverd with snow that fell yesterday

Tues 21st - 30 above Mrs Mc Farlin & Mrs W Kitson came made a visit

Wed 22d - Kittie was invited to Mrs J Eddies it is a lovely day she had a pleasant time

Thurs 23d - merc 42 above a lovely day, Mrs Mc Farlin has gone to spend the day with Alice Cummin

Frid 24th - Wm had a car load of sheep from Chicago 250 in number Frank, Ella, May and children came and made a pleasant visit Mrs Mc Farlin went to Mrs Mc Kinneys - poor Kittie has tonsilatis Dr Howard came evening

Sat 25th - wee had a lovely rain the first in 4 months, every day in this month lovely

1905 Sat March 25th -

A newspaper article
Young Life Ended. Once more God has thought it best to call home a loved one, and on Wednesday, March 22, after an illness of less than a week, Gladys, the beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Keys, passed to her rest. Miss Gladys was born March 30, 1890, in Burns, where she lived with her parents until last September. She finished the school near her home, passing the eighth grade, and in September entered the high school in Durand, making her home with her aunt, Mrs. William R. Smith. Although connected with the school but about six months, she had won many close friends and will be much missed in the school circle, for it can be truly said to know her was to love her. Gladys had a slight attack of the grip, but returned to school on Wednesday, March 15. On Thursday she had an attack of appendicitis. Everything was done to help her, but on the following Tuesday an operation was performed. She rallied very nicely from the operation and the outlook was most favorable for recovery, but a weak heart manifested itself a few hours later which proved fatal. During the past winter Gladys had identified herself with the M. E. church and was ready and willing when her Savior called. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Butler, at her home, Sunday, and she was laid to rest in the Union Plains cemetery. Deceased leaves a father, mother, three brothers and a sister to mourn their loss. There is no flock, however watched and tended, But one dead lamb is there! There is no fireside, howsoe'er defended, But has one vacant chair. There is no death! What seems so is transition; This life of mortal breath Is but a suburb of the life elysian, Whose portal we call Death. She is not dead - this child of our affection But gone into that school Where she no longer needs our protection, And Christ himself doth rule.
Monday 27 I subscribed for Evening News for Roger M paid $2.50

Sat 25th - paid my assessment $14.43 cts pr Wm Schad Kittie is verry sick with Tonsiletis since Friday evening, the Dr came last evening

Sund 26th - Dr Howard came this morning found her no better, injected morphine in arm Bernice & Catharine has gone to attend Gladdis Kies funeral God help her Mother

Mond 27th - merc 60 above Bernice went home this morning, Kittie is no better the Dr was here Roger M came and butcherd 2 pigs they are nice

Tues 28th - merc 68 the Dr came said Kittie was a little better, Mrs Mc Kinney made a pleasant call to day, Hellen Reynolds sent me a bead collar, God bless her she made it with one hand Wm has 2 sheep shearers, Perry Schad is here, Mr Chambers called

Wed 29th - Sheep shearers, Kittie is verry poorly Peery Schad to dinner

Thurs 30th - Catharine took sausage meat to Byron, Perry Schad to dinner

Frid 31st - Minnie came brought Mr P Schad Chair from Durand - where it was repaired Catharine went and got the sausage it is beautiful

Verily, verily I say unto to you, he that believeth in me hath everlasting life, John 6th Chapt 47 verse.

1905 Sat April 1st - I subscribed for a History of Shiawassee Co to pay $15.00 when delivered Mr Harrington is soliciting History and orders merc 46 above Mrs Kirkendol is helping Kittie to day Kittie is verry poorly, there was 8 men to dinner Perry was here Mrs Kirkendol fried 2 crocks full

Sund 2d - Kitties throat is very bad, - I am poorly with my heart I sleep all the time

Mond 3d - Town Meeting, Mr George Dodder & Mr John How came to shear sheep Bernice came Saturday eve, with Wm I subscribed for the House keeper and some flower seeds to day for Minnie

Tues 4th - merc 34 above Mr George Dodder, Mr John How & Mr Betterly are here shearing sheep, dear Kittie is better than yesterday, it is cold wee a good fire in Furnace

Wed 5th - 3 men shearing sheep, Roger M called it is cold a frost last night I just sent a $1.00 Postal order to W Atlee, Burpee & Co Phil Pa, Kittie has gone to Byron, I am writing to Virginia Bell California Bernice came home with Catharine.

Thurs 6th - two men called, Mr J Harrington, soliciting subscriptions for County History I subscribed $15.00 dol price when received, two of the sheep shearers got through last eve, I sent a letter to Mrs Virginia Bell California, one to Mrs George Carpenter Owosso, - one to Mr George Barton, Amsterdam N Y Mr Betterly finished shearing 16 sheep at noon to day Kittie has gone to Byron, Bernice came home with them snow about 1 inch snow fell last night

Frid 7th - Wm sold 3580 lbs of wool at 23 1/2 cts pr lb

Sat 8th - Kittie & Catharine went to Owosso to trade - Bernice is here she bought a jacket for Catharine & Silk for dress & dress for self

Sund 9th - a lovely day, Bernice & Catharine has gone to Church Mr M Redmond called yesterday, Farmers will begin to plow soon, the ground is dry and cold

1905 Mond Apr 10th - cold, a florry of snow soon left Kittie went to Byron

Tues 11th - Kittie went to Byron the yard is getting green

Wed 12th - it is a lovely day, but cold wind, Mr Williams called

Thurs 13th - Mr P Schad is sick, Wm Telephoned to Dr Marshall, Durand, he came I went to Bernards spent the day pleasantly, came home with Roger B

Frid 14th - cold light snow shower, Mr P Schad about the same he has not been up to day is verry weak, Mr Frank Tillman called with a package of Tea & Coffee, Kittie is quite lame, Bernard is verry poorly with a gathering in his head, Bernice came with Catharine

Sat 15th - the Dr came Mr Schad is no better, Bernice & Catharine went to Durand for hats

Sund 16th - Mr Schad about the same has not sit up since Thursday it Mr & Mrs Legrand Schad came - snow squals all day melted fast

Mond 17th - Mr Schad no better, there is snow squals

Tues 18th - the ground & Evergreens are coverd with snow that fell yesterday Mr Martenes was buried yesterday, - an other Pioneer gone, one by one

Wed 19th - Mrs George Goff will be buried to day, Ed & Ettie Hathaway made a call

Thurs 20th - Dr Marshal came said Mr Schad is better, brought Mrs Crouch a Nurse - Kittie is up to day, Bernard is some better, it looks like rain

Frid 21st - it is my 84th birth day, - I thank my Heavenly Father for health & every blessing it rained all last night, Mr Schad is no better

Sat 22d - Mr Schad is no better, Kittie was taken last evening has not been up to day our Nurse is fine it is a lovely day. I sowed Salvia seed along by the Tulips a man is hauling the leaves out of the yard to the Barn yard Dr Marshall came staid to dinner said Mr Schad was no worse thought better said Kittie would be up in a few days Roger M & Minnie were here yesterday

1905 Sund Apr 23d - Wm took me to Bernard who is verry low, oh God spare his life if it thy holy will Mr Schad is no better, Kittie is better I thank my Heavenly Father I went spent the day, Bernard is a great sufferer, his brain is a affected, a gathering in his head, it is a nice day, the Dr has just called had dinner and gone he says he staid with Bernard til 2 last night, to day he realizes knows them all what good news if lasting, - I received a letter from Mrs Stone Oregon one from Mrs Georgia Barton, 298 East Main St Amsterdam N Y it is a lovely day - I sowed Heelitrope in a crock to day

Mond 24th - Dr Marshal came said Bernard seemed better, but not flatter

Tues 25th - Mr Schad is no better Mrs Crouch the Nurse received news of her mother in law being verry sick she left this afternoon

Wed 26th - sad news from Bernard this morning, is worse the Dr staid all night with him Wm took me to Bernard he is a verry sick man oh God spare him to us

Thurs 27th - Wm took me to see Bernard he is verry low they do not alow any one to speak I met Mrs Boyce & Margaret & Mrs Taft, they all called here on their way home Reverend Walker made a pleasant call, - the hired man plowed the garden it is a lovely day Mrs Kirkendol is here helping to day

Frid 28th - dear Catharine sit up one half hour - Mr Schad is not as well

Sat 29th - Bernard is just wearing out, - Roger M & Minnie made a pleasant call Bernice is helping to day, Catharine is some better to day Dead - Bernard Haviland died 15 min to 7 ocl eve can it be possible, My God & My God, Bernard have you left us oh how sad - how sad the lord have mercy on your soul

Sund 30th - Mrs Mary Fowler came to visit her Father he is some better

1905 Mond May 1st - Roger M came and took me to the house of mourning oh my that dear good man gone and I am left to mourn for him God help, Mr Savage Mabel & Mrs Cole called yesterday

Tues 2d - Kittie spent the day in the house of mourning Funeral

Wed 3d - the funeral of Bernard Haviland, conducted at the house prayer by Rev Stone, Baptist Minister, Reverend Walker deliverd sermon read 23d Psalm, Text Job, if a man dies shall he live again, with other approprate remarks, beautiful singing - beautiful Flowers, a verry large funeral I went to the cemetery bade him fare well til wee all meet again, the lord have mercy on his soul ---- Mr P Schad ate dinner with us

Thurs 4th - Mr P Schad is verry poorly does not eat nor sit up Kittie is verry poorly does not eat nor sit up nor walk Dr Marshall from Durand has just drove up to see P Schad the Dr thought it was his poor day. Mrs Kirkendol is cleaning house for Kittie to day, she done house work yesterday Catharine Examination of 8th grade commenced to day

Frid 5th - the Teacher came with Catharine, Kitties verry sick Wm Telephoned the Dr he came and staid all night. She raised a good deal of blood he said Bronchial trouble, oh God spare my child to Catharine and me Mr & Mrs Forshee & Jane Cowan came from Idas they were to the funeral

Sat 6th - it rained in the afternoon Catharine Jane & Mrs Forshee went to

Sund 7th - Robert Cowans, dear Kittie is a little better - the cherries, Pear & Apple are all in bloom after the rain, Legrand called Mr & Mrs Fred Close called

Keep thy toung from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile

1905 Mond May 8th - went to Corunna with Wm a lovely day - Kittie is verry poorly Mr Schad is no better

Tues 9th - Dr Sleath is buried to day an other Pioneer gone, Mrs Fred Close & Mrs Taggart made a pleasant call, Wm & I went to Corunna on morning Train from Gaines I met Kittie Carland, Wm Rosenkrans, Mr Biglow, Jay Royce a few others wee came to Durand, Wm got a double rig - home at 2 ocl, not verry tired paid $2.00 dol, the fields are beautiful in bloom

Wed 10th - dear Kittie is a little better, sits up some, it rained this forenoon, Mr P Schad is a little better Mrs Fowler is here taking care of him

Thurs 11th - Mrs Tagart & Mrs Fred Close called Tues Roger M made a pleasant call it rained, Thunderd & Lightned, Mrs Barnum, - Mrs Barnes & Clarra made a call

Frid 12th - Mrs Mary Fowler left after dinner for her own home

Sat 13th - Catharine & I went to Byron cemetery I sowed a few seeds wee came to Hattie Coles, I bought 2 pr of black stockings for myself and 4 yds of Crush .10 cts pr yd - one pr of shoes $2.00 in Sextons 4 towels $1.00 dol wee went to Ella Sheldons to dinner, I made 1 towel for her May arrived home at 5 ocl Roger M & Minnie called, it rained at night

Sund 14th - merc 76 in shade dear Kittie is a little better, I am not verry well with a cold Mr & Mrs Wm Lahring & baby made a pleasant call the Teacher is here

Mond 15th - I sent a letter and Paper with Bernards death in to James Haviland dear Kittie is better she fried fresh fish for dinner Wm peeled Potatoes & washed the dishes Mr Schad took dinner with us he is better but wants Will to watch at night the man is planting Potatoes, - the other man dragged and rolled

Tues 16th - I went to Idas it is a lonely house since dear Bernard left

Wed 17th - Kittie is verry lame it is a lovely morning, Mr Schad is better Wm took 327 fat sheep to Byron to ship to Buffalo I bought 2 Geraniums in bloom in Walkers when I was in Byron

1905 Thurs May 18th - it rained last night is cold to day

Frid 19th - cold

Sat 20th - Wm took me to Roger Ms, -Mrs Gould came and spent the day

Sund 21st - cold fire in stove all day

Mond 22d - Roger M took me over (to) his farm, he and 2 men planted 7 acres of Corn to day

Tues 23d - Minnie & Howard brought me home they were to dinner

Wed 24th - Mr & Mrs Charlie Fowler came to dinner, I sent a letter to Jane Cowan Mrs Savage, Mrs Tagart, Mrs Stowel, Miss Mabel Savage made a pleasant call Millie Reynolds is sewing for Kittie

Thurs 25th - Wm & 2 men went to the field planted Corn about 6 acres then it rained

Frid 26t - it rained last night, every thing growing fine I bought 2 Geraniums .30 cts Teacher bought 1 Lady Washington .20 cts 1 Helitrope .20 cts 3 foliage plants .05 cts for me

Sat 27th - dear Kittie is some better, the men finished planting Corn to day some warmer every thing growing, Kitties 37th birth day Bernard Haviland died 41 yrs ago to day - being 52 yrs old

Sund 28th - Kittie some better rode down to Idas

Mond 29th - rained a little all day, Walter went home Sunday

Tues 30th - Decoration day lovely, Teacher & Catharine gone to cemetery Kittie not able to go, is verry lame, Mr Wm Gilmore just called a few minutes Wm is running the lawn mower in the yard, every thing looks beautiful

Wed 31st - Kittie met with art at Mrs Crawfords

1905 Thurs June 1st - I am tying a comforter for my bead, Millie Reynolds is sewing for Catharine making 4 dresses for her

Frid 2d - Ida Haviland spent the day with us Bernard is dead 5 weeks to day

Sat 3d - I finished my comforter to day Catharine & Bernice are going to visit the Cole school, it is a lovely day Wm is running lawn mower

Sund 4th - 78 above Catharine went to Church Vera Matison came to dinner with her Kittie is verry poorly Roger M and Minnie came

Mond 5th - merc 78 above it rained all night, more rain fell than this summer

Tues 6th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand after dinner, Teacher walked from Tafts to school the water was so high Wm could not get through with Carriage the bridge was gone, she, the Teacher had to walk the fence, go out through the field to Biolets from there to school

Wed 7th - Kittie is preparing to go to Indiana to take mud baths

Thurs 8th - she is finishing some work for Catharine who is home this week

Frid 9th - it is cold looks like rain, Catharine passed high in all her studies Wm & kittie went to Durand Mrs Mc Kinney made a pleasant call Mr P Schad returned to day, went to Etties Monday it looks like rain

Sat 10th - Wm & Kittie started on morning Train for Indiana, mud lavia to seek treatment for Rheumatism, God help her she is afflicted it rained all day, the ground is verry wet Catharine left school to keep house while her mother is gone Bernice is here, Roger M & Minnie has come & children

A newspaper article pinned to this page
School Notes

The pupils of the sixth grade of the grammar room were asked to write a composition, taking for their subject "Farewell to the Senior Class." The following was written by Charles Walker:
Farewell to the Senior Class,
We hate to see you go,
But in this world of toil and strife
They will succeed, we know.
They've studied hard and long,
Through many, many years,
And, as they leave the dear old school,
Good wishes fill their ears.
They always were good scholars,
To mind the teacher's rule,
But now the other scholars
Will take their place in school.
"Farewell to the Senior Class"
Out in the world they go,
To battle with toil and strife
That dwells in this earth below.

Mond 12th - Catharine took Bernice to school, Amma Joslin came home with her she went for Teacher, about 4 ocl a Thunder storm came. Wm returned on Annarbor evening Train from Middleview

Tues 13th - rain I hemed a sheet and made 5 pillowcases

Wed 14th - Catharine went to Byron to an entertainment at Dr Howard

Thurs 15th - clear, looks like rain, Wm received a letter from dear Kittie

Frid 16th - it is raining, John Badgero plowed & hoed the garden yesterday I will mail a letter to dear Kittie to day

Sat 17 - thevening and one at same time from Mary Mc Farlin, how pleased I was to hear from them, Kittie is no better, has not been there long enough to receive benefit, I think she is homesick with all. Walter is planting Beans, planted 6 acres yesterday. I sent a letter to Kittie yesterday, one to Mary A to day I have a letter to send to Kittie to day by the mail.

Sund 18th - merc 80 above Wm & Catharine has gone to Church, Walter finished 16 acres of Beans

Mond 19th - Mr Ralph Tubs made a pleasant call, Ida called, wee received 2 letters from afflicted Kittie, she is no better, verry homesick, I dont think she will stay over 2 weeks

Tues 20th - Walter is sewing Beans in south orchard, John Badgero

Wed 21 - is working here, he bought me 2 beautiful boquets, he is going through Corn, the Teachers, Miss Bernice Phipps, school closed with exercises to day

Thurs 22d - wee received 2 letters from dear Kittie she is no better.verry homesick and discouraged, God help her she is afflicted, Mr R Tubs and little girl is here - Wm cultivated the garden this morning, Walter is hoeing it, Wm churned since he got through have onions and Radishes plenty

1905 Frid June 23d - merc 82 at 3 ocl wee received a letter from dear Kittie she is no better will leave Krumer 1/2 past 10 ocl Saturday eve for Mt Clemens to take the baths there again

Sat 24th - I finished hit and miss balls for Ellas rag carpet, - Perry came with Mr Schad

Sund 25th - merc 82 at 3 ocl Catharine went to Church and Sunday school

Mond 26th - there was a hard Thunder storm at 10 ocl last eve it is cooler

Tues 27th - it is cold, Wm is going to Mt Clemens on 10 ocl Train to see darling Kittie

Wed 28th - Teacher went and got the plants she took to school exercises, Frid

Thurs 28th - Catharine received her Diploma, Wm & Catharine returned from Mt Clemens Teacher put up 20 cans Strawberries they bought 48 quts some .07 cts .05 cts

Sat July 1st - it rained all day a little, Kittie phoned from Byron she was at Ellas God be praised for her safe return and feeling much improved but lame

Sund 2d - A nice day Roger M came to see Kittie Lew Braver & Walter cut grass Frid & Sat

Mond 3d - it rained, Thunder & Lightend, the ground is verry wet Lew B, Walter, Bernice, Catharine picked 16 quts of Raspberries Kittie made

Tues 4th - jam of them, July 4th, the youngsters were fireing Canons all night verry patriotic, Wm & Kittie have gone to Byron, it is verry nice after the rain

Wed 5th - A verry nice day the men are in hay field

Thurs 6th - darling Kittie has gone to Mt Clemens to day seeking health God help her and restore her to health for she is afflicted Wm is riding mower he has Frank Welch, Lew Beaver, Walter Casselman hauling in hay it is verry warm --- Bernice caned 7 quts Raspberries

Frid 7th - Bernice, Catharine went to Byron and took music lesson it rained

Sat 8th - it rained last night & this morning it is clearing after dinner

1905 Sund July 9th - after dinner Wm with 3 others hauled in what hay was down Minnie her Mother & children came - I wrote a letter to darling Kittie

Mond 10th - there was showers all day, the men could not work out, cleaned the Barn

Tues 11th - it was school meeting last eve, the first meeting in July - always Sept before I sent a letter to darling Kittie, - I am so lonely - without her, it rained all night and this forenoon, Wm has gone to Corunna, Walter has sick headache does not sit up

Wed 12th - Teach went to Durand to trade Wm came home with her

Thurs 13th - it rained Bernice made Current Jell yesterday & canned Raspberries

Frid 14th - Bernice & Catharine went and took music

Sat 15th - Minnie came and picked Raspberries for herself 9 quts - Bernice canned 17 quts

Sund 16th - the men are in the hay field have not been in since last Monday wee received 2 letters and 2 postals from dear Kittie this week Catharine has gone to Church & Sund School Mrs Friends house was struck with Lightning Thurs, burnt every thing

Mond 17th - merc 86 above received a letter from dear Kittie - Mr Lovelace came to work

Tues 18th - merc 86 above Wm is cutting grass, - 3 men are hauling in hay, Mr P Schad went to Byron every thing growing fine

Wed 19th - Wm is cutting grass 3 men is hauling in hay

Thurs 20th - the men are hauling Wm cutting Wm went to evening Train, met dear Kittie thank God for safe return

Frid 21st - the men are stacking hay, Mr Lovelace got through

Sat 22d - the men drew in their last load of hay

Sund 23d - Miss Susan Croop was buried to day

The glory of young men is their strength, The glory of young women is their purity

1905 Mond July 24th - merc 50 above verry cold doors & windows closed

Tues 25th - the men commenced to cut rye this afternoon, Bernice & Catharine are washing their own clothes

Wed 26th - nice and cool, Frank Sheldon is cutting rye for Wm

Thurs 27th - Frank is cutting to day, - wee had peas, new Potatoes, onions, Beets and Lettuce for dinner

Frid 28th - Teacher & Catharine went to Byron took music lessons

Sat 29th - Frank is cutting rye

Sund 30th - Roger M, Minnie, children & Mrs Bouchman spent the day

Mond 31st - Bernice & Catharine went to her house Hartland

Tues - Aug 1st -

Tues 1st - it is aniversary of my darling husbands injury that caused his death Mrs Oconor, Lissie Vanburen, Kline was here & Jessie & Sarah Ferguson was here, - oh God, how unfortunate I am sad & lonely Kittie bought one bushel of huckleberries .09 cts pr qut of Mrs Kirkendol

Wed 2d -

Thurs 3d - Kittie went to Mrs Dr Sleaths, by invitation, Mrs Ferguson & Mrs Reeves came

Frid 4th - Mr James Haviland, came from Bards town Kentucky.

Sat 5th - Kittie received a letter from Catharine, John Haviland came made a call the Threshers drove in the lane left their machine, went away Lew Beaver went home on a visit.

Sund 6th - Wm took James Haviland to John Havilands.

Monday 7th - James will start for Bards town to day - 11 Threshers came to breakfast there was 15 Threshers to dinner & 8 of our own family Minnie came and helped they Threshed 335 bush, Mrs SarahFerguson helped

Inserted here was a piece of paper dated Aug 7th, 1905 and Oct 9th 1905
Badgeros Threshed 334 bush of Rye Mond Aug 7th 1905

Oct 9th - Badgeros Threshed 500 bushels Beans

Oct 10th - they Threshed 535 bushels of oats

1905 Mond aug 7th - the Badgeros Threshed 334 bushels of Rye, Catharine & Elva Phipps came on evening Train. Mrs Sarah Ferguson & Mrs Kittie Braves are here

Tues 8th - Wm, Catharine & Elva Phipps have gone to Howell to attend a show Lewis Beaver took breakfast with us, he left Friday last

Wed 9th - Mrs M Boyce, Anna Mc Caughna Thompson made a pleasant call

Thurs 10th - merc 86 above Wm has gone to Chesning - Mrs Sarah Ferguson went to Idas came back evening

Frid 11th - Merc 84 verry warm, Catharine & Elva Phipps went to Minnies.

Sat 12th - Catharine took Sarah Ferguson & Kittie Beeves to Dan Mc Coughnas. Catharine & Elva then they went to Mrs Arthurs to spend the afternoon, Wm came on eve Train. A friend of Walters staid with him last night, name Kanouse

Sund 13th - Minnie came, a lovely day

Mond 14th - Dan Mc Caughna brought Sarah Fer(guson) Kittie Beeves here Monday saying James Mc Caughnas daughter is dead

Tues 15th - Calla will be buried this afternoon, God help the afflicted Catharine & Elva has gone to Long Lake, a verry unpleasant day mizzled all day Wm has gone to meet them at Gaines, they have arrived I am thankful

Wed 16th - Catharine entertained the two Miss Chaffees & Elva Phipps & Edna Forshee

Thurs 17th - Mr Shad is sick all day

Frid 18th - Mrs ferguson went to spend the afternoon with Ida & Alice Husil

Sat 19th - it rained hard this forenoon - Mrs Ferguson and Mrs Reeves of Detroit Kittie received a letter from Mrs Marks

Sund 20th - Catharine & Elva Phipps went to Church Mr Phipps & Bernice came Saturday

1905 Mond Aug 21st - Mr Phipps, Bernice & Elva went home after dinner to day Sarah Ferguson, Mrs Kittie Reeves & Baby Haviland went to Detroit

Tues 22d - it is a lovely day, Kittie picked her first Cucumber to day in garden Mr & Mrs Fred Stowels little girl is dead, She ate morphene powders

Wed 23d - Walter is hauling Cole for winter

Thurs 24th - Mr P Schad is sick had Dr Ruggles this morning, is no better noon The Detroit and Evening News Consolidated called the Evening News - Detroit News , Wed 23, 1905. Consolidated

Frid 25th - Mr P Schad had Dr Ruggles twice yesterday - Perry came to sit up to night Wm & Fred Close started for Chicago last night at 12 ocl from Durand Wm & Kittie attended little Doritha Mable Stowells funeral yesterday

Sat 26th - Rev Walker & Wife & little boy Wilber made us a pleasant visit Wm returned from Chicago on evening Train Mr P Schad is better Perry is here helping take care of him

Sund 27th - it is darling Catharines 16th birth day, God guide and direct her, keep her pure Ida & Dewy called Catharine has gone to Church & S S I sent $5.00 to Rev Walker for Catharines anual donation, it is a lovely day Mr P Schad is up and dressed the first since Thursday

Mond 28th - Mr Schad is better, Kittie & Catharine went to the house of mourning Mrs Dyer

Tues 29th - Walter dug the early Potatoes in garden - 11 bushels

Wed 30th - Wm took me to Roger Ms Roger dug his early Potatoes 15 bushels

Thurs 31st - Kittie & Catharine attended Mrs Dyers funeral
Walter hauled 13 Tons of Cole from the Elevator $7.00 pr Ton

1905 Frid Sept 1st - Kittie & Catharine attended a basket picknick in Mc Curdys Park Corunna Minnie came and brought me home sweet home.

Sat 2d - it rained hard last night wee received a letter from James Haviland

Sund 3d - Frank & Ella Sheldon came, - Roger M - Minnie & Howard came Vera Mattison came with Catharine all staid to dinner

Mond 4th - it rained last evening, is cold, Bernice Phipps came on morning Train it is Labor day, Wm has gone to Ball game at Linden, it is cold

Tues 5th - School commences in Byron to day it rained last night

Wed 6th - A lovely morning, wee hear Mr Vaughan is dead, - Walter has hauled the winter wood

Thurs 7th - Robert, Lissie, Emma Cowan, Mr & Mrs Elmer Cowan from Indiana came to dinner - then went to Idas - Mr & Mrs Cowan came back staid all night after dinner they went to Idas

Frid 8th - Roger B came for me, I spent the day pleasantly Roger B brought me home, Walter is pulling Beans for the first.

Sat 9th - Roger M came to help in the Beans, they look like a fine crop Mr Legrand Schad brought us 12 quts of Blackberries that Sallie Braden sent us from up north, it is a lovely day. Kittie canned 2 pails of Plums picked off our own trees. Catharine went to Ellas and picked some grapes for her mother. Mr & Mrs Cowan came and staid all night.

Sund 10th - Wm, Kittie, Mr & Mrs Cowan have gone to Robert Cowans to spend the day it looks like rain

Mond 11th - Walter is pulling Beans in South Orchard

Tues 12th - Wm has hired 2 Italians to work in the Beans Wm has gone to Corunna as a Juryman, Kittie took him to Depot Catharine received a letter from Mrs Stone, Mr P Schad went (to) Perry

Two newspaper articles pinned to this page
Married, on Sunday, July 16, 1905, at Durand, Mr. Herbert Whitehead and Miss Mabile Savage, both of Byron. This announcement, made on Wednesday of this week, as the young couple were ready to start on their bridal trip to Detroit, came as a great surprise to their many friends, as no intimation of their marriage had leaked out from any source. Like all romances in life "all is well that ends well." So here is congratulations and best wishes. Dated Sept 13th 1905
the other article is a picture of Mrs. S. A. Strubel with the inscription below the picture stating

Oldest person attending Michigan M. E. conference.

1905 Tues Sept 12th - Papers say peace is arranged between Russia & Japan, at Portsmoth New Hampshire President Rosevelt Mediator Mr O Hern & Mr George Joslin 72 yrs old to day North Los Angles California made a pleasant call Fanny Shaunts came home with Catharine from school this evening Wm returned on evening Train 2 Hungarians came to work in Beans Roger M helped in afternoon, the 2 men went home with him to help in Beans

Wed 13th - Roger M and 2 men came back at noon and are stacking Beans Wm bought Kittie 1 bush of Peaches in Byron for $1.00 pr bush Roger M bought a Water Melon and basket of Peaches Wm sheep came on a double decker, he sold them as soon as they came to Jene Wolfin & Oscar Bird

Thurs 14th - Wm went to Corunna, he is a Juror returned evening, there was a frost

Frid 15th - Catharine took Wm to Durand for morning Train for Corunna 2 Hungarians came this afternoon to help in Beans, Roger M came Minnie Mr P Schad returned this evening.

Sat 16th - Catharine has gone to take Wm to Durand, - there was a Thunder Storm yesterday that hinderd the men from working in Beans 2 men went home with Roger M last eve, Bernice came

Sund 17th - Wm received a car of sheep from Chicago 325 at 4 ocl, yesterday it rained all night one man staid over to day

Mond 18th - A fog Wm has gone to take the girles to school the Beans wet in South orchard Mrs Judson Cole & Mrs Whitehead spent the evening til 11 ocl

Tues 19th - A lovely morning, the 2 boys dug 7 bushels Potatoes in garden it rained a shower at noon boys are turning over Beans Wm bought a bushel of Peaches in Byron $1.00 pr bushel for Kittie

Wed 20th - Wm received a carr load of sheep 340 Walter & Levi Townsent hauled in the last of Beans in South orchard

1905 Thurs Sept 21st - 21 yrs ago to day, my dear husband, Bernard Haviland, and myself went to Detroit to have him treated, which resulted in his death the 24th he died the 24th and was buried the 28th the lord have mercy on his soul, how sad and lonely I feel. Wm has gone to Corunna, Walter & Levi is sowing Wheat on Bean ground in west field Levi dug 26 bushels of Potatoes Walter sowed 11 acres of Wheat

Frid 22d - Minnie, children & Mrs Balcom spent this afternoon Millie Reynolds is sewing for Kittie

Sat 23d - Levi Townsand got through work for Wm at noon Mrs Ed Hathaway, Gracie Schad & Gracie Hathaway has just come staid to Tea spent the afternoon pleasantly

Sund 24th - Catharine went to Church, Bernice Phipps came home with her

Mond 25th - Catharine took Wm to Durand he went to Corunna back to dinner

Tues 26th - Wm went to Corunna, came back to dinner, Walter is cutting Corn

Wed 27th - Kittie took Wm to Train, Mr & Mrs James Runnyan made a pleasant call Mrs Seward Chaffee came to make a visit, Mr P Schad came home Mrs James Runnyan, maiden name was Florence Johns once of Byron but now of Detroit - I enjoyed their call - to short

Thurs 28th - merc 84 above this day 21 yr ago, my darling husband was laid to rest in Byron cemetery Mrs Chaffee & Mrs Mulkin spent the day with us pleasantly

Frid 29th - Wm took me to visit my dead once more, oh God how sad - sad I called on Mr & Mrs Welch, she gave me a fried cake & glass ofwater blessings on them, Mr Peter Hildinger came to work for Wm

Sat 30th - Catharine took me to Mrs John Kitsons to see her afflicted mother, who received a paralitic stroke last Christmas God help the afflicted Virgina Chaffee came with Catharine, staid til Monday then went to school

A newspaper clipping - no date pinned to this page
Charles Sheperd, of Byron, who has been working for Frank Handy in Cohocta, had his foot cut off on the Ann Arbor railroad just north of the milk factory at Howell, Saturday evening. The toes and most of the foot was ground off between the track and the wheels, the heel of the foot remaining. He had been to the Fowlervile fair and was returning home. He evidently tried to catch a train going north and was thrown under the wheels. His face was badly scratched from the tumbling he got. He was hurt at the second crossing north of the factory and crawled back on his hands and knees some 40 rods when he was discovered and brought to the station by F. Burden and Mr. Beck. "I wish I had never gone to the Fowlerville fair" was his comment to our reporter - Livingston Republican In justice court on Monday before T. A. Lawrite, Esq., Ralph VanHorn was given judgment against J. Fred Smith for $100 with interest and costs. The suit grew out of a promissory note given by John Alden to VanHorn, who, at the time the note was given, was working for Mr. Smith, and living in his tenant house. Smith was indebted on his own note to VanHorn $100. Alden was indebted to Smith $75 on a horse trade. According to the testimony of Smith and Alden it was agreed between the parties that VanHorn should loan the $100 to Alden, Smith paying the interest on his own note and $25 to Alden, Alden then transerved his note to VanHorn and the Smith note was cancelled. VanHorn and his wife told a different story, claiming that so far as they were concerned they had no dealings with Alden, that Smith came to them alone, paid the interest on his note, traded the Alden note for his own, guaranteeing Alden's note to be "as good as gold." according to the above judgment the jury evidently believed VanHorn's story. Clifford Bishop of Flint, represented the plaintiff, and Van Winkle of Howell, the defendant.

1905 Sund Oct 1st - there was a shower, Legrand Schad made a call

Mond 2d - Walter left this morning -- Bernice went with Kittie to meet Wm Mr Peter Hildinger commenced work for Wm

Tues 3d - Wm has just drove home 70 sheep, Jess Badgero came with them I just walked to South Orchard to see Wheat, and picked up a pail of Apples

Wed 4th - verry warm, Kittie went to Mrs Mc Kinneys this afternoon

Thurs 5th - Charles Fox made us a visit to day he was 90 yrs old Aug 29th to old to be tramping around alone, left at 3 ocl afternoon

Frid 6th - Mr White has come to Plaster where it has fallen off in Kitchen and north room up staires, -- Bernice came home with Catharine

Sat 7th - Catharine & Bernice has gone to Lettie Wolfins to gather black walnuts Mr White is Plastering Kitchen to day, - it is a lovely day Wm made a fire in Furnace last evening had our first frost Thurs night Bernice & Catharine gatherd 8 bushels of black Walnuts

Sund 8th - A lovely day, the Threshers drove into the yard yesterday

Mond 9th - they threshed 500 bush of Beans, - Kittie had 4 of them to breakfast 14 teen to dinner, 16 teen to supper of threshers, 20 in all our family included

Tues 10th - they threshed til noon, 555 bushels of Oats, then left it rained a few minutes Kittie had 4 to breakfast 14 teen to dinner, Mr Gilmore called since dinner Mr Ohearn and Mr Isaac Joslin from Marquet made a pleasant call, he has been gone from Byron over 50 yrs

Wed 11th - Wm went to Corunna Mr P Schad went to Byron

Thurs 12th - Wm went to Corunna came on evening Train

Frid 13th - Wm went to Corunna staid all night

Sat 14th - Ella Sheldon & her sister Mrs Moor made a pleasant call yesterday Kittie & Catharine have gone to Byron, I am all alone, oh no, God is with me

1905 Sund Oct 15th - quite cold wee have fire in Furnace Mrs Archie Mc Caughna died to day

Mond 16th - Mr Peter Hildinger returned from Hartland, it is cold

Tues 17th - Wm & Kittie attended Mrs Archie Mc Caughnas funeral this afternoon

Wed 18th - it rained all last night and this morning, it is warmer

Thurs 19th - Frank Welch is working for Wm, Kittie went to Mrs Eddies spent the afternoon

Frid 20th - Wm & men got in the sheep this morning, it Thunderd, Lightned last night I bought in my plants this morning, - I received .50 cts worth of Bulbs from John Lewis Childs, the wind is blowing Apples to the ground we have fire in Furnace, the wind is blowing terribly the leves off the Trees Wm put in 660 sheep off the Pasture to feed for Buffalo Market. blowing Apples most all off Trees

Sat 21st - Wm & Kittie went to Mrs Jacob Kanouses funeral she was 84

Sund 22d - it is a bright sunshine but cold, we have wood fire in Furnace Roger M was here to dinner, Minnie & children has gone to St Johns wee will not see the sun set north of Barn til March 1st again

Mond 23d - it is cold Frank Welch is husking Corn Wm & Kittie went to Durand bought Wall paper for upstaires, Bernice come with Catharine

Tues 24th - Catharine went for Mrs Kirkendol to come and help Kittie clean house

Wed 25th - Mrs Kirkendol staid all night. Wm Kittie & Catharine attended a Negro Concert last eve Fred Lewis came to paper up staires & Kitchen Frank Welch is husking corn Mrs Kirkendol & Kittie settled Catharines room & Mr P Schads and washed curtain. Wm & Peter Hildinger shook Carpets & cleaned Furnace

Thurs 26th - Fred finished 2 rooms up staires Mrs Kirkendol & Kittie is putting down carpets Wm took me to the cemetery to visit my dead once more he spaded, I set Tulips & Hyacinths, bade my dead farewell went to Hattie Coles, met dear friends

Frid 27th - Mrs Kirkendol & Kittie is putting down carpets in South room up staires

A piece of paper pinned to this page dated Nov 3d 1905
Expense for plastering Kitchen

to Mr White for plastering $4.25 cts
to the Hardware for wood Pulp $5.00
Wall paper for 4 rooms $8.00
Fred Lewis for putting paper on
4 rooms, varnishing Linalium
in dinning room, varnishing Stairs,
hall, around Rug $11.00 dol to Fred
to Mrs Kirkendol 8 days work $8.00
Kittie paid her $7.00
I paid $1.00
I paid $29.25 cts pr Wm Schad Nov 23d -- 1905
Wm sold his crop of Beans 540 bush for $700.00 dol
My share of Beans Wm paid me $231.75 cts
Nov 23d -- 1905

Also a newspaper article pinned to this page dated Sund Oct 22d 1905
Mrs Archibald Mc Caughna

Had Been a Respected Resident of Burns Township For Over Fifty years.

Mrs. Archibald McCaughna died at her home southwest of this village Sunday afternoon, after an illness of several months Catharine Curtain McCaughna was born in Kanturk, County Cork, Ire-land, Nov 18th, 1825, and came to America when twenty-three years of age. She was married to Archibald McCaughna at Pittsfield, Mass., Oct. 11th, 1850, came to Michigan in 1855, and played an important part in transforming the wilderness into the comfortable home where she said farewell to her loved ones on Sunday. Her daily life of self sacrifice and devotion for over fifty years in this community won the admiration and esteem of all, especially her pioneer friends, who, with few exceptions, she survived, and whose sons and daughters assembled on Tuesday to pay loving tribute to her memory. She faced the inevitable with that same heroic courage, sublime faith and patience with which she met every duty in life, and with a pathetic calmness she arranged every detail for her burial. On Tuesday afternoon the funeral services were conducted from the old home in strict compliance with her wishes expressed in life. Rev. Carlos H. Hanks, of Owosso, officiated, Mrs. H. E. Payne, of Bancroft grand-daughter, and Peter P. Bilhorn, of Chicago, son-in-law, assisted in singing, while her sons and grandsons as bearers, tenderly laid her to rest amid beautiful flowers at the closing of the autumn day in Union Plains cemetery, where sleep her pioneer companions and neighbors. She is survived by her husband and seven children, Hugh J., of Shenandoah, Iowa; Dr. R. E., Miss Kittie and Mrs. P. P. Bilhorn, all of Chicago; Mrs. T. M. Euler and George B., of Owosso, and John D., of Novesta, Mich. The children and grandchildren were all in attendance at the funeral excepting Hugh J., who was detained by illness.
1905 Sat Oct 28th

A newspaper article with six pictures of women

Showing how girls ruin beauty by foolish habits

(Posed by Miss Marie Nordstrom, of the "Man on the Box" company at Madison Square Theater, New York.) By KATHERINE LECKIE. Do you bite your lips when thinking seriously? Do you turn up your nose with a sneer? Do you twist your eye out of shape? Many a really beautiful girl defaces her physical attractions by some hideous mannerism. Usually she is perfectly unconscious of it, but that doesn't make it any the less disgusting to onlookers. The girl who is constantly lifting her eyebrows should overcome the habit. It isn't pretty to stick your tongue against your upper lip. Any habit can be overcome with a bit of care and thought. Each time you realize that you are resorting to an ugly mannerism, quickly remember that you are making yourself hideous. If you forget the first time don't let that discourage you, but the next time that you catch yourself, stop it short.
No.1-The girl who, in a moment of thought or abstraction, rest her face upon her hand, drawing the skin out of shape, is developing wrinkles in that face that cannot be smoothed out by years of massage or restorative care.
No. 2-Very few girls have a really beautiful nose, but it is only the foolish ones who don't make the most of the one Dame Nature bestowed upon them. The truly wise girl doesn't sniff, sneer or twist her nose, for the very reason that she understands that by such a habit she is ruining her natural beauty.
No. 3-Distorting your mouth and your eyes while meditating is as unattractive as it is harmful. A common practice consists of drawing the mouth to one side. This forces the eyelids out of natural position, wrinkles the face and makes the mouth pudgy and ugly.
No. 4-A girl may be a goddess of loveliness, but it won't stand being disfigured by the tongue habit. The tongue should not be abused by pressing the lips. The result is chapped or cracked lips, which, aside from being painful, are homely in the extreme. It also disfigures the natural beauty lines of the mouth.
No. 5-One of the commonest mannerisms among women, and one which is a sure beauty destroyer, is biting the lips. This is especially the habit of the nervous woman. The woman lip-biter develops an uneven mouth with color unduly red and irregular. Lip-biting also induces wrinkles around the mouth as age increases. A cure suggested for this disastrous and vulgar habit in nine hours regular sleep each day, regular meals and a lessening to the minimum of the nerve-racking habits of life.

1905 Sat 28th Oct - Mrs Kirkendol went home last eve Fred came this morning Wm received 200 sheep from Chicago, 3 boys drove them home, was here to dinner Robert Cowan is here picking up Apples for himself was to dinner

Sund 29th - Fred put on ceiling paper on Kitchen, Mrs Kirkendol went home last evening

Mond 30th - Fred Lewis finished papering kitchen & varnished Linolium in dinning room

Tues 31st - Mrs Kirkendol cleaned kitchen, I cleaned 3 shelves in cupboard

Nov 1st -- 1905 -

Wed Nov 1st - Kittie and Catharine went to Owosso on morning Train at Gaines Mrs Mary Fowler & little grand son came Peter Hildinger boy Willie came yesterday they are gathering Apples to day the dear ones returned on evening Train

Thurs 2d - Mrs Kirkendol went home last eve with Wm, Kittie paid her $7.00 I paid Wm $9.25 cts for wood pulp & Mr White plastering the Kitchen I paid Kittie $8.00 for paper

Frid 3d - Mrs Mary Fowler left, Frank Welch finished husking Corn

Sat 4th - Frank staid and helped haul stalks, Mr B Phipps & man came with 31 sheep Bernice came with them

Sund 5th - Catharine & Bernice have gone to Church & Sabath School Mr Phipps has gone home, Fred Lewis came and ? I paid Mrs Kirkendol $1.00 dol for cleaning, for washing blankets .50 cts

Mond 6th - paid Fred Lewis $11.00 dol pr Wm Schad Fred Lewis finished varnishing stairs, hall & Sitting room floor

Tues 7th - Wm took me to Idas spent the day pleasant it rained & snowed

Wed 8th - Wm took me to Byron to spend the day with Mrs Sleeth by invitation Mrs Wm Close, Mrs G Eddy, Mrs Mc Kinny, Mrs Sloan, Mrs Botsford and myself, the day was spent beautiful, little Rolla sang for entertainment

1905 Thurs Nov 9th - Wm & Kittie have gone to Durand, - I made a pair of drawers for self

Frid 10th - there is a little snow on the ground this morning, but warmer

Sat 11th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand to get her teeth filled, now gone to Byron it is a lovely day, have door open, Furnace to hot

Sund 12th - Roger Minnie & children came

Mond 13th - Kittie washed under cloths for Wm

Tues 14th - Wm took me to Ida Havilands Roger B brought me home

Wed 15th - Kittie went to the art club

Thurs 16th - Kittie went to Byron staid til in evening

Frid 17th - I sewed Carpet rags for Ella, 26 lbs in all

Sat 18th - Catharine took me to Ella Sheldons, - I met Lissie, Emma & Robert Cowan Catharine came for me at 4 ocl Mrs Tagart spent the day with Kittie

Sund 19th - Catharine went to Church after dinner Wm & Kittie is riding out to Legrands

Mond 20th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand - Peter & Willie took 2 loads of Beans

Tues 21st - Peter & Willie have gone with 2 loads of Beans Mr Deming of Bancroft took my Feather Bed and 2 Pillows to clean and wash Ticks and returned this morning for which I paid him $2.25 cts washing Ticks .35 cts

Wed 22d - Mr Deming took 3 feather beds & 15 teen Pillows to clean & wash for which I paid him $8.00 dol

Thurs 23d - Wm sold his crop of Beans for $700.00 dol my share $231.50 cts we heard Edward Sheldon died in Owosso last evening where he went on Saturday to be treated by Dr Knapp Kittie & Wm has gone to assist the family

Frid 24th - Kittie went to Ellas. Edward Sheldon was buried to day

on a separate piece of paper dated Nov 21st 1905
Mr Dening from Bancroft came yesterday took my Feather bed to renew Feathers, and Mr P Schads cleaned for .08 cts pr lb.
My bed 27 lbs came to for cleaning feathers and washing Ticks paid $2.25 cts.

he bought them home this morning I let him take 3 Feather Bed more and 12 pillows the weight of Beds and Pillows 110 lbs one hundred and ten lbs

on the back of this same paper

x + x/4 = 12
4x + x = 60
5x = 60
x = 12
x = no.
1/2 of x =x/21/3 of x = 2x/3
x/2 + x/3= 3x/6 + 3x/6 + 2x = 5x/6
5x/6 = 90
x = 18
x = a's age
1/3 + x/3
2/5 of x = 2x/5 + x/3 = 11x/12 = 22/1
11x = 230
x = 30 A's age

1905 Sund Nov 26th - Frank, Ella & 2 Mr Sheldons, Twin brothers, from Paw Paw spent the day pleasantly

Mond 28th - Frank Welch and an other man, hauled hay for Wm. I subscribed for Christian Herald & Little folks, for Ella Sheldon $2.00 dol Womans home Companion for myself, monthly magazines, all of them .50 cts, each

Tues 29th - it rained last night and this morning, Bernice is sick here, did not go to school

Wed 30th - Thanksgiving day, Bernice & Raymond went to her home Wm, Kittie & Catharine spent the day pleasantly at Frank Andersons returnedhome 1/2 past 11 ocl at night - I am housekeeper, there is a Friverry little snow on the ground, - and cold

Friday Dec 1st --- 1905 -

Frid 1st - Kittie is poorly to day Catharine went to see Ruth

Sat 2d - the ground was coverd with snow, it is thawing fast

Sund 3d - Roger M, Minnie & Children came, Catharine went to Miss Roots by invitation

Mond 4th - warmer looks like snow

Tues 5th - I heard Mr Isaac Crawford died Monday

Wed 6th - merc 46 above was buried to day, Bernice came home with Catharine

Thurs 7th - merc 46 above Kittie went to Owosso and bought me $11.18 cts of Christmas presents I paid my Tax, $173.50 cts pr Wm Schad, it is a lovely day. The Sheriff took Peter this evening

Frid 8th - it is a lovely morning, just like spring, Mr Davis Crawford & Mrs Barnum called Kittie bought me 3 Table Cloths 6 Towels 24 handkerchieves for $11.18 cts

Sat 9th - Wm took me to Dan Mc Caughnas I spent the day pleasantly I was sorry for Dans misfortune Catharine & Vera came for me

A newspaper article

One of Byron's Oldest and Most Re spected Citizens.

Jabez Close, who was called to his long home December 21st, 1905, was born at Scipio, Cayuga county, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1820, having reached the ripe age of 85 years. He received a good academic education, and was fitted for college, but the death of his father prevented the fulfillment of that cherished desire. After finishing school he read law for one and one-half years in Moravia N. Y. He came to Michigan 1846, locating at Farmington, Oakland county, remaining there one year, then going to Mundy Genesse county, where he lived till 1851, when he came to Byron and engaged in a general mercantile business, buying and shipping grain and wool. In 1843 he was united in marriage to Sarah A. Royce, of Courtland, N. Y., who passed to the better world in 1854. In this union two children were born, Ada Virginia, who died in 1853, at the age of 16 months, William F, who lives to mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate father. In 1886 Mr. Close was married to Mrs. Rhoda M. Richards, who has tenderly ministered to him in his declining years, and who survives him. Mr. Close had been repeatedly honored by being chosen to fill the various offices of his township, having held the position of supervisor for twelve years. His integrity and wisdom in political matters made him a power in the county and his opinions were sought and respected. His long life in this vicinity has made him acquainted with all the people, many of whom testify to his generosity and kindness of heart, as no appeal for sympathy or charity was ever made in vain. The loss of such a man reminds us that each of such bereavements, so sad and hard to bear, draws us nearer to the better world. Jabez Close was a true friend to Christianity, and his liberality has been known and appreciated by many of the churches in this locality, and no word of ours can add to the luster of his character. No man among us was more impressed with the dignity and high responsibilities of a citizen in all the relations of life. As a citizen, husband, companion or brother he was always and everywhere every inch a man. His death is a loss to the family, to the community and the fraternity to which he belonged. He has held many positions of trust and responsibility, and no taint or stain rest upon his memory, and in his death a link is severed which binds the past to the present, in the full maturity of years, with his work done and well done, he has been gathered to the garner of his God. The winds breathe low, the withering leaf Scarce whispers from the tree, So gently flows the parting breath When good men cease to be. The funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at the Baptist church Rev. Joslin, a former pastor of the M. E. church, a particular friend of Mr. Close, assisted by the pastor of the Baptist church and by the veneable Rev. Riley C. Crawford. Music by the Byron male quartets. The pall bearers were John Kitson, Wm. McKinney, John Shouts, E. B. Welch, William Rohrabacher and Orlando Lee. Interment in Byron cemetery.

1905 Sunday Dec 10th - Wm & Kittie has gone to spend the day with Roger M, & Minnie, Catharine took Vera home

Mond 11th - it is a lovely day snow all gone I received a letter from James Haviland yesterday

Tues 12th - Kittie & Mrs Fred Close went to Owosso yesterday.

Wed 13th - merc 20 above Wm gave me $12.00 dol Clark Buel owed me. Wm went to Howell yesterday Kittie has gone to spend the afternoon with Mrs Lutes it is cloudy Dec 12th, - 1812 my Dear Husband was born, would be 93 yrs old

Thurs 14th - The Sheriff of Livingston Co Mr Pratt, took dinner with us Pete Hildinger left here one week ago to day, went to Howell the 7th

Frid 15th - Kittie is busy making Christmas presents, I commenced to piece a quilt

Sat 16th - quite a fog, Perry came this morning he and his Father has gone to Byron Kittie canned 16 quts of mince meat this morning quite a fog this morning Wm bought 2 Pigs of Roger B yesterday, it has been lovely weather through Dec Frank Karrer buried an other Daughter in Byron yesterday

Sund 17th - Catharine went to Church, Gracie Schad & Lucy Close came homewith her

Mond 18th - merc 28 above Wm Hildinger has gone to Howell, to see his Father, lovely day I paid Roger Ms Tax Sat, $18.69 cts pr Wm Schad, lovely day Millie Reynolds came to sew for Kittie Frank Welch is helping

Tues 19th - merc 20 above Kittie is busy making Christmas presents, it is a lovely all through this month Fred Lewis came with my center table, varnished it I paid him $2.50 for sand papering and varnishing

Wed 20th - Mr P Schad & Perry went to Durand, Millie Reynolds is here sewing

Thurs 21st - merc 32 above about 1 inch of snow fell last night, warm and thawing this morning

Frid 22d - Willie took Millie Reynolds to Ella Barnes last evening She made Catharine a red Henrietta dress and done other sewing

Sat 23d - Kittie is busy making Christmas presents, Frank Welch cut the Christmas tree

Sund 24th - A bright sunshine Catharine went to Church & Sabath School Wm & Kittie attended Mr Jabez Close funeral Elder Joslin Preached

1905 Mond Dec 25th -

Monday - Christmas day Dec 25th - All the dear ones are gathering home. Ida, Dewy, Louisa, Catharine, & Roger B Haviland, Roger M, Minnie, Georgia, Howard, & Mrs Balcom, Frank, Ella, Eddie - May, Melba, Stewart, Lucy, Carl, and dear little Francis, Mrs Kirkendol and little Bernice, Frank Welch, and Willie H 27 to dinner, in the evening there was a Christmas tree loaded with presents to be given and received, a lovely day, pleasantly spent God bless them all

Tues 26th - merc 36 above a lovely day, Mr Frank Karrer of Durand will be buried in Byron this afternoon

Wed 27th - merc 34 above a lovely morning Catharine is poorly Bell Cummin was married to Clarence Mapes of Durand this afternoon

Thurs 28th - I heard Abseneth Wellman was married to day - Wm has gone to Owosso

Frid 29th - it rained last night is cloudy to day - I received a white apron from Lillie from Bradstown

Sat 30th - merc 29 Catharine is sick all this week - Frank Tilden came with Tea & Coffee

Sund 31st - Wm & Kittie have gone to take dinner to Roger Ms, Alfred B & Nick Boyce made a pleasant call - I got dinner for Mr Schad, Willie, Catharine and myself

Catharine presented me with the New Testament Christmas I appreciate the gift, verry coarse print, - blessings on her Fare well 1905, though hast been kind to me with blessings innumerable Catharine Haviland

God bless you all good people. Up on this Christmas Morn
The God of all good Christians, was of a woman born
God rest you merry people, let nothing you dismay
For Jesus Christ your Savior was born this Christmas day
Christian Herald

I sent a letter to Ida Ray w. the 8th

Monday Jan 1st --1906 -

Mond 1st - merc 30 at noon it is a lovely day, Bernice came with Wm and took dinner with us Catharine went to Byron with her & Wm. Wm & Kittie took dinner with Roger M

Tues 2d - merc 28 above Kittie was invited out, Catharine is better and went to school

Wed 3d - merc 28 above it is raining a little

Thurs 4th - merc 20 above it has blowed and snowed all the forenoon, the first winter day Millie Reynolds came to day to sew for Kittie, cold and rew (raw) the north wind blow, black in the morning early when all the fields are coverd with snow, then in comes Burns winter fairly. Wm shipped a double decker of sheep that he bought of Farmers to day

Frid 5th - it is cold to day. Wm shipped the sheep Frid 5th

Sat 6th - merc 16 above Kittie, Catharine & Willie went to a show last evening I received a letter from Edna C Forshee last evening Wm & Kittie have gone to Byron this eve, he bought me a pair of felt shoes $1.50

Mond 8th - merc 6 above cold & clear, Kiittie is busy writing letters, - I wrote one

Tues 9th - Robbie Haviland came from Mont Clemense Mond 8th.

Wed 10th - I am sewing a little, Kittie has gone to visit in Byron

Thurs 11th - Minnie & Mother are here visiting, - Robbie Haviland became unconsious at 4 ocl

Frid 12th - and died between 1 & 2 ocl this morning, never revived Wm is shipping sheep, he and Frank Welch.

Sat 13th - I went to see brokenharted Ida, how sad - sad John Forshee come Jane Cowan & Genie Forshee staid to Ellas til she came with them.

Sund 14th - 44 Carriages conveyed Robbie to his last resting place, the Lord have mercy on his soul

Mond 15th - John Forshee staid with us last night, Wm took his Father to Durand it has rained a little all day, the boys emptied the Ice house

Tues 16th - merc 26 John Forshee left here this morning for Ann arbor it snowed a little & is thawing. Jane Cowan & Mrs Forshee came.

A newspaper Article pinned to this page
Robert W. Haviland.

Robert W. Haviland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Haviland, was born in Burns, Nov. 17, 1869, and died at his home Jan. 12, 1906, being 36 years, 1 month. and 25 days old. After finishing the Byron high school in the class of '86, he taught several terms of school in both the Holmes and Cole districts. While he was teaching he was also studying telegraphy, which he completed at the Byron office. His first position was at Lucas where he remained between two and three years. He next traveled for the Traverse City Lumber Co. between two and three years. He then accepted a position with the Michigan Bark & Lumber Co., of Grand Rapids, remaining with them until the panic of '93, with headquarters at Cadillac. It was during his stay at Cadillac that he was made a Royal Arch Mason. For about two years he was train dispatcher at Durand, retuning to Cadillac he resumed his work as operator, and was there only a short time when he had a very severe attack of lung fever. After partially recovering from this he came home where he remained nearly all summer, but from this he never fully recovered, but never complained. Returning to his work again he was train dispatcher on the Grand Trunk between Imilay City and Flint during the time the road was being double tracked. About five years ago he accepted a position at Mt. Clemens, and has been there since that time. Coming home Monday evening January 8th, to make a visit, about 5:30 p. m. the following Thursday he was taken violently ill, and in spite of medical aid and all that loving hands could do at one o'clock Friday morning his spirit passed to the world beyond. He leaves a mother and one brother, Roger B. Haviland, to mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate son and brother, The funeral was held Sunday at one o'clock from his home, under the auspices of Byron Lodge, No. 80, F. & A. M. Interment in Byron cemetery. The pall bearers were Bert McKinney, J. B. Harrington, Frank Anderson, Charles Anderson, Wm, Savage and J. W. Williams.

Oh, ye weary, sad and tossed ones,
Droop not, fail not by the way!
Ye shall join the loved and just ones,
In that land of perfect day.
Harp strings touched by angel fingers
Murmured in my rapturous ears;
Evermore their sweet soul lingers,
We shall know each other there.

Card of Thanks Mrs. Bernard Haviland and son, Roger B. Haviland and family, wish to express their sincere thanks to the many friends for kind services rendered them in their late sad bereavement, and for the beautiful floral offerings, and especial thanks to the employees of the Grand Trunk and other friends at Mt. Clemens, also to Byron Lodge, No. 80, F. & A. M.

I sent for Howell Democrat Sat 20-1906

Wed 17th - it snowed a little all day about 3 inches

Thurs 18th - merc 30 above it is thawing, - Jane Cowan & Mrs Virginia Forshee left for Ann arbor this morning the sun has come out bright, - 3 inches of snow fell to day. Cutters out

Frid 19th - Wm shipped 900 sheep and went with them this evening, I sent a letter to Ella Nichols

Sat 20th - merc 46 above Cutters out yesterday, snow going fast, all slop, I sent for Howell Democrat I sent a letter to James Haviland Ky. the snow is most gone and soaked in the ground

Sund 21st - merc 54 above it rained last night and this forenoon so the cistern is running out the snow all gone this morning, Ella Sheldon came with Catharine yesterday verry warm

Mond 22d - it rained all night and this morning, mercury has fallen from 54 to 32

Tues 23d - Wm returned from Buffalo - Willie took me to brokenhearted Ida it is verry muddy

Wed 24th - merc 16 above it is froze up this morning bright sunshine

Thurs 25th - warmer I sent a letter to Mrs Carpenter

Frid 26th - merc 54 above Kittie met with art club at Lettie Wolfins with 50 others

Sat 27th - Kittie & Mrs Fred Close has gone to Owosso to see Mr George Carpenter Lucy came home with Catharine, they have gone to Byron since dinner

Sund 28th - merc 56 on west porch Kittie called on Mrs George Carpenter found her verry poorly almost insane it is a bright sunshine no snow merc 54 on west porch two gentlemen called Frid 26th in the interest of the Shawassee Historical Society wee had fried Chicken dinner pumpkin pie

Mond 29th - Wm shipped 221 sheep for Buffalo market at Elevator I sent a Postal to Christian Herald, A letter to Detroit for one pr scissors

Tues 30th - A lovely day a letter Mary Ann Mc Farlin

Wed 31st - merc 22 above a lovely day Wm shipped 221 sheep to day Frank Badgero here to dinner Mrs Rose Harrington called, Wm received a Telegram sheep arrived safe Buffalo

1906 Thurs Feb 1st - I received the Livingston Democrat Jan 31st 1905 merc 18 below The ground is coverd with snow the first since the 17th of Jan 3 inch then

Frid 2d - merc 18 below the merc was 18 below zero this morning the first it has been below since Nov, once then wee had a lovely Jan merc ranging - 18 to 20 above every morning Mr Jack Driscol took dinner with us to day

Sat 3d - merc 6 below Wm received a carr load of sheep 149, it is verry cold and blustery

Sund 4th - merc 16 above warmer Wm is going to Chicago on midnight Train, god bless him, bring him safe back

Mond 5th - merc 12 below Roger & Minnie are here, he is cutting up a log for Wm and packing it

Tues 6th - merc 12 below cold, I received a letter from Sarah Ferguson yesterday sent her one to day Wm returned on evening Train from Chicago

Wed 7th - merc 12 below Kittie attended Donation for Elder Graves, Methodist I sent $5.00 dol Bernice came home

Thurs 8th - merc 4 below Kittie and Wm attend school entertainment in Byron it is a bright clear day, cold.

Frid 9th - merc zero Minnie & a friend Mrs ? spent the afternoon staid to tea in the evening Kittie, Lucy, & Catharine went to Mr Charles Sickels to attend a Christian endeaver, rag ball social, lasted til 2 ocl morning

Sat 10th - merc at zero Frank, Willie, Nick & Albert drove 500 hund. sheep from Byron for Wm

Sund 11th - merc at zero bright sunshine, Catharine attended her class with Lucy then took her home

Mond 12th - merc 20 above morning wee have had bright sunshine every day since Jan 23d

Tues 13th - merc 36 all day Kittie went to Mrs Mc Kinnies after dinner it rained til night when it froze up

Wed 14th - merc 2 below it froze up last night mercury fell from 36 all day to 2 above zero this morning and snow coverd the ground this morning Mr Amos Walworth called this morning

Tues 15th - merc 16 below Kittie & Wm met with Starrs last evening Frank drew the first load of Ice to day from Myers Lake, Mercury was 16 below zero this morning the days are a nice length, sun is going down lovely Frank hauled an other load of Ice from Myers Lake

1906 Frid Feb 16th - Ida Haviland spent the day with us, Robert Cowan and a friend ofhis Mrs Beebee from Indianna made a call

Sat 17th - merc 4 above A lovely day warmer sun heat 40 above, Mr P Schad went to Byron Catharine went with her Father to Byron, Lillie Skinner buried her baby in Byron to day, Sun set lovely

Sund 18th - merc 29 above Kittie & Catharine went to Byron

Mond 19th - merc 30 above a thaw snow all gone a lovely day and a beautiful sun set.

Tues 20th - merc 40 above a lovely day, mercury 54 in sun. Wm & Kittie has gone to attend Mr Mc Queens funeral water is lying all around, Ed Sheldon hauled one load of Ice yesterday

Wed 21st - merc 30 above I heard Mrs Isaac Gale of Morris was buried yesterday, 94 yrs old Kittie has gone to Byron invited out to Mrs Comstocks, a lovely day

Thurs 22d - merc 30 in shade Washingtons birth day, lovely , no mail to day, Bernice was here

Frid 23d - merc 32 above received a letter from Mrs Emma Duncan, one from Sarah Ferguson

Sat 24th - merc 40 above warm cloudy it rained Thunderd and Lightned in the evening

Sund 25th - it snowed fine snow all the forenoon, but melted as fast as fell Wm & Kittie has gone to Roger M, he phoned, Minnie was sick

Mond 26th - merc 30 above heard to day Roger M was sick received a letter from Mrs Sarah Ferguson

Tues 27th - merc 22 above Colder, Wm has 4 sheep shearers, ---- He sent 3 carr loads of sheep to Buffalo yesterday Kittie has 11 in family, I feel so sorry for her I cannot help her received a letter from Mrs Cowan Indiania

Wed 28th - received a letter from Mrs Virginia Bell, East Auburn Cal a lovely day I saw sunset last evening north of B first time since last day of Feb Dr Howard of Detroit made a pleasant call to day

Keep thy tongue from speaking evil, and thy lips from lisping guile

1906 Thurs March 1st - Thurs 15th I sent $4.20 to John Lewis Childs for seeds Roots & Bulbs I sent a letter to Mrs Virginia Bell, East Auburn California, a lovely day, merc in the sun 50.

Frid 2d - merc 20 the ground hog is white with snow this morning

Sat 3d - merc 40 it rained last night, the snow all gone, a heavy fog, 4 men are shearing sheep the men sheared 687 sheep in 5 days inished sat eve

Sund 4th - it has snowed fine snow all day, the ground is just coverd white, warm

Mond 5th - merc 20 above it is a bright sunshine, Mr Fred Knapp called with a list for signers Mr Marklys house was burned, lost all they had, I gave him $2.00, Kittie gave some, Mr P Schad a few cents, Charlie & Mary Fowler came, Mr B Phipps & Bernice came all staid all night.

Tues 6th - merc 20 Charley & Mary have gone, I sent a letter to Mrs Carr, Williamstone Mich.afternoon Mr B Phipps has gone, it snows a fine snow all day.

Wed 7th - merc 28 the snow all gone, there will be a Donation at Baptist Church I sent $5.00 dol to Rev Graves - in eve Wm, Kittie, & Catharine attended

Thurs 8th - merc 30 above A social at Ed Hathaways snow all gone

Frid 9th - Kittie had company Mr & Mrs Fred Close Mrs Buel & Mother Mrs Boyce of Corunna

Sat 10th - ground white with snow

Sund 11th - merc 20 above snow all gone mud Wm started to Chicago

Mond 12th - merc 2 above ground white with snow sun bright and bright & thawing Frank is putting wood in cellar for Furnace

Tues 13th - 4 above Kittie went to Mrs Eddys she and Catharine attended entertainment

Wed 14th - 8 above Wm has just returned from Chicago, thank God for safe return a lovely day the ground is white with snow

Thurs 15th - merc 4 above Mr P Schad spent his 84th birth day with Legrands family

Frid 16th - merc 10 above morning it is snowing a little about 1 inch on the ground, Willie Hildinger left

Sat 17th - merc 4 below St Patricks day verry cold

1906 Sund March 18th - Wm & Kittie went over to Roger Ms found Minnie sick

Mond 19th - merc 8 above this morning snowed a fine snow all day, between 3 & 4 inches fell more than has fallen any time this winter I received a letter from Mary A Mc Farlin one from Emma Cowan

Tues 20th - merc 4 above Frank & Ella came to dinner, he is going to start for Virginia to morrow

Wed 21st - merc 10 above Mr Ferguson made a pleasant call yesterday, it is verry cold Frank gave me a present from Washington, a paper weight of sea shells I shall treasure them as long as I live Frank starts on this evening Train

Thurs 22d - merc 4 below about 5 ocl yesterday it was almost a blizard, wind, & snow for one hour wee have not had one day sleighing this winter, wee have had a lovely winter snow squalls to day

Frid 23d - merc 10 below this morning Frank brought an other Ton of coal this morning that makes 14 Tons since Nov I sent a letter to Mary A Mc Farlin, Reno Navada, one to Emma Cowan California it is now a lovely day, Wm has gone to Flint, I hear Roger M & Minnie are sick

Sat 24th - Catharine poorly, Wm returned. Perry Schad to dinner & supper

Sund 25th - merc 4 below it thawed in the afternoon, Kittie is sick.

Mond 26th - merc 40 above quite warm, Kittie is better, Roger M came, it is raining

Tues 27th - merc 30 above it rained last night, snow all gone, I have not seen a Cutter this winter I commenced to knit a pair of socks this morning I wrote this line without glasses Sat 30th I received a box of roots bulbs & seeds from John Lewis Childs 5 climbing Roses red, pink, white, yellow, 4 Tigridia bulbs 2 Lady Washingtons & 2 Geraniums 1 Baby Rose, seed & flower seeds

Wed 28th - merc 30 above it is a lovely day Catharine is poorly snow all gone it rained yesterday P Schad went to Byron with Wm, Kittie has gone to Byron

1906 Thurs March 29th - I paid my cemetery assessement yesterday $2.00 pr Kittie Schad, I sent an order $2.15 cts to Mauls for seeds & Plants, Philladelphia to day Kittie & Catharine went and called on Roger M & Minnie she is sick with Rheumatism

Frid 30th - Perry Schad is here, I received a Postal from Nellie Carpenter Owosso saying her mother was failing

Sat 31st - A lovely day, Frank drove a cow from L Barnes Wm bought for $60.00 dol

April 1st -

Sund 1st - A lovely day. March was the same as the rest of the winter, - lovely.

Mond 2d - Ida Haviland spent the afternoon with us, a lovely day

Tues 3d - Wm received a carrload of sheep, 250 from Omaha to day

Wed 4th - Wm has taken his Father to station, he is going to Ann Arbor to have his eyes treated, Roger M was here to dinner yesterday, I made him a present it is a lovely day, Mrs Fred Knapp is making us a visit after 24 yrs

Thurs 5th - Roger M came and butcherd a steer for Will, Minnie is better I received 4 Tigredas, 1 Canna, 1 Jappanees & 1 German Iries from Mauls seed house 1 pkt of Sweet Williams, it snowed a little all day the ground was white

Frid 6th - the snow is going fast it is a lovely day, Bernice came with Catharine last evening

Sat 7th - 40 above Kittie has gone to attend Mrs George Carpenters funeral at 2 ocl Owosso a lovely day, wee heard Mr Carl Bradon was dead

Sund 8th - Kittie has gone to Ann arbor to see Mr P Schad he had his Eye treated Thursday, had not sit up since it was treated.

Mond 9th - Frank set the 4 Climbing Roses, it rained yesterday

Tues 10th - My plants arrived in good shap(e) from Maules Seed Farm Philadelphia Roger M came with a bushel of sand from his garden to set my plants in

Wed 11th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Mr Bradons funeral, the Barnes cow had a calf to night

Thurs 12th - Roger B called for me I went and spent the day with Ida & Allie

Frid 13th - Kittie bought 2 Geraniums from Walkers pnk and white

Sat 14th - it rained all last night the grass is green, our first Thunder & Lightning

1906 Sund April 15th - Easter Sunday a nice day

Mond 16th - Wm has 4 sheep shearers, going to shear 250 sheep I sent a letter to Sarah

Tues 17th - A lovely day - Dan called yesterday merc 80 in the sun

Wed 18th - the sheep shearers finished to day 1/2 past 5 ocl 250 sheep

Thurs 19th - A lovely day, I received a letter from Jane Cowan yesterday & sent one to her to day Letta Wolfin came this forenoon is going to sew for Kittie

Frid 20th - A lovely morning, Mrs Mc Kinney made a pleasant call Lettie got through Catharine took her home

Sat 21st - this is my 85th birth day, - I thank God for health and good children to care for me. I sent a letter to Nellie Carpenter, Wmhas just started 2 loads of wool to Fentonville. I went to the Barn yesterday, I weighed 112 lbs, I saw 2 dear little lambs. The earth quake in Sanfransisco Thurs and 10 miles of citty burned. Kittie and Catharine went to see Minnie found her verry poorly.

Sund 22d - it is raining a little, Kittie has gone to Ann arbor to see Mr Schad, dear Kittie bought me a Primrose for a birth day present, 85 yrs old at 5 ocl a snow Shower for a few minutes, cold all day

Mond 23d - San Fransisco stil burning -- Kittie returned on evening Train at 11 ocl last eve. Frank Badgero sowed 7 acres of oats to day.

Tues 24th - Frank plowed the garden. Mr George Foster died the 27th

Wed 25th - Wm & Kittie went to Detroit, Kittie returned on evening Train

Thurs 26th - Kittie & I visited the house of mourning, Mrs Wm Kitson is dead died yesterday at 10 ocl, 57 yrs old. There was an Earthquake in California

Frid 27th - Mrs Hayford of Hartland & Mrs Shook of St Lewis came Cousins of Wms. Wm & Kittie attended Mrs Wm Kitsons funeral

Sat 28th - one year ago to day Bernard Haviland left us Mrs Shook went to St Louis to day

Sund 29th - Kittie & Mrs Hayford went to Legrands

A newspaper article
Mrs. Wm. Kitson.

Emaline Hawley was born Sept. 22, 1848 in Deerfield, Livingston Co., Mich., and died April 25, 1906, aged 57 years, 7 months, 3 days. She was married to Wm. Kitson, May 10, 1871, and since that time has always lived at the home where she died. She had been a sufferer more or less for many years, and was taken sick only three days before her death. She was not thought to be dangerously ill until the night before she died. She united with the M. E. church a number of years ago and always enjoyed attending churches services and worship. A faithful husband and three daughters and their families, Mrs. George Humfrey of Flint, Mrs. Fred Schweikert, of New Lothrop, and Mrs. N. Boice, who resides at home, survive to mourn their loss. Funeral services were held at the M. E. church last Friday afternoon, conducted by the pastor. Interrment in Byron cemetery.

Card of Thanks We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the many friends and neighbors for their kindness and words of sympathy in our sad bereavement; also to the choir and those who furnished the beautiful flowers. Wm. Kitson and Family.

another newspaper article pinned to this page
Real Estate Transfers. Leban Gordon and wife to Edwin Nichols, 80 acres in Conway for $4000 Edwin Nichols and wife to Albert Wruck and wife, 40 acres in Conway for $1700. F. A. Miller and wife to Robert Cowen, land in Cohoctah for $3890.62. Nina Culver to L. F. Chafee and wife, lot in Howell for $800. Chas. Burroughs and wife to Henry J. Faucett and wife, lot in Howell for

1906 Sund May 27th - This is Kittie Schads 38th birth day, God bless her and give her many happy ones it rained a good deal last night the Farmers will be thankfulI received a letter from Mrs Mc Farlin yesterday

Mond 28th - it rained a little last eve

Tues 29th - I rode with Catharine to George Runnyans he and Wife are afflicted I went to Will Kitsons and spent the rest of the day pleasantly with the broken family, poor Will a good share of the time crying, his good Wife gone

Wed 30th - It is decoration day, raining a little and cold, they have all gone

Thurs 31st - 53 above warmer, Kittie was invited out, I sent a letter to Mrs

Mary A Mc Farlin.

A newspaper article
The Friendly House

The friendly house dispenses cheer. Its
Shutters are flung wide;
The sunshine streams upon the plants
that smile with bloom inside;
The porch has roomy benches where a
weary form may rest;
The blind doors open out like arms to
welcome every guest.
The friendly house a deep well has, with
water icy cool,
Where children love to stop and drink
when coming home from school.
And there's a big square sitting room,
with many a gay rag mat,
A shiny haircloth sofa and a soft old pur ring cat.
The friendly house is, oh, so nice, you
hate to go away.
The garden has such splendid things to
make and do and playSuch dandelion stems for curls, such
"pudding bags" to blow,
Such burs for making furniture, such
heaps of snowball "snow".
The friendly house on baking day is all a
child could wish ;
You're welcome in the kitchen, and they
let you scrape the dish!
And often you may roll some dough, pre tending pies to make,
And always in the oven there's a little
scalloped cake.
This dear old house, from cellar clean to
attic up above,
Is full to overflowing with warm and pa tient love.
Its spirit of unselfishness does naught but
serve and give.
The friendly house-why, can't you guess?
It's where the grandmas live!
-Youths Companion.

another newspaper clipping


The little cares that fretted me,
I lost them yesterday
Among the fields above the sea,
Among the winds at play,
Among the lowing of the herds,
The rustling of the trees,
Among the singing of the birds,
The humming of the bees.
The foolish fears of what might pass,
I cast them all away
Among the clover-scented grass,
Among the new-mown hay,
Among the hushing of the corn,
Where drowsy poppies nod,
Where ill thoughts die and good are born
Out in the fields with God!

another article
Perchance in heaven some day, to me
Some blessed saint will come and say:
"All hail, beloved, but for thee
My soul to death had fallen a prey";
Then oh, what rapture in the thought
One soul to glory to have brought.
The End

(These lines are after Tennyson-so was the borrower.)
Ask me no more. The moon may draw the sea,
The cloud may stoop from heaven and you to me;
But oh to fond! When I have answered thee,
Ask me no more.
Ask me no more. I once did lend thee books,
And what on earth's become of them, odzooks?
No man doth wot;
Ask me no more.
Ask me no more. The moon may draw the sea,
But you can no more books out of me.

-The Book Lover.
* * * The following definition of "a bishop" by "a very low churchman" appears in a recent number of Punch, on the the recent troubles in the Anglican Church on the subject of ritual: "A bishop, or, literally. overseer: that is to say, one who overlooks, so-called from their overlooking everything they do not wish to see." * * * Believe that the highest you can ever have been you may be all the time, and vastly higher still if only the power of Christ can occupy you and fill your life all the time. - Phillips Brooks. * * * Happy are they who have an observatory in their heart-house in which they can often retire beneath the great heart of eternity, turning their telescopes to the mighty constellations that burn beyond life's fever, and reaching regions where the breath of human applause or censure cannot follow. - F. B. Meyer.

1906 Frid June 1st - I took a walk to the Barns and North Orchard, every thing looks lovely

Sat 2d - Kittie was invited out she received a letter from Mrs Howard Goff

Sund 3d - Kittie & Catharine went to church it is a lovely day every thing looks lovely

Mond 4th - I am piecing Kittie called on Mr Fred Close

Tues 5th - it rained a little, Bernice come with Catharine staid all night

Wed 6th - Wm has gone away, Ruth Smith called for Catharine, Mrs John Burrows has just called, selling extracts Kittie is frying Cakes Mr P Schad is sitting holding his eye

Thurs 7th - Mr C Smith came to Paint the Barn last night Kittie has gone to take painting lesson

Frid 8th - it Thunderd & Lightned all night last night more rain fell than this spring Frank, Ella, Lucy, Roger M, Minnie, Georgia & Howard came to dinner it rained this morning - at noon all cleard off it is lovely

Sat 9th - Frank, Ella has gone to take dinner with Alice, the Thunder and Lightning was terrible, Ella bade me farewell forever She andAlice are going to Bell Mapes this afternoon Kittie just received her China Closset from Chicago Mr Clarence Smith painted half day Friday Saturday all day Frank Sheldon came and bade me farewell for ever

Sund 10th - it rained last night Wm Kittie & Catharine has gone to Church God bless them

Mond 11th - Wm took me to Ella Sheldons when I bade them farewell

Tues 12th - Wm & Kittie has gone to bid Frank & Ella good by they are going to there new home in Virginia, God bless them

Wed 13th - Kittie was invited out yesterday afternoon Mr Neuman here Roger M, Minnie & children came led a cow & calf Wm bought a cow and calf of Kelsey

1906 Thurs June 14th - Kittie entertained the art club, 42 Women & Children, Bernice Phipps came with Catharine, staid all night.

Frid 15th - Perry Schad was to dinner.

Sat 16th - Cloudy, a little rain, Kittie called on Gracie, got my Bonnet, they all went to the show last eve, quite cool.

Sund 17th - I walked out to see the Wheat, it looks fine all headed out.

Mond 18th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand.

Tues 19th - All went to attend the graduation exercises, Esru Chafee, Lorenna Smith, Kittie Kanouse

Wed 20th - A light shower last night, Wm Kittie attended school Exerises eve

Thurs 21st - Showery, Wm & Kittie went to Durand this forenoon.

Frid 22d - 2 men to work on hog pen. Received a Postal from Ella at Washington

Sat 23d - Mr Schad has gone to Byron it is cold and cloudy have beet greens for dinner

Sund 24th - A lovely morning, received a letter from Ella Virginia

Mond 25th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand

Tues 26th - had our first green pease, plenty Radishes, & Lettuce

Wed 27th - Katharine & Lucy Close went to the ball game.

Thurs 28th - Mr Frank Tilden took dinner with us

Frid 29th - John Haviland called - Wm & Kittie went to Durand

Sat 30th - Kittie went and took Painting lesson Catharine took music lesson Frank Welch went and helped Roger M put in hay I sent Ella Sheldon my first letter to Virginia in answer to one received


farewell my book, Some useful Items are noted, and many foolish ones

1906 -

A newspaper article:
Death of Nicholas Boice

Nicholas Boice, well known to a majority of our readers, having resided in this township for a number of years, died on Monday, December 2nd, aged 52 years. On Sunday morning, while doing his work about the barn, he was stricken with apoplexy, one side being badly affected. He was able to call for help, and his brother, who was visiting him, heard his call, went to his assistance and carried him to the house. Medical aid was summoned and every effort made to save his life, but to no avail. Deceased was a member of the M. E. church Tent, K. O. T. M., holding a policy for $1,000. He is survived by a widow and one brother. The funeral was held at the M. E. church Wednesday, December 4th. Burial in Byron cemetery.- Byron Herald.

Mrs Mary Hayford cure for Quinsy. Elderberry blossoms Borax & Alum
Cure for Rheumatism. Alcohol, Brine of White Fish
Mrs Virginia Bell, East Auburn, California, Feb 20, 1906
Mrs Ida E Wager 501 Jones St Oakland California
1906 Kittie Ferguson No 131 Wabash Ave Detroit Mich.
Mrs Mc Farlin Mrs J L Mc Farlin Reno 121 W 3d St N A
Mrs J L Mc Farlin No 108 3d St Reno Navada
Ida E Wagner, 501 Jones St Oakland California Mrs Della Tubs, Bellefountain Ohio Box 904
Mrs Catharine J Reeves 31 Park Avenue Detroit
Elsey B Reeves her husband
Mrs Ella C Fitzgerald Shep Isable, Free delivery No 3
Mrs E Platten, Beardsley
Mrs Eloues Beardsley Platten 1893 Russel St Detroit Mich.
Charles Goodspeeds Address Barringtown Mecosta Co Mich
Rural rout No 2
E P Lord Sexton Byron
Mrs Virginia Bell East Aubin Cal
Mrs Ronald Sheppard Tuttle Bardstown Kentucky
Mrs Richard C Lewis Bardstown Kentucky
Mr Elmer Cowan Box 675 Angola Ind
Mrs Virginia Bell East Auburn California
Mr George Carpenter 312 Water St Owosso
Mrs Sarah Ferguson, 635 Clark avenue Detroit Mich
Mrs Georgia Barton, Amsterdam, N Y 298 - East Main St
Mrs V. K. Hoyt, 1611 S Compton St Johns Mich
Minnie Knapps receipt for Rheumatism. Poke root .05 cts, Alcohol 1/2 pint, 1/2 teaspoon sugar melted, shake all together, dose one Teaspoonful a day, it makes one pint

newspaper clipping
REPORT OF THE CONDITION of The State Bank of Byron At Byron, Michigan, at the close of business, Nov. 12th, 1906, as called for by the Commissioner of the Banking Department.

Loans and discounts $70679.93
Bonds, Mortgages, securities 12091.91
Overdrafts 391.18
Banking house 2000.00
Furniture and fixtures 1525.00
Items in transit 25.00
Due from banks in
reserve cities $13805.37
U. S. and National
bank currenc 4058.00
Gold coin 1600.00
Silver coin 731.75
Nickels and cents 99.7
__________ 20294.86
Checks and other cash items 76.95
Total $107083.62
Capital stock paid in $20000.00
Surplus fund 350.00
Undivided profits, net 277.11
Com'rcial deposits $8756.12
Savings certificates 77700.39
__________ 86456.51
Total $107083.62
State of Michigan, SS
County of Shiawassee,

I F. Wm. Nothnagel, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. F. Wm NOTHNAGEL, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17th day of November, 1906. William Harper, Notary Public. Correct-Attest W. F. Close C. A. Fritz Directors William Harper

A newspaper article
REPORT OF THE CONDITION of the State Bank of Byron At Byron Michigan, at the close of Business, November 9th, 1905, as called for by the Commissioner of the banking department:

Loans and discounts $30,209.15
Bonds, mortgages, securities 12,964.60
Overdrafts 1,624.14
Banking house 2,000.00
Furniture and fixtures 1,300.00
Dividends unpaid 24.06
Due from banks in
reserve cities $7,910.22
U. S, and National
bank currency 4,878.00
Gold coin 1,150.00
Silver coin 1,005.25
Nickels and cents 62.85
__________ 15,006.32
Total $63,128.27
Capital stock paid in $20,000.00
Commercial deposits $6,489.44
Savings certificates 36,638.83
Total $63,128.27
STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Shia wassee, ss. I F. Wm Nothnagel, cashier of the above named bank do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. F. WM. NOTHNAGEL, CASHIER. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 16th day of November, 1905. My commission expires April 18, 1907. O. J. HENDEE, Notary Public. CORRECT-ATTEST:
ORLANDO LEE DIRECTORS. REPORT OF THE CONDITION of the State Bank of Byron At Byron, Michigan, at the close of business, Sept. 4th, 1906, as called for by the Commissioner of the Banking Department.

Loans and discounts $43,738.17
Bonds, mortgages, securities 21,464.47
Overdrafts 138.63
Banking house 2,000.00
Furniture and fixtures 1,525.00
Dividends unpaid 70.47
Due from banks in
reserve cities $25,422.03
U. S. and National
bank currency 6,512.00
Gold coin 1,950.00
Silver coin 816.00
Nickels and cents 103.57
Total $103,840.34
Capital stock paid in $20,000.00
Surplus fund 350.00
Com'rcial deposits $12,627.35
Savings certificate 70,862.99
____________ 83,490.34
Total $103,840.34
State of Michigan, County of Shiawassee, ss Page 194

I F. Wm. Nothnagel, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
F. WM. NOTHNAGEL, Cashier.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10th day of Sept., 1906. My commission expires Jan. 16, 1909.

WILLIAM HARPER, Notorary Public. Correct-Attest W. F. Close William Harper C.A. Fritz Directors

Another newspaper article
They tell me, father, that to-night you'll wed another bride,
And that you'll clasp her in your arms, where my poor mother died;
And that she'll lay her graceful head upon your manly breast,
Just as my own dear mother did when she was laid to rest.
They say her name is Mary, too; the same name my mother bore;
Oh tell me, is she kind and true, as the one you loved before;
And is her step so soft and low, her voice so sweet and mild,
And do you think that she will love your blind and helpless child?
Please father, do not bid me come to meet your loving bride;
I could not meet her in the room where my dear mother died.
Her picture's hanging on the wall; her books are lying there.
Oh, there's the harp her fingers touched, and there's her vacant chair.
The chair whence by her side I knelt to say my evening prayer;
Oh, father, it would break my heart; I could notmeet her there.
Now, let me kneel down by your side
And to our Savior pray that God's right hand may guide
You on through life's dark, weary way.
Her prayer was answered, and I am tired now, she said.
He gently raised her in his arms and laid her on the bed.
And as he turned to leave the room, one joyful cry was given;
He turned and saw the last sweet smile; his blind child was in heaven.
They laid her by her mother's side and raised a marble fair;
Engraved upon, these truthful words: "There'll be no blind ones there."
Your friend Polly Positive
Two other newspaper articles
After a Brief Illness. From Flushing Observer:

Mrs. Sarah Gannon died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. F. D. Perkins, with whom she had resided for the past two years, on Thursday, after an illness of three days. During her residence here she had much of the time been in poor health, but recently it had been greatly improved, and her sudden demise was, therefore, a great shock to her family. Mrs Gannon was born on August 8, 1847, at Byron, and nearly her entire life was passed in Shiawassee county, where she was a highly esteemed resident. She was a resident of Bancroft for several years before coming to the village. Beside the daughter above mentioned she is survived by her husband and one son, Jay Gannon, of New York city. Rev. Wm. MacLean conducted a brief service at the home of Mr. Perkins on Saturday morning, after which the remains were taken to Bancroft, where the funeral was held and interment made. Rev. J. B. Goss conducted the funeral services there. "St. Peter at the Gate." Reprinted by Request. Scores of readers of The News ordered copies of the edition of May 9, containing "St. Peter at the Gate," the poem which made the late J. B. Smiley famous, exhausting the edition without appeasing readers The News reprints the poem:
St. Peter At The Gate.
St Peter stood guard at the golden gate
With a solemn mein and an air sedate,
When up to the top of the golden stair
A man and a woman, ascending there,
Applied for admission. They came and stood
Before St. Peter, so great and good,
In hope the City of Peace to win
And asked St. Peter to let them in.
The woman was tall, and lank, and thin,
With a scraggly beardlet upon her chin.
The man was short, and thick and stout,
His stomach was short, and thick and stout,
His stomach was built so it rounded out.
His face was pleasant, and all the while
He wore a kindly and genial smile.
The choirs in the distance the echoes woke.
And the man kept still while the woman spoke.
"Oh, thou who guardest the gate,"said she,
"We two come hither, beseeching thee
To let us enter the heavenly land,
And play our harps within the angel band,
Of me, St. Peter, there is no doubt,
There's nothing from heaven to bar me out,
I've been to meeting three times a week,
And almost always I'd rise and speak.
"I've told the sinners, about the day
When they'd repent of their evil way,
I've told my neighbors-I've told 'em all
'Bout Adam and Eve, and the Primal Fall,
I've marked their path of duty clear
Laid out the plan for their whole career.
"I've talked and talked to 'em loud and long,
For my lungs are good, and my voice is strong.
So, good St. Peter, you'll clearly see
The gate of heaven is open for me,
But my old man, I regret to say,
Hasn't walked exactly in the narrow way
He smokes and he swears, and grave faults he's got.
And I don't know whether he'll pass or not.
"He never would pray with an earnest vim,
Or go to revival, or join in a hymn,
So I had to leave him in sorrow there
While I, with the chosen, united in prayer
He ate what the pantry chanced to afford,
While I, in my purity, sang to the Lord.
And if cucumbers were all he got
It's a chance if he merited them or not.
"But, oh, St. Peter, I love him so
To the pleasures of heaven please let him go.
I've done enough-a saint I've been.
Won't that atone? Can't you let him in?
By my grim gospel I know 'tis so
That the unrepentant must fry below,
But isn't there some way you can see
That he may enter who's dear to me?
"It's a narrow gospel by which I pray,
But the chosen expect to find some way
Of coaxing, or fooling, or bribing you
So that their relation can amble through.
And say St. Peter, it seems to me
This gate isn't kept as it ought to be,
You ought to stand right by the opening there
And never sit down in that easy chair,
"And say, St. Peter, my sight is dimmed,
But I don't like the way your whiskers are trimmed.
They're cut to wide, and outward toss;
They'd look better, narrow, cut straight across.
Well, we must be going, our crowns to win,
So open, St. Peter, and we'll pass in!"
* * * * * * * * * *
St. Peter sat quiet, and stroked his staff,
But spite of his office, he had to laugh,
Then said, with a fiery gleam in his eye,
"Who's tending this gateway, you or I?"
And then he arose, in his stature tall,
And pressed a button upon the wall,
And said to the imp who answered the
"Escort this female around to hell!"
* * * * * * * * * *
The man stood still as a piece of stone
Stood sadly, gloomily there alone.
A life-long settled idea he had
That his wife was good and he was bad.
He thought if the woman went down below
That he would certainly have to go
That if she went to the regions dim
There wasn't the ghost of a show for him.
Slowly he turned by habit bent,
To follow wherever the woman went.
St. Peter standing on duty there,
Observed that the top of his head was bare.
He called the gentleman back, and said:
"Friend, how long hast thou been wed?"
"Thirty years," (with a weary sigh)
And then he thoughtfully added, "Why?"
St. Peter was silent. With head bent down
He raised his hand and scratched his crown.
Then, seeming a different thought to take,
Slowly, half to himself, he spake.
"Thirty years with that woman there?
No wonder the man hasn't any hair!
Swearing is wicked. Smokes not good.
He smoked and swore-I should think he
"Thirty years with that tongue so sharp?
Ho! Angel Gabriel! GIVE HIM A HARP!
A jeweled harp with a golden string!
Good Sir, pass in where the angels sing!
Gabriel give him a seat alone
One with a cushion-up near the throne!
Call up some angels to play their best.
Let him enjoy the music, and rest.
See that on finest Ambrosia he feeds,
He's had about all the hell he needs.
It isn't just hardly the thing to do
To roast him on earth and the future too."
* * * * * * * * * * *
They gave him a harp with golden strings,
A glittering robe and a pair of wings,
And he said as he entered the Realm of Day.
"Well this beats cucumber, anyway!"
And so the Scriptures had come to pass
"The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

Another piece of paper
Sweet water
1 ounce White vibiol
1 ounce Copperas
1 thimble of Gun powder
to one quart soft water
reduce for the eyes 2/3 water

1906 -
My ditch cost, Tile & Work
$47.75 cts - I paid Wm $25.00 May 12 1903

Several newspaper articles
I know a land where the streets are paved
With the things we meant to achieve
It is walled with the money we meant to have saved,
And the pleasures from which we grieve.
The kind words unspoken, the promises broken,
And many a coveted boon,
Are stowed away there in that land somewhere
The land of "Pretty Soon".
There are uncut jewels of possible fame.
Lying about in the dust,
And many a noble and lofty aim
Covered with mould and rust.
And, O. this place, while it seems so near,
Is farther away than the moon!
Though our purpose is fair, yet we never get there
The land of "Pretty Soon."
It is farther at noon than it is at dawn,
Farther at night than at noon;
O. let us beware of that land down there
The land of "Pretty Soon."
-The King's Own.
Don'ts for the Summer Toilet.
Don't buy cosmetics because they
are cheap. When worth using they
are very expensive.
"Don't patronize soap bargain counters.
A good soap contains vegetable
oil and cannot from its nature be cheap.
"Don't use even a good soap if it irritates the skin.
Skins are as unlike
as tempers or digestions.
Don't wash the face immediately
after coming in from a day in the
sun or wind. Use a toilet cream.
Don't tolerate an odor of perspira-tion.
If bathing does not obviate the
trouble, try ordinary baking soda,
some reliable witch-hazel preparation
or borax.
Don't wear soiled white shoes, hosiery or gloves.
A newspaper article
Some Facts About the Bible _____ Number of Letters and Words in the Holy Book Counted By Unfortunate Confined in Spanish Prison The Word "Reverend" Occurs But Once in the Pages.

It is well known that the number of letters, words, verses, etc., contained in the Bible have been counted, but by whom when or where, is not generally known. Treat's publication, entitled "Curiosities of the Bible," speaks of the occurrence as being of Spanish origin, and that the Prince of Granada, fearing usurpation, caused the arrest of the supposed would-be usurper, and by order of the Spanish crown he was thrown into an old prison called the place of skulls, situated in Madrid, where he was confined for thirty-three years, with no other companion than the rats, mice and other vermin that frequented his dismal cell. During his confinement he counted the letters, etc., contained in the Bible, and scratched the several numbers on the stone walls with a nail. When his work was discovered he was furnished with writing utensils and ordered to make a copy of the results of his long and tedious task, and, on its being completed, he finally recieved his liberty. The following is a correct copy of his great work: The Bible contains 3,566,480 letters, 773,746 words, 31,173 verses, 1,195 chapters and 66 books. The word "and" occurs 10,684 times, the word "Lord" 1,853 times, the word "Jehovah" 6,855 times, and the word "reverend" but once, which is in the ninth verse of the One Hundred and Eleventh psalm. The middle verse is the eighth verse of the One Hundred and Eighteenth psalm. The twenty-first verse of the seventh chapter of Ezra contains all the letters of the alphabet with the exception of the letter j. The finest chapter to read is the twenty-sixth chapter of the Acts of the Apostles. The most beautiful chapter is the Twenty-third psalm. The nineteenth chapter of II. Kings and the thirty-seventh chapter of Isaiah are alike. The four most inspiring promises are to be found in the sixth chapter of St. John, thirty-seventh verse and fourteenth chapter, second verse; also eleventh chapter of St. Mathew, twenty-eighth verse, and the Thirty-Seventh psalm, fourth verse. The longest verse is the ninth verse eighth chapter of Esther. The shortest verse is the thirty-fifth verse, eleventh chapter of St. John. There are ten chapters in the book of Ester in which the words "Lord" and "God" do not occur. The eight, fifteenth, twenty-first and thirty-first verses of the One Hundred and Seventh psalm are alike. Each verse of the One Hundred and Thirty-Sixth psalm end alike, The One Hundred and Seventeenth psalm contains but two verses, the One Hundred and Nineteenth psalm contains 176 verses. There are no words or names of more than six syllables. It has also been discovered by some person unknown that in Joel, third chapter, third verse, the word "girl" occurs, and in the eighth chapter of Zachariah, fifth verse, the word "girl's" is mentioned for the only time in the whole book. The eighth chapter of Ester, ninth verse, contains fifty-two ts. The word "snow" appears twenty-four times in the Old Testament and three times in the New. - Boston Herald.

Another newspaper article:
More Deeds From Montague. Caro Mich., July 17.- A deed dated March 26, 1903, given by Charles Mon- tague to Alexander McPherson, of Detroit, for 1,050 acres in Ellington, Almer and Indian Fields townships was recorded to day. The consideration named is $1.

McKinley Not Seriously Hurt Ill. SOMERSET, Pa., July 17.-Abner McKinley was not seriously ill. He is able to be out as usual today.


Liverpool - Carpathia.
Hamberg - Phoenicia.
Genoa - Princess Irene.
Queenstown - New England.
Bremen - Konprinz Wilhelm.
Naples - Perusia, Prinzess Irene.
Plymouth - ? and Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse.

Another newspaper article
Lansing- Prof. Charles S. Joslyn, son of Rev. J. S. Joslyn, of Detroit, is dead here at the age of 39 years, after three days illness, leaving a widow and one child. He was an instructor in the Detroit Conservatory of Music and a former president of the State Music Teachers' association.
Notes on the back cover

M. G. R. stands for Monseigneur

For Deafness
3 Teaspoons Brandy, Sweet oil & Honey 3 of each
Equal parts put in ear with spoon a few drops

The Flag of Liberty
was made by Betsy Ross
taken from Leslies Weekly
The Massachusetts dark day was May 19th, 1780
Ella Sheldons Address
Ashland Hancock Co
Rout 1 one Va.
Care of John Davis