Book 7

1899 - Bought Jan 1st 1899 paid .25 cts

Jan 1st - New years day --------- Jan 1st 1899 Sund 1st no snow, roads froze and rough

Mond 2d - Legrand Schad went to Durand, is appointed Deputy Sheriff

Tues 3d - merc 50 above Kittie washed - Wm received a present from James Haviland K. Y. Mrs Mc Kinney called, - verry pleasant, no snow

Wed 4th - merc 30 above it rained all day til evening, received a letter from Roger M with Tax recept

Thurs 5th - Snowed a little all day received a letter from Mrs Duncan

Frid 6th - merc 26 above Snowed all day about 4 inches fell - Lillie sliped down hurt her arm

Sat 7th - Clear - Cold - drifting - 8 above - 10 ocl night - I received a letter from Roger M with his Tax recep

Sund 8th - merc 38 above A lovely day merc 38 above 4 ocl afternoon, snow going fast I received a letter from Kittie Ferguson last evening - Kittie and Catharine one from Charlie Stanger

Mond 9th - Kittie washed - I put sleeves in her wrapper

Tues 10th - merc 26 above I ironed, I wrote a letter to Kittie Ferguson - Lillie went to school to day

Wed 11th - merc 30 above Wm and the two Mr Do(d)ges are filling the Ice house

Thurs 12th - the two Mr Do(d)ges are here it is thawing they are finished hauling Ice

Frid 13th - the two Mr Do(d)ges finished hauling Sawdust from Mr Mc Kinneys snow all gone

Sat 14th - it rained and snowed a little last night all gone it is a lovely day

Sund 15th - merc 40 above thawing, - the Causeway is overd flowed - wee received a letter from Mrs Aldrich Cal

Mond 16th - merc 40 above Kittie washed a lovely day I received a letter from Mrs Jessie Rhodes

Tues 17th - merc 28 above All the family attended Ellen May Towers funeral but me Mr Do(d)ge is putting in Wood

Wed 18th - merc 30 above A lovely day Wm and Kittie has gone to Durand - Mr Peter Schad is sick

Thurs 19th - merc 30 above Mr Spencer Burlingame is here helping Wm trim Sheeps toes, lovely day

Frid 20th - dark and cloudy, Mr Burlingame came to day, - Catharine is home out of school

Sat 21st - Kittie is sick in bed - no snow thawing

1899 Sund Jan 22d - merc 40 above Kittie no better a nice day - Mr Frank Hunt & children called

Mond 23d - merc 40 above Kittie is sick I received a letter from Mrs Fitzgerald a lovely day

Tues 24th - merc 34 above Kittie is sick A lovely day no snow

Wed 25th - merc 34 above Kittie is better, Bernard called, a lovely day, - Margaret called

Thurs 26th - merc 28 above it has snowed a little, and the first windy day this winter there is snow squals the ground is not coverd onely where drifted I have written three letters to day one to Mrs Nichols Corunna one to Mrs Fitzgerald - one to Roger M Eaton Rapids Box 194 Clinton Co

Frid 27th - Cold and squally- Mr & Mrs Whites baby died to day 2 months old

Sat 28th - merc 16 above Lillie and Catharine has gone to see the dead baby

Sund 29th - Cold Mr & Mrs White took their dead baby to Conway to bury it

Mond 30th - it is verry cold, about one inch of snow, Catharine is not well did not go to school

Tues 31st - merc 12 below the coldest morning this winter, it looks lovely - bright sunshine Catharine has gone to school, She was poorly

I will say of the Lord He is my refuge, in him I trust psalms 91-2d verse
A man of words and not of deeds, is like a garden full of weeds

1899 Wed Feb 1st - Wm & Kittie attended the Eastern Starr. I sent a letter to Mr Coleman

Thurs 2d - merc 8 above A nice day - Mr & Mrs Wm close - Mrs Fred and Lucy - mad(e) a pleasant call

Frid - Wm & Kittie has gone to Gaines to trade

Sat 4th - A lovely morning bright sunshine, wee received Kitties Bible from the Christian Herrald office

Sund 5th - Catharine is sick taken yesterday with chill and fever Wm & Kittie attended Mrs Bradly Grouts funeral to day it is a lovely day Dr Webster died this morning, in Corunna at his Daughter, Mrs Royces of Pneumonia

Mond 6th - Dr Howard came to see Catharine, he said - she had the grip she has a hig(h) fever

Tues 7th - merc 8 below morning bright sunshine 2 inches of snow, Catharine is much better this morning her mother is reading to her, it is brigh(t) sunshine Ida & Bernard called

Wed 8th - merc 8 below Dr Webster was buried in Byron to day Wm and Kittie has just returned from funeral Catharine is better but not well enough to go to school it is clear and cold Mr George Dodge is working here

Thurs 9th - merc 10 below Mrs Palmer, Miss Bennets sister was buried to day at Byron

Frid 10th - merc 16 below the coldest night, and morning this winter, there is one lamb

Sat 11th - merc 18 below this morning it is verry cold bright sunshine Mr T Grifith of Saginaw staid with us last night Kittie & Catharine are better to day. Wm is poorly, Mr Dodge is doing the chores

Sunday 12th - merc 18 below verry cold, bright sunshine Mrs S Stone & Harry came, about 2 inches of snow

love God, and keep his Commandments.

1899 Mond Feb 13th - merc 17 teen below bright sunshine about 2 inches of snow Milton Dodge is working for Wm

Tues 14th - merc at zero morning bright sunshine it is a little cloudy, Circle around the sun and 2 Sunday 20 above Wm sold Willie Jacobs $15.00 dol hay gave me $5.00 my share Kittie has got well, - Catharine is not well enough to go to school, - wee each got Valantine

Wed 15th - merc 20 above morning A lovely day merc has gone up to 38 what a change at 4 ocl Mrs C Jewell called

Thurs 16th - A lovely day thawing, what a change

Frid 17th - A lovely day - Catharine went to school to day

Sat 18th - merc 40 morning A lovely day - Mrs John Norris, funeral procession passed here at 12 ocl to Gaines

Sund 19th - merc 40 above a lovely day, the Methodist Church will be Dedicated to day, our family has all gone but me, Mr and Mrs Stone came to dinner they all went in the evening, they lifted the debt on the Church

Mond 20th - merc 50 above a lovely day there was a reception this evening at the Methodist Church Wm & Kittie went

Tues 21st - merc 40 above a lovely day

Wed 22d - merc 40 above it snowed and thawed all gone evening

Thurs 23d - merc 38 above A little colder bright sunshine about one inch of snow

Frid 24th - A bright sunshine, I received a letter from Roger M

Sat 25th - A lovely day roads bad

Sund 26th - merc 56 afternoon it rained last night the snow gone - it is thundering & lightning

Mond 27th - merc 26 the merc fell 35 deg last night

Tues 28th - merc 42 it is sprinkling rain, Kittie is washing, I am Embroydering blocks for quilt

The Lord is my Shepperd I shall not want, he watcheth over me prais(e) his name for ever

1899 Wed March 1st - merc 40 above a lovely day road bad there is 17 lambs there is no snow

Thurs 2d - merc 40 above a lovely day Wm & Kittie attended the Eastern Star, Roger M came on evening Train

Frid 3d - 40 above Kittie took Roger M to Gaines 2 ocl Train it rained all night

Sat 4th - 40 above it commenced in the evening to snow & blow all night

Sund 5th - 30 above there is 6 inches of snow, fell last night

Mond 6th - 24 above Mr Herbert Whitehead commenced work for Wm to day Wm & Kittie has gone to Byron to trade, it is snowing a fine snow

Tues 7th - merc 12 below morning it is cold bright sunshine, - 25 Lambs from 20 sheep

Wed 8th - I signed a petition to day with others in school District - for retention of certain taxed land in school district

Thurs 9th - Wm went to Corunna, it is thawing - there is 39 Lambs

Frid 10th - Kittie met Wm at station, I am setting worsted fan quilt together

Sat 11th - merc 56 above merc ran ut(p) to 56 snow all gone Wm & Kittie went to Durand

Sund 12th - 34 above colder, blowing and snowing verry fine

Mond 13th - Mrs Moor of Ashley spent this afternoon with me Wm & Kittie went to see Mrs Solon Stone, she has Quinsey

Tues 14th - there is 50 Lambs - Bernard Haviland called, Mr Ferguson called

Wed 15th - merc 48 above the Jersey Cow came in last night - it is raining a little

Thurs 16th - Mrs Moor spent to day with us, there is 70 Lambs now

Frid 17th - merc 30 above St Patricks day about one inch of snow fell last night

Sat 18th - About 3 inches of snow fell last evening, it is going fast with thaw and rain

Sund 19th - Cold bad roads

1899 Mond March 20th - merc 30 above cold Mrs Moor came and spent all day

Tues 21st - it has snowed all day about 6 inches fell, John Mc Caughna started for Dakota to day

Wed 22d - it snowed all day there is more snow on ground than has been this winter

Thurs 23d - Wm took out his Cutter for the time this winter

Frid 24th - merc 20 above Wm & Kittie attended a surprise party at Wm 1 68 Savages, at Cohocta last evening a lovely day bright Sunshine

Sat 25th - Ella came and staid all night - Wm & Kittie went to party at Seward Chaffees

Sund 26th - it is a lovely day bright sunshine the girles and Bell has gone to Church there is more snow on the ground than has been this winter poor sleighing

Mond 27th - there was a Surprise party here this evening of 54 a verry pleasant time Wm & Kittie entertained them nicely they gave supper Ella Sheldon came staid all night

Tues 28th - Catharine was invited to a birth day party at Mr Greens little boy

Wed 29th - merc 30 above Bell Cummin took Ella Sheldon to Byron this morning when she was going to school , - it a real March day, snow squals all day cold

Thurs 30th - Wm & Kittie has gone to house of mourning - Mr Mark Boyce died this morning after eating breakfast as usual, left the table went and sit on the couch, and in a few minutes was dead. God help the Widow and Children there is good deal of snow on the sides of the roads but no sleighing

Frid 31st - Catharine went home with Vera Mathison Thursday eve Mr Mathison came for them they went for Catharine wee have not had one day of good sleighing this winter Charley Gale made me 2 Lawn Chaires for which I paid $4.50 pr Wm Schad I received a letter from Roger M to day We have not had one day of good Sleighing this winter

1899 Sat April 1st -

A newspaper article on this page
The Last Chapter in the Baptist Church Scandal.

The Baptist church in Owosso clearly did its duty, Thursday evening, when it expelled from membership in the church the former pastor, Rev. O. V. Northrup, and Miss Jessie McDonald, whom he confessed as having passed off as his wife on two occasions while he was taking treatment at the Battle Creek sanitarium last fall. Rev. Northrup has been in Owosso for nearly three years, and he has posed along the sensational line, even going so far last spring as to take an active part in municipal politics, while at the same time he was acting the part of a hypocrite himself. He has only been guilty of adultery, but is guilty of lying and not paying his honest debts. During the time he has been pastor of the church his salary been $1,200 a year, which, with marriage fees, etc., would easily make the amount up to $1,500; yet with this handsome income he ran into debt at our stores and his victims are ready to kick themselves for allowing him to continue the piling up process. His sins finally found him out and if he has any twinges of conscience he is only bearing the legitimate fruits of his wrong doing. Mrs Northrup was present and made a plea for her husband, but while the meeting deeply sympathized with her in the disgrace brought upon her, yet no other action than the one taken could be consistently performed. The city at large will heartily endorse the action of the church. The family removed to Detroit, Friday, where they will reside with Mrs. Northrup's parents.

The Detroit Evening News of Saturday contained the following:
Miss Jessie McDonald, the young lady mixed up in the Owosso scandal with Pastor Northrup is visiting a friend, Miss Lenora Jones, at 114 Winder street. When visited by an old friend today she smiled sadly, and her voice trembled in greeting. "I do not wish to make an attempt to exculpate myself," she explained. "it would be useless. I confess my guilt; but you know there are always rumors afloat that are not true. No one grieves over my downfall more than I do, nor over the ruin of Mr. Northrup and his family. I cannot explain my actions, but I can mitigate their wretchedness to a small extent in the words of my pastor. 'You are not to blame, Jessie,' he said to me. "I was your pastor, and my actions had for a long time been premeditated. Mine was the sin of inveigling you into temptation, yours the sin of accepting it. I lay my weakness to mental and physical debility'. "But he said more than was the truth, continued Miss McDonald, brushing the tears from her eyes. "I was not a child-I knew I was doing wrong; knew it when the temptation first attracted me. We both suffered for our guilt then, for Mr. Northrup often told me that his punishment was terrible; that it was agony for him to stand before his congregation and preach the gospel; to pray, and pronounce the benediction over the heads of those who were more worthy of heaven than he. For months, he told me, his sermons and prayers fell unanswered, and that he was cursing his creator in his very actions". Emotion overcame Miss McDonald, and the tears coursed down her pale cheeks as she vainly attempted to conrol herself.

"I Saw Mr. Northrup only about 15 minutes before I came away,' she continued slowly, "and he told me to come to Detroit. He said he did not know what he would do, and he is almost penniless. I just received a letter from him saying that since Saturday night he has been under police protection every minute, and that on Saturday night popular indignation rose so high that the fire department were enlisted as deputies."

Sat Apr 1st - cold snow showers all day Wm took the girles to Byron for Easter practice in the evening Wm & Kittie went to the Easter eve entertainment

Sund 2d - Kittie & girles attended Easter services & Sunday School it is Easter Sunday plenty of snow along the fences but no sleighing

Mond 3d - Town Meeting day, Wm & Kittie will attend the Macabee supper

Tues 4th - Wm took me to the house of mourning - oh death Mr Mark Boyce is dead then he took me to see Sister Mary I had a pleasant visit

Wed 5th - Wm & Kittie attended Mr Boyces funeral - it was a large one

Thurs 6th - Wm & I went to Mr Chafees by invitation it was his 86th birth day - Mr Riley Crawford - and Mrs Isaac Barnum was there 25 of their own family

Frid 7th - it is thawing the snow is almost gone

Sat 8th - Herbert got me 760 (l)bs of Cole $6.25 pr Ton $2.31 cts my Cole cost me this winter, $30.38 cts the fall of 98 and spring of 99

Sund 9th - the roads are verry bad, I received a letter from Mary A Mc Farlin

Mond 10th - the snow is almost gone, - and the warmes(t) day wee had this spring Kittie finished a dress for Lillie - I am verry poorly with a cold Legrand Schad took dinner with us Sunday

Tues 11th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand She bought me pink outing lining for fan quilt .65 cts she received a letter from Blanch Vanburen saying Grand ma was verry low I received a letter from Mary A Mc Farlin Reno Sat

Wed 12th - the black birds & dear little Robbins have came the frogs are croaking

Thurs 13th - merc 74 the roads are quite good Wm & Kittie was to an entertainment last eve

1899 Frid April 14th - Kittie is ironing Mrs Mc Kinney came spent 2 hours

Sat 15th - Snow all gone but cold the roads good

Sund 16th - Anna Thompson & Roger Mc Caughna called Wm & Kittie went to Solon Stones they heard Mr Gould Mrs Peter Schads Father was dead one here and one there

Mond 17th - I have written a letter to Mary A Mc Farlind Reno Wm's man is sowing clover seed to day, the frost is out of the ground people are opening Potato pits Mr Stone got 25 bush out of 90 the rest frozen

Tues 18th - wee let the Cole stove go out, Herbert commenced plowing

Wed 19th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand Mr Gould was buried There was a light shower last night the first this spring - I sent a letter to Mrs Mc Farlin

Thurs 20th - Wm & Kittie attended the funeral of Mr Marvin at the Methodist Church old Mr Johnson is dead, Mr Peter Schad called, there is 97 Lambs

Frid 21st - merc 60 above my 78 birth day how have I all those years God has been good to me blessed be his name forever Kittie & Wm attended Mrs Wm Bitterleys funeral

Sat 22d - Mr Johnson was buried to day wee heard Mrs Craw(ford) was dead

Sund 23d - Wm & Kittie and girles have gone to Church it looks like rain

Mond 24th - Mrs Mulkin is here sewing for Kittie Herbert finished sowing oats to day wee had a light shower it made the grass look green, then to day west end old hen house

Tues 25th - I have sent to day for a .30 cts collection (of) flower seeds to John Lewis Childs for one collection .30 cts J Rosco Fuller Floral Park N Y The Connard & Jones Co Box O West Grove Pa or Penn .25 cts

1899 Wed April 26th - Cloudy Mrs Bastwick & Mrs Sweet her mother took tea with us

Thurs 27th - Wm has 3 sheep shearers - Mrs S Chaffee & Edna called

Frid 28th - the shearers finished this forenoon

Sat 29th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand Mrs Mulkin is making Catharines silk dress

Sund 30th - Wm Kittie and girles attended Methodist Church in the new stone building after Church Mrs Hattie Cole and I visited my dead, where I longed to go oh blessed the thought of the meeting once more Beyond all the Sorrow and pain. Where nothing is wrong on the heavenly shore and we'el all be together again

Mond May 1st - there was a thunder storm last night - Wm went fishing Wm & Mr T Lowrie went fishing Wm caught 6 Pickeral very large

Tues 2d - Mr Church the Baptist minister called - Mrs Green called Mrs Mulkin is finishing dresses for Kittie, Mrs Asa Shepperd is buried to day - Herbert is planting early Potatoes to day Peaches, Apples, Plumbs & Cherries in full bloom

Wed 3d - I received a letter from Ella Nichols saying Mrs S R Kelsey died Sunday morning buried Tuesday afternoon, one by one they are passing over Wm & Herbert are planting the garden, Kittie took Mrs Mulkin home this morning they went to the cemetery and set some plants, Wm took his sheep to Mr Tubs to pasture I have made a dress for Lillie, I received a letter from Pearl Haviland

1899 Thurs May 4th - Wm & (Herbert) finished planting the garden, it rained all the afternoon

Frid 5th - everything looks lovely after the rain Kittie & Alice has gone to Byron I sent a letter to Mrs Molly Kelloge - one to Ella Nichols

Sat 6th - Wm Kittie & I attended the burial of Mrs Thomas P Green Mr & Mrs Mc Ewen, Howard Goff and Fanny Fuller accompanied her remaines to Byron where she was laid to rest Elder Joslin made a few appropriate remarks - the Quire sand(g)? Riley Crawford a prayer made that closed the services - after dinner Kittie & I drove to Mrs Boices then to Dan Mc Caughnas a little while, drove around to B Havilands

Sund 7th - Wm Kittie & girles went to Church - Dan Mc Caughna Wife & Children came

Mond 8th - Kittie washed, I sewed on a dress for Lillie

Tues 9th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand I received a letter from Roger M

Wed 10th - it rained all night thunderd & Lightned

Thurs 11th - Kittie went and called on Mrs Bostwick

Frid 12th - last night at 11 ocl, 5 men came to press hay Wm sent them to the Barn they came in to breakfast then went away Elder Joslin & Wife made a pleasant call

Sat 13th - Lillie and I fixed flower beds

Sund 14th - they all went to Church & Sunday School

Mond 15th - Kittie washed it is quite cool, I have a fire on the hearth I have just written a letter to Mrs Fitzgerald Herbert is fitting Corn ground

Tues 16th - Kittie is ironing they commenced sending milk to Chees(e) factory Mr Philips staid all night, is soliciting orders for Durand Express it is dark cloudy and rains a little

1899 Wed May 17th - it is dark and gloomy Wm & Kittie went to Byron

Thurs 18th - Cold I have fire on the hearth Mr L Stone took tea with us

Frid 19th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Byron, Herbert planted the late Potatoes

Sat 20th - Wm Kittie & Catharine has gone to Corunna, it seems to be clearing off Kittie went to Owosso she bought me a beautiful Hydrangia .75 cts Lillie a worsted dress Catharine shoes and stockings and other things

Sund 21st - they all went to Church - Mrs Mulkin Came with them to dinner, Wm & Kittie went to Church in the evening & Mrs Mulkin

Mond 22d - Wm took me to the Cemetery. I visited my dead - then he took me to Ella Sheldons I staid all night, Eddie and May were moveing to Mr Sheldons

Tues 23d - Ella took me to Byron Dr Howard fitted glasses to my eyes I paid him $5.00 dol to wear all the time; wee called on Mrs Hunt, met Mrs I Gale, and Mrs Hunts Sister, called on Mr Mc Queen was building a tool house for the Sexton, when I got back to Ellas Kittie came for me

Wed 24th - Kittie went to the Cemetery and done some work there fetched some Lillies of the Valley She sowed flower seed on the graves, I received a letter from Mrs Fitzgerald

Thurs 25th - Wm & Kittie went to the Cemetery and fixed it for decoration day I received my glasses from Dr Howard

Frid 26th - our school closes to day C H Bishop Teacher Mrs White & Mr Carter called Kittie & Alice visited the school - Kittie is finishing Catharines silk dress

Sat 27th - this is Kitties 31st birth day Heavenly Father bless her guide and direct her it has rained hard thank God - it was needed on the crops Wm Mr Hunt & Fred Close went to Corunna this afternoon

1899 Sund May 28th - Memorilal Services deliverd by Rev Ball, Superentendent Methodist Preacher I attended with the rest

Mond 29th - Kittie washed wee had a Thunder shower last eve. Lightning struck Mr Tafts Barn, burned it, Killed his two horses burned 5 hundred bushels of Wheat and 8 hundred lbs of Wool and Binder Wm sold his wool to day, - 15 1/2 for fine - 18 1/2 for coarse, to Mr Cowan deliverd at Gaines

Tues 30th - Wm took Catharine and me to Mr Tafts, it looks sad to see so much destroyed with the elements it is decoration day, they have taken flowers and gone to the Cemetery

Wed 31st - Mrs John Wikes made a pleasant visit took dinner & Tea with us

June 1st 1899 - Kittie went to Byron to meet with the eastern Starr

Frid 2d - Kittie & I went to Owosso wee went to Dr Lambs office to have my eye treated I bought me a bedroom Carpet .65 cts pr yard, A Bedspread $1.00 and vail $3.75 Carpet $10.60 Lillie 1 pr of stockings & a string of beads Mrs Carpenter & Nellie came to the office wee went with them to Tea took the Street Carrs to Depot Wm met us at Durand with Horses & Surry wee arived home sweet home

Sat 3d - I sewed my Carpet, Ida Haviland came in the afternoon

Sund 4th - Kittie and girles went to church and Sabath School

Mond 5th - Kittie and I went to Owosso, I stayed to have my Eye treated took board with Mr George Carpenter. I am verry pleasantly Situated the Dr treated my eye I pay $3.00 pr week for board

Tues 6th - Nellie went with me to the office

Wed 7th - went to the office, Nellie with me

1899 Thurs June 8th - went to the office, the treatment is harsh

Frid 9th - went to the office

Sat 10th - went to the office I paid Mrs Carpenter $3.00 for board

Sund 11th - wee attended the Congregational Church, - it was childrens day after Church I had my eye treated wee attended in the afternoon, 6 little children were baptised wee all attended the Graduating exercises Saturday evening,

Mond 12th - went to the office, was treated, in the afternoon Mr Carpenter took us out riding

Tues 13th - went to the office, was treated verry harsh

Wed 14th - went to the office, was treated, done some trading

Thursday 15th - went to the office was treated, done some more trading

Frid 16th - after dinner, Mr Carpenter took us to Mrs Chipmans, she is verry feeble at 3 o'clock Mrs Carpenter, and I went to the office was treated

Sat 17th - Kittie and dear little Catharine came, I came home with them to stay home sweet - sweet home - Kittie had on my room a new carpet I bought two Curtains for my room; I will return to Owosso Mond if God permits paid Mrs Carpenter $3.00 dol til Mond

Sund 18th - they have gone to Church and Sunday School - she has a good girl

Mond 19th - Mr Solon Stone, 98 yrs old, last March, his Grand Son, and Great Grand Daughter, took dinner with us to day, Bernard came with Sister Mary yesterday, she took dinner with us to day Wm Kittie and I came to Owosso on the D and M Dr Lamb treated my eye while they were in the office Wm bought two Crates of Strawberries to take home 44 quts 3 1/2 pr qut $1.68

Tues 20th - Nellie & I went to the office, had my eye treated, verry harsh bought 15 yds fruit of the Loom
$ 1.17 cts 1 night dress .96 cts

1899 Wed June 21st -

A newspaper article with Mrs. Thomas O'Connor's picture
Mrs. Thos. O'Connor Died in Detroit This Morning. Mrs. Thomas O'Connor, who died at 4 o'clock this morning, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Samuel Van Buren, 42 Winder street, was born in Richmond, Va., 95 years ago. Her father, Capt. Collins, commanded a trading vessel out of Norfolk, his voyages being to all parts of the world, and of three to four years' duration, While on one of these trips he met and married his wife in Holland. He gave up the ocean and settled on a plantation and died a few years later. Mrs O'Connor married Wm. H. Weekes and went to New York, where they resided for about 10 years. They came to Detroit in 1836. During the Patriot war in 1837 Mr. Weekes, with a companion, while crossing the river on the ice, slipped through an air-hole and was never seen afterward. His widow was left with two children, one a babe of a few weeks, herself a stranger in a strange land, with no money and with few opportunities of earning a living. However, she established herself in the tailoring business and was soon in a prosperous condition. She married Mr. O'Connor, a shoemaker, who was connected in business with the late Levi Bishop. Mr. O'Connor built the house at 243 Brush street, and the family lived there for 54 years. Mr O'Connor died June 22, 1849. During the war of the rebellion Mrs. O'Connor had a son on either side of the conflict, but they escaped without serious injury. Both have since died. Mrs. O'Connor is survived by her daughters, Mrs. Samuel Van Buren and Miss Kate O'Connor, and her grand-daughters, Mrs. Thomas H. Renshaw, Mrs. Jacob Klien, Mrs. Joseph Funke and Miss Blanche Van Buren. The funeral will be held on Monday morning from SS. Peter and Paul's cathedral. Interment at Mt. Elliot.

Friday Mrs OConor died June 30th - 1899 buried Monday July 3d

Wed 20th? - Nellie went to office was treated the Dr put a probe through to my nose

Thurs 21st - Nellie & I went to the office at 9 ocl treatment harsh he left probe in my eye 3 minutes

Frid 23d - Nellie & I were at the office at 9 was treated left probe in 3 minutes

Sat 24th - paid Mrs Carpenter $3.00 dol for board was treated - went to Corunna - staid with Mrs Nichols went to Church with her

Sund 25th - forenoon Baptist in the afternoon went with Ella & Harry to Episcople

Mond 26th - Mrs Nichols, Harry, and I went to Owosso, She is treated for granulated lids

Tues 27th - Nellie and I was there at 9 ocl the treatment harsh, I bought Kittie muslin dress

Wed 28th - Mrs Carpenter came with me treatment harsh the Dr says my eye is doeing well

Thurs 29th - Nellie was at the office at 9 ocl was treated my eye is better Mellie went to a pick nick, George Mrs C and I went riding til after dark

Sat 1st July 1st - 1899 - Nellie was at the office was treated - Mr Carpenter took Nellie and me to 6 ocl train, when wee arrived in Byron Kittie & Catharine met us, wee was soon home - sweet home, Wm was gone fishing I paid the Dr $25.00 in full, will have to go back again Thursday bought Catharine 1 pr white kid slippers $1.00, 1 pr black walking shoes .65 cts and some other things, I made 9 aprons - 4 pillow cases Mrs Northway called yesterday, Owosso is a pretty place there was a man treated to day had a piece of steel in his eye it split the ball open, paid Mrs Carpenter $3.00 dol for board

Sund 2d - merc 88 above verry warm Kittie Nellie C - Lillie & Catharine

have gone to Church it is 2 o'clock

1899 Mond July 3d - Mercury 88 in shade Wm Kittie Nellie & Catharine went to Mires Lake and spent the day

Tues 4th - Wm Kittie Lillie & Catharine went to the Lake and spent the day with others Nellie went home, Wm took me to Idas - Ida Kelsey went home Herbert went to Linden - wee had a nice shower they all came home tierd while I was in Owosso Wm bought a Cistern Pump for which I paid pr Wm $1.30 cts, Mr Martenes set it for which I paid him $1.00 pr William the cistern is empty, it is cloudy - I sent a letter to Mrs Sarah Carr I wrote one to Mrs Aldrich, a letter to California

Wed 5th - Wed it rained all day my cistern is full wee have new Potatoes

Thurs 6th - it is a lovely day Kittie Catharine & I are going to Owosso this afternoon Kittie & Catharine returned home I staied the Dr was in his office

Frid 7th - Nellie and I went to the office was treated not so harsh it rained hard thunderd and Lighted, Mr Ed Carpenter staid all night I boarded at Mrs Carpenter $1.00 to day was treated came home Wm met me at Byron Depot Kittie is poorly I done some trading

Sat 8th - it is raining this morning

Sund 9th - Lillie Catharine & I went to Church, I visited my dead once more

Mond 10th - Ida washed it rained some.

Tues 11th - Wm and Mr Dodge is cutting our Wheat to day, after dinner Kittie, Catharine & I went to Owosso, Dr Lamb treated my Eye wee went to Woodards Store I bought some furniture. 1 side board $26.00 dol a table $14.00 6 chairs $16.00 dol 1 chair $12.00 dol 1 chair $7.00 dol paid $69.00 dol to Woodard & North

1899 Wed July 12th -

Two newspaper articles
John Driscol Elected Vice President of the First National.

At a meeting of the directors of the First National Bank of this city, held yesterday, L. W. Simmons, of Northville, was elected president of the bank to succeed the late Patrick Gallager. Mr. John Driscoll, of Shiawassee, was elected vice-president to succeed Mr. Simmons. W. F. Gallagher was elected director in the place of his father.

The second article
Mr Patrick Gallagher was born at ? , County Mayo, Connaught Provience, Ireland, March 1817 and died at Corunna at 1:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon July 19, 1899. The family came to Michigan in the fall of 1832 when Mr. Gallagher was only a lad of 15 years. They located at Hamburg, Livingston county, and took a government claim of 160 acres of land, which was then in the wilds of Michigan. With courage undaunted, and with but little else they went to work. In time the farm was cleared crops were grow-ing and more land was purchased, some of it being in Washtenaw county, Hamburg being near the county line. Mr. Gallagher was the second oldest of a family of six children three daughters and three sons and was the last one left of that family. In 1867 he was married to Miss Margaret Duffy, of Webster, and the same year moved to Washtenaw county. There were three children born, one a son died in early life. He leaves besides the widow, one son, William F. Gallagher, of Corunna, and assistant cashier of the First National Bank, of this city, and one daughter Mary Ellen, who is now Mrs. Stephen A. Scully and resides at Howell.

Sund 23d - merc 92 in shade Kittie Lillie and Catharine went to Church and Sabath School I attended to cooking the chicken and Potatoes

Mond 24th - merc 86 Kittie Lillie and I tied a quilt, the fan pattern. Mr Bates extracted 12 teeth for me paid him $2.00

Tues 25th - it is raining, thank God, from whom all blessings flow. Lillie and Catharine took their first lessons in musick of Mrs Frank Hunt I finished Kitties fan worsted quilt

Wed 26th - merc 86 above Lillie and I tied a Schalla Comforter for my bed to day

Thurs 27th - Kittie and I went to Owosso, Dr Lamb treated my Eye, probed it verry harsh paid him $1.00 Catharine staid with Ruth Smith, wee came on Street Carr to Corunna on T and A Carr to Durand Frankie Schad is verry low with Typhoid fever Wm horse was in P Schads barn Mrs Molly Kelloge was married to Res Simmons

Frid 28th - merc 84 3 ocl afternoon Kittie has taken Lillie & Catharine to take their music lessons I put on a Schallie Comforter for Kittie, Ida is ironing, Kittie & Ida helped me with it Mr Patrick Gallig(h)er is dead and buried, President & director of first National Bank Corunna

Sat 29th - I finished Kitties Comforter

Sund 30th - Kittie and Children went to Church and Sunday School

Mond 31st - Ida washed - I cleaned the Cloths room - up staires

Mond 24th - Mr Bates Dentist of Durand came to the house and extracted 12 teeth for me

1899 July 11th I bought of Woodworth & North furniture for Kittie for which I paid $69.00 I bought a set of Haviland China dishes paid $27.80 cts $7.20 again of Mary Byrnes Clerk

1899 Tues August 1st - it is the 15th Anniversary of my darling husbands being hurt which caused his death - Mrs Oconor & Lizzie VanBuren was here Wm & Kittie went to Durand to see Franc Schad verry low with Typhoid Fever Mr & Mrs P Schad came and staid to dinner Kittie has taken the girles to Mrs Hunts to take their 3d music lesson

Wed 2d - Wm went to Toledo - Catharine and I went for Sister Mary

Thurs 3d - Ella and Frank came and staid to tea Wm and Kittie went to Solon Stones

Frid 4th - Wm Lillie and Catharine has gone to take the sheep to pasture on his Fathers farm Kittie met with the Methodist aid at Mr Foskets

Sat 5th - it was raining this morning - cloudy all day

Sund 6th - Kittie, Lillie & Catharine went to Church and Sabath School wee had Chicken for dinner, Lemon pie and other good things

Mond 7th - Kittie & I went to Owosso, Dr Lamb treated my Eye, treatment harsh Kittie bought platter, 12 bone dishes 1 gravey dish Haviland China $7.20 cts I bought Lillie a Silver wristlet paid $1.25 cts Catharine a book .17 cts went and had lunch

Tues 8th - Wm & Kittie went to see Mr Ferguson he is verry low, has hiccoughs

Wed 9th - Wm and man has just come with a load of 30 bush scorched Wheat from Teledo Kittie & Alice attended the Baptist Ladies Aid at Mrs Bishops, they received $6.00

Thurs 10th - merc 88 above in shade Wm took me to Durand Dentist Bates took an impresion for my teeth

Frid 11th - merc 88 in shade Wm Kittie & girles have gone to take music, their 3d lessons Franc Schad is verry low Wm & Kittie went to see her

Sat 12th - Ida Kelsey went home this afternoon Tom Cowin came to see his mother

Sund 13th - the girles went to Sabath School with the girles

1899 Mond Aug 14th - Mr Allan Ferguson died this morning, Wm took Sister to Idas received a letter from A E Richards

Tues 15th - Wm & Kittie went to see Franc Schad, she is better, there is a young calf

Wed 16th - it is cooler but verry dry - the grass is burning up Lillie & I has done most all the Ironing, Catharine and Lillie are practiceing music lessons

Thurs 17th - merc 88 in shade Threshers came at noon, it is verry warm and dry merc 88 4 ocl afternoon

Frid 18th - merc 92 in shade the Threshers finished at noon. Wheat 463 bush, oats 333 bush

Sat 19th - Mr Dodge & Father worked here toping out the oat stack, Kittie washed after dinner Kittie & I went to Owosso Dr Lamb treated my Eye, I bought 6 Towels paid $1.50 Kittie bought a umbrella, wee had lunch, went home Expense of trip $5.00

Sund 20th - merc 94 in shade verry warm Wm and Catharine has gone to water his sheep on his Fathers farm north of Durand this is the 15th day since wee had a drop of rain, every thing is drying up

Mond 21st - merc 96 in shade verry warm, Lillie & Catharine are practiceing music lesson

Tues 22d - Wm & Kittie went to Whitmore Lake, an excursion of Knight Templers returned at 10 ocl evening Ida Kelsey - came for her trunk, Mr Dodge commenced to pull beans Lillie & I ironed Old Mrs Lillie was buried to day

Wed 23d - Mr Dodge is here to day Kittie has gone to take Wm to train - he is going to Corunna this afternoon for me for which I paid him $2.00 Kittie and Catharine has gone to Mrs John Smiths to meet the Baptist Ladies Aid Society, Kittie went to Knags Bridge bought 2 bush of Plums she paid .50 cts bush

Thurs 24th - merc 90 in shade two Mr Dodges worked in the beans this forenoon - this afternoon they (are) Threshing for Bernard Wm is not well he & Kittie has gone 3 miles north of Durand to water his sheep on his Fathers farm grass is dryed up it is 21 days since wee had one drop of rain every thing is drying up

1899 Frid Aug 25th - merc 86 above verry warm and dry, Lillie went to the Methodist Picknick yesterday in Redmans Grove Kittie went to Knaggs bridge and bought 2 bushels of Plums paid .50 cts pr bushel it is verry warm Mr J D Royce and Frank Welch made a pleasant call Lillie, Catharine & Bell - has gone to a Baptist Sunday Picknick at Redmans grove

Sat 26th - Mr Dodge is cleaning out the Cistern, - it is cloudy, Mr F Hunt is sick after dinner Kittie and I drove to Durand, I got my teeth they fit verry good

Sund 27th - it is dear little Catharines birth day - 9 yrs old, Heavenly Father bless her I bought her a Willow Chair paid $3.00, Lillie gave her a flat iron, Bell & Willie each a pocket handkerchief

Mond 28th - merc 90 in shade Wm has gone to water his sheep, 3 miles North of Durand, warm & dry it is 23 days since we had a drop of rain, Charley Goodspeed took dinner with us yesterday

Tues 29th - Kittie washed, Wm & Mr Dodge pulled beans from 4 o'clock morning til after dark

Wed 30th - merc 80 above Wm & Mr Dodge pulled beans til noon, hot and dry no rain I pieced one block crazy work this evening Wm took Kittie - Lillie & Catharine to Durand in Surry, Mrs Lola Stone & Ollie Schad called, Mattie Duncan came

Thurs 31st - Wm & Mattie went to Durand this evening to the Street Fair I done part of the ironing to day

Be right, and do right, and all earth, and hell combined cannot put you down , T Dewitt Talmage
In the Lord I put my trust

1899 Frid Sept 1st - wee had a light shower last night the first in 26 days Mr Dodge has come to work to day, he and Mr White were here to supper, Wm Kittie and girles attended the Street Fair at Durand Mattie Duncan & I kept house they got home 12 ocl at night

Sat 2d - Mattie Duncan went to Detroit this morning

Sund 3d - Kittie Catharine and I went to Methodist Church to day I visited my dead once more - went and seen Eddies baby Paul

Mond 4th - Kittie went to Byron with Lillie and Catharine - they commenced going to school in the afternoon, she went for Mrs Josie Minor, Mc Ewen and little boy Miner Albert our cistern is empty hope it will fill soon

Tues 5th - Wm has gone with children to school Kittie has gone to take Josie to Durand wee have had two fine showers this morning the first in 30 days praise God from whom all blessings flow- wee had one light shower last Thursday I caught 2 pailes of water, all wee have had in 30 days, - Wm & Mr White drew the last of beans yesterday

Wed 6th - Mr White came to breakfast, Wm took the girles to school, it is raining hard Cistern is filling, School meeting Monday evening 4th 4 in attendance

Thurs 7th - Kittie is washing, I am piecing Crazy blocks Mrs White and 3 children were here, spent the afternoon, and Tea

Frid 8th - Wm & Mr White took 2 loads of Wheat to Elevator, Mr White brought 1650 lbs of Cole Mrs Miner and Daughter Jennie spent a part of Afternoon pleasantly

1899 Sat Sept 9th - after dinner, Kittie & I went to Owosso, I went to have my Eye treated returned 1/2 past 7 evening. I paid my Insurance Assessment pr Wm Schad $5.96 cts

Sund 10th - Wm & Kittie have gone to Detroit, it is quite cool & Cloudy Mr White is doeing Chores for Wm to day, Wm Cummin took dinner with us

Mond 11th - Mr White & Mr Dodge are sowing Wheat, have 12 acres sown Kittie put up 7 quts of Tomatoes Mrs I Barnum & her Sister Mrs Tuttle called, Kittie went for the girles our school opend to day 11 scholars Miss Flora Bennet Teacher Mr Dodge & Mr White are working for Wm Mr White digging Potatoes in garden Teacher Miss Bennet took dinner with us and signed her Contract

Tues 12th - Mr White finished digging Early Potatoes, Wm & Kittie went to a Social

Wed 13th - there was a frost last night Wm has 21 acres of Wheat Sowed Kittie is washing Wm & Kittie was to a Social last evening

Thurs 14th - Mr & Mrs Tubs called, wee have fire on the hearth

Frid 15th - Wm & Mr Tubs went to Oak grove to day Wm & Kittie spent the evening at Mr Mc Kinnies

Sat 16th - merc 86 above Mr Tubs is taking dinner with Wm, Mrs Dell Tubs called Mr White is digging and hauling late Potatoes, Wm sold Mr Tubs 40 Ewe sheep Mr Dodge brought winter ? to Kittie, She bought them of him

Sund 17th - Bell & Willie Cummin staid last night, and to breakfast this morning

Mond 18th - it commenced to rain last evening at 5 ocl - rained all night and rained all day it is nice for Wheat that is sowed Legrand Schad came to work for Will

Tues 19th - Legrand Schad came last evening to work for Wm

Wed 20th - Wm went to Mont Clemmons, to be treated for Rheumatism

1899 Thurs Sept 21st - 15 yrs ago to day I left home for Detroit with my dear Companion where he was treated for dislocation of his left Shoulder - died 24th oh my Soul, that fatal day, my heart Sink, with in me, sad sad fate

Frid 22d - Legrand finished diging and hauling the last of the late Potatoes

Sat 23d - Legrand hauled old iron to the Byron Depot Kittie received a letter from Wm at Mt Clemons

Sund 24th - it is raining, Sister Mary is spending this week with me

Mond 25th - the Threshers came to Roberts and threshed his beans they came at 3 ocl at 4 ocl it commenced to rain Kittie has gone for the girles

Tues 26th - the Threshers finished after dinner - 12 men to dinner it has cleared off cold, Ella Sheldon fetched us 1 bushel of grapes

Wed 27th - Legrand is hauling Beans to Elevator he gets $1.05 pr bush Dan brought Mrs Sarah Ferguson -1, Kittie had a letter from Wm he felt 50 pr ct better

Thurs 28th - 15 yrs to day all I had on earth to call my own was laid away til the resurrection Heavenly Father prepare me to go to him Mrs Ferguson and I looked over the grapes to day

Frid 29th - Legrand is hauling in Corn, Kittie and girles took dinner with M E Aid at Mr Hoisingtons

Sat 30th - a hard frost last night wee expect Wm on evening train Wm came on afternoon train feeling pretty well, thank our Heavenly father

Sept 8th Mr White hauled 1660 lbs of Cole from Closes Elevator amount $4.75
19th Legrand Schad hauled 1980 lbs $5.70 - 2030 lbs $5.84
20th 2090 lbs $5.75 pr Ton - paid $22.33 pr Wm Schad

1899 Sund Oct 1st - This was actual bill from Fred E. Close

Byron, Mich. Oct 2 1899 M W. B. Schad

In Account with FRED E. CLOSE & CO.
Shippers of
Grain, Wool and Beans.
Sept. 8 1660 H Coal 5.75 4.78 2 Tons 50 lbs
Sept. 19 1980 - 2030# $5.70-$5.84 11.54 $13.60
Sept. 20 2090 - 5.75 6.01 22.33
Sept. 20 2 bu T seed 3.00 11 hund 3.50
Sept. 20 1 bll salt 85
Bal. 26.18
26.18 26.18
Bal due $26.18
my Cole cost me this winter $38.83 cts
March Legrand hauled from Gaines 10 hundred lbs Cole paid pr Legrand $3.50 cts
Feb 16th Legrand hauled 2200 lbs of Cole both times ?
Feb 3d I gave Wm $10.00 for Cole
2d Feb 19th Legrand hauled - 1830 lbs of Cole $7.00 pr Ton

1899 Sunday Oct 1st - Legrand Schad left - went to Ed Hathaways Bell and girles went to Sabath School, I paid $22.33 cts pr Wm for my Cole I gave Kittie $3.50 cts of my Bean money. I received $1.05 pr bush

Mond 2d - Kittie and Sarah Ferguson washed

Tues 3d - Sarah and I ironed

Wed 4th - I took Sarah - to Dan Mc Caughnas wee had a good visit I went to Byron for Lillie & Catharine - I bought in Mrs Coles, some aprons for Sarah

Thurs 5th - Mr & Mrs Chaffee came and spent the day, it is 4 ocl they have gone Mr Dodge is picking Apples this afternoon - Wm has gone for girles

Frid 6th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand came home had dinner gone for girles I am stitching Crazy quilt blocks on machine, have 50 blocks pieced enough for two quilts

Sat 7th - general house work, Mrs Ferguson came from Mrs Mc Caughnas

Sund 8th - Mrs Ferguson, Catharine, and I went to Baptist Church I gave the Elder Church Pastor $5.00 dol after Church wee visited my dead once more Mr & Mrs Lola Stone and Harry called, Wm has taken his sheep

Mond 9th - to Lola Stones to pasture, Kittie has gone with the children to school Mrs Ferguson is straining grapes for wine, she made 6 gallons

Tues 10th - Mr Dodge is diging Potatoes and hauling Wm share to the cellar

Wed 11th - Mrs Ferguson went to Bernards, Mr Baxter & Mrs Dodge are putting Apples in cellar - Mr Boman Williams Shook the trees and gatherd them in Barrels - Mr Dodge & Baxter & Wm set up the Cole stove

Thurs 12th - Mr Dodge is helping Wm to gather stalks Wm went to Gaines and got a little bird dog that Mr ? sent from Detroit

1899 Frid Oct 13th - merc 80 above on east porch Wm took me to Idas, Sister Mary & Ferguson had gone to Roger Bs to spend the day I had a good visit Kittie came for me and then went for the girles I sent a letter to Dr Lamb yesterday it is verry warm all the fires are out

Sat 14th - merc 80 above general house work I received a letter from Mary A Mc Farlin

Sund 15th - dry and hot

Mond 16th - Kittie & Mrs Ferguson washed, in the evening commenced to rain

Tues 17th - Kittie attended a Macabee meeting Mrs Ferguson and I ironed

Wed 18th - Kittie took Mrs Ferguson to John Havilands, Mr Tubs took dinner with us Mrs Stewart Eva Sickles is buried this afternoon in the Lovejoy Cemetery wee had a nice rain yesterday Mr O Barns called

Thurs 19th - merc 80 it rained I sent a letter to Mrs Mary A Mc Farlin Reno Nevada

Frid 20th - merc 78 Mr White is putting in wood Wm bought a hog, and 9 nice pigs Kittie has gone for girles

Sat 21st - Mr Dodge put in two loads of Potatoes in the cellar

Sund 22d - Wm & Kittie went to Lola Stones was back to dinner Mrs Rose Ford was buried in the Lovejoy Cemetery, she died in Pontiac Assylem, Mr & Mrs Hunt little Ethelwain came after dinner

Mond 23d - Mr White is splitting stove wood - in wood house John Haviland came with Mrs Ferguson

Tues 24th - Mrs Ferguson & I went to Ella Sheldons - Eddie & May came to dinner

Wed 25th - merc 78 above a lovely day - Mrs White washed for Kittie yesterday - Mr White sawed stove wood

Thurs 26th - Mrs Ferguson and I ironed

Frid 27th - Mrs ferguson and I went to Will Kitsons and made a visit at 2 ocl it commenced to rain

Sat 28th - it has rained all day Wm & Mr White drove the sheep home from Mr Stones

Sund 29th - cleared up Mr & Mrs Hunt called

1899 Mond Oct 30th - I renewed my subscription for the Byron Herald Nov 1st 1899 Wm took Mrs Ferguson and myself to Dan Mc Caughnas, Mrs White is washing for Kittie to day

Tues 31st - Sarah is going home to day - a hard frost last night I took in all my flowers

Wed 1st - wee started Cole stove, Kittie & I ironed Miss Benet Teacher took dinner with us wm bought 5 Tons Beets of Mr Bates, and is hauling them

Thurs 2d - Mr Willows is helping Wm to them in the cellar

Frid 3d - it snowed then rained Mr Willor & Wm put 3 loads of Beets in the cellar

Sat 4th - snowed last night, the ground was white this morning, - it is almost gone at 11 ocl the Bank at Byron was broken in, Wednesday night

Sund 5th - Kittie took girles to Church & Sabath school I sent $5.00 dol to Elder Joslin pr Kittie

Mond 6th - Mrs White is washing for Kittie Wm has gone for another load of Beets Kittie sent a letter to Mrs Beebe Saturday

Tues 7th - A nice day received a letter from Roger M Mr Do(d)ge hauled a load of Beets Kittie went with others to Bancroft a lovely day Mr White is working

Wed 8th - merc 60 above a lovely day Kittie has a bad cold it look like spring this evening

Thurs 9th - Kittie sick with cold, she received a letter from Kittie Ferguson Detroit

Frid 10th - Mrs Wormmly made a pleasant call, it commenced to rain this afternoon

Sat 11th - Kittie sick rained a little I received a letter from Amanda Carpenter

Sund 12th - Kittie better Salon Stone took dinner with us

Mond 13th - Mrs White is washing for Kittie Mr White is working for Wm Jack Whitehead took dinner with us it is a nice day

Tues 14th - it rained all day, wee ironed - Mr White is looking over Apples

What ever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might

1899 Wed Nov 15th - I sit up til 2 ocl - did not see meteoric shower Wm went to Gaines to meet his friend Mr J Kline of Detroit

Thurs 16th - they are out hunting haveing a good time Mrs Andrew Williams died Tuesday evening at 7 ocl I sit up til 2 ocl but did not see the Meteoris shower, verry cloudy

Frid 17th - Church Rev Church preached sermon, Kittie has a bad cold

Sat 18th - merc 64 above a lovely day first sunshine in one week Kittie went to Mrs Fishers for Mrs George Carpenter

Sund 19th - the two girles took Kit and went to Sunday School for the first time

Mond 20th - Mrs came and washed - Kittie took Mrs Carpenter to first Train Mrs Mc Kinney and little Catharine made a pleasant call our school commenced to day - Miss Stella Telling Teacher Legrand Schad came to work for Wm

Tues 21st - I took Kit and went to Bernards had a nice visit with Sister Mary, how wee enjoyed it

Wed 22d - it is cloudy some colder Wm has gone with the children

Thurs 23d - Wm put 2 paines of glass in windows in school house this morning

Frid 24th - Lillie is sick cant go to school to day

A newspaper article dated November 24, 1899

On Tuesday evening, Nov. 14, 1899, at 9:30, she looked for the last time upon this beautiful world, with its spring time and invigorating air; summer, with its carpet of green and beautiful flowers; autumn, with colors of gold and crimson, and all the lovely scenes of earth, to enter into the winter of death. But harder still were the good-byes, the severing of the silver link and silken tie that bound her to her faithful and devoted husband, her two sons' wives and children, brother and sister, and all who were near and dear to her. In the seclusion of her home she was ever watchful for the comfort of her family. There centered her brightest dreams, which became more golden, more intense, the tenderest joys more serene as she grew more and more feeble. She arranged for the comfort of her family in the future with great forethought and care. She was a successful business woman, and from her daily toil in conjunction with her husband, accumulated a com-petency.She was interested in the growth and prosperity of our village, and willing to do her share towards every benevolent object. As a society woman she was entertaining and many have enjoyed her hospitality who will always remember such occasions with pleasure. Obliging and generous to a fault, no one was ever turned away from her door hungry. Many needy ones will remember her generous acts. The 30 little girls who decorated the soldiers' graves a few years ago remember the bountiful dinner she treated them to; at another time the G. A. R. Post was shown the same courtesy. Trials came to her, dark clouds often hung low over her head. She was called upon to bid adieu to the best of friends, a mother; and later her little granddaughter. Gladys, whom she never ceased to mourn. Although the sands did darkly run Thro' many a lonely hour, Yet she would not call from the life begun, That dearly cherished flower. These scenes through which she had just passed left their impress upon her memory; life seemed to loose its strong hold, and she commenced to "set her house in order" for the hereafter. She spoke to her pastor about this a short time before she died and assured him she had made her peace with Gad. She possessed many sterling qualities of womanhood, which to emulate is a virtue. She was a member of the W. R. C. and by request their burial service as in their ritual was a part of the solemn exercises at the funeral, which was held the at the Baptist church on Friday, Nov. 17, at 2 p m. Rev. Church, pastor spoke comforting words to the afflicted ones. The singing and selections were appropriate and good. She was laid at rest in a beautiful black draped, copper-lined casket, overlaid with cream satin. Mr Savage, undertaker, conducted the funeral to his credit. Several large floral designs, bouquets and smaller tokens of love, were laid upon the casket. During the exercises the bright sun shone through the lovely stained glass windows of the church across the floral casket and shed a beautiful halo. The remains were laid to rest in the Byron cemetery., beside little Gladys. "Hidden from sight, but , Oh not lost, Only the narrow stream is crossed, And now upon the farther shore, Whence none return for ever more, She will rejoice and know no fear, For He who justifies is near." F. E. S.

Sat 25th - Kittie is real poorly - I set one of my Crazy Quilts together to day

Sund 26th - Legrand Schad & Catharine has gone to Church and Sabath School merc 54 above it is a lovely day have not had any frost for a week

Mond 27th - A fog in morning til noon, Mrs White came and washed for Kittie

Tues 28th - Mr Kline and 3 others came from Detroit for a days hunt, Mrs Mc Kinney & I visited Mrs Bostwick

Wed 29th - Wm Dr Howard - Dr Parish & Fred Stowel went for a hunt was in to lunch

1899 Frid Dec 1st -

A paper with a letter on one side and accounting on the reverse side
The letter dated Sept. 12, 1899;

Byron Mich
Sept 12/99.
Dear Friend Vira:
I rec'd your letter and was glad to get it but sorry your Chapter could not come.
You probably thought me very impatient, but the Chapter was quite

On the reverse side
Aug 26th - 1899

Wm gave me $20.00 dol on Wheat sold
Frid Sept 8th - Wm gave me $40.00 on Wheat sold
Oct 2d Wm Schad paid me $70.00 dol my share of Beans
Beans sold for $1.05 pr bush
Frid Aug 8th Threshers came and Threshed - 463 bush of Wheat, Oats 333 bush Corn, 560, bush
Frid Sept 8th - Mr White hauled 1650 lbs of Cole from Elevator $5.75 pr Ton
Tues 19th Legrand Schad hauled 1980 lbs of Cole by the same 2020 lbs the same 2090 lbs amount 5.75 Ton $22.33 cts paid paid Oct 2d 1899

Frid 1st - Yesterday Thurs - was Thanksgiving day - it was lovely wee have not had any frost yet Mrs Mulkin is making Kittie a black dress, She came Wednes evening

Sat 2d - general house work Kittie is verry poorly with her throat

Sund 3d - Kittie does not sit up much

Mond 4th - Dr Howard came to see Kittie said she had Tonsiletus

Tues 5th - merc 20 above Mrs White came and washed, it is verry cold the first time the ground froze this winter, - Legrand went for Dr Howard at 3 ocl

Wed 6th - Dr Howard came at 3 o'clock this morning and lanced Kitties throat Tonsil on right side Mr White has come to help me, Mrs Mulkin has sick heat ache Catharine is sick, with sore throat, and head ache it is moderating a little - Mrs Mulkin & Catharine has the Doctor attending them

Thurs 7th - the Dr Howard came this morning for the third time is attending Kittie - Mrs Mulkin and Catharine - they all have fever, and throat trouble, Wm has sit up 3 nights merc 40 above I sit up til 12 ocl last night - it is snowing and thawing quite a change since Tuesday Mrs White is here ironing, She worked here yesterday and churned and baked neither of the three sit up yesterday - or to day - Mrs Lola Stone took dinner with us the Dr thought Lillie had not better go to school for fear she might have the same

Frid 8th - merc 50 above the Dr came this afternoon, it is a lovely day, wee all slept last night Mrs Mc Kinney called this morning. I bought a bottle of Medicine of Dr Howard paid .75 cts

Sat 9th - Kittie had a sick night - with pain in her tonsils, Wm sit up all night so did she the Dr came this morning and lanced it on the left side it was a painful operation Mrs Mulkin & Catharine are discharged - thank our Heavenly Father

1899 Sund Dec 10th - Kittie Tonsil broke at 11 ocl last night, I thanked my Heavenly father for the relief she was a great sufferer, she had not swallowed food in 7 days the Dr came this morning and found her better - Mrs Mulkin & Catharine are discharged Ida & Bernard called

Mond 11th - it rained all night and all day Mrs Mulkin is sewing to day Catharine is better

Tues 12th - Mrs White came and washed - Kittie sits up to day thank God

Wed 13th - it snowed a little last night - Mrs Mulkin went down with Wm & Lillie this morning

My Husband was born Dec 12th - 1812
died Sept 24th - 1884, being 72 and 10 months old
if living would be - 88 yrs old to day
God will wipe, all tears, from our eyes.

Thurs 14th - dear little Catharine has gone to school, to day for the first in two weeks it is snowing a little, the ground is not coverd Mrs White is here ironing

Frid 15th - the little girles took dinner with M E Society Kittie was not able to attend

Sat 16th - I am sick with a bad cold - Bell took the girles to practice for Christmas

Sund 17th - Legrand Schad took the girles to Church and Sunday School Fred Stowell and Mabel Savage called, about 2 inches of snow

Mond 18th - Mrs White is here washing I am a good deal better thank God it is thawing the snow is almost gone - about 2 inches of snow fell

Tues 19th - merc 42 above Mrs White came and moped the floor, Kittie baked for the first in 5 weeks the snow all gone, I was sick 2 days but am in my usual health now

Wed 20th - Mrs White is here ironing

1899 Thurs Dec 21st - it is a lovely day Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand - the first time she has been out in 5 weeks - the Carpenter came to look at the house Mr & Mrs Fred Close came - made a pleasant call Margaret Mc Caughna & Mrs Mark Boyce called

Frid 22d - A white frost last night - a lovely day Roby Haviland called

Sat 23d - I was taken with a sti(t)ch in my back, could not stand up or lie down without help. Wm would lift me in bed and out. I never was so before

Sund 24th - no better

Mond 25th - Christmas day Kittie had Turkey and a splendid dinner but I could not partake, but loved to see the rest - 16 Christmass has come and gone since my dear husband, took his last Christmas dinner with us - this was a gloomy one Mrs Duncan sent me two pocket handkerchiefs and a lovely card

Tues 26th - I am no better Kittie Ferguson sent me a beautiful Callender

Wed 27th - I am no better do not sit up the pain is terrible

Thurs 28th - I am no better, I received a lovely Callender from Christian Herald Office

Frid 29th - I am better, thank God for his blessing to me - Mrs White came and done the ironing Wm & Kittie has gone to Byron, Mattie Duncan sent babys Picture it is lovely

Sat 30th - merc 4 below this morning I am quite poorly - Mrs Mc Kinney made a pleasant call I enjoyed verry much Wm & Kittie have gone to Durand, she got Catharine winter hat trimed over

Sund 31st - Kittie had 2 baked Chickens and other dellicacies to tempt the appetite Bell and Willie took dinner with us, - I was helped to the table and enjoyed

Fare well 1899 with many pleasant reflections

Newyears --Jan 1st 1900

Mond 1st - clear and cold, I am some better - for which I thank my heavenly Father

Tues 2d - merc 30 above I am not much better Wm & Kittie had to lift me on the bead(bed) last night - our school commenced to day

Wed 3d - I am no better - Wm went for Dr Howard, he has to lift me on the bed

Thurs 4th - Wm sold 100 lambs for 5 1/4 pr head - no better

Frid 5th - Wm & Legrand drove the lambs to the Depot, Kittie used the battery on me and helped paid my Tax pr Wm Schad which was $136.00 dol

Sat 6th - I am better I thank my heavenly Father, it is 15 days to day since I took the stitch

Sund 7th - rained a little Bernard & Ida called - and Mr Mc Kinney called

Mond 8th - Wm & Legrand commenced hauling material for fixing the house a lovely day Mrs Rose Harrington and friend Mrs Smedly called, Tommy Cowan called

Tues 9th - I am better, thank God, Kittie is poorly - Mrs White came to iron Callers came - Mrs Bostwick, her mother, Mrs Sweet - Mrs Mc Donald & Mrs Taft & Roby Haviland Mrs Mattison & Mrs Parrish, they made a pleasant call, John Kitson called

Wed 10th - I am better Legrand is hauling material for fixing house it is a lovely bright sun shine day, warm no snow lovely sunset

Thurs 11th - Kittie is verry poorly, I am a little better - it is snowing a little - not cold

Frid 12th - it is lovely. I am not much better no snow bright sunshine Wm and Kittie lifted me so much she has given out, her limbs are swolen

Sat 13th - Mrs White is here ironing - Bernard called. I received a letter from Elsie Lord

Sund 14th - A lovely day, Kittie does not sit up, I am better - Mr & Mrs Hunt called

Mond 15th - Kittie is no better Mrs White is here helping, Wm went and got Ola Niles it is snowing and thawing Dr Howard called, Kittie verry sick her feet & limbs badly swolen Wm sit up with her all night she is quite helpless

1900 Tues Jan 16th - Ola work it is a lovely day and thawing Kitties limbs are and arms are badly swolen

Wed 17th - they are bathing Kitties feet Limbs and arms with Laudnum to kill pain I am better, thank God - the Drs opperated on Mr Wm Kitsons neck

Thurs 18th - A heavy fog, Kittie is a little better. Ida & Bernard called

Frid 19th - A heavy fog Kittie is not as well. I am better - Ola finished ironing

Sat 20th - A fog this morning 12 ocl the fog is gone, Sunshine, it is like a spring day yesterday Fred Mrs Will & Mrs Fred Close spent 2 hours with us verry pleasantly Kittie is a little better some bloated yet does not sit up yet. I am better thank god the snow is almost gone, Catharine received a letter from Perl Haviland

Sund 21st - A lovely day thawing Lettie Wolfin came and staid all day - Mrs Stone & Harry came Kittie is not much better some bloated, Elder Joslin called made a prayer

Mond 22d - A lovely day Mrs White is here washing Kittie is not much better Mrs Mc Kinney came in the afternoon, Mrs Eddie & Hattie came

Tues 23d - A lovely day Kittie does not sit up any yet - I am better, thank God from whom all blessings flow Eliel Badgero died yesterday morning. I have written to James Haviland and to Mrs George Carpenter one of poor Kittie hands is swelling again

Wed 24th - Kittie got up and dressed for the first time in 11 days, I thank God she is better it snowed a little to day not cold looks pleasant. I walked to the Barn first time I walked out door in over 4 weeks, I weighed myself 120 lbs

Thurs 25th - I am better Kittie is no better a nice day Eliel Badgero buried to day

Frid 26th - Bernard Haviland called Wm brought 2 fat hogs - 1 weighed 156 lbs the other 250 lbs

Sat 27th - Mrs Savage & Mable made a pleasant call

1900 Sund Jan 28th - Kittie sit up for the first in two weeks praise God from whom all blessings flow

Mond 29th - Kittie sit up a little to day it is colder, I received a letter from Perl & from

Tues 30th - R Willie, one from Mrs Carpenter, John Kitson called this morning

Wed 31st - merc zero yesterday Wm went and got Mrs Buck to come and work, - Ola left to go to Detroit

Thurs - Feb 1900 - merc 4 below zero Kittie is better sits up, Mrs Buck gets along nicely, I am better

Frid 2d - merc 4 below Mrs White is helping Mrs Buck wash the sun shone a number of times so the Bear could see his shadow Legrand is cutting up the pork

Sat 3d - merc 30 above it is warmer mercury went to 30 above Mrs Charley Hunt made a pleasant call

Sund 4th - merc 30 above about 3 inches of snow fell last night, and a little to day Mrs Charley Goodspeed & Gracie made a pleasant call Kittie is some better - I am a good deal better for which I thank my Heavenly Father

Mond 5th - merc at zero morning a bright lovely day it is 60 yrs to day since my husband, his Brother Bernard & myself left Ypsilanti for our home on this farm, I ask myself is it a dream or reality Roby Haviland called Mr & Mrs Fred Close called

Tues 6th - merc 30 above warmer Kittie is better praise God from whom all blessings flow Mrs Lola Stone sent a magazine and papers to read printed in Manilla

Wed 7th - it is thawing snow going

Thurs 8th - it rained last night the snow is gone - the clouds are flying bright sunshine very warm wee are both better thank God for all blessings bestowed

1900 Frid Feb 9th - merc fell 40 degrees last night from 60 above all day to 18 above it is a bright sunshine, a little snow fell last night

Sat 10th - merc 34 above it is a lovely day, Kittie is gaining slowly. I am almost well but verry weak

Sund 11th - merc 42 above a lovely day

Mond 12th - merc 46 above Mrs White & Mrs Buck is washing it is a lovely day

Tues 13th - merc 30 above it rained last night, & snowed this morning a little the ground is white I received a letter from Robert Cowan, and sent him one yesterday

Wed 14th - received a letter from Mary Ann Reno Mrs Mc Kinney made a pleasant call

Thurs 15th - Snowed last night 3 inch to day bright sunshine I answerd Mary Ann letter I just bought one $1.00 bottle of pain killer, Roberts Kittie is better but her ankels are swolen, Mrs Buck is ironing

Frid 16th - Legrand Schad hauled 2200 lbs of Cole $6.75 pr ton my Cole has cost me $35.93 cts paid

Sat 17th - pretty cold Bernard called, Kittie feels better but her ankles is swolen

Sund 18th - merc 28 above at 2 ocl, Kittie feels better, I am most well one hip bothers me Mr & Mrs Frank Hunt made a pleasant call

Mond 19th - when Wm took the girles to school, he went after Lettie Wolfin to come and sew for Kittie, She is making an

Tues 20th - orange dress for Catharine to wear at the school exercises she takes a part, and finishing a blue worsted that Kittie commenced Lillie takes part in high school, Mrs Clarrie Buck left this morning Will took her to Mr Beuels she was here 3 weeks; Kitties ankles are bloated full yet

1900 Tues Feb 20th - Lettie made a blue worsted for Catharine & a yellow Chees Cloth for school exercises

Wed 21st - Lettie is making a red Marino dress for Catharine

Thurs 22d - Lettie finished dress, Kitties feet and ankles bloated bad

Frid 23d - merc 40 above Mrs White is here frying ham for summer it is a lovely day

Sat 24th - colder Lettie done Saturdays baking and ironing, dear good girl Frid eve Lillie, Catharine, Wm & Legrand attended the school exercises

Sund 25th - merc at zero Wm took Lettie home this morning; poor Kittie is broke out with a rash all over her Wm had to go for Dr Howard, Kittie was in such distress - he helped her

Mond 26th - merc 4 below zero Mrs B Mc Kinney came with Miss Polly Higgins - to work for Kittie it is a lovely day but cold Catharine is coughing she staid home for it may be whooping cough Teacher said Mrs Scott took the remains of her little Grand Daughter to Lambertville to bury her the sun set north of the Barn this evening

Tues 27th - merc 4 below zero cold Catharine staid at home she coughs Kitties hives are gone

Wed 28th - merc 4 below snowed a fine snow all day about 18 inches, - wee have not 4 inches before this winter

For there are three, that bear record in heaven, the Father, the word, and the Holy Ghost, and these three, are one

There are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, the water and the blood these three agree in one
Home Garden <
p>Kind hearts are the garden, Kind thoughts are the roots

Kind words are the blossoms, kind deeds are the fruit

Thurs - March 1st 1900 - Snow drifted, Kittie is better I am triming two pillow cases

Frid 2d - Wm took Kittie sleighing the first she has been out in 8 weeks they went to Wm Closes

Sat 3d - a lovely day Wm took me to Bernards, the first time I have been out of the yard this winter I met all their family & Sister Mary she is quite well, and smart for her age 81 yrs Kittie had callers 17 teen lady Macabees made a pleasant call Wm came for me, I enjoyed my visit, I met Allies Sister Miss Clare

Sund 4th - merc 32 above it has been snowing through the night and this morning still snowing Kittie not feeling so well - I am quite well, thank God from whom all blessings flow

Mond 5th - merc 8 above this morning it is snowing Wm took Lillie to school Catharine has Whooping Cough does not go to school Poor Kittie is broke out with hives, she is poorly, and is lying down

Tues 6th - merc 46 above morning it snowed all day yesterday, merc was 12 deg above last night - is 46 above this morning it rained some in the night, is thawing this morning

Wed 7th - Mr Lola Stone and Harry spent the afternoon with us Catharine has Whooping Cough does not go to school for two weeks Kittie is all broke out with hives - I am feeling quite well, a letter from Roger M

Thurs 8th - it is thawing poor Kitties cough is returning, she took a vapor bath

Frid 9th - warmer Kittie took an other vapor bath wee think she has Whooping Cough the Dr thinks she has Whooping Cough, she had it when 4 yrs old she is quite sick with it

Sat 10th - general house work

Sund 11th - Mr & Mrs Frank Hunt called, Mrs Rorason & Mrs Buck called our girl Polly Higgins went home Saturday evening

1900 Mond March 12th - pleasant - Legrand Schad is sick, Kittie has not sit up to day she coughs verry hard. Mrs Kirkendol washed at home for Kittie

Tues 13th - Mr Schad is better - Mrs White came to doe ironing

Wed 14th - Mrs Mc Kinney came Kittie seemed better, but coughed hard her Tonsils were swelling - her right hand and arm began to swell, and pain her, she could hardly endure it, wee done all wee could to alleviate pain, Wm & Legrand went to Durand for Dr Marshall - Wm gave her 3 morphine Tablets it did not quiet her til 1/2 past 3 ocl when he went to bed I went to bed 1/2 past 2 ocl when she awakened she was no better

Thurs 15th - Dr Marshal came this morning - Injected morphine in her poor arm and gave her a gargle for her throat, she did not cough any all night wee have given up, that she, has whooping cough, she coughed 10 days Wm sold mother hog and 9 - 6 months ol(d) pigs for 4.75 pr hundred the mother weighed 450 lbs the pigs 190 a piece Mrs Mc Kinney called

Frid 16th - Kittie is coughing again, it is verry cold; Kittie & I sent money to the M E Aid birth day party

Sat 17th - merc 4 below St. Patricks day rather cool for walking, Kittie says she feels a little better her hand and arm is not swollen so bad, it is bright sunshine, but verry cold

Sund 18th - merc 40 above it has moderated, Dr Marshal came to see Kittie, he says he will treat her throat, then her cough will leav(e) her, I hope and pray it will the bloat has left her arm I received a letter from Ida E Wagner 501 - Jones Street Oakland Cal Mr & Mrs Lola Stone came, Kittie sit up while they stayed

Mond 19th - Legrand Schad went 15 miles for a girl Lillie Sweeten it rained and snowed now lovely Bobbie Haviland came to see Kittie, she is dressed Mr Ralph Tubs called

1900 Tues March 20th - there is snow squalls all day, and cold, Kittie coughs hard she is useing a spray for her throat, Dr Marshal filled it for her his charges for 2 visits $7.50, T Cowan was here to dinner Legrand Schad, hauled 10 hundred lbs of Cole paid $3.50 pr Legrand T Cowan took dinner with us, lovely day in the afternoon

Wed 21st - Lillie May washed, Kittie is better

Thurs 22d - A snow shower, then sun shine, Mrs Isaac Middlesworth was buried in Byron yesterday

Frid 23d - Mr & Mrs Wm Close & Mrs Fred Close made a pleasant call

Sat 24th - Wm had 6 men and teams taking sheep to Depot he sold to Mc Cue(n) pr Wadly, the men were here to dinner. Kittie is better thank God from whom all blessings flow

Sund 25th - a lovely day - Alice & Robert & Children spent the evening

Mond 26th - it snowed last night and this morning about one inch

Tues 27th - Miss Barnes Alfreds Sister called Kittie is making cake & pie the first cooking she done in a good while

Wed 28th - Kittie is helping Lillie get dinner, Mr Betterly is tagging sheep, I wrote to Ida Ray

Thurs 29th - merc 40 above a nice day thawing, snow almost gone, Kittie is better & baking Cake and pie

Frid 30th - a nice day the roads Wm took the last of the fat sheep to the Elevator yesterday

Sat 31st - Wm & Kittie drove to Durand came back had dinner - drove to Byron wee are all well again thank God the giver of all good things

March has gone out like a Lamb
Thou art my Lamp, oh Lord, and will lighten my darkness

1900 Sund April 1st - the three girles has gone to Church and Sunday School, a lovely day

Mond 2d - Town Meeting day, it is raining this morning but cleared off about 10 ocl Alfred took Kittie to Mrs Fred Closes to spend the day, there was a Macabee - Sugar Social Lillie and Catharine attended, both Parties Elected their favorites - roads verry bad I received a paper from Mrs Morrice with the death of John Morrice her husband, Catharine received a letter from Charles Stenger; Bell Cummin staid all night our folks returned 12 ocl

Tues 3d - A lovely spring morning - there was a lovely Rainbow last evening

Wed 4th - A nice day snow going Kittie visited Mrs Mc Kinney

Thurs 5th - merc 60 above a fine morning, birds singing Kittie took girles to school roads better

Frid 6th - I was invited to Mr Wm Chafees birth day, he being 87 yrs old, family reunion met Seward Chafee Wife and 2 month old baby Mrs Fred Close Mrs Carrie Northway of Owosso Mr George Eddie, Wife & Lossie and Hattie, Mrs Hattie Cole & myself were the onely invited guests Mr Chaffee was 87 yrs old to day if Mr Haviland had lived he would (have) been 87 the 12th of last December born 1812 wee spent the day pleasantly - Mr Chaffee said not many more to spend to gether, his Eyesight is poor his general health good Mr & Mrs Peter Schad came and spent the day Kittie came for me

Sat 7th - A verry fine day let the fire go out in wood stove

Sund 8th - Kittie girles & Alfred went to Church and Sabath school Mrs Silveys little girl was burid this afternoon

1900 Mond April 9th - Kittie went to Owosso on morning Train, Mr Clough called Dr Harper came with his Daughter Anna, she commenced school summer term I received a letter from Roger M saying he was married the 29th of March Kittie returned on evening train Catharine sent a letter to Charley Stenger

Tues 10th - it is cold Lillie May ironed Wm has gone with girles to school

Wed 11th - Cold, this afternoon it snowed til the ground was coverd

Thurs 12th - the ground is white with snow but thawing some warmer

Frid 13th - this morning the ground was coverd with snow that fell last night there was snow showers all day George Fox was buried to day

Sat 14th - morning lovely sun bright

Sund 15th - Easter Sunday Alfred Kittie and girles went to Church & Sunday School after dinner, - Dell Hichcock, Mrs Mulkin & little Linda came staid to lunch

Mond 16th - Wm went to the Train to meet Mr Clough, Kittie went to meet Lillie May Sweeten, it rained a little warmer, Alfred lifted Shubry

Tues 17th - it rained a little last night, Mr Clough & Wm staked for the house yesterday it is cloudy Mr Clough & Wm went to Byron hauled a load of lumber Alfred lifted shrubs & flower bulbs & plants out of my flower beds Kittie took all she could carry in the Carriage with children she got Mr Lord to set them paid him .50 cts Lillie May Sweeten washed

Wed 18th - Mr Ed Hathaway was here to dinner, Mr Legrand Schad was to dinner, Mrs White & Johnnie was here to dinner

Thurs 19th - Legrand Schad drew a load of lumber and bought scraper Wm drew 2 loads, Mr Willor worked yesterday afternoon in the cellar

1900 Frid April 20th - Wm is helping excavate in the celler Billy Badgero is helping this afternoon

Sat 21st - my 79th birth day, I thank my Heavenly Father for my health and for watching over me to this great age, help me to lead a pure life in thoughts words and deeds, the remainder of my days Billy Badgero & Mr White is helping to day, there has been 3 loads of stone hauled it is sprinkling this forenoon - Kittie drove to Bernards yesterday it rained this afternoon the men had to quit work, Lillie Sweeten came home with Wm

Sund 22d - it rained a little all night, and this forenoon, the men finished digging the celler yesterday

Mond 23d - the man Mr Clough quit work it rained Wm & Mr Dodge hauled 2 loads of lumber from Durand Billy Badgero hauled 2 load of stone Mr Willors hauled a load of sand - it is a lovely morning

Tues 24th - Wm hauled 10 barrels of Lime yesterday he went to Durand to day received his order of Strawberries - 1 Tree for cemetery Weeping Willow, I paid $1.00 dol for it he has English Walnut, Sweet Chestnut, Grape vines, & Peach, Pear, Asperagus Billy Badgero plowed the ground, Alfred & Kittie are setting them out Mr Willor is hauling sand, Billy is hauling stone this afternoon

Wed 25th - Alfred finished setting trees, and plants, east of North orchard Mrs Savage came with bed springs, Kittie paid her $2.50

Thurs 26th - Mr Savage came with matrass, Wm paid him $3.00 dol

Frid 27th - Letta Wolfin came last evening to sew for Kittie received a letter from Mrs Beebee

Sat 28th - A lovely day verry dry, Mr Clough went to Howell on the morning train Alfreds Brother Earl staid with him last night, moved our plants out to the porch

Sund 29th - the 3 girles went to Church and Sabath School a lovely day

Mond 30th - Alfred & Billy Badgero planted early Potatoes Saturday 28th

Tues May 1st - Mr Clough and 3 stone masons came from Howell yesterday Monday came on last train, Wm met them they commenced work after dinner in the cellar, Mr Clough has been here 2 weeks it is a lovely day verry dry I received a letter from Mrs Carpenter and sent one

Wed 2d - I took the girles to school and went to Ella Sheldons after dinner wee drove to the Cemetery it looks fine, Kittie went last week she and the Sexton set 12 Hyacinths and 24 Tulips on the graves it looks beautiful they are all in bloom Mr Lord set a weeping Willow for me I paid $1.00 dol for it

Thurs 3d - I wrote and sent a letter to Mrs Beebee, one to Sarah Ferguson I renewed my subscription for Corunna Journal it rained a little last night

Frid 4th - it snowed last night and this morning all gone by 10 ocl the masons could not work til then - I worked 21 buttonholes on Catharines waists it is cold wee have fire in the stove every thing looks green and nice I renewed my subscription for Corunna Journal $1.00 paid my assessment .50 cts on Cemetery

Sat 5th - I took Catharine to see Vera Mattisons, called to see George Runyan found him verry poorly, what afflictions, to bad, him so young the stone masons went to Howell on evening Train Mr Clough laid the sleepers

Sund 6th - Mr & Mrs Ralph Tubs made a pleasant call, Eddie & May Sheldon came

Mond 7th - Sheep shearrers came this afternoon and 1 stone mason, the other two come 6 ocl Mr Clough is working up high, there was a Thunder Shower the first this spring

Tues 8th - it thunderd Lightned last night and showers to day the carpenter & masons could not work, the 3 sheep shearers sheard two Mr Lillies & Mr Betterly sheared --- 76 sheep

1900 Tues May 8th - I hear Mr Mc Kinney had 1 sheep and 2 lambs struck with Lightning

Wed 9th - it has cleared off lovely the 3 stone masons Wm & Charley Barrett and Tom Calvert finished the walls at 5 ocl had supper, Wm took them to the Depot Billy Badgero came at suppertime, the Peach Trees are in bloom wee had a lovely rain Mr Mc Kinney had some sheep struck with Lightning Monday night

Thurs 10th - Letta Wolfin came to sew for Kittie, Mr Dunning came to help Mr Clough, they are putting up the frame to day it is cold Billy Badgero is plowing the south orchard and garden they planted some more Potatoes east of the north orchard

Frid 11th - it rained last night and at intervals to day Mr Neuman and Mr Dunning came at noon to work - my cactus has 7 blossoms

Sat 12th - Mr Dunning & Mr Neuman came at dinner time to work it thunderd Lightned and rained all last night and this forenoon the carpenters are putting on the board sheeting Letta is making Catharine a pink divinity dress has made Kittie a linnen waist

Sund 13th - Kittie took Lettie home, Lillie Sweeten went home on evening train

Mond 14th - I went to Byron for Lillie met her there, Mr Dunning & Mr Neuman came

Tues 15th - verry warm, a light shower Sun is shinning, Lillie Schad is not well did not go to school to day, Kittie is not well to day has gone for Catharine

Wed 16th - the 3 carpenters are putting up rafters and putting on rough board Alfred is making garden, Bill Badgero has plowed South orchard & garden, Kittie has gone with Children to school they are both better, it is foggy

Thurs 17th - I drove to Bernards to see Sister Mary she is well it rained

Frid 18th - Wm has gone with the girles it is sprinkling, they are putting the cornice on

1900 Sund May 20th - A lovely day warmer, Kittie & girles have gone to Church & Sabath School I sent $5.00 to Rev Church

Mond 21st - Lillie Sweeten washed, the three carpenters are here they have commenced shingling

Tues 22d - the three carpenters are shingling, Mr Peter Schad was to dinner in the afternoon Mr & Mrs Fred Close made a pleasant call

Wed 23d - 3 carpenters are shingling Mrs Mc Kinney made a call

Thurs 24th - I finished a black Skirt for Lillie Schad

Frid 25th - the carpenters finished shingling, Mabel Savage came for Teacher

Sat 26th - Lorend Smith came home with Catharine last evening Lillie Schad staid all day it was examination day

Sund 27th - it is Kitties 32d birth day it is the 36th aniversary of Uncle Bernards death it rained all day thunderd and Lightned it was hailed with joy our cistern was empty

Mond 28th - the three carpenters came, Kittie boiled a Kettle of soap

Tues 29th - the carpenters finished the fancy work shingle on front and sides

Wed 30th - Decoration day Wm, Alfred Kittie and girles went with flowers the three carpenters worked all day. I finished a shirt waist for Lillie

Thurs 31st - it rained Thunderd & Lightned, our cistern was dry it came good the three carpenters worked on the inside they moved the Bay window

1900 Frid June 1st - it has rained all day, Wm, Alfred, & Mr White are hauling plaster sand the three carpenters are laying the Chamber floor, Kittie has gone for girles I hear Mrs Simonson died in Byron yesterday, will be buried to morrow in Lovejoy Cemetery

Sat 2d - Wm went to Owosso returned on evening train, after breakfast Iwent to look after Chickens, I slipped and fell in the hen house I hurt my arm pretty bad

Sund 3d - Alfred Lillie & Catharine have gone to Church and Sabath School

Mond 4th - the 3 carpenters come & Teacher Miss Anna Harper Billy Badgero came, he & Wm drew the last load of plaster sand

Tues 5th - Alfred is planting Potatoes, Kittie has made soap the three carpenters are here wee received a letter from Roger M yesterday

Wed 6th - Mr Dunning left after dinner to attend the Baptist Convention in Byron it rained hard in the afternoon Alfred planted 2 rows of Potatoes Lillie May Sweeten is sick, poor Kitties feet and ankles badly swolen

Thurs 7th - the 3 carpenters are at work it rained hard

Frid 8th - Wm Mr Clough, Mr Newman & Alfred went to Owosso to a show Mr Henry Foot called after dinner Kittie and I drove to the house of mourning Mrs Bostwicks Mrs Sweet mother died about 10 ocl to day, Kittie has gone for the girles

Sat 9th - Wm & Bernard has gone to Fenton with their wool the U S cencus taker Frank Barnes was here to dinner, he told us Mr George Devore died this morning

Sund 10th - there was a hard shower, - Kittie & Catharine attended Mrs Sweets funeral Mr Holister, Plumber from Owosso was here to dinner, Wm took him to the Train

1900 Mond June 11th - Mr Harrington the Fire Insurance Agent was here made me a new Insurance Policy, for which I paid him .75 cts 2 carpenters at work to day, Kittie attended Mr George Devores funeral Billy Badgero is here to day, Alfred is not well he made some garden Wm went to Bancroft for some house material Kittie met Lillie May Sweeten at Depot called on Ella

Tues 12th - 2 carpenters to day they have the platform for porch laid Billy Badgero is planting beans the first, Alfred is hoeing garden

Wed 13th - Wm & Mr Clough has gone to Bancroft after dinner, he took Catharine to Byron school exercises, - An Agent Mr Simmons a plumber, furnisher of furnaces Mantels, & Bath Tubs it rained verry hard this afternoon Kittie has gone for Catharine they went back in the evening til 10 ocl

Thurs 14th - Mr & Mrs Kline & Irene came on first Train from Detroit, Wm met them, Wm, Kittie & Catharine has gone to Gaines with them wee had a lovely visit long to be rememberd. I received 3 Photos from John Reynolds, Millie & Oscar Ray Reynolds his son & Daughter I shall treasure them as long as I live

Frid 15th - Mr Simmons came to day and took an order for Furnace to be set in two weeks, Mrs Reed of Alma called 2 carpenters to day

Sat 16th - I visited my dead to day, I thank my Heavenly Father for the privilege of visiting once more, then I called on May Sheldon, Ella was there, - I called on Mrs Sherman she is verry low, in the afternoon Mrs Eddy Hattie & young Mrs Lowrie came made a pleasant call Mr Clough went to Howell on evening Train

1900 Sund June 17th - Byron school closed Frid June - 15 Lillie & Catharine passed Examination for a higher grade next year All went to Church but me, after dinner, Wm & Kittie drove to Durand came back early Mr & Mrs Seward Chaffee made a pleasant call Mr Clough returned on 12 ocl Train

Mond 18th - A fruit Agent was to dinner, Billy Badgero is cutting a ditch from new cellar - Mr Clough & Mr Newman are working on Porch putting on fancy shingles, it looks nice

Tues 19th - 2 carpenters at work, Wm & Billy Badgero, each hauled a load of Brick in the forenoon after dinner, Billy & Alfred cultivated the garden I wrote and sent a letter to Mrs Nichols Mrs Mc Kinney made a call Lilly Schad attended a Sabath School Picnic in Redmons grove

Wed 20th - Kittie & I attended Mrs Shermans funeral, it was largely attended Sermon deliverd by Elder Benson of Owosso Text Job 19 Chap 25th and 26th verse Chap 25 For I know that my Redeemer livith and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth 26th Chap, And though after my skin worms destroy this body yet in my flesh I shall see God

Thurs 21st - Mr Frank Hunt and mother & Mrs Isaac Gale called at the gate A brick mason, and attendent came this morning Mr Vanburger commenced the chimney from the celler

Frid 22d - he has it to the Chamber floor, a Stone mason came this morning - took the stone out of wall for a door and finished it - Mr Newman & Mr Clough are here all this week

Also a newspaper Article dated June 22, 1900

A word from our pen she asked,
When her body should be lain to rest;
And her spirit had gone to her God,
'mong His hosts of redeemed and blessed.
Her earth-work was faithful and kind,
As she labored for one and for all,
With hands, with heart and with mind,
Hoping none might suffer or fall,
Unnumbered the deeds of her love,
Unnumbered her objects of care,
Save by the angels above,
Who, we must trust, are awaiting her there.
H. E. C.

After some months of poor health, Mrs Rhoda Sherman, of our village, passed to the world beyond on the 18th inst., aged 76 years, 8 months. The funeral was held on Wednesday at the house. Services conducted by Rev. W. W. Benson, of Owosso, burial in the Byron cemetery. A large number of friends from Bancroft were in attendance, with some from Owosso and Corunna. Mrs Sherman was very highly esteemed by her many friends and acquaintances, who gave additional evidence of this by their presence at the funeral absequies. The casket containing the remains was lowered into the grave by the Vorrhees invention for that purpose in use among undertakers. The tent, carpeting and machinery in use, in a certain measure took away the bleak, cold, and desolate condition which at times seem to surround the burial of the dead.

W. C. T. U. Resolutions. Were as, our Heavenly Father has taken our loved sister, Mrs. Rhoda L. Sherman, from earthly labors to heavenly. Resolved, that our sisterhood, while we extend kindliest sympathy to the bereaved relatives and friends; recognize God's Goodness in the removal, as well as in the giving, of so worthy and long, generous and just and faithful and active a life as was hers. Always cheerful, self-sacrificing and helpful to the unfortunate. Lives have been ennobled and made happier by knowing her. Resolved, while we miss her support and mourn her absence from our society, we rejoice in the belief of her promotion to a higher life. Resolved, that we cause these justly spoken tributes to her life work to be published in the Byron Herald; that a copy of the same be handed her relatives; and one be recorded in the books of the W. T. C. U., of which society she was so faithful and worthy a member. _
Mrs. H. E. Cole | Mrs. J. H. Dougall | Com. Mrs. Swick _|

Card of Thanks.
To our neighbors and friends for their many acts of kindness during the long sickness, and at the death and burial of our beloved mother, to the societies and individuals for beautiful floral emblems, to the choir, and to all for their generous sympathy and assistance we desire to return our sincere thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Comstock.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Comstock.

Sat 23d - Mr Vanburger has the chimney out on the roof, the stone mason has the cellar for the furnace pointed

And all that are in their graves shall come forth

1900 Sat June 23d - Mr James Runnyan has just called and gone from Detroit the brick mason and attendent is here, the stone mason is pointing the cellar for the Furnace Alfred is opening drain for cellar to put in tile

Sund 24th - Alfred, Kittie & girles went to Church

Mond 25th - 2 carpenters at work to day, Mr Clough & Mr Neuman they are putting on molding for base boards up staires

Tues 26th - 2 carpenters at work, I sent a letter to Roger M

Wed 27th - Wm went to the Depot and hauled the Furnace, he & Billy Badgero

Thurs 28th - they commenced to cut hay, the girles took me to Bernards Kittie came for me

Frid 29th - our scholl closes to day Miss Anna Harper Teacher

Sat 30th - the carpenters put up 3 brackets; Wm is teding hay Billy is going through the beans in South orchard, Alfred is putting paris green on Potatoes Lillie Sweeten went with her sister to spend Sunday Little Fanny Shaunts spent to day with Catharine pleasantly

Sund July 1st - Kittie, Alfred, & girles have gone to Church & Sabath School Jo Harrington & Rose called

Mond 2d - Wm is in hay field the 2 carpenters and Mr Willor Bill Badgero & Alfred all in the field the mason from Durand is running off morter it looks like rain, Lillie is washing, cloths dry and brought in the Lather came at noon a slight shower

Tues 3d - the 2 carpenters went out and helped Wm in the hay field

Wed 4th - the carpenters helped Wm in Hay field 1/2 day, they all went to Gaines evening

1900 Thurs July 5th - merc 86 the carpenters are helping Wm haul in hay, Rope broke, Wm gone to for another Kittie picked string beans, peas, & Radishes out of our garden

Frid 6th - the agent has come to set the Furnace, Mr neuman is assisting him, Mr Clough is mowing away hay, Kittie drove to Mrs Foxes for currents

Also a newspaper article dated July 6th 1900

Don't cry mamma! don't cry,
Pleadingly spoke a soft voiced child,
Whose spirit was fluttering toward the sky,
From its earthly house so fair and mild.
Always a smile and thank you given,
For flowers, or food, or care;
Always a cheery word and look
For those who were gathered there.
Even a song from her fevered lips,
Was softly spoken and sung,
Ere the trembling chords or vocal force
Was wholly gone or unstrung.
Oh, darling one; go sweetly sleep,
And God grant we who linger and wait,
May at last have an entrance as sinless and sure
Beyond the dear Heavenly gate. H. E. C.
Genia, the 6 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fritz, died on Tuesday evening, July 3rd, after a sickness of some days. Disease, peritonitis. Funeral to-day, burial in the Byron cemetery. She was a very bright, beautiful and interesting little girl. Her parents have the sympathy of this community in their sad bereavment.

Sat 7th - A slight shower last evening Mr Clough is taking the window out of my bedroom going to put a door to go in closet, the men are hauling hay, the furnace man is working alone, Mr Newman laid a brick foundation

Sund 8th - it rained hard last night, wee had new Potatoes out of garden for dinner it is cool to day Wm has a boil on his shoulder, it is verry painful I sent a letter to the bank last eve by Jo Conklin, he finished lathing last evening paid him $13.50 cts, he worked 5 1/2 days Wm Carribuncle broke very painful

Mond 9th - the 2 carpenters are at work Mr Bostwick is setting the Furnace Mr Newman helps him, Bill Badgero came at noon Lillie S washed Wm Catharine have gone to Durand, Mr Bostwick finished this eve

Tues 10th - Wm has gone to Lansing for doors,- Kittie took Mr Bostwick to the T and A Depot Mr & Mrs P Schad and Perry called - Mr Dodge & Brother hauled hay left at 11 ocl one mason came Mr Vanburger after dinner, Eddie Sheldon called, it is cold wee have fire on the hearth Billy Badgero is cultivating beans in the field south of the old Barn Lilly Schad & Catharine drove over to Charlie Foxes and bought 10 quts Currents .05 cts pr qut

Wed 11th - I went to Ida Havilands to see my Dear Sister Mary, she is poorly Wm returned on evening Train Kittie has 11 men to supper

Thurs 12th - 4 masons are at work up staires, Mr Newman is sinking foundation of stone for porch posts

1900 Thurs July 12th - Kittie has 11 men to wait on at dinner & supper. She bought 6 quts of Raspberries .08 cts pr qut the masons are working down staires, Wm will finish hauling hay to day the 4 masons names is Palmer, Severance, the boys, H L Monroe, Elmer Durham, H Vanburger

Frid 13th - Kittie went to Byron, 1 mason got through this evening, went home 3 staid

Sat 14th - Mr P severance is finishing chimney, Alfred helped Bernard yesterday, Mr Dodge is cutting our Wheat to day, Billy Badgero is cultivating beans, our cistern is empty, wee have new Potatoes all the time, the 3 masons finished plastering our house, Kittie took Lillie Sweeten to Depot

Sund 15th - verry warm, - yesterday evening the wind blew the shock of Wheat down

Mond 16th - Kittie went to the Depot to meet Mr Clough and Lillie Sweeten Mr Dodge and brother came to haul in Wheat, they got in 3 loads when it began to rain, they went home, Wm & Alfred cleaned the cistern it rained a little, Wm went to Byron for a load of pine flooring

Tues 17th - it rained thunderd and Lightned hard last night Mr Newman did not come Billy Badgero has a fellon on his finger, he did not come he did not get through the Beans Wm got an other man, Mr Clough put lattice work on the Porch Kittie was invited out to tea, Catharine & Lillie went to practice for entertainment Kittie bought 8 quts Huckleberries .08 cts pr qut, Alfred is going through the Beans in South orchard

Wed 18th - Mr Dodge is cutting Wheat, Mr Clough is laying floor on Porch

Thurs 19th - Wm & men are hauling in Wheat, wee have water in cistern Miss Nellie Carpenter is visiting us to day it is verry warm cleared off Eddie Sheldons Wife had a boy baby yesterday, they had moved to Ellas

1900 Frid July 20th - Catharine & I drove to Charlie Fox to get some Currents did not get any then drove to Idas to see Sister Mary, Wm Alfred and man is stacking Wheat south of red Barn - Mr Newman came at noon, the first he has been (here) this week Kittie has gone to Mrs Buels to attend the Methodist Aid Society

Sat 21st - Mr Clough & Mr Newman finished ceiling the Porch and laying the floor on same

Sund 22d - verry warm, Anna Harper called Fred Stowel Miss Savage called at gate

Mond 23d - Milton Dodge is helping Wm it is verry warm, they got in the rakings of Wheat

Tues 24th - it is raining - a number of showers our cistern was empty, now is fULL I thank the giver of all good, Wm has a new milk cow yesterday 23d Catharine went to Anna Harpers after the exercises for the entertainment Kittie called on Ella and saw the 3 babies, the carpenters are building the steps

Wed 25th - Wm went to Durand for Doors and Porch triming

Thurs 26th - the Painters have come Fred Lewis is priming the two carpenters are setting posts on Porch Mr & Mrs Peter Schad took dinner with us Mr Daniel Sayres was buried to day - Mr Ed Patterson was buried Tuesday Lillie & Catharine have gone to practice

Frid 27th - Kittie and I went to Ella Sheldons, saw the 3 babies the oldest 2 yrs 2 months the next 12 months - the next 9 days - then wee visited my dead made a short stay oh too short

Sat 28th - Mr Gill Lewis & Fred are primming the Porch carpenters are finishing the triming for Porch Alfred is picking up the yard - picking up

Sund 29th - it was so warm no one went to Church

Mond 30th - 2 carpenters 2 painters, Mr Lewis Mr Cloughs Brother come at noon

1900 Wed August 1st - 16 yrs ago to day, my Husband received his death wound I spent yesterday with Mrs Mc Kinney the 2 Mr Lewises are here staining the base board & Window casings the 3 carpenters, 2 Mr Cloughs, & Mr Newman are putting on finishing I feel sad and lonely to day as the years go by, the 2 children have gone to drill

Thurs 2d - raining in the morning, 2 carpenters & 2 painters at work, - Mr Newman came at noon

Frid 3d - carpenters 3 at work 2 painters the girles has gone to Perl Devores birth day party

Sat 4th - 3 carpenter - 2 painters at work, - Mr & Mrs Hunt called

Sund 5th - verry warm the two Mr Cloughs staid over Sunday

Mond 6th - the 3 carpenters, & 2 Painters are at work they are laying Sitting room floor, Painters Staining Doors up staires - carpenter putting on baseboards in Bedroom & closet

Tues 7th - 3 carpenters are laying floor in sitting room, Fred L is staining floor

Wed 8th - Mr Newman is laying floor in hall 2 Mr Cloughs are hanging doors & putting triming on doors the painters are staining doors the Threshers came at 11 ocl, Kittie and girles have gone to practice for this evening, it is verry warm heat almost intolerable Wm Alfred Kittie girles some of the men attended the Macabee entertainment, it was well attended the Children done splendid

Thurs 9th - the 2 painters are finishing oiling woodwork the Threshers finished at 2 ocl, all went to Mr Dodges wee had 17 to dinner had 17 teen men Mr Newman is building a cold air box for Furnace the 2 Mr Cloughs are finishing below house & doors

1900 Frid Aug 10th - Mr Fred Lewis is staining the hall floor 2 Mr Cloughs are making fire board and finishing over doors Mr Newman is working in cellar at cold air box it is verry warm to day Wm and Kittie went to Durand

Sat 11th - 2 painters are here it is verry warm, 2 painters left at noon Mr Newman got through in cellar will not be here any more Kittie took Lillie to Carrs she is going home, it rained this evening

Sund 12th - verry warm - it rained hard

Mond 13th - Wm went for Mrs Mulkin, Fred Lewis & Father came Kittie went to Carrs for Lilly Sweeten Mr Fred Clough worked Bernard Haviland & Ida called Mrs White came and got Pears in the evening Eddie Sheldon came and brought a bushel of Peaches and took Pears in exchange, the Peaches are beautiful

Tues 14th - Lillie Sweeten washed - Mr G and Fred Lewis worked Mr Fred Clough is working alone this week, his Brother is sick

Wed 15th - Mr Fred Lewis is working alone it rained to day Mr Clough is building the hall staires

Thurs 16th - the 2 painters came after dinner finished oiling on inside, at 5 ocl commenced on outside, Mr & Mrs Fred Close called

Frid 17th - 2 Painters & Mr Clough worked

Sat 18th - 2 Painters & Mr Clough worked, the colt is hurt Mr Wm Close called

Sund 19th - verry warm - the veterinary Surgeon came to see colt Wm has gone for medicine Catharine and I lay in our new bedroom last night, Praise God from whom all blessings flow Lillie 2 Brothers took dinner with us

1900 Mond Aug 20th - the 2 Painters came at noon, Mr Jo Clough came at noon it rained a little Sund yesterday it rained quite hard Mr Jo Clough cut a window in my Bedroom Mr Frank Clough is building hall staires

Tues 21st - the 2 Mr Cloughs are at work to day received a letter from Minnie, Roger Ms Wife

Wed 22d -

Thurs 23d - Wm took me to Durand to his Fathers found him verry poorly under Dr Care

Frid 24th - Mrs Schad and (I) went up town. I bought Catharine a hair brush 2 combs

Sat 25th - Dr & Methodist Minister called, and several others Mr Schad about the same

Sund 26th - it rained last night Mrs Schads Sister & Brother in law staid all night

Mond 27th - I went up town and bought a Bedroom Set of Crockery for dear little Catharines room, it is her 10th birthday, Heavenly Father guide her through life keep her healthy, pure, and good, kind and obedient to her parents, and lead a useful life

Tues 28th - morning I came on Carr to Ellas, met Mrs Laure Gale there, Kittie came for us the Sinter was taken to the Barn yard by 3 men, - carpenters - 1 painter was at work 16 teen in family

Wed 29th - the carpenters set my bay Window in place

Thurs 30th - Mrs Dell Tubs, Mable & baby called, Gracie & Ollie Schad came to visit Lillie two carpenters are working on South porch, Wm & Alfred & old Mr Dodge are pulling Beans, Mr Fred Clough is putting lock on my bedroom door Mr Lewis is oiling Parlor Mr Newman finished Moving Sinter to barn yard

1900 Sat Sept 1st - Mr Coats & Mr Clough, shingled the south porch Mr F is finishing Windows our Fall term of School opend Sept 9th Miss Anna Harper Teacher

Sund 2d - Kittie - Alfred and girles went to Church and Sabath School Kittie had 2 spring Chickens for dinner - Wm & Kittie have gone to Durand to see his Father, he is verry feeble there was a nice shower - about noon

Mond 3d - Wm is working in his Beans has 3 Mr Dodges & Mr Wormly helping there was 10 men to dinner & supper and 6 women

Tues 4th - Kittie has gone to take Mrs Gale to Train, Mr Coats is sealing south Porch Mr Clough is making closset in Kitchen and floor chest in it

Wed 5th - Mr Clough is finishing Bay window, Mr Coats is finishing South Porch

Thurs 6th - Wm, Alfred, Mr Wormly, & 3 Mr Dodges finished stacking Beans, Mr Clough made 2 Sinques - Mr Coats put in 2 Windows up staires

Frid 6th ? - Alfred Old Mr Dodge coverd the stacks with coarse hay Mr Clough finished his part of the house he worked 113 days on

Sat 8th - Mr Coats will finish - Mr Clough left to day Lillie Sweeten went home on evening Train, Wm is not well has worked pretty hard getting in the beans Mr Clough put a swinging door between Kitchen & dinning room

Sund 9th - Alfred, Kittie & Lillie have gone to Church a lovely day

Mond 10th - Kittie has gone to Depot to meet Lillie Sweeten she met Mr Fred Clough and bade him good by he was going to Mt Pleasant to work on Indian School house for Government

Tues 11th - I went with Lillie & Catharine, I visited my dead once more, How precious the moments. Spent the day til 4 ocl with Mrs Hunt she is quite sick I called on Mrs Frank Hunt & baby

1900 Tues Sept 11th -

A separate paper pinned to this page

Painting out side of house G & F Lewis $15.00
paid Simonson Cyclone Agent $ 8.00
$ 1.00
$ 2.00
paid Mr Francis for plast cistern $10.00
for 2 screen doors $2.00 dol $ 6.50
Wm lent me &10.00 dol
1 Box piles .25 cts
to Mr G Lewis paint kitchen $6.50
I owe Wm $115.24 Interest on same
$6,91.44 interest
$108.15 due
8 dol

on the back side of this paper

Teacher Minnie Bishop
Lorena M. Senith

Monday 24th March 1902 - Mr Clarence Smith came to put on paper, put on ceiling on Catharines room

Tues 25th - Soaked paper on Dinning room

Wed 26th - Mr Smith & Mr Coats came, graining Thurs

Mr Smith & Mr Coats came graining

Sept 11th Tues - Mr Swick verry feeble comeing home there was a wind storm

Wed 12th - Mr Fred Lewis & Father are here to day - Mr Coats also

Thurs 13th - Wm & Alfred are leveling the yard Wm feels better

Frid 14th - Alfred & Wm has gone for a load of sand they hauled 2 loads

Sat 15th - general house work I put up hooks in closet

Sund 16th - first frost Gracie & Ollie Schad and a young man came Kittie got coffee entertainment

Mond 17th - verry cold and cloudy Mr Coats came and finished Windows

Tues 18th - Mr Coats is building steps Mr Francis came to build cistern in cellar came at noon Mr D Benton is lathing and plastering bay window

Wed 19th - Mr Coats finished carpenter work staid all night went home after breakfast Dan finished plastering Mrs Mc Kinney called yesterday

Thurs 20th - it rained last night wee caught water enough to wash with Wm made a wood fire in Furnace it works beautiful

Wed - Sept. 19th - 1900 - the house is finished to day it is 5 months, and 1 day since Wm & Mr Clough staked the ground, Mr Clough worked 113 days I did not keep the rest of their time

Thurs 20th - Lillie Sweeten went home to her Sisters to a party last evening it thundred & Lightned, but no rain it is cold Wm started fire in Furnace

Frid 21st - we heard little Paul Sheldon was sick, Kittie went and staid til Sat night

Sat 22d - Kittie came home 1/2 past 10 ocl this eve Paul was alive, oh Father spare the infant

Sund 23d - cold bright sunshine Mr Francis finished cistern yesterday

1900 Mond Sept 21st - 16 yrs to day, my Dear Husband, Bernard H, and myself went to Detroit, sad, sad, day

22d - wee were around Detroit together, wee staid at Griswald House

23d - wee went into Hospital, sad, sad day - just fresh to day as 16 yrs ago

24th - I bought all I had on earth to call my own, in a coffin , oh God it is to much to bear, - little Paul Sheldon is verry low with Cholera Infantum Alfred is sowing south orchard to Wheat 4 ocl has finished I have written a letter to Mary A Mc Farlin, I heard Jo was dead

Sund 23d - our folks went to Church & Sunday School

Mond 24th - Lillie Sweeten came last evening

Tues 25th - Lillie washed

Wed 26th - Alfred went to Howell Fair

Thurs 27th - Mr & Mrs Chaffee came and spent the day pleasantly

Frid 28th - Wm Kittie & Alfred went to Byron to give the Stars a reception Alfred came this morning with Wm

Sat 29th - Kittie went and helped Ella take care of baby Paul it rained last night

Sun 30th - 16 yrs ago to day my darling husband was laid away til resurrection safe in the arms of Jesus safe on his gentle breast - so lonely

1900 Mond Oct 1st - Kittie has gone to Ellas little Paul Sheldon died of 2 weeks sickness

Tues 2d - Kittie & I went to the house of mourning - the little darling is at rest after dinner Kittie went for Sister Mary She came for the first this summer

Wed 3d - Kittie has gone to assist Ella - Mr Charles Walts called Kittie finished a little white Marino dress for baby Paul this evening

Thurs 4th - Kittie Lillie Schad Catharine & myself attended little Paul Sheldons funeral At Frank & Ella Sheldons house Rev Church officiated after the Child died David rose up washed and ate, said the Child could not come to him - but he could go to it, Jesus took little Children in his arms and blessed them, little Paul laid to rest in Cemetery I visited my dead a few minutes - how sad I feel Hay packers came at noon 8 of them were to dinner & supper

Frid 5th - they did not begin to pack hay til this morning Mr Willor & Alfred are hauling it to the Elevator

Sat 6th - the Hay packers went at 4 ocl - it rained hard in the night

Sund 7th - it was raining this morning - Wm took Lillie Sweeten to Depot to go home last evening

Mond 8th - Wm met Lillie Sweeten at Depot on morning train from South the Hay packers finished at 4 ocl, Mrs Wm & Mrs Fred Close made a pleasant call Bernard & Ida called, Alfred is hauling hay to Depot Sister Mary is busy making an Apron, I made one to day frost last night

Tues 10th - Lillie Sweeten washed. Wm sowed grass seed around the house

Wed 11th - Sister Marys 82d birth day she is quite smart for her age Lillie Sweeten went to attend the street Fair at Durand - Wed eve has not returned

1900 Thurs Oct 11th - Kittie went to Byron I ironed

Frid 12th - Sister Mary and I are sewing Mrs Mc Kinney called

Sat 13th - general house work Alfred is digging late potatoes

Sund 14th - Kittie Alfred & girles went to Church & Sabath School Kittie paid for me, Mr Lord .50 cts for cleaning up my lot in Cemetery

Mond 15th - I ironed

Tues 16th -

Wed 17th - Mrs White & baby spent the afternoon

Thurs 18th - the Threshers came at 9 ocl, Frank Ella & Malva came

Frid 19th - the Threshers finished threshing Beans this morning 8 ocl there was 10 men Kittie took her washing to Mrs Terry Byron got it home in the evening

Sat 20th - I ironed some took sick went to bed Kittie finished

Sund 21st - Alfred and girles have gone to Church & Sabath School

Mond 22d - I am sick all day - I received a letter from Mary A Mc Farlin she is lonely poor girl - buried her 2 Children her Mother now her Husband I received a letter for Roger Ms Wife

Tues 23d - it rained last night filled every thing wee set out Wm went to the Depot met Mr Kline & friend from Detroit for a hunt afternoon Kittie has taken Sister Mary to Idas, she spent 3 weeks with me

Wed 24th - the 3 men have gone hunting again this morning they had good luck yesterday Mr Mc Kinney has gone to take the Children to School - Mr H Redmond called every thing looks beautiful after the rain the Wheat begins to cover the ground

1900 Thurs Oct 25th - last evening Wm took Mr J Kline & Mr A J Williamson to Gaines for Detroit Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand Alfred & Kittie washed Reverend Mr & Mrs Cross made a verry pleasant call while they were gone in the evening Wm Kittie & Miss Anna Harper attended Christian Ender Fair Kittie bought 2 Ferns

Frid 26th - Mr Tubs called I ironed Kittie washed the girles took dinner in Byron

Sat 27th - Alfred & Wm are ridding up front yard Lillie Sweeten called I finished ironing to day Wm & Kittie went to Durand to see his Father

Sund 28th - Alfred & girles went to Church & Sunday School Eddie & May spent the evening

Mond 29th - it rained hard, Thunderd & Lightned

Tues 30th - it rained some, Mrs Wormly brought Mrs Goodspeed, she is poorly

Wed 31st - it rained hard last night Wheat is growing nicely
Miss Anna Harper closed our fall term of school

If thou shalt confess with thy mouth -the Lord - Jesus, and shall believe in thy heart, that God, hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved, - for - who so ever shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved, - Romans - 10th Chap 9th verse
Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed, Bible Comfort

1900 Thurs Nov 1st - it rained last night and this morning, Ely Haskel buried to day

Frid 2d - Wm took Mrs Goodspeed to Mrs Mc Kinneys, she is poorly

Sat 3d - Legrand Schad called, he and Wm has gone to Durand

Sund 4th - A lovely day after dinner Wm Kittie & Catharine rode out

Mond 5th - Wm took the girles to school Professor Steudman dismissed school on account of Dypthera in Dr Parrishes family, Earl Parish their son died at midnight - Mrs Fred Close & Children called

Tues 6th - it is Election day wee ironed

Wed 7th - Earl Barnes took dinner here to day

Thurs 8th - last evening after dark wee had a snow shower, the first of the season Monday Wm sold 3 hogs that weighed 990 lbs

Frid 9th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand there was snow showers & thawed

Sat 10th - Mr & Mrs Sola Stone came this morning they Wm & Kittie have gone to Hartland to be gone til Monday - it is snowing fine snow

Sund 11th - the snow is all gone this afternoon - it is a lovely day - I get tired of reading the snow will norish the Wheat, it came verry unexpected and went the same

Mond 12th - snow all gone our folks did not come, A stranger took supper with us

Tues 13th - it snowed last night & is snowing all day Wm Kittie Mr & Mrs Stone came after dinner it is snowing and cold Mr & Mrs Stone staid all night

Wed 14th - snow showers to day - Mr & Mrs Stone left after dinner Wm took them home

Thurs 15th - cold snow showers Alfred Kittie & Lillie washed

Frid 16th - moderate

Sat 17th - Wm went to Durand to see his Father

1900 Sund Nov 18th - it rained all day

Mond 19th - merc 56 above it rained all night and all day so far Wm keeps a wood fire in the Furnace it is fine

Tues 20th - Wm went to see his Father he is poorly

Wed 21st - it rained all night thunderd & Lightned - and this forenoon it is colder

Thurs 22d - Wm & Kittie went to Durand to see his Father Kittie bought Lillie a hat $2.00

Frid 23d - Wm took me over to see Mr Chaffee he is verry poorly Kittie - Alfred & Lillie washed, Will and I was back to dinner

Sat 24th - wee heard Dell Hitchcock was dead, would be buried in Milan to morrow

Sund 25th - it snowed last night - about 2 inches, the most - this season

Mond 26th - Byron School opend to day after being closed 2 weeks on account of Dypthera in Dr Parrishes family, Wm took Lillie & Catharine to school Wm bought a Range, he and Alfred brought it home he heard Mrs Smith is verry low

Tues 27th - there is a fog this morning

Wed 28th - Wm started a fire in the new Range Alfred & Kittie washed

Thurs 29th - Kittie went for Lettie Wolfin to come and sew for her

Frid 30th - Wm went to Byron Mr Fred Clough came home with him

A man that hath friends must show himself friendly. Proverbs
And there is a friend, that sticketh closer than a brother,
God is my refuge, and strength, a present help in trouble

1900 Sat Dec 1st - Mr Clough left - Mr L K Swick was buried this afternoon

Sund 2d - the girles took Lettie home then went to Sabath School a lovely day no snow on the ground

Mond 3d - Alfred hauled 1990 lbs of Cole - Wm started Cole in the Furnace - it is verry warm Wm & Kittie was out to a Star Social last evening, received a letter from Minnie

Tues 4th - Wm & Kittie are going to Durand this afternoon - it is foggy looks like rain

Wed 5th - Kittie is washing, it rained a little last eve, I went to see Willie he is sick Wm took the girles to school this morning, - it has cleared off

Thurs 6th - Wm took me to see Sister Mary yesterday Lettie Wolfin came evening Annie Harper came with Will from Byron, Wm attended Charles Jewels auction

Frid 7th - Mr Clough came this morning is fixing doors wee received Receipt for $75.00 from Marshall Co, first payment on Furnace received a letter from Roger M Beebee one from Minnie St Johns

Sat 8th - Kittie & Lettie Wolfin went to Vernon Lola Stone came for Lillie Schad I received a letter from Mrs Beebee Wisconsin, it is verry cold to day

Sund 9th - Kittie took Letta home, I am sick with a cold, sent a letter to Roger M

Mond 10th - I am better as the day advances - there is no snow

Tues 11th - I am quite well Mrs White made a call

Wed 12th - this day, the 88th Anniversary of my darling husbands, how Sad and lonely I am God only knows it is verry cold Wm went to Mr Lola Stones yesterday, brought home two Roosters Mrs Stone sent me a white hen a beautiful one Alfred hauled Cole Wm Kittie & Catharine attended a Negro Concert this evening Kittie lifted carpets up staires

1900 Thurs Dec 13th - Mr Charles Shepperd is here - helping to clean and settle rooms

Frid 14th - Mr Shepperd & Kittie is set(l)ling Parlor it looks nice - yesterday they lifted carpets and settled parlor bedroom up staires Wm bought 2 dressed hogs of Mr Mc Kinney Comeing home at the beraved(?) from the Negro Concert the Carriage came apart Wm Kittie were left in the road, the horse came home

Sat 15th - Charlie finished house cleaning Wm is hauling Beans

Sund 16th - Kitties knee is badly swolen she cannot sit up all day

Mond 17th - Wm is hauling Beans - Kittie is trying out lard sitting on a chair it is snow a fine snow

Tues 18th - Wm sold the Beans 380 bush $1.75 pr bush

My share of Beans $222.00 dol paid
Wheat 56
Hay $88.86 cts
$366.86 my share paid by Wm

Wed 19th - Alfred went for his sister Lillie to help Kittie last evening

Thurs 20th - Wm has gone to Chicago Wednesday, he and Will Close, it is a lovely day like spring Kittie is better thank God for every blessing which are many it will be verry lonely til Wm returns, a lovely day, Alfred hauled a load of Cole

Frid 21st - received a letter from Amanda Carpenter yesterday a lovely day like spring 3 lovely days I never saw so fine Alfred bought the Carriage from the shop last evening Kittie took the girles to school this morning the Badgeros came Thurs and sawed a buzz pile

1900 Frid Dec 21st - Farewell 1900 - thou hast been kind to me for which I thank God for every blessing bestowed
merc 50 above Alfred is hauling some of the buz pile of wood

Sat 22d - Kittie went to the Train to meet Wm on first Train

Sund 23d - merc 50 above Wm bought 200 sheep in Chicago they arrived to day Legrand Schad helped to drive them from Depot Mr Clough worked 1/2 day fixing sheep shed

Mond 24th - Legrand came this morning, Mr Clough at noon, Wm took Kittie & Catharine to Gaines they have gone to Detroit Heavenly Father protect them from all harm bring them safe home Solon Stone took dinner with us there was 5 men to dinner I am alone to day doeing the work wee had 4 beautiful days last week

Tues 25th - its Christmas day it does not seem like Christmas day Kittie & Catherine gone to Detroit, and 16 Christmass since the dear one spent with us it is snowing a little Legrand Schad & Mr Clough are here Lillie dressed one chicken and I the other Alfred went home to dinner

Wed 26th - a lovely day bright sunshine, Mr Ralph Tubs took dinner with us

Thurs 27th - wee expected Kittie & Catharine home from Detroit they did not come Wm received a Telephone, they would not be home til Sat evening hope they will come then I received a Christmas present from James Haviland & Daughter Pictures & 3 handkerchiefs Mrs Duncan sent a present

Frid 28th - A lovely day no snow

Sat 29th - Wm went for Kittie & Catharine in evening they came well and happy farewell 1900 I need no more of the praise God from whom all blessings flow

1901 Tues Jan 1st - Mr Nicholas, Gulick died yesterday at 10 ocl an other Pioneer gone it snowed a little all day, about 2 inches - it is a lovely day Newyrs I renewed my subscription for the N Y Christian Herald $1.50 yesterday Free Press $1.00, sent Roger M a letter & $5.00 dol in it a letter to Maggie Duncan $1.00

Wed 2d - Robert Cummin started for Ireland this morning, it is a lovely day but cold Eddie Sheldon & May called last evening Wm & Kittie went to Durand to see his Father Harry Stone called this morning

Thurs 3d - merc 11 below zero bright sunshine Wm & Kittie have gone to attend Mr N Gulicks funeral

Frid 4th - merc 6 above Wm has gone to Corunna to meet with Knight Templers Bobbie Haviland took dinner with us - I received a letter from Roger

Sat 5th - merc 6 above bright and clear

Sund 6th - cloudy and cold Wm & Kittie went to see his Father he is better

Mond 7th - more mild I weigh 108 lbs with rubbers on

Tues 8th - Harry Stone and Mr Dodge took dinner with us Wm & Lola Stone went to his Fathers farm for a fat Beef

Wed 9th - Wm has gone with the girles, it thawed and rained a little snow all gone

Thurs 10th - Merc 36 snowed last night and thawed, - Mrs S Chaffee & Daughter came this morning Wm & Mr Dodge is filling the Ice house yesterday and to day

Frid 11th - Kittie mailed some presents to Kentucky last evening after dinner she took Letta Wolfin home will go for girles it has snowed & thawed all day Wm & Mr Dodge went for a load of Corn

Sat 12th - Ella Sheldon and baby Malba came Wm & Mr Dodge hauled Corn from Elevator

1901 Sund Jan 13th - it snowed a little, Wm & Catharine went in a Cutter the first to an entertainment this evening

Mond 14th - it is snowing 4 inches good sleighing; not cold, running Furnace with wood Ella is here Wm is poorly with a cold, came in a sleigh

Tues 15th - snowed, rained & thawed, sleighing I received a letter from Perl Haviland

Wed 16th - thawed snow most gone, Frank Sheldon & Mr Dodge took dinner Mr Dodge helped Alfred to put sawdust on Ice

Thurs 17th - Ella went home to day, wee heard Mrs Dibble is dead, - I recieved

Frid 18th - merc 5 below zero a letter from Roger M & Tax receipt, it is a nice day

Sat 19th - Wm attended Mrs Stella Websters Dibbles funeral - Kittie was not able to attend Kittie has a hard cough, it is cold - Mr & Mrs Banks called, to look at the house

Sund 20th - merc 48 above afternoon lovely and thawing, snow most gone, Wm went to see his Father he found Perry Schad verry sick, doe not let any one but Dr & Nurs(e) in the room Heavenly Father spare him to his Mother, I received a Satteen apron from St John from Roger Ms Wife, Mrs Coruthers done Kitties washing

Mond 21st - merc 40 above thawing snow all gone fields flooded with water Kittie & I are ironing

Tues 22d - a lovely day thawing Kittie has gone to Byron to meet with the Starrs they are making their Robes each their own Kittie has not been out in two weeks before on account of Cough, I received a present of an Sateen Apron from Roger Ms Wife Minnie Saturday it is nice

Wed 23d - Kittie has gone to Byron to work on her Robe Dr John Boyd is dead and buried

Thurs 24th - Queen Victoria is dead - died Tuesday 22d, a good Woman is gone, the high and low pass under the rod, to that lourn (?) from whence no traveler returns

1901 Frid Jan 25th - merc 26 above Wm Kittie & Catharine (attended) the lady Macabees Installation of officers

Sat 26th - merc 26 above it snowed a little all day about 4 inches, the ground was bear before it fell

Sund 27th - merc 28 above Snowing a little warmer - I sent a letter to Mrs Beebee Wisconsin Mr & Mrs Fred Close & Children came Kittie had coffee in evening

Mond 28th - merc 22 above Wm & Kittie has gone to Byron in a Cutter snow about 4 inches

Tues 29th - Kittie went to Byron and got her Robe for E Starr

Wed 30th - Wm took the Washing to Mrs Kirkendol

Thurs 31st - Mrs Stone & Legrand Schad made a pleasant call a little snow on the ground poor slieghing

Envelopes first used for Letters - 1839 Postage Stamps 1847
Be you kind to one another, soon the parting hour will come
Then what sadness to remember, how wee marred the earthly home
How wee oft by lack of kindness, Cherrless left an aching heart
And by selfish word or action, caused the silent tear to start
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, precious promise

1901 Frid Feb 1st - merc 18 above cold I received a letter from Sarah Ferguson & answerd it

Sat 2d - Ida Haviland made a pleasant call, I received a letter from Mrs Carpenter

Sund 3d - it is snowing this afternoon, - Mr Fred Clough left after dinner

Mond 4th - about 6 inches of snow fell yesterday, Mr Clough came at noon - a beautiful forenoon, bright sunshine - it has clouded over - I sent a letter to Mrs Carpenter

Tues 5th - Wm & Kittie went to Byron to a Starr entertainment

Wed 6th - Kittie went for Mrs Mulkin to sew for her

Thurs 7th - Mre Kirkendol is here helping Kittie for the Pedro Club Thurs eve

Frid 8th - the Pedro Club met last evening - 32 has a pleasant eve, refreshment at 12 ocl

Sat 9th - 6 inches of snow fell last night it is a bright sunshine to day I received a letter from Mrs Virgina Bell, California and answerd one it is 61 yrs to day since I came on this Farm, - My Husband came one week before

Sund 10th - snowing - Eddie Ma & Malba came - had lunch Edna Parish is here visiting Lillie

Mond 11th - Wm took the girles to school & Mrs Mulkin home, & washing to Mrs Kirkendols

Tues 12th - snow 1 1/2 deep on level - Mrs Mary Fowler & Liteciu came this afternoon Will & Kittie went to Durand this forenoon, Vetrenary Dr came to see Wills sick horse Charlie

Wed 13th - Cold, Mrs John Kitson came Mr Oberts staid all night the horse is better

Thurs 14th - Mrs Mary & Tesia Fowler left after dinner - the Horse Charlie is sick yet

Frid 15th - Mrs Reuse & Emma Reuse went to Byron with Will Wm & Kittie went to Corunna to attend Eastern Starr by invitation 59 went from Byron

Sat 16th - general house work & ironing I received a letter from Roger Ms Wife

Sund 17th - merc 28 above it is milder and snowing verry fine snow from the east 18 inches snow

1901 Mond Feb 18th -

A newspaper article


Farewell, most noble woman, fare thee well!
Not Greater Britian only holds thee dear,
The world, whole living world, has felt the spell
Of thy great heart, great love, great Christian cheer,
Oh, had thy will been let to rule thy lands,
What wars and multitude of human woes
Had left unstained thy noble England's hands,
Had left unborn her bitterest of foes!
No desolating war was ever thine,
No foreign conquest ever sought by thee,
Thy ways, the higher ways of peace divine,
Thy soul's chagrin, the war upon the free.
Levi L. Barbour.

Mond 18th - cold

Tues 19th - snow squals cold

Wed 20th - Mr & Mrs Lola Stone came, staid all day, - made a pleasant visit

Thurs 21st - 6 below cold bright sunshine, the snow is 18 inches on level Wm & Kittie were invited to a Social, to Cohocta last evening

Frid 22d - Washingtons birth day no school, Anna Harper came to spend a few days

Sat 23d - 5 below general house work Wm & Kittie went to Ed Hathaways to a surprise party it being Mrs hathaways 15th Aniversary of her marriage

Sunday 24th - cold and clear Mr Chafee died Sunday at 4 ocl

Mond 25th - merc 30 I just heard Mr Chafee died yesterday, Heavenly Father help her to bear her sorrows, - which will last as long as life, last, would would have been 88 the 11th of April Anna Harper went with Will & Children merc 30 it islovely day, there is 18 inches of snow and drifts

Tues 26th - a lovely day - Wm took me to Mr Chafees, how sad one more Pioneer gone

Wed 27th - Wm & Kittie attended Mr Chaffees funeral, Mr Joslin preached the sermon Text Man that is born of a woman is of few days

Thurs 28th - the last day of Feb, bright sunshine Mr Carrie Sickles made a call, a pleasant day Frank Ella and Melba spent to day Wm & Mr Dodge hauled Bean Pods from Lola Stones Wm & Kittie spent the evening to T Barnes Mr Aron Hough is dead an other Pioneer is gone to rest

Frid March 1st - warmer Wm & Kittie attended a Social at Frank Barnes in evening

Sat 2d - pleasant I fixed a dress, Wm went to mill then hauled wood

Sund 3d - merc 40 it is thawing, merc 40 above, - no thaw through Feb, good slieghing

Mond 4th - Inaugeration day at Washington, - it is a fine day

Tues 5th - Mrs Lewis & Mrs Barnes and little daughter Bernice visited us to day

Wed 6th - Wm Alfred & Billy Badgero took the sheep to the Depot 250 ofthem then Wm came home and got ready went to Depot and load sheep on carrs and started for Buffaloo after last passenger Train Heavenly Father bring him back safe to his family, Wm Close went with sheep Wm sent us a hind qur of Beef, 71 lbs, .07 cts pr lb

Thurs 7th - merc 38 above a lovely day Alfred is cutting up the beef

Frid 8th - yesterday wee received a recipt for last payment on Furnace $75.00 Alfred, Kittie & Catharine attended Baptist Donation last evening I fell Tuesday hurt my hip, I could not stand on my foot, some better to day Ella Sheldon is here to tea Vera Mattison came home with Catharine

Sat 9th - Wm came home to day from Baffalo, wee were all pleased to see him I received & sent a letter to Mrs Duncan, it is thawing a little

Sund 10th - thawing & raining a little all day

Search me, oh God and know my heart, try me know my thoughts
how tedious and tastless the hours when Jesus no longer I see

1901 Mond March 11th - a nice day Wm has gone to take the girles to school

Tues 12th - it is one week since I fell and strained my foot, it is better but not well

Wed 13th - a nice day, Wm & Kittie went to Durand his Father & Perry is better

Thurs 14th - merc 34 above Alfreds year is up to day he has gone to Owosso to get his teeth filled it raines then snows it is thawing, good sleighing some are out with Carriages

Frid 15th - May Sheldon and baby came yesterday - it is colder to day Frank Sheldon came for May and baby he said Ella was sick

Sat 16th - warmer Kittie went to Byron got the washing Cutter & Wm tipped over hurt hid face

Sund 17th - merc 40 above thawing, a lovely day snow going fast, the sleighing of 6 weeks going fast

Mond 18th - Alfred came to stay, Mrs Mc Kinney spent the afternoon pleasantly

Tues 19th - the snow is almost gone, Kittie went for her washing, Mrs Kirkendol has gone to Ohio to see Della, to day is old Mr Lola Stones 100th birth day Wm Schad is better Benjamin Harrison ExPresidaent is dead in Indianapolis

Wed 20th - the snow is almost gone, I dont know where the earth has received the water, it has rained a little last night

Thurs 21st - snow showers all day Mr Clough came after dinner, Mr Ferguson called

Frid 22d - a lovely day, Mr Clough is fixing window screens, Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand

Sat 23d - merc 56 above a lovely spring day, - the snow almost gone, I saw 2 dear little Robbins this morning

Sund 24th - it rained last night snow gone, the dear little birds has come

Mond 25th - it thunderd, Lightned, rained the first this spring Ed Lemon is here clipping the horses, Mr Clough came at noon it is a lovely day a shower in the afternoon

1901 Tues March 26th - Ed Lemon is here & Mr Clough it looks stormy

Wed 27th - Kittie & I ironed - Mrs Coats washed for Kittie in Byron

Thurs 28th - there is no school in Lillies room, the principal Mr Steadman has gone to see his Mother she is low Mr Clough is fitting screens to all the windows, he put castors on book case

Frid 29th - Ella Sheldon & baby was here to dinner Mr Clough is putting the wire screens on the frames

Sat 30th - dark gloomy day - Alfred went to Howell last evening, Wm & Kittie has gone to Byron Mr Clough is putting wire screen on frames, I am making Aprons

Sund 31st - a beautiful day Mrs Boyce & Mrs Mc Caughna called they said Amos Wallworth was dead I received a letter from Mary A Mc Farlin yesterday Wm & Mr Frank Hunt went out to his farm, Wm bought 50 sheep of him and a colt, and sold his wood horse.

Dear Lord, what comfort thou wilt give,
When we will humbly trust in the
Thou, wilt uplift our trusting Souls
Till we thy wisdom learn to see,
With the heart, man believeth unto righteousness
And with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation

1901 Mon April 1st - Town meeting Mr J Driscol, and Mr Dan Holmes, took dinner with us

Tues 2d - Wm, Kittie. & Catharine, M went to Mr A Walworths babys funeral Mrs White & baby made a pleasant visit yesterday, - Mr Charles Fox took dinner with us to day

Wed 3d - Catharine has gone with Nora Boyce to visit her school, it is a cloudy day Kittie & Mrs Della Tubs has gone to visit Mrs Seward Chaffee Mr Clough left after breakfast

Thurs 4th - Mrs Mc Kinney & Mrs Della Tubs and Almeda made a verry pleasant visit to day it is a lovely spring day

Frid 5th - Wm & Kittie went to Byron - Mr Frank Karrer came and measured the house for Eave troughs, and Conductors

Sat 6th - it rained last night and this morning Wm & Kittie spent last evening at Mr Mc Kinneys met R Tubs

Sund 7th - Easter Sunday now is Christ risen from the dead Alfred, Kittie, Lillie, & Catharine have gone to Church, roads good a lovely day, - Kittie Alfred & girles attended Easter Services in evening

Mond 8th - Wm has gone to Mrs Hunts Farm for 50 sheep he bought of Hunt Kittie has gone to with Lillie & the washing, there was one week vacation

Tues 9th - Mrs Kitchen was buried in Byron to day - the Principal Mr Steadman has gone to Hartland to attend his Mothers funeral Lillie came home Kittie sprained her ankle this morning, it is bad, - Mrs Mulkin came to sew for her, it is a lovely day fare well Winter Mr Wm Gillmore called to see me this forenoon

1901 Wed April 10th - a lovely day Wm went to Durand to get Mr Karrer to come and put up Eave trough

Thurs 11th - Mr Karrer & man came put up Eave troughs & Conductors for which I paid him, pr Wm Schad $28.70 cts Mr Clough came and bade us farewell, he is going to Dakotah

Frid 12th - Kitties Ankle is some better, she hobles around on it I sent a letter to Roger M to day

Sat 13th - Mrs Mulkin is sewing for Kittie

Sund 14th - Wm & Kittie has gone to see Lola Stone he is verry bad with heart

Mond 15th - Miss Anna Harper has just come to open our school spring term and board with Kittie, Mrs Mulkin finished Kitties black Grenadine dress

Tues 16th - Wm & Kittie sit up with poor Lola last night, Kittie has gone to take Mrs Mulkin and the girles walked to Byron, Adelbert Merril came yesterday to help Alfred

Wed 17th - Wm & Kittie came his morning - they sit up last night Lola Stone died 15 minutes to 9 ocl last eve, L came Tues evening gone to try the realities of a well spent life he that believes in the Lord; Jesus Christ shall be saved they had a good sleep to day, it commenced to rain this evening water is running in the cistern for the first since the evetrough were put on

Thurs 18th - when I awoke this morning it was snowing the ground white Mr Rhorabacher came at noon to fix the cistern pump Wm & Kittie have gone to Lola Stones since dinner, the snow all gone

Frid 19th - Mr Rohrabacher finished fixing cistern pump this morning for which I paid him $3.82 cts pr Wm Schad Wm Kittie, Lillie & Catharine has gone to Lola Stones funeral

1901 Frid April 19th - Lola Stone was laid to rest, in Vernon Cemetery, rest, beautiful, rest All that are in their graves, shall come forth, blessed promise

Sat 20th - Cold, Alfred Barnes & Adelbert Merril dug a drain and laid tile from the escape of the cistern, wee now have plenty of cistern water

Sund 21st - it is my 80th birth day, my health good but feeble praise God from whom all blessing flow, Alfred, Lillie, & Catharine hasgone to Church & Sabath School it is cold, and snow showers passing over, Robert sent Wm a paper from Ireland

Mond 22d - it rained last night and a little all day

Tues 23d - raining a little, plenty of water in cistern, Robert Cummin sent Wm a paper from Ireland Wm took me to Bernards to see Sister Mary found her quite well Kittie came for me in afternoon then went for Children - it is rainy looking I paid Wm Schad $1.08 cts for 6 rods of Tile from cistern to road

Wed 24th - it has cleared off, Dan Mc Caughna called to day, Alfred is taking boards out of yard grass is looking green, - the rain is what Wheat needed

Thurs 25th - Kittie went to Mrs Stones - Mrs White & baby Della came made a 25.00 pleasant visit

Frid 26th - Mr Gill Lewis has come to put a coat of paint on the house Mr & Mrs Peter Schad spent to day with us wee had a pleasant visit

Sat 27th - Mr G Lewis is here to day, Fannie Shaunts staid with Catharine last night gone to gather flowers

Sund 28th - Kittie took Lillie & Catharine to Church & Sabath School after dinner they (went) to see Mr Stone, - I wrote a letter to Mrs Ida Wagoner girles will mail it morning

Mond 29th - Mr G Lewis is here painting a lovely day

Tues 30th - Mr G Lewis is painting, - Kittie has gone with girles to school

1901 Wed May 1st - >a lovely day Mr Lewis is painting Wm, Kittie, Fred & Mrs Close has gone to Durand this afternoon Alfred filled Refrigerator for first Alfred is plowing for Beans, Mrs Rose Harrington called

Thurs 2d - Mr G Lewis is painting, Robert Cummin has returned from Ireland to day

Frid 3d - Kittie drove over to see Mrs Fox, she is verry sick with Dropsey

Sat 4th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand, - Mr G Lewis has been painting all this week

Sund 5th - Wm Kittie Alfred and girles have gone to Church & Sabath School

Mond 6th - Mr G & Fred Lewis has come to paint, Mrs Kirkendol has come to help Kittie clean house, - Anna has come to her School, - Wm has gone to to take the girles to school Mr G & Fred Lewis finished Painting the outside of house Mr G Lewis worked 9 days, Fred L one day for which was paid $15.00

Tues 7th - a nice day, - Mrs Kirkendol staid all night is helping kittie

Wed 8th - Mrs Kirkendol & Kittie are getting along nicely cleaning house Alfred planted the garden Wm planted Sweet Corn, it commenced to rain about 4 ocl, thunderd Lightned, plenty of water in cistern it makes grass & Wheat look fine Kittie bought a number of flower plants

Thurs 9th - it is raining Mrs Kirkendol staid all night

Frid 10th - Mrs Kirkendol finished cleaning house & washing worked 4 days paid .75 pr day I paid her $1.00 dol for cleaning my bedroom it rained nice, plenty of water Apples Peaches Cherries & Plum are in bloom Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand

Sat 11th - Kittie set plants she bought, Alfred hauled soil & made beds

Sund 12th - the girles Lillie & Catharine has gone to Church Ella Sheldon called yesterday it rained last night and this morning it is cold Mr Lovelace took teacher

1901 Mond May 14th - Mr Will Simonson was here to dinner, he Insured our house and Barns against wind & Cyclones - Insurance $13.00 dol Wm paid $8.00 I $5.00 Mr Lovelace is here breaking Wm colts

Tues 15th - cold Mrs Kirkendol is here washing for Kittie, Mr Lovelace to dinner they are working the colts to day, - I weigh 103 lbs to day

Wed 16th - Kittie & I ironed Wm went fishing with others

Thurs 17th - Wm is planting early Potatoes Alfred is planting Corn I wrote a letter to Mrs Nichols, Mrs Frank Hunt, & Sister Called

Frid 18th - Alfred is plowing for Corn Wm & Kittie went to supper to Mrs Savage the M E Aid

Sat 19th - after dinner, Kittie & I went to the Cemetery, I visited my dead once more I called on Mrs Cole wee went to Ellas a little while all were well

Sund 20th - Wm, Kittie, Mr & Mrs Frank Hunt drove to Owosso it being Assension Sunday, the Knight Templers attended Christs Episcopal Church

Mond 20th - it is cold & cloudy, I sent a letter to Mrs Fitzgerald, Edna Chafee Lillie & Clarra Barnes called, Wm & Kittie got home 1/2 past 9 ocl it was dark and cloudy all day

Tues 21st - dark & cloudy Kittie went with girles brought Mrs Kirkendol to wash

Wed 22d - Kittie went for Sister Mary to come and make me a visit, then she went to Bernards, he raised a Barn there was over 60 to supper

Thurs 23d - it rained Thunderd Lightned last night - and showers to day I received a letter from Mrs Beebee Wisconsin, Lacross

Frid 24th - Dr Austin of Gaines was buried at Fenton to day to bad to bad

Sat 25th - Sister Mary is knitting a Stocking it has rained a little every day for 6 days

Sund 26th - Lillie & Catharine has gone to Church & Sunday School

1901 Mond May 27th - is dear Kitties 33d birth day God bless her and give her many pleasant birth days she took the girles to school, then went for Lettie Wolfin to come and sew for her, Lettie had sick head ache all the afternoon - Sister Mary and I walked over to Alices staid a little while

Tues 28th - Mrs Kirkendol is washing for Kittie, I finished my slumber robe to day, it is quite cool wee have fire in the Furnace

Wed 29th - Anna Harper left Jessie Joslin to teach Anna was married in eve

Thurs 30th - Decoration day all the girles went Sister Mary staid with me

Frid 31st - Kittie took Children to school, Mrs Gill Cole came home with her

Saturday June 1st 1901 - it has been cloudy and rained a little every day 14 days I received a letter from Roger M Mr & Mrs Omer Barnes made us a visit, it rained they

Sund 2d - staid all night went home this morning he paid Will $50.00 dol on a Note - Wm lent me $10.00 dol of same, Mrs Cole went with Children to Church and Sabath School

Mond 3d - it is a lovely day Mr Isaac Crawford called Anna H opend her school

Tues 4th - it is a lovely day Mrs Kirkendol is here washing, then wee ironed

Wed 5th - Mrs Barnum Lewis & Mrs Martha Chamberlin her sister made us a pleasant visit Mr Lewis is here painting inside

Thurs 6th - Mr M Harrington came and Insured my House Mr & Mrs W Gillmore made a pleasant call

1901 Frid June 7th - Mr G Lewis is here painting the Kitchen 1/2 day Lettie was sick yesterday all day was in bed Mr Dodge is here helping Alfred plant Beans, they finished it is cold wee have a fire in the Furnace

Sat 8th - Mr G Lewis painted 1/2 day Wm Kittie & Letta went to Durand

Sund 9th - Kittie Alfred Lillie & Catharine has gone to Church, it is a lovely day this is Childrens day, it is evening all have gone to the Church exercises

Mond 10th - Lettie has come to sew, Anna to her School it is cool

Tues 11th - Mr Francis came and plasterd the cistern it leaked, Wm paid $1.00 it rained, Thunderd and Lightned last night and this forenoon Mr G Lewis is here graining North bedroom Kittie & Letta has gone to attend Lodge Eastern Starr Anna is not boarding here any more boards at Mrs Fishers

Wed 12th - Kittie has gone to Howell to meet Eastern Starrs Mrs Kirkendol is washing

Thurs 13th - Mr Lewis is varnishing Kitchen & bedroom Mr & Mrs P Schad took dinner with us I received a letter from Mrs Fitzgerald yesterday Lettie is here sewing

Frid 14th - Mr Lewis got through yesterday - Kittie has gone to take Lettie home Catharine finishes her term of school to day, I am going to take Sister to Idas I took my dear Sister Mary to Idas and spent the day there went and looked at Bernards new Barn it is fine, it shows prosperity I hope he may live long to enjoy it he has worked hard and reward follows honest labor

Sat 15th - Alfred & Mr Dodge finished planting Beans to day Wm & Kittie has gone to Mrs Stones Harry is sick

1901 Sund June 16th - Dr Marshall & Wm has taken Harry Stone to Annarbor for treatment for Appendicetiz on this morning Excursion Train and has gone to stay with Mrs Stone Alfred and girles has gone to Church and Sabath School Wm came on night Train said Harry bore the treatment brave

Mond 17th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand then to Mrs Stones

Tues 18th - I received a letter from L Stone yesterday, - the Wheat is heading out

Wed 19th - Wm & Mrs Lola Stone went to AnnArbor on morning Train to see Harry they found him doeing nicely, they returned on evening Train

Thurs 20th - Lillie took old Kit and went to Durand to attend Teachers Examination wrote on 5 questions, Ex Govenor Pingree died London England Mr & Mrs Omer Barnes called and staid to tea yesterday I am finishing my Knit rug, - Mr P Schad received a Telegram from New Mexico that J C was dead, Wm & Kittie has gone to Argentine

Frid 21st - Wm took Lillie Schad to finish Examination Kittie, Alfred, Bell & Catharine went to Durand to attend the Graduating exercises, Olla Schad and 2 others were the graduates

Sat 22d - Anna Harper took dinner with us, Al Northway & Wife called it rained a few minutes last evening

Sund 23d - a lovely day Alfred & girles gone to Church and Sabath School after dinner Fred Close and Wife made a pleasant call Kittie served Ice Cream, Cake & Strawberries, afternoon

1901 Mond June 24th - Wm commenced cutting grass Mr Wormly & Mr Lovelace are helping Kittie has a nice lot of Strawberries Onions & Radishes

Tues 25th - Alfred finished cultivating Beans and is cutting grass

Wed 26th - the wind blew it blowed my Crock of Cuctus off the stand and rained some Kittie & Lillie are washing Mrs Kirkendol did not come after the rain the men mowed the yard Wm received a letter from his Father saying J C died June 19th was buried 20th at 4 ocl, New Mexico, Tierra Blanca Alfred finished going through the Beans the second time

Thurs 27th - Wm has 2 teams hauling in hay, the first he put in Wm , Alfred, Mr Wormly, Mr Lovelace Alice, Bell & Willie staid here last night, Alice is poorly it is warm 96 above where the sun strikes it I ironed this forenoon, set irons on oil stove M Wolfin & Mr G Dodge is helping Wm in hay field to day

Frid 28th - Wm men got in 20 loads of hay

Sat 29th - Mr Coruthers Mr Lovelace helped bunch the hay that was cut

Sund 30th - merc 90 Ella & Malba took tea with us, Alfred, Lillie & Catharine went to Sunday School

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath enterd in to the heart of man, the thing which God hath prepared for them that love him blessed promise -------Bible

1901 Mond July 1st - merc 96 verry warm Wm & men in hay field, Kittie & Lillie washed

Tues 2d - verry warm - Wm & men are stacking hay in field, I received a letter from L Stone I received a letter from Ida Ray Wagner California

Wed 3d - verry warm Anna Harpers, Bennetts, school closses to day

Thurs 4th - verry warm Wm & men got in what hay was down it made 90 loads - 25 acres to cut

Frid 5th - our 3 men Alfred, Mr Lovelace & Mr Coruthers went and helped Mr Dodge it commenced to rain moderate til in the night it Thundred & Lightned the hardest storm I ever witnessed, Kittie girles & I got up in fear

Sat 6th - Wm has gone a fishing with Mr Lovelace every thing is floded with water Catharine & I sent a letter to Kentucky Alice Ella & baby took dinner with us Wm caught 15 nice fish, Mrs Anna Thompson called

Sund 7th - Lillie & Catharine has gone to Sunday School, wee have peas string beans

Mond 8th - Kittie & Lillie washed I hung out the cloths Mrs L Stone spent the afternoon

Tues 9th - Lillie is sick this morning, I have been ironing

Wed 10th - Lillie is sick to day Mrs Ketchum & Mrs Buck spent the afternoon there was 7 men here to day verry warm Mr G Dodge gave out they have 2 large stacks in the field

Thurs 11th - wee finished ironing very warm

Frid 12th - Wm finished Haying they put 50 loads in one stack

Sat 13th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Byron in afternoon went to Durand She bought a carpet sweeper $2.75 paid

Sund 14th - Mrs Lola Stone has gone to Annatrbor to the Hospital to see Harry Kittie went with her, the girles went to Church & S School

1901 Mond July 15th - merc 86 above Wm went to Depot to meet Kittie & Mrs Stone, she staid all night they found Harry better, does not sit up, Kittie washed - it is verry warm

Tues 16th - merc 92 verry warm I sent a letter to L Stone Kittie went to Byron, I ironed not all

Wed 17th - Mr G Dodge is cutting Wheat in south orchard, Alfred is going through Beans Wm & Mr Lovelace is setting up Wheat, it lay down bad with wind storm

Thurs 18th - merc 82 in shade Wm & Mr G Dodge & Lovelace are stacking the orchard Wheat it is verry warm Mrs Kitchum & Mrs Buck called yesterday

Frid 19th - Mr Lovelace & Alfred helped Mr Geo Dodge - Kittie called on Mrs Mc Kinney

Sat 20th - merc 92 above Wm & Mr Lovelace is hauling Wheat from west field, finishing a stack south of red Barn

Sund 21st - looks like rain verry warm Kittie & girles have gone to Church I have just read a letter announceing the death of Blanch Vanburen to bad Gods ways are not our ways I sent a letter to L Stone

Mond 22d - I sent a letter to Mrs Vanburen, Heavenly Father comfort her in her sad beravement as no other can Wm finished Wheat harvest to day

Tues 23d - I ironed all the forenoon, Ella Sheldon & Melba is here to tea it is verry warm and looks like rain it is verry dry

Wed 24th - after dinner Lillie Catharine and I went to the cemetery to visit my dead once more I called on Mrs Hunt found her better, I called on Rev Cross & Mrs Cross, then went (and) traded in Hatie Coles got myself a wrapper & 15 yds fruit of the loom and some other things

Thurs 25th - Mrs Goodel came last evening staid all night, she and Kittie went to Idas in

Frid 26th - afternoon, this morning Frank Sheldon brought Roger M in a carriage he has Inflamation Rheumatism Wm went fishing yesterday got a nice mess, it Thunderd, Lightned & rained last night, the drougth is broken

1901 Sat July 27th - Kittie went to Mrs Stones Mrs Goodell called Roger M does not sit up, Alfred has gone to Fenton to his Aunts

Sund 28th - Mrs Stone came in the morning, she went to see Harry Kittie went for her in the evening, she found Harry on the bed he does not sit up yet she staid all night

Mond 29th - Mrs Stone has just gone - Alfred has come, Roger is bad off there was a shower this morning, it is cooler our cistern is full

Tues 30th - Roger Ms hands and feet are swollen full poor boy is afflicted

Wed 31st - Will has gone Fishing up at 3 ocl this morning it is cooler

Thurs Aug 1st - 17 yrs ago to day, my dear husband was injured, which caused his death

Frid 2d - I took dinner with Mrs Lemon at her home, Mr Goff, Mr Martenes in the afternoon by invitation took tea at Elder Crosses, with others names of Company - Mrs Lemon, Mr Goff - Mrs Martenes Mrs Totten Mrs Carpenter, - Mrs Haviland, Mrs Bullis, Mrs Stowell, Mrs Brown, Mrs Ball, Mr Gulick, Mrs Sloan, & myself, 13 invited guests

Sat 3d - quite cold, Roger M is much better, for which I thank my Heavenly Father

Sund 4th - Alfred & girles went to Church and Sabath School Kittie went to Detroit, had a nice time returned at 10 ocl evening Mrs Stone made a pleasant call, after dinner Mr & Mrs Close Lucy - Mr & Mrs F Anderson made a pleasant call & baby Anderson

1901 Mond Aug 5th - Roger M was better and went home Heavenly Father restore him to health Kittie washed - it is a lovely day - I received a letter from Louie Beardslee

Tues 6th - She and Lillie - Mrs Wm Gilmore came and spent all day

Wed 7th - Kittie Lillie & Catharine went over to Mrs S Stones Harry gaining slowly

Thurs 8th - fine day I wrote a letter to Louie Beardsley, Threshers 156 bush Wheat

Frid 9th - Mrs Lousa Roroson called for help for B Mc Carty to get a cow I gave $1.00 dol

Sat 10th - Alfred started for pan American, Wm Kittie went to Durand

Sund 11th - Kittie, and girles have gone to Church and Sunday School I sent $5.00 dol to the preacher Rev Holland, quite cold Catharine and I tied a crazy quilt yesterday Saturday on East Porch Wm Kittie & Lillie washed, Catharine has gone to take Ida some sweet corn

Mond 12th - Kittie & Lillie washed, Catharine has gone to take Ida some Sweet Corn

Tues 13th - Wm bought 3700 lbs of Furnace Cole for which he paid $6.50 pr Ton

On a seperate sheet of paper dated August 13th 1901

Wm bought of Close 3700 lbs of Furnace Cole
next losd 3500 & some lbs $6.50 pr Ton
14th Wm hauled 3500 lbs August
22d dought pr Kittie Schad for Roger 1 pr shoes $3.00 - 2 shirts & night shirt and 2 pr Socks 2.50 1 pr Pants 3.00 gave him $10.00
same date I gave Wm for Roger Ms Expenses and fare for both $50.00 dol
Wm gave me $1.60 cts baack
to get to Mt Clemons to take Baths $50.00dol for Roger Ms benefit

on the reverse side of this sheet

Byron July 31 1901
My Dear Friend Kitty
If convenient for you we would like to have your Mother spend the day with us next friday Aug 2 Yours in haste
Mrs B L Lemmon

Wed 14th - wee ironed Wm & Kittie went to Durand, Gracie Schad came home with them

Thurs 15th - Wm Kittie & Catharine went to Detroit on an Excursion got up by the Masons it was a beautiful day, returned 1/2 past 11 o clock Kittie bought Lace Curtains for parlor a black dress for Lillie Catharine bought me a pocket handkercheif

Frid 16th - Wm went to Gaines Depot and met Mrs S Vanburen, Mrs Kittie Funke & 2 children Mrs Sarah Ferguson - it is verry warm

Sat 17th - verry warm I received a letter from Frank Welch, one from Rogers Wife

Sund 18th - Roger M came verry bad with Rheumatism last evening wee had a beautiful rain it was much needed I pieced 6 blocks of silk for Sofa Cushions for Kittie, after I was 80 yrs old I was

1901 Mond Aug 19th - it is raining, the drouth is broken, thank God for his goodness

Tues 20th - Mrs Ferguson and I visited Ida Haviland Alfred came back

Wed 21st - All ironed, after dinner Wm, Kittie & Company went to Durand

Thurs 22d - Wm is going with Roger M to Mont Clemmens Springs to take baths, Sarah has just come Sarah, Catharine and I went to Dan Mc Caughnas, made a pleasant visit

Frid 23d - Alfred, Kittie & Mrs Funke went to Durand to meet Wm, he saw Roger M take his first bath, poor boy, was verry weak it rained verry hard last night and this morning

Sat 24th - Kittie, Mrs Vanburen & Mrs Funk and Children spent yesterday with Ella Sheldon

Sund 25th - girles went to Church and Sabath School

Mond 26th - Wm took Mrs Vanburen, Mrs Funke & myself to visit my dead once more

Tues 27th - it is dear little Catharines 11th birth day, God bless her and guide her Sarah Ferguson & I went to Ella Sheldons to dinner Catharine drove our horse wee visited our dead, - then called on Mrs Cole, bought some Aprons

Wed 28th - Wm & Mrs Vanburen, Kittie & Mrs Funke went to Durand

Thurs 29th - Catharine, Sarah Ferguson and myself visited Mrs John Kitson called on Will's family

Frid 30th - Wm & women & Children have gone to Bancroft, Mr Frank Tillman called it rained Thunderd & Lightned last night, Mrs George Carpenter came this evening

Sat 31st - Wm & Kittie took Mrs Vanburen, Mrs Funke & Children to Gaines, gone to Detroit received a postal from afflicted Roger M he is not much better God help him, as none other can, Sarah and I visited to John Kittsons

1901 Monday Sept 1st - I renewed mysubscription for Corunna Journal til Jan, 1st 1903. Kittie took girles to school, came home and washed Wm Alfred, and old Mr Dodge are pulling Beans, commenced Saturday Kittie has gone for the girles - their school commenced to day Sarah Ferguson went to Bernards after dinner Mr Noah Joslin is buried in Byron to day, an other land mark gone

Tues 2d - Kittie, Sarah & I ironed Wm Alfred - old Mr Dodge in the Beans

Wed 3d - Sarah went to Dan Mc Caughnas - old Mr Dodge is working in the Beans they have them bunched, all that is pulled I received a postal from Roger poor Boy is a little better received a letter from Mrs Beebee, Lacross, Wisconsin

Thurs 4th - received a postal from Roger, Wm & Kittie has gone to Mrs Stones mercury 90 above it is verry warm, Roger M came on 10 ocl Train, Much improved, thank God Kittie has gone for girles, Wm & Alfred are hauling in beans, this afternoon

Frid 5th - Wm Mr Dodge & Alfred are Syacking Beans, Sarah went to Gaines

Sat 7th - they finished 2 stacks of Beans; Roger came from Mt Clemens, quite improved

Sund 8th - the girles took Kitt, and went to Church & Sabath School

Mond 9th - the two girles commenced school in Byron, Kittie & I ironed

Tues 10th - they are cutting Corn, Wm & Alfred; Roger is going slowly poor boy Cruel - Cruel President Mc Kinley was assassinated Sept 6th Godspare his life for his dear Wifes sake

Wed 11th - Ella Sheldon & little Malba took dinner with us

Thurs 12th - it rained all day verry moderate, Wm & Roger put the clover in bundles & Alfred cut Corn, Kittie went to the house of mourning Mr Wolfins, the funeral at the house Friday

1901 Frid Sept 13th - Mr Wolfins funeral will be at the house 1 ocl

Sat 14th - I hear our President Wm Mc Kinley, died at 2 ocl this morning

Sund 15th - Wm & Roger M, Alfred bunched Clover yesterday Mary Ann Mc Farlin has come

Mond 16th - Kittie washed, a man came to work to work for Wm I called on Mary Ann our school opend this morning, Miss Lula Smith Teacher

Tues 17th - Mr Walworth & old Mr Dodge are helping Wm they are stacking Clover for seed, Roger M is getting better thank God when I returned home Monday, Mr & Mrs Holland, Baptist Preacher took tea with us

Wed 18th - Harry Stone came yesterday staid all night, went home this afternoon Roger M took the girles to school, bought 2 bush of Peaches $1.00 dol, 1 bush Grapes .75 cts Alfred runn a pitchfork in to Wm right arm, it is verry painful

Thurs 19th - night 7 men came to pack hay for Wm - Memorial day in Byron

Frid 20th - 7 men are packing hay all day ; Wm & Jim are hauling to Gaines

Sat 21st - the men are all here to day Wm is hauling the 7 hay bailers left after Supper - Wm & Roger M hauled bails to Gaines John & Sarah Ferguson came in the afternoon

Sund 22d - the Hay Bailers, 6 men finished at noon - Wm is hauling hay to Gaines John & Sarah Ferguson came Friday afternoon and staid til after dinner to day - Bell Cummin took them to Gaines to Dan Mc Caughnas the girles called for Mary A Mc Farlin; She came to dinner Roger is some better but verry weak

Mond 23d - Wm is hauling bailed hay to Gaines

1901 Tues Sept 24th - this is the aniversary of my darling husbands death 17 yrs to day, - how sad and lonely I am, God help me

Wed 25th - Bernard & I bought my dead home in a coffin, Mrs Duncan came with us, Mr Nichols of Corunna, Mr F Bush of Gaines went to Detroit to meet us, an innumerable Company of Friends met

Thurs 26th - us at Gaines, - many - many of them has passed over since Wm is hauling hay - Roger M is mowing clover hay Alfred & Jim are husking Corn, and turning over Beans Kittie & I ironed got through before dinner Kittie had fresh fish for dinner Kittie went to Perry with the Eastern Starr this afternoon

Frid 27th - Wm has gone to Pontiac to attend the State Fair, Kittie has goneto meet him Mrs Abner Sears visited here to day, Jim Vanpatten helped Mr Roberts Thresh Beans

Sat 28th - Wm sold 45 Tons of Hay to Mr Weiram at $7.00 pr Ton - amounted to $313.00 dol My share $114.50 cts Wm paid me

Sund 29th - 17 yrs ago to day my husband was laid to rest in the Byron Cemetery he would be 89 yrs old the 12th of Dec.

Mond 30th - Mrs Lola Stone & Mrs Ed Hathaway & Allen came and took dinner Mrs Hayford came a cousin staid over night Jim Alfred & Roger M are hauling Clover hay for seed Wm Kittie & Catharine went to Durand after tea with Mrs & Dr Hayford

1901 Tues Oct 1st - Roger M is dragging for Wheat South of old Barn where a Bean crop was Mr Martenes fixed our cistern Pump

Wed 2d - Wm and Dr Howard have gone to Detroit - Jim is husking Corn Alfred is digging Potatoes - Roger M is fitting the ground for Wheat Kittie is Pickling green Tomatoes and making Chillie sauce Roger M fitted the ground 16 acres for Wheat, Alfred hauled a load, 50 bushels, of Potatoes

Thurs 3d - Alfred is drilling the Wheat, Roger has taken the girles to school I bought 2 linnen towels, 3 doz pearle buttons, pr Suspenders of a pedler $1.00 dol

Frid 4th - Wm & Dr Howard came on the midnight train Alfred finished drilling 16 acres of Wheat this forenoon the latest ever

Sat 5th - was ever sown on this farm, Roger M has gone to his home, poor boy is not verry well, wee have had 3 hard frosts I paid my Assessment $8.72 pr Wm Schad

Sund 6th - Wm went with Mr Hopkins, funeral procession to Mundy Center Mrs Lola Stone and Harry came to dinner, Mr Vanwoorts baby was buried to day

Mond 7th - Wm has gone with girles to school - little Melba Sheldon is here visiting Wm took me to see Mrs Lawrence she is verry sick

Tues 8th - the Bean Threshers came at 11 ocl Thrashed 377 bushels

Wed 9th - Kittie has gone with girles to school Trashers just gone when it commenced to rain, a nice shower, Catharine went after school for Lettie Wolfin

Thurs 10th - it is Sister Marys birthday 83 yrs old quite smart I went and spent the day with her at Idas

1901 Frid Oct 11th - I just heard Forrest Smith is dead, - his hand was caught in machinery and blood poisen set in, Jim & Alfred are husking Corn

Sat 12th - Forest Smith was buried to day - Alfred went to Howell

Sund 13th - it rained all last night

Mond 14th - Mrs Fred Close called - gave the sad news Mr Lutes died at 2 0cl this morning he was in Dr Howards office yesterday Kittie washed, - I hung out the cloths, it is a lovely day I am finishing knitting Sister Marys stockings after dinner Kittie went to the house of mourning Mrs Lutze

Tues 15th - Catharine went for Letta Wolfin yesterday after school

Wed 16th - Kittie and Lettie went to Durand yesterday - they have gone to Gaines to day I received a Postal from Roger M to day - Alfred hauled the last of Potatoes - 105 bush yesterday 105 bush in the cellar, a fine day fire in the Furnace, a lovely day

Thurs 17th - they are all gone to Mr Lutzs funeral at the house after services a car load went with his remains to Saline Wm went with them, Kittie met him at the Train evening

Frid 18th - Kittie & Letta went to Gaines, they got hats

Sat 19th - Wm & Kittie were at a party last night to Mr Neals Catharine has gone to Gaines to get Letties hat Lucy & Harold Close came to go nutting, Catharine and they went to Mr Kellys and gathered Black Walnuts - in the afternoon Mrs Fred Close came for them - they enjoyed their visit Mrs Wm Close called, did not come in

1901 Sund Oct 20th - Alfred, Kittie and girles went to Church & Sabath School James Vanpatten got through work last evening - and left to day They, Alfred & Jim finished husking Corn, - he is a fine young man Letta went home, last evening, it is a lovely day Catnerine went for Lettie, Mrs Birt Mc Kenney called

Mond 21st - Kittie & Lettie washed

Tues 22d - Wm went to Gaines to meet J Kline & friend they came for a hunt of birds and small game Wm has gone with them Kittie & Lettie has gone to Byron

Wed 23d - Wm, Mr Kline, Mr Springborn has gone South of Byron for a hunt

Thurs 24th - the men are out early - gone to hunt, Kittie has gone to meet with Eastern Stars

Frid 25th - the men are out - Lettie came at noon

Sat 26th - Wm took Mr Kline & Mr Springborn to evening Train at Gaines for Detroit

Sund 27th - Mrs Stone brought me a crock of lovely Chrisanthems Catharine took Lettie home this morning, I paid Lettie $4.00 dol pr Kittie, Alfred Kittie Lillie & Catharine has gone to Church after dinner Kittie Catharine & I went over to Ellas, pleasant call when wee came home Mrs S Stone and L was here staid to supper

Mond 28th - Wm helped Kittie wash and Churn, they have a new milch cow in the afternoon Kittie & I went to Mr Rorisons - he had a Shock of Paralasis - to bad - to bad God help the afflicted

Tues 29th - Kittie and I are ironing it is a lovely day paid Mr Lord for work in Cemetery .75 cts pr Kittie Wm Kittie & Alfred spent the evening at Leonzo Barnes

1901 Frid Nov 1st - I renewed my subscription for Byron Herald paid $1.00 pr Kittie Schad A lovely day, I spent yesterday with Mrs Isaac Barnum Lewis verry pleasant. Mrs Wormly came to dinner, Catharine came with Lorena in the afternoon, I visited my dead once more, it began to sprinkle, I bade farewell, for a short time, - it rained till we got home the girles and I Kittie has gone to attend a Macabee Meeting this afternoon

Sat 2d - Kittie has gone to Owosso Mildred Lord com(e) to visit Lillie

Sund 3d - I attended Church a Sermon deliverd by Rev Cross the summer is past

Mond 4th - Kittie washed - the clover Threshers came worked afternoon

Tues 5th - the Threshers are at work, they finished this evening was here to supper

Wed 6th - Kittie - Jene & Lettie Wolfin went to Fowelerville - with the Eastern Starr they were entertained nicely, it is pleasant but cold Kittie brought me a crock of lovely yellow Chrysanthems from Owosso

Thurs 7th - Wm sold the Clover seed to day

Frid 8th - Wm paid me $30.89 cts my share of Clover Seed $31.00 my share of Wheat

A seperate page dated Nov 8th - 1901

My Share of Crops
Wheat 50 bush sold .62 cts pr bush $31.00 dol
pressed hay my share -------------- $104.50 cts
Clover Seed ----------------------- 32.00 dol
Pressed Clover Hay ---------------- 25.00 dol
Beans ---------------------------- 179.00
Hay ------------------------------- 55.80 cts
for Pressed & Clover Hay $25.00
paid me Dec 30th
Jan 15th 1901 Wm paid me $179.50 dol my share of Beans
Corn & Potatoes $55 .80 cts which I turned on mens board that worked on house
179.00 55.80 $427.30 $427.30

Sat 9th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand and heard the sad news of Peter Schads Wife being insane, and sent to the retreat, Detroit Ida Haviland called one hour

Sund 19th - the children went to Sunday School

Mond 11th - it rained last night and morning

Tues 12th - Wm & Kittie washed & Churned

Wed 13th - Kittie & I ironed, Wm & Mr F Hunt went to Chicago on midnight Train

Thurs 14th - Alfred took a load of Potatoes to Byron Depot, .60 cts pr bush Kittie has gone to Durand to have her tooth extracted

1901 Frid Nov 15th - Wm & Mr Hunt returned last night at 12 ocl Wm & Kittie have gone to Byron it is verry cold to day Mr Fasket called

Sat 16th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand, She had a tooth extracted wisdom tooth

Sund 17th - Alfred Lillie & Catharine went to church & Sabath School

Mond 18th - Wm & Kittie returned hom(e) 1/2 past 8 ocl evening Wm went to Depot to meet her - she got a Tailor Suit of Broadcloth 2 silk Waists, Catharine a new hat and me - a cloth cape and other things

Tues 19th - after dinner Wm & Kittie went to Durand to get her tooth filled

Wed 20th - Wm & Alfred went to Byron Depot last evening his Lambs arrived from Chicago, they went for them

Thurs 21st - this morning, have just come with 335 Lambs one of Mr Elmer Joslins Barnes was burned yesterday & last eve wee could (see) the light from 2 others at same time, 1 east 1 west I sent $1.00 dol by Lillie, to Elder Cross for superanuated Ministers the 2 Mrs Closes made a pleasant call

Frid 22d - Mrs Wm Kitson, Mrs A Mc Farlin & Mrs Sam Leonard spent to day with us from Reno Navada

Sat 23d - it snowed a little last night and this morning there is a fog, Wm & Alfred just set a new Stove in School house wee received a letter from Roger M to day Wm & Kittie have gone to Durand to get her tooth filled I finished a pair of Mittens for Sister Mary to day

1901 Sund Nov 24th - Alfred & girles went to Church & Sabath School

Mond 25th - Kittie washed - I fell on Kitchen floor and hurt me

Tues 26th - Mrs Lola stone called, snow flakes are falling all day 2 men Mr Dodge and an other man are moving hay from Barn L Stone took dinner with us - Mr Rhorason is dead Rose Harrington, Myrtel Mc Kinney & Perl Tubs made a pleasant call

Wed 27th - Mr Rhorason will be buried this afternoon Wm, Alfred and an other man is butchering a hog , a lovely day

Thurs 28th - Thanks giving day. Thank God wee are all well and healthy, and for the many blessings received, A bountiful harvest, Legrand Schad came and took the two girles to Mrs S Stones Wm Alfred & Mr Ackerson made troughs for lambs Wm received a Carr load of corn from Port Huron

Frid 29th - Mr Walworth, Mr Ackerson is helping draw it

Sat 30th - Mr Walworth, Mr Ackerson is helping to day Wm drove 75 sheep from Depot, received from Chicago there is a number of men Setting Telephone poles, a new line from Howell Catharine and I drove to Idas to see Sister Mary I took her a pair of Mittons
he that covereth his Sins, shall not prosper, Bible
love one another

1901 Sund Dec 1st - A lovely day - Wm Kittie & Catharine went to Fred Closes Eddie, May, & baby Sheldon spent the evening with us

Mond 2d - Mr Peter Schad came for a little while, his wife is no better

Tues 3d - Wm & Kittie have gone to Durand, it is snowing - then sun shines Mr Ackerman is here at work for Wm

Wed 4th - I ironed Kittie Wm went to Byron received 75 sheep from Chicago

Thurs 5th - Mrs Mc Kinney made a pleasant call - Wm is feeding 400 Lambs

Frid 6th - Legrand Schad is nursing a lame foot, our School closed to day Lula Smith Teacher A Telephone came to Mrs Chambers that Mrs Schad was failing fast She and Kittie has gone on evening Train to Detroit, to see Mrs Schad Mr Schad & Mrs Banghart went this morning. God help the afflicted

Sat 7th - they found Mrs Schad dead & at the under takers how sad they returned on the 2 ocl Train it is raining Kittie & Mrs Chambers

Sund 8th - Wm has gone to Byron to see about digging the grave, - raining this morning

Mond 9th - 10 ocl Legrand, Wm, Kittie, Lillie & Catharine have gone to Durand to attend Mrs Elva Schads funeral, Mrs Kirkendol is here getting dinner 1/2 past 2 ocl Mr P Schad, Legrand Perry Olla Gracie were here to dinner - it is raining a little Wm took Mrs Kirkendol home

Tues 10th - Kittie is washing - I have a cold, Wm took girles to school quite mild

Wed 11th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand after Alfred and I had our dinner, 6 Hay pressers came wanted dinner washed dishes then Wm & Kittie came - how thankful

1901 Thurs Dec 12th - to day would be my darling husbands 89th birth day, born Dec 12, - 1812 Kittie & I went to the house of mourning Mr John Sickles died Tues 10th an other old Settler gone, - one by one are passing over to there reward

Frid 13th - it rained all night and this morning, cistern full Alfred has Rheumatism

Sat 14th - our rain turned to snow, about 2 inches fell last night

Sund 15th - bright sunshine, Kittie & Catarine attended Mr John Sickles funeral, sermon by free Methodist Green Text 14th Chapt 13 verse Revelations and I heard a voice from heaven saying, blessed are the dead, that die in the Lord

Mond 16th - merc 8 below Kittie washed, Alfred is better he and Bert Ackerman is hauling Bean pods from Westriches farm it verry cold about 3 inches of snow

Tues 17th - merc 2 below the 2 Mr Ackermans are hauling Bean pods Mrs Beamsly Stevens will be buried to day - she died Friday Kittie is crocheting White Shawls for Christmas presents she has finished 2 they are beautiful

Wed 18th - two men Mr Burnette & Mr Brown from Detroit Life Insurance Agents called

Thurs 19th - merc 14 above 4 o clock afternoon Kittie & Wm has gone to Byron

Frid 20th - merc 6 below verry cold Kittie commenced a worsted shawl this morning and finished it by bed time

Sat 21st - merc 12 below this morning verry cold merc 12 below bright and clear from Durand Express Dec 19th, Marconi Succeeded by Telegrahing across theocean without wires

Sund 22d - merc 4 above morning bright and clear merc has gone up to 30 above at 12 o clock I hope the cold wave is broken

1901 Mond Dec 23d - merc 40 above Kittie washed then she and Wm went to Durand got some Christmas presents

Tues 24th - merc 30 above after dinner Kittie & Catharine has gone to Byron wee received a letter from Roger M it is 4 ocl and snowing Wm has a sick cow, Mr Oberto come to see her little Melba Sheldon is here, I hear they have a little girl to Ellas Alfred Kittie Lillie Catharine and little Melba Sheldon went to the Christmas Tree at the Baptist Church, all received presents when they came home, at 11 o clock it was snowing hard about 4 inches fell

Wed, 25th Christmas day - peace on earth and good will to man, the Angels sang

Wed 25th - merc 36 all day Kittie went for Mrs Lola Stone, she came with her, a lovely day I received nice presents, Kittie crochetted me a black shawl, and sent presents farr away, wee received a letter from Roger M

Thurs 26th - merc 30 above Kittie took Mr Stone home - and went for Lettie

Frid 27th - Kittie has gone to take Lettie home then call on Ella & May Mrs Wm Close and Lucy called - Mr Close did not come in they were in a Cutter

Sat 28th - merc 22 above a lovely day wee received a letter from Perl Haviland Kentucky

Sund 29th - a lovely day

Mond 30th - Kittie is washing a lovely day, Wm gave me $25.00 dol my share of pressed and clover hay this afternoon, Kittie has gone to Byron and renewed my subscription for Christian Herald paid $3.00 and a Bible for Roger M, renewed 2 subscription and other papers for twice a week Freepress a lovely day

Tues 31st - a lovely day - the last day of the year

Fare well - 1901 you have been kind to me, gave me health, the richest blessing and a bountiful Harvest, and an unbroken family, for which I thank my Heavenly Father, - Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Wed ------------- Jan 1st -- 1902 New years day. - A lovely day but cold, Heavenly Father wee thank thee for the blessings of the past year; let each decide to lead better lives in the future than in the past Kittie got us a lovely dinner, it is poor sleighing, A Carrage runs well

Thurs 2d - merc 36 above it is a lovely morning, Catharine is getting over Chicken pox it is vacation 2 weeks the Principle Mr Mowerson is sick and has resigned School commences Mond 6th I sent roger M $10.00 dol to help pay his Taxes

Frid 3d - 20 above a lovely day I paid my Tax pr Wm Schad $140.00 dol

Sat 4th - merc 30 above a lovely (day) Bernard & Ida called

Sund 5th - merc 28 above a clear day

Mond 6th - Mr G Dodge & Father are hauling Bean Pods from Lola Stones

Tues 7th - they are hauling Bean Pods dear little Catharine has started to school over the Chicken pox

Wed 8th - wee heard there was a fire in Byron last night, 1 dwelling house Mr D Tillmans Blacksmith Shop, no Insurance, Mr J Williams Barn

Thurs 9th - Mr & Mrs Neil spent the day, Charley - Mrs Fowler & Lattia came

Frid 10h - Mr Fowler has started for home this morning, Wm has sold the Beans Mr G Dodge is emptying the Ice house, & filling bags of Beans, Alfred is hauling to Elevatoer Allen Hathaway came for Lettie, & Kittie took Mrs Fowler to Byron this afternoon Byron School opend Monday, 6th with Professor Sherman Principal

Sat 11th - it is snowing a little, Alfred is hauling Beans, Kittie & Lillie are washing

Sund 12th - Lillie & Catharine went to Church & Sunday School, - Mrs Mulkin came home with them

Mond 13th - Wm took them to school, & Mrs Mulkin home, she said Mr Mr Oll. Clark died this morning Kittie sprained her ankle yesterday, Mr G Dodge & Alfred is hauling Beans

Tues 14th - Mr Dodge finished hauling Ice, Wm Legrand, & Kittie has gone to Durand

1902 Wed Jan 15th - Kittie has gone to attend Ol. Clarkes funeral, it is a lovely day Wm paid me my share of Beans to day $179.00 dol my share of Corn & Potatoes $55.80 paid

Thurs 16th - merc 30 above a fine day. I sent Mrs A T Nichols a letter, Helen Reynolds has had a Paralitic Shock

Frid 17th - Kittie went to Byron Mr Savage had gone to Chicago to attend his Mothers funeral

Sat 18th - merc 32 Kittie & Lillie are washing a nice day, - Helen is better, Kittie called to see her

Sund 19th - merc 28 above Kittie, Lillie & Catharine went to Church and Sabath School I sent $5.00 dol to Preacher

Mond 20th - merc 30 Kittie called on Mrs Mc Kinney, Lucy Close came home with Catharine

Tues 21st - merc 32 it (snowed) about 2 inches last night Kittie has gone for Lettie, Wm has gone for Corn for sheep

Wed 22d - a lovely day - Mr G Dodge & man are hauling Bean Pods

Thurs 23d - Mr Dodge & man are hauling to day Bean Pods, a lovely day, Wm took me to see Sister Mary, found her quite well, Litetia Fowler came staid all night

Frid 24th - Kittie has gone to meet the Macabees Ladies - Charley Fowler came for Litetia I bought Catharine an Iron Sled paid $1.00 dol per Wm Schad, she was happy, G Dodges hired man is here to day to work Wm bought Cole yesterday $6.75 pr Ton

Sat 25th - merc 30 above a lovely day Kittie is poorley with a cold and cough

Sund 26th - merc 36 above a lovely day Lillie & Catharine gone to Sabath School, - it rained a little this evening

Mond 27th - merc at zero this morning verry cold, merc at zero this morning, Mrs Barnum invited me to Riley Crawfords birth day he is 85 yrs old, it was to cold for me to go, - with my cold, my best place is home Mrs Rose Harrington called

Tues 28th - merc 10 below Wm went for Mrs Lola Stone, they attended the Eastern Starr entertainment

Wed 29th - Mrs Stone went home after dinner, Wm & Kittie attended the Eastern Starr Oyster supper

Thurs 30th - Mrs Mary A Mc Farlin from Reno came to make a visit, Lettie came to sew for Kittie

1902 Sat Feb 1st - Mrs Mc Farlin, Catharine & I went to see Ida Haviland found her some better, - Mrs Mc staid Sister Mary came home with me til Ida would be better

Sund 2d - it snowed and blowed in squals all day, Lillie & Catharine went for Lettie

Mond 3d - merc at zero my Dear husband, Brother Bernard, & myself left Ypsilantia for this home 1840 being 62 yrs - a perfect Wilderness

Tues 4th - merc 6 above at noon Kittie is better but a bad cough Mrs Mc Caughna, John & Wife called Wm has just gone for the girles with the Cutter, poor sleighing about 3 inches of snow and drifting - I sent a letter to Mrs Beebee, Wisconsin, Lacross received (one) from Mrs Nichols Mrs Mc Farlin has just come says Ida Haviland is better, sit up a little

Wed 5th - merc at zero verry cold, Kitties cough is verry harsh, Mrs Mc Farlin went (and) made Alice a visit

Thurs 6th - merc 4 above snow squals all day there is sleighing, Wm took Mrs Mc Farlin to W Kitsons Mrs Bert, Mc Kinney came made a visit, - Lettie Wolfin went home with them I received a letter from Mrs Beebee - Wisconsin; 3 Mr Dodges are here working

Frid 7th - merc 10 above Mrs Bert Mc Kinney - came, is croqueting a shawl Kittie is sewing

Sat 8th - Mr & Mrs Seward Chaffee made a pleasant call

Sund 9th - merc 10 above quite cold, Mr Legrand Schad went away last evening wee have commenced burning wood in our furnace

Mond 10th - cold snowing a little our cistern pump is frozen - two Miss Barnes called yesterday

Tues 11th - bright sunshine but cold - Kittie is making a dress for Catharine

Wed 12th - bright sunshine cold, Alfreds brother was to dinner Sunday

Thurs 13th - merc at zero morning bright sunshine Corn .60 cts pr bush Potatoes from .75 to .90 pr bush

Frid 14th - merc at zero morning bright sunshine, - Wm Kittie & Catharine were at M E Church entertainment last evening

Sat 15th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand Mr Ferguson called

1902 Sund Feb 16th - I went to Idas a little while Bernard brought me home the girles went to Church & Sunday School, Frank Ella and Melba came took dinner with us

Mond 17th - merc 26 above Kittie washed a verry pleasant day Fred Lewis called

Tues 18th - merc 22 above there is snow sqauls verry fine snow Lillie & Catharine took a Sleigh ride last evening with their Sabath School Teacher & class, - I ironed this afternoon

Wed 19th - Kittie went to Owosso yesterday evening with others to attend an Anual reunion of the Chapters She returned to day, Sister Mary and I kept house, I finished Ironing wee just heard John Smiths house burned down this forenoon

Thurs 20th - merc 4 above a lovely day, mercury went up to 40 above at 2 o clock, the highest this winter Mrs Lola Stone and Harry made a short call

Frid 21st - merc 46 above afternoon a lovely day, Wm & Kittie went to Byron in Carriage poor sleighing thawing

Sat 22d - merc 40 above a lovely day Kittie & Lillie washed

Sund 23d - merc 44 above at 3 ocl Lillie & Catharine went to Church & Sabath School Wm & Kittie has gone to Mrs L Stones merc is 44 above at 3 ocl afternoon

Mond 24th - merc 46 afternoon Bernard came and took Sister Mary home, God bless her, she is verry infirm there was a fog this morning fog in Feb will freeze a dog in June old saying the snow is going c 46 above Eddie, May & 2 babys Sheldon come last evening

Tues 25th - merc 50 above a lovely day Kittie has gone to call on Lettie, they are going to a Donation this evening Mr George Dodge and hired man is working for Wm in the Barn yard

Wed 26th - merc 50 above Kittie and girles attended the Baptist Donation last evening Mr G Dodge and hired man are hauling wood from woods

Thurs 27th - merc 50 above Mr Dodge & hired man til noon Mr C Smith to dinner showing wall paper it rained a little last night

Frid 28th - it rained last night Kittie & Catharine Alfred was at old maids entertainment last evening

1902 Sat March 1st -

A newspaper article attached to this page

Somewhere the deep, deep yearnings
That fill each weary heart,
And which are always with us,
Tho' not of life a part,
Will find responsive echoes
Coming to meet their saying
And hear lov'd voices saying
In sweet and soothing tone:
"You shall be fill'd
With the fullness of peace
In the beautiful land of Somewhere."
Somewhere our earnest longings
For higher, grander things
Our holy aspirations,
Our soul's deep whisperings
Must find responsive echoes
Far from earth's care and strife,
Calling us thro' the shadows
To a higher, holier life:
"You shall be fill'd
With the fullness of peace
In the beautiful land of Somewhere."
[This song was sung at the funeral of President McKinley. It was written in 1880 by F. S. Love joy and set to music by Charles Rea.]

Sat 1st - Wm & Kittie attended a Masonic reception last night it rained a little, the snow is all gone, about 4 inches was the most on the ground at any time this winter Mercury was 50 above all day yesterday, Kittie & Catharine (went to) the old maid convention

Sund 2d - Snow squals but disappeared as soon as (it) fell, - Mrs White spent the day with us

Mond 3d - merc 26 above Dan Mc Caughna called, Rose Harrington & Mrs White called roads verry rough, snow all gone, Legrand Schad staid last night

Tues 4th - Mr Peter Schad came to dinner, Wm took him to Byron

Wed 5th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand, I washed my under Cloths & two dresses it is a lovely day roads verry rough Mrs Rose Harrington called

Thurs 6th - merc 40 above a lovely day foggy day, the water has dissapeared off the ground

Frid 7th - Rose Harrington called a fogy day

Sat 8th - merc 40 above Kittie went to Idas - Ella Sherman was buried to day Wm Mr Wadly & Mr Wm Close started for Buffalo with a carr load of sheep Wm took 200 on a double deck carr Legrand Schad is here helping Alfred

Sund 9th - merc 36 above dark and cloudy - Alfred and girles went to Church and Sabath School

Mond 10th - merc 60 above afternoon it is a lovely day - Kittie has gone for girles, Legrand gone for a load of Oats to P Schad farm it has cleared off without rain it has not rained since 13th of Dec, then it filled the cistern

Tues 11th - merc 60 above Wm has returned home this morning from Buffalo thank God for safe return

Wed 12th - Mrs John Shepperd came and made a visit Alfred Barnes time is up, he quit this morning, gone to Fenton visiting

Thurs 13th - merc 50 above a lovely day Mrs Ida Gilmore called, her Mother sit out in Carriage

Remember the Sabath day and keep it holy.

1902 Frid March 14th - merc 50 above a fine day it rained at night Thunderd & Lightned

Sat 15th - Kittie & Lillie washed, Wm had 3 men shearing sheep E Lauring, Wolfin and one other it rained last night the cistern almost full no frost in the ground

Sund 16th - high wind all day Frank & Ella came to dinner, he is going away

Mond 17th - I ironed Kittie is baking for Eastern Starr entertainment, Wm & Kittie attended

Tues 18th - merc at zero verry cold bright sunshine a little skimming of snow I am piecing a Silk block

Wed 19th - merc 50 above warmer Frank Sheldon started for North Dakota Monday

Thurs 20th - Wm has a man shearing sheep it is a lovely day - Kittie went for girles & received a Telegram that Mattie Duncan died this morning in Detroit from an opperation in Grace Hospital

Frid 21st - merc 56 above a lovely day Will has 3 men shearing sheep, Ed Lawrence had a machine Mrs Mc Kinney made a pleasant call - Bernard and Ida called

Sat 22d - merc 62 above a lovely day, Kittie and Lillie washed, Catharine has gone to practice Mose Wolfin is finishing shearing sheep 7 to day, they sheared 203

Sund 23d - merc 60 above a lovely day, - Kittie and girles has gone to Church & Sabath School

Mond 24th - Mr Clarrence Smith came to put on paper but soaked paper off dinning room

Tues 25th - Mr Smith is putting on paper on Catharines room Alfred Barnes left Byron to day

Wed 26th - merc 60 above a lovely day - Mr Coats came with Mr Smith is papering Bedroom off dinning room Mr Smith is graining Dinning room

Thurs 27th - Wm hired man commenced work to day Mr Smith & Mr Coats is here to day graining & papering north bedroom

Frid 28th - Mr Smith came alone - is graining dinning room Wm & Kittie spent the evening to Frank Barnes

1902 Sat March 29th - Mr Smith & Coats came to day finished papering Kitchen and bedroom

Sund 30th - Easter it has rained all the forenoon - the cistern is full and running out

Mond 31st - the ground is white with snow, Mr Smith & Coats came our school opend this morning with Miss Bell Lawrence Teacher

Tues -- April 1st -- 1902 - the snow all gone, - Mr Smith & Mr Coats came

Wed 2d - Mr Smith & Coats came this morning - Smith is papering Kitties room Legrand & George is setting posts for a wire Fence around South Orchard

Thurs 3d - a lovely morning, Mr Smith & Mr Coats came they are in the dinning (room) Wm went for Mrs Kirkendol are setling her room & Catharines Charley is whipping carpets wee received a letter from Minney

Frid 4th - Mr C Smith Mr Coats & Charley Shepperd came this morning Smith & Coats are finishing my Bedroom & settling room Charley is putting down carpet in my room & washed windows I paid Mrs Kirkendol $1.00 dol for one days work

Sat 5th - Mr Smith came he put on paper on the hall & Parlor in the afternoon Kittie went to Byron for Mrs Mc Farlin and Mrs Carpenter of Owosso

Sund 6th - Bernard & Ida came and took dinner with us

Mond 7th - all have gone to Town Meeting, Wm & Mr P Schad come Mrs Mc Farlin & Mrs Carpenter went to Will Kitsons

Tues 8th - the ground is coverd with snow this morning, Mr C Smith came this morning, - left at noon the snow all gone

1902 Wed April 9th - Mr Smith came, took away - pail, brush, paper paper did not come back wee received a letter from Kittie Ferguson stating her Father died verry suden Tues, Kittie went on evening Train to attend funeral Thurs afternoon 1/2 past 2 ocl

Thurs 10th - Wm went for Mrs Kirkendol, she came, washed and ironed, moped I went with Mr Smith to Bernards to see Sister Mary, who is poorly

Frid 11th - Wm went for Mrs Kirkendol, she finished ironing & cleaned the Kitchen

Sat 12th - Lillie & Catharine done housework, Kittie returned on evening Train Wm met her, they were home 1/2 past 7 ocl evening. I thanked God for her safe return

Sund 13th - wee heard this morning, Mr Mc Queen was dead, died verry sudden yesterday it is cold to day and cloudy the girles have gone to Church and S School

Mond 14th - I wrote to James Haviland, & sent it, one to Sarah Ferguson and sent it

Tues 15th - Wm Legrand & George are setting posts around the South Orchard for a wire fence

Wed 16th - Mr Clarence Smith came and is finishing papering Parlor at noon Mr Coats came at noon - to put up moulding, - Wm & Legrand has gone to Bancroft

Thurs 17th - Setled with Clarrence Smith, paid him $7.00 dol .60 cts Mrs Kirkendol helped Kittie clean up staires Mr Coats finished putting (on) Moulding Corn .60 cts pr bush, Potatoes from .75 to

.90 cts butter .19 cts Eggs .12 cts

A seperate piece of paper dated Thurs April 17th 1902
Setled with Clarence Smith for papering painting varnishing & moulding
and graining -------------- $71.90
for paint & varnish ------- 3.35
for nails & brads --------- .50
for hooks ----------------- 6.50
82.50 paid pr Wm Schad
for board of 2 men for Wm Schad
I paid Kittie for board of men $7.00 dol

Thurs 17th - Settled for papering, painting & graining pr Wm Schad paid Wm Schad $3.35 cts for paint & varnish, for Nails .25 cts to Kittie for board of men $7.00 cts for hooks .50 ct.

1902 Frid April 18th - Kittie & Wm went to Durand found his Father poorly with a cold

Sat 19th - merc 72 above Kittie & Lillie washed

Sund 20th - Legrand, - Lillie & Catharine went to Church & Sabath School Wm & Kittie have gone to Durand to see his Father - My Cacti is full of buds

Mond 21st - merc 72 above this is my 81st birth day Born Apr 21st - 1821 I thank my Heavenly Father, for my health, and ability, - my God, my life, my love to thee it is a lovely morning grass is getting green - it is verry dry

A news paper article dated April 21st 1902
To Mrs. Catharine Haviland on Her Birthday

The years are growing weighty,
As they trembling pass by,
And the dear ones in their eighties
Lose the sparkle of their eye.
Their hair is gray and thinning,
Their voices not so strong,
Lives just as far from wrong.
All her years of love and labor
Are written as a scroll,
And they register the measure
Of a pure and upright soul,
That has wrought on earth well-doing
That has lightened many a heart,
That in every conscious duty
Has gladly borne its part.
Then while the patient lingers
On the threshhold of the door
That opens to the mansions
Where the loved have gone before,
May the dear arms of Our Savior
Encircle her around,
Till earth is lost in heaven,
And immortal life is found.
With love, H. E. C.

Tues 22d - merc 80 above Catharine went for Mrs Kirkendol, to help - her Mother

Wed 23d - merc 12 cold Catharine went for Mrs Kirkendol, they cleaned & put down carpet in bedroom off dinning room - Wm & Legrand went to Durand for his Father & Perry and some household goods, his Father is verry Feeble, has a bad cold & cough

Thurs 24th - merc 60 above Catharine went for Mrs Kirkendol - Mr Schad is on the bed & sleeping all day Perry Schad started to school with the girles to Byron to day - Mr P Schad is poorly Mr Bristol took dinner with us, School Commissioner

Frid 25th - Mrs Kirkendol is helping Kittie - Mr Coats is hanging screen doors it commenced to rain - he had to quit work, it rained hard the first since 30th of March

Sat 26th - every thing looks fine after the rain, Mr Schad has not been up to day - Dr Ruggles came to see him

Sund 27th - Dr Ruggles came this morning found him no better - Kittie sit up to Mr Tagarts last night, with the remains of their daughter Mr Dunn who died in Grace Hospital Detroit who went there for treatment, last Monday, her remaines arrived last evening

Mond 28th - Catharine went for Mrs Kirkendol, Dr Ruggles has been here 5 times to see Mr Schad

Another newspaper article dated April 29th
Citizens Greatly Excited -- Bishop Eis Has Been Sent For -- Investigation to Be Made. Menominee, Mich., April 29. - (Special.)-Most strange manifestations developed here today and were witnessed by thousands of people in the home of a humble Polish family. The head of the family, Antone Czarnecki, a devout Christian, returned from church and knelt in prayer. On the wall was a picture of the Savior on the cross. Upon looking up he discovered blood trinkling down outside of the glass from points where the hands and feet were pinioned. In great alarm he went for priests. Two came and wiped the blood off, but it reappeared as fast as wiped away, running down a distance of six inches. Hundreds affirm the strange occurances, and great consternation prevails. The house has been closed and no further visitors will be admitted. So far no one can account for the phenomenon. Superstitious people believe it to be witchcraft. Bishop Eis has been sent for. An investigation will be made.
Also a letter
Mrs Haviland

Dear friend

I thank you very much for the letter and the sweet flowers, their perfume burst - from the prison Envelope and greeted me before I opend it. then I just kiss'd them. While I and Cairie looked on with moist eyes I send you Caine Lumbar's verses also the St Louis MO. Democrat County Talmage sermon deliverd then I would be pleased to send you any reading we have and you not have, to help while away the hours of convelescence. Which I trust may be of very short duration for you and dear Kittie. "Pre Historic World" is thought wonderful by Mrs Jacob Drake Live Coals by Talmage" or any we have if you wish them please drop a card The advance is a lovly ---?-- F. E. S.

A newspaper article dated Thursday, May 1, 1902

Ella Taggart Died Saturday Morning _____ Funeral Services Monday.
The many friends of Ella Taggart (nee Dunn) were startled last Saturday when the news of her death was made known in Byron and Durand. Having felt unwell for sometime she consulted her physican, who after a careful examination, pronunced her trouble a severe case of appendicitis. Acting promptly upon her physician's advise she immediately started for St. Mary's hospital in Detroit where an operation was performed. The surgeon found a very complicated condition, in fact, blood poisoning had set in which really caused her death. Her death occurred early Saturday morning at Detroit, April 26th. the remains were brought to the home of her parents at Byron to await the last rites of Christian love and burial. The funeral services were held in the Methodist church at Byron Monday afternoon, everything being in charge of the Eastern Stars. As the bell tolled the hour had arrived for carring out the last sad rites of the church a vast concourse of sympathizing friends filled the house to its utmost capacity. A great many friends of the deceased and sorrowing relatives were in attendance from Durand. It was easy to see the deceased had many warm friends by the assortment of beautiful flowers which accompanied the remains to the church. How the universal heart of mankind blesses flowers! They seem to be the best emblems we have to express our love, for we wreath them around the cradle, the marriage alter and the tomb. Longfellow says: With childlike credulous affection We behold their buds expand; Emblems of our own great resurrection Emblems of the bright and better land. The services at the church were in charge of the pastor, Rev. E. A. Cross, assisted by the resident pastors of Byron. At the wish of the family Rev. J. F. Fryer, of Durand, also assisted in the services. A biographical sketch was given by Rev. E. A. Cross, who dwelt upon the heroic spirit which the deceased displayed during her last illness. Words of comfort were then spoken by Rev. J. F. Fryer, who prefaced his remarks by saying the Order of the Eastern Star represented the Star of Bethlehem whose rays penetrated the dark Cloud of death bringing life and immortality to life. Christianity brings hope, it casts a flood of sunshine upon us today, for it has discovered immortality and made it a positive fact. It comes to us at this hour through its founder, Jesus, saying, "Let not your heart be troubled" for "I am the resurrection and the life." How often when death comes when we pass through our Gethsemane of sorrow, do our friends say, "How will they stand the strain? But we do bear up under the ordeal because we lean on Him who has said in His Word "As thy days so shall thy strenght be." Oh hearts crushed and bleeding, where sorrow sits enthroned, may the divine promises become real to you at this time. May you in the silence of this hour hear the voice of your Heavenly Father saying "Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest," for too often the noises of the world drown the voice of God. After the services at the church the sorrowing procession wended its way to the depot where a special train was waiting to take the remains to their last resting place in Vernon cemetery. At the grave the Order of the Eastern Stars closed the services by the recital of their beautiful burial ritual. Our sister left behind her a young son, Allen J., a bright little fellow of fourteen months. He will be cared for by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Taggart, as he will be doubly dear to them on account of his motherless condition. Ella Taggart was born at Harbor Beach, Mich., Jan. 15th, 1882. She was the only child of her parents, who are well known in Durand, Mr. Taggart having been engaged in the drug business here for eight years. The friends from a distance were Mrs. Eacrett, of Lexington, Mrs. H. Warwick of Harbor Beach, sisters of Mrs. Taggart, also Joseph Morris, of Ubly, Mich., H. Morris and wife, of St. Johns, brothers of Mrs. Taggart; R. Harris, of Almonte, Mich. "There is no flock, however watched and tended But one dead lamb is there. There is no fireside, howsoe'er defended But has one vacant chair.

Card of Thanks
We desire to express our gratitude to the friends who by their kind acts and words of sympathy helped lighten our load during our late bereavement. We wish to especially thank the Order of Eastern Star for their assistance.

Another newspaper article
Ella, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Taggart, of our village, went to Detroit last week for an operation for appendicitis. This was done on Wednesday, she rallied measurably from the shock, but a very unfavorable condition was developed by the operation blood poisoning set in soon after the surgical work, and an Saturday morning she passed away, age 20 years. The remains were brought here on Saturday evening, and the funeral was held on Monday at 2 p. m., at the M. E. church, services conducted by Rev. E. A. Cross, assited by the Rev. Frier, of Durand, and Revs. Howland, Balls and Crawford, of this village. Burial was at Vernon, under the auspices of Hudah Chapter, Order of Eastern Star. A large number of friends from Durand attended the funeral. A special train took the remains to Vernon after services here. The pall bearers were J. F. Barnes, W. B. Schad. Bert McKinney, Joseph Harrington, A. J. Whithead and F, E, Close. The casket had a very elaborate finish, was covered with richly embossed pink plush. The floral offerings were beautiful in design and profuse in number. The parents of the deceased have the sympathy of this community in their deep sorrow and very sad bereavement. * * *
It is only the sweet faced body
You have placed 'neath the casket and sod,
The spirit that gladdened and loved you
Is free, in the kingdom of God;
No more shall earth's wrongs afflict it,
No more shall the faithless wound.
But joy and tenderness ever,
In the mansions of love abound.
Think not that she will forget you,
You, who have so faithfully cared,
For thee baby girl, grown to woman,
Who all your warm love has shared;
Nay, I wean that she will await you,
In gladness expectant and great,
At the close of your earthly journey,
As you're nearing the mystic gate.
With sympathy, H. E. C.

1902 Thurs May 1st - Mrs Kirkendol is helping Kittie, - the Dr came Mr Schad is no better Mrs Mc Farlin, & Mrs Leonard, of Reno visited all day - Mr Mc Kinney called Mr Savage & Mabel called - Mrs Wm Close, & Mrs Fred Close called

Frid 2d - it is raining a little, Catharine and her Ma, attended the May Festival last eve Elder Cross made a pastoral call on Mr P Schad, and prayed with him

Sat 3d - merc 76 above I went to Ida Havilands - to see Sister Mary found her feeble and failing

Sund 4th - merc 76 Perry Schad, Lillie - & Catharine - went to Church and S School Mr & Mrs Burkhard and 2 children called to see Mr P Schad he is verry feeble, does not sit up any coughs a good deal

Mond 5th - Kittie went for Lettie, - she is sewing for the girles

Tues 6th - merc 72 above it rained Mrs Kirkendol drove Kit, came and washed for Kittie

Wed 7th - Mrs Chambers & baby spent to day, Rev Rodel of Durand made a call on Mr Schad the Apple, Cherry, & Plumb trees are in bloom, Mrs Rebecca Bird was buried in Byron yesterday, Mr P Schad sit up, took dinner, & supper with us Mr Chambers & baby visited us, - Wm took her, - Kittie & Lettie to Byron, George shingled the water closet, Reverend Rodel called on P Schad had prayer

Thurs 8th - Mr Schad is up, I paperd the Water Closet, George is setting Posts and straightning the north picket fence, - Wm got Wire for fence 150 rods every thing looks lovely after the rain Mrs Hattie Bird called

Frid 9th - Wm Kittie & Lettie went to Durand, Mr Schad is better

Sat 10th - it snowed all the forenoon, melted as fast Lettie is sewing - Wm & Kittie has gone to Byron, - took Lettie home butter .19 to .20 - Eggs .14 pr doz

Sund 11th - the 3 children went to Church Eddie & May came evening

Mond 12th - warmer - Perry went for Mrs Kirkendol she & Kittie washed & ironed

Tues 13th - Perry went for Mrs Kirkendol - Mr Savage came with Parlor Carpet and put it down - staid to dinner - they are hanging new lace curtains it rained hard last night, Mr P Schad is better - every thing looks fine

Wed 14th - Kittie ironed Wm bought a new Carriage, every thing looks fine

Thurs 15th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand Mr & Mrs Goerge Eddie called

Frid 16th - Mr P Schad went to Byron with Wm, the 10(th) grade had a Social this evening

Sat 17th - Catharine and I went to Idas to see my dear Sister Mary she is verry feeble I had pieced a Sofa pillow Cushion for Ida since I was 81 yrs old Apr 21st 1902 it is a lovely day wee have doors open Wm & Father have gone to Durand in new Carriage

Sund 18th - Mr & Mrs Wm Rosencrans, Mr & Mrs J Royce came and spent the day

Mond 19th - it rained yesterday - Mr & Mrs Jabez Close spent the day with us

Tues 20th - merc 80 above verry warm Mr Bullis came to make garden, Wm went to Charles Sickles Barn raising

Wed 21st - Mr Bullis came, he & Wm finished planting garden

Thurs 22d - Wm & Mr P Schad went to Durand & Corunna to day George finished work to day, Albert Davis died to day

Frid 23d - merc 76 Mr George Dodge is working to day for Wm the Children drove old Kit this morning it is verry warm

Sat 24th - Kittie & Lillie washed - then Kittie & I visited my dead, for the first this spring, Mr Lord cleaned my yard for which I paid him .75 cts Kittie set Verbenas and Pansies on the 4 graves for which I paid her .50 cts after dinner Kittie and girles went to Durand - I called to see Mr E Lemmons

Sund 25th - little girl, God help the afflicted Mother, - Kittie has gone to Albert Davis funeral

1902 Mond May 26th - yesterday afternoon Kittie, Catharine, & I went to Idas to see Sister Mary Saturday, - Mrs Mark Boice, & Hellen Reynolds called - poor Hellen, God help her

Tues 27th - it is dear Kitties birth day, 34 yrs old, - and aniversary of Bernard Havilands death 38 yrs ago to day Mr P Schad went to Durand, alone yesterday, he is quite smart, - it is cold wee have fire in Furnace, - Mrs Mulkin, & Mrs Crawford called yesterday Mr Dodge hired man is helping Wm get his Corn ground ready for planting

Wed 28th - cold, frost last night old Mr Dodge & hired man is helping Wm plant Corn, Mr Lovelace came at noon, wee have had 3 frosts, planted 9 acres wee have fire in Furnace, wee had a letter from Minnie

Thurs 29th - Mr Lovelace is preparing ground for Beans, - Perry & Catharine set a hen on Guinea eggs 15 teen in number

Frid 30th - this is decoration day. Mrs Vaness, & May Kitson made a pleasant call

Sat 31st - Catharine & I went to Byron, I bought a Wrapper at Kattie Coles paid .98 cts then wee went to Ellas staid til 4 ocl, little Malba came home with us

Sund June 1st - merc 80 above the children have gone to Church and Sabath School - it is warm, it rained last night and this morning, every thing looks fine

1902 Sund June 1st -

A newspaper article pinned to this page dated Aug. 2, 1902

The Drovers Journal is indebted to Maude Spratt of Oakland, Iowa, for the following clever poem, written by her neighbor, Miss Harriet Carse:

We've all got these here telephones nailed up again our wall,
When supper's thriugh and milkin' done we give our friends a call,
Or if we feel like visitin' at any time o' day,
Ring up some old neighbor and say what we've got to say.
We can chat about the weather or the crops or price of meat;
Whose new 'taters are the biggest or about good things to eat.
When the women get to givin' their recipes, its mighty fine;
You can almost taste the goods things bein' made along the line.
Now they're makin' some fine shortcake, salads, rolls or cannin' fruit;
Cakes and Sally luns and cream puffs, nice light bread and jam to boot. Don't dare talk about the neighbors, for they'd be quite apt to hear,
When the talkers or the talked-about might feel a little queer.
But you musn't think our women never ask of nothin' higher;
Themes of national importance have been sent along the wire.
And I've heard some noble sentiments and elevatin' things,
And the farmer's isolation has gone soarin' off on wings.
It's so handy for the young folks, heard a feller tother day
Ask his girl to go to meetin'; times is changin', I should say!
We can ring up some old schoolmate on some of the other lines,
And can talk of rabbit huntin', frozen ears and good old times.
When an accident has happened of anybody's sick,
We can 'phone right to the doctor and can get him double-quick,
Or ring up a nieghbor woman, just as good as any nurse,
And get some simple remedy before they can get worse.
We're like one great big family, united by the 'phone;
When there's trouble at the neighbors or death hovers round the home
We can know just how they're farin' we can hear at any hour,
Can send our heartfelt sympathy or give help when in our power.
Then we can rejoice together when success has come to one
Of the neighbors, we just pat'em on the back, right through the 'phone,
And we think there's nothing sweeter than to hear the babies try
To prattle in the telephone, or laugh - or even cry.
And when we've hogs a feedin', or cattle gettin' fat,
We can watch the markets closer and can know just where we're at.
While our horses is a restin' we can stay right here at home,
Ring up Central, call the buyers and can sell 'em through the 'phone.
(Wee all think a lot of Central-cheerful, patient with it all.)
Then we call some of the neighbors, if we need 'em to help haul;
Then in harvestin' and thrashin' when were tired and awful hot,
Just get the help by telephone, it save us up a lot.
Or if the big black clouds come up, just like a Jimmy-cane,
Folks a-runnin' to the storm caves we can ring 'em up again;
It's a comfortable feelin' we experience when they say,
Over where the clouds hung lowest, "Aint none of us blowed away."
Now we often have a concert of an evenin' on our line;
Organ music, singin', fiddlin' - worth a quarter anytime
To hear 'em sing and play together, each one standin' right at home
Then we're treated to some music clear from town, by graphophone.
I wonder what our ancestors had said if they'd been told
Of rural mail and telephones, farms worth a heap of gold,
Right where they bought the choicest land for mighty little cash,
And we're most afriad 'twas doin' somethin' kinder sort o'rash.
What will our children live to see? It's mighty hard to say;
A wireless 'phone? Electric cars right past their door? They may.
Us old fellers may not see 'em, but we'll shout in lusty tones
For rural free delivery and country telephones.

1902 Sund June 1st - merc 80 above children went to Sabath School - May came for Melba

Mond 2d - Mr G Dodge & Mr Lovelace is here working Legrand & Mr Lovelace is stretching wire fence Mr P Schad went to Durand, it rained last night it is thundering now I received a letter from Minnie to day

Tues 3d - Kittie ironed Mrs Mary A Mc Farlin came staid all night

Wed 4th - Mrs Mc Farlin and I spent the afternoon with Mrs Mc Kinney

Thurs 5th - Mrs Mc Farlin and I went to Mrs Chaffee, Mrs Eddie & Mrs Wm Close came. Comeing home wee called on Ella Sheldon, Wm is working Road work

Frid 6th - Mr Schad went with the children to Byron - it rained hard thundred

Sat 7th - Kittie & Lillie washed, T Wilmot & Little Son Richard, came from Origon

Sund 8th - Wm, Kittie, Catharine, Mr Willmot & little Son Richard went to Fenton Mrs ella Sheldon, May and children came for a ride and call

Mond 9th - Kittie went to Owosso to get a graduating dress for Lillie it raines a little every day, - I received a letter from James & R Willie Haviland

Tues 10th - Carrie Lawrence is Teaching School this week. Mr P Schad is not so - well I ironed this forenoon, am verry thankful I can doe it for Kittie

Wed 11th - Mr Tunely & Mr Connel is doeing some carpenter work for Wm Mrs Mary A Mc Farlin started for her home this morning

Thurs 12th - I sent a letter to R Willie Haviland, Bardstown K. Y.

Frid 13th - Kittie picked a number of quts of Strawberries, Mr Wormly & Jessie Day made a pleasant call

Sat 14th - Kittie canned 10 qut of Strawberries - Miss Sears, Catharines Teacher & Elsie Lord Teacher spent the afternoon with us verry pleasantly - John Haviland called it rained Thundred & Lightned night

1902 Sund June 15th -

An obituary pinned to this page
At Rest. Blanche May Spencer, only daughter of Mrs. Ed. Lemon, of this place, died on Monday, June 16th, after several weeks of illness from quick consumption, aged 12 years, 5 months and 16 days. The funeral was held on Wednesday, Rev. Cross, of the M. M. Church officiating, burial in the Byron cemetery. Many beautiful floral tributes were placed upon the casket; among the most conspicuopus was one from the L. O. T. M., (who attended the funeral in a body), the school teachers and pupils and the M. E. Sunday school. Young, she seemed too beautiful to die, but "Leaves have their time to fall, And flowers to wither at the north wind's breath, and stars to set, but allThou hast all season's for thine, O Death."

Did she see when she was going
A more beauteous land than this?
Did sweet voices, soft and tender,
Make her fondly answeer yes?
Did her thoughts lift up in gladness,
And her soul find sweet delight,
As the dying lips oft' murmered
in feeble tones - "all right, all right?"
With sympathy, H. E. C.

Card of Thanks
To the kind friends and neighbors who assisted us in caring for our dear Blanch during her illness, for sympathy and kindness during our bereavement; to our pastor and choir, to the L. O. T. M. and others who furnished the beautiful flowers which helped dispel the cloud of affliction we would extend our sincere thanks

Sund June 15th - it rained Thunderd & Lightned all last night - all day to day Kittie went for Letta Wolfin - it has rained a little every day this month

Mond 16th - it has cleared off, - Mr Lovelace came to work, the grass is rotting on the ground it has rained every day this month, Kittie canned 18 qut Strawberries she picked in the garden, and 4 quts of Pine Apple

Tues 17th - Mr Bullis worked in the garden yesterday & til noon to day, Wednesday

Wed 18th - Kittie, Letta, Catharine & Perry is going to attend Blanch Lemmons Funeral

Thurs 19th - it rained hard at evening, Mr Bullard came this morning, clear bright our school closed yesterday, Miss Bell Lawrence Teacher

Frid 20th - Wm had 12 acres of Beans sowed, by Mr George Dodge, there was 8 men to dinner Mr Tunnelly & Mr Connel is making runway in West Barn for hay machine Mr Bullis & Mr Legrand Schad is hoeing in the garden, it looks fine, it is sprinkling, looks like rain, Kittie has 14 teen to cook for

Sat 21st - Lettie & Kittie finished Lillies graduating dress is making dress for Kittie

Sund 22d - Kittie & Children went to Church & S School Ella & Malba came home with them they went to Church evening - Lettie came home with them, it rained

Mond 23d - Mr Schad & Perry went to Durand this forenoon, Mr Bullis came this morning

Tues 24th - Mrs Will & Mrs Fred Close called, a shower at noon, - one every day Wm & Mr Dodge finished putting in Beans he has 20 acres in then rain

Wed 25th - Cold, clear, Lillie graduated and received a Diploma, and a good many beautiful presents, our people all attended but Mr P Schad and myself, wee feel verry proud of her, she will be 16 yrs old 10th of July

1902 Thurs June 26th -

A newspaper article pinned to this page dated July 4th
"Class of 1902."

Oh happy youths and maidens
That have so nobly done,
With your essays and orations,
And class prophesy of fun.
We trust this is the promise
Of eight most useful lives,
Which, should they be wedded,
Will be grand husbands and good wives.
May Lester rival a Toussaint;
Better then Napoleon be Bruce;
While Anna is uplifted
By books of worthiest truth.
May Fred become wise scientist,
And Leah a woman grand,
While Edward for a vocation,
Chooses the noblest in the land.
May Mildred, true and "self made,"
Be most potent in good deeds,
While Lillie in aged maidenhood,
Is loved by all in need
And may we all remember,
The kindly words and wise,
Of our gifted village president,
Through all our future lives.
Should these lives be high or lowly,
Let kind deeds fill the way,
As taught the tender Gallilean,
Whose love blesses all each day.
With kindest congratulatios,

1902 Thurs June 26 - Clear cold - Lillie Schad graduated & received a Diploma and a great many beautiful presents, she will be 16 yrs old, in July 10th God bless the orphan guide and teach her what is best, wee all feel proud of her

Frid 27th - Kittie went to Byron left me to get dinner & Tea a fine day

Sat 28th - Cloudy - rain in afternoon, Kittie has gone to Durand - Catharine & Mr P Schad went to Byron, - Wm & Mr Lovelace made a large gate and are hanging it, near the Red Barn for the wire fence, Catharine & Mr Schad has come Perry went to Shaftsburg yesterday morning, Kittie went to Durand to look for music Teacher

Sund 29th - it rained all night last night Eddie May & 2 children came to supper

Mond 30th - it rained all night, after one clear day & is raining stil(l) at 12 ocl noon Mr P Schad has gone to Durand to day to attend to business Mr Lovlace came last night

For if thou shalt confess with thy mouth, the Lord Jesus and shall believe in thine heart, that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved
10 Chapter, Romans 9th verse

1902 Tues July 1st - Wm took Catharine to see Sister Mary she is poorly limbs bloating

Wed 2d - Kittie went to Byron, Mr & Mrs Tubs and little girl came to tea Perry came home from Shaftsburg, - it rained, Thunderd, & Lightned all night I ironed some under cloths & Aprons and towels, farm work is at a stand stil, on account of rain every day, it is cloudy to day

Thurs 3d - Mr P Schad & Kittie went to Durand found it overflowed with water

Frid 4th - July 4th, Lillie has gone to Byron Perry has gone to Durand it is a lovely day, but rained last night

Sat 5th - a lovely day, Kittie is sick, Mr P Schad Catharine & Lillie have gone to Byron Mr Lovelace is hauliing in some clover that has been wet 3 times

Sund 6th - Lillie Perry & Catharine went to Church & Sabath School 12 ocl Kittie has not sit up yet Eddie May 3 babys Sheldon came to dinner & lunch Ice Cream a lovely day

Mond 7th - merc 86 above a lovely day a Thunder shower passed over Kittie is better Mr P Schad started a visiting this morning Will & Mr Lovelace is cutting clover in South orchard

Tues 8th - Will & Mr Hunt started for Clair last evening Train was late 4 hours Mrs Fred Stoel and baby spent to day with us Mr Lovelace & Mose Wolfin are raking clover hay in South orchard and cutting grass over west

Wed 9th - Wm has returned from up north - on this morning Train thank God for his safe return it rained all last night some this morning

1902 Thurs July 10th - Lillie has a birth day party she is 16 yrs old, a lovely girl 12 nice young ladies & her two Sisters Ollie & Gracie Kittie got tea for 20, Wm Mr Lovelace & Mr M Wolfin drew the clover hay from the South orchard

Frid 11th - it is a lovely day, the 3 men are in the hay field Kittie took Ollie & Gracie Schad to Byron Depot gone to Durand

Sat 12th - wee had our first mess of green peas for dinner, Kittie bought 1/2 bush Potato $1.00 pr Sunday 6th Mrs Amanda Mc Farlin Langworthy was found dead in her garden about 5 ocl afternoon was buried in Byron

Sund 13th - merc 86 Kittie Lillie Perry & Catharine went to Church & Sunday School Mrs Mulkin came to dinner, Miss Lizzie Bruce came to work for Kittie Mr P Schad came Sat evening from his visiting tour of one week

Mond 14th - Mr Lovelace & Legrand Schad is helping Wm in hay field Kittie & Catharine has gone to Ella Sheldons to pick Raspberries it is a lovely day this afternoon was a wind rain Thunder & Lightning

Tues 15th - Lizzie is ironing, - I went over west to see the hay loader Kittie went to Byron to take lessons in embroyderry Wm Legrand Schad & Mr Lovelace is hauling in hay

Wed 16th - Mr P Schad, Kittie & Catharine went to Durand Catharine took her 2d music lesson it is a lovely day Wheat is ripe

Thurs 17th - Kittie drove to Gaines twice, to meet Mrs Duncan & 3 Children they came on evening train it rained last night hindred work in hay, - wee heard Gean Lowrie was dead

1902 Frid July 18th - Gean Lowrie was buried yesterday, Kittie went to Byron got some mending to boiler & tea kettle

Sat 19th - it rained all last night & all day to day she bought Potatoes for .80 cts pr bush the ground is verry wet never saw it so before Wheat is ripe and ready to cut

Sund 20th - grass is lying cut to wet to cure, Heavenly Father spare the crops it is raining

Mond 21st - it rained all day yesterday and all this forenoon, I sent $5.00 dol to Mr Holland preacher

Tues 22d - My darling Sister Mary died on her knees at her morning devotion at her bed side at Bernard Havilands - home the Lord have mercy on her soul

A newspaper clipping dated July 21st, 1902
Death of Mrs. Cowan.

Mrs. Mary Cowan, mother of Mrs. Benard Haviland, died at the home of Mrs. Haviland on Monday of this week, aged 83 years. She seemed to be in her usual health when she retired Sunday evening. On Monday morning she was found unconscious in her room. Funeral Wednes day; burial at Dixboro. - Byron Herald.

Tues 22d - A lovely day has cleared off Kittie & Alice sit with the dead

Wed 23d - this morning at 1/2 past 8 ocl dear neighbors met at Bernard Havilands to pay the last tribute of respect to my darling Sister Mary Cowan the Baptist Minister, Rev Holland, officiated, she had a beautiful Casket looked nice wee went to Byron Depot where I bade her farewell forever Kittie accompanied her & Bernard & Ida to Dixborough cemetery they had funeral services at Dixborrough Baptist Church, her children met her there, they laid her with her dead to rest til the resurection they all returned on the evening train, wee were thankful for their safe return in the afternoon a shower passed over Thunderd once Lightning struck our one hickory Tree, in the Calf pasture west of the house Mr P Schad & Catharine drove to Durand to take her music lesson

Thurs 24th - Floid Haviland & Mose Wolfin is helping Will to draw in hay

Frid 25th - Floyd Haviland, - Mose Wolfin, Legrand Schad hauled in hay finished it is a lovely day - wee have 17 teen in family - Lightning struck our Hickoyr tree

1902 Frid July 25th - Mr George Dodge commenced to cut the Wheat - Mr Lovelace set it up

Sat 26th - it rained hard for a few minutes, there was 3 showers to day

Sund 27th - there was three showers yesterday, Mr Dodge had to stop cutting Wheat the hay was in all but one load, - it rained hard in the evening Lightning struck a tree in Bernards field, our folks attended a Negr concert last evening there is 17 teen in family, wee had our first mess of new Potatoes to day

Mond 28th - men & Wm is hauling & stacking Wheat with two teams there is 17 teen in family

Tues 29th - Wm finished hauling & stacking Wheat, coverd stacks with marsh hay Mr Green a Piano tuner came to tune the Piano staid all night

Wed 30th - Wm put marsh hay on stacks - then went to cultivate Beans, Legrand and Haviland Kittie took Mr Green, he cleaned Piano to Gaines from there she went to Durand with Catharine to take her music wee had our first head of cabbage, wee have beats, Cucumbers, Lettuce raddishes blackberries - had Strawberries & Raspberries Legrand Schad & Floyd Haviland are cultivating Beans - Kittie & Mrs Duncan has gone to spend the afternoon with Ida Haviland, Kittie has 17 teen in family

Do something for some body always
whatever may be your cred,
Theres nothing on earth can help you so much as a kindly deed
He that believeth in the son hath ever lasting life
And he that believeth not in the son; shall not see life
John 4th & 36th verse

1902 Frid Aug 1st - 18 yrs ago to day my darling husband met with the accident that caused his death it is a lovely morning, - two men and teams are finishing cultivating Beans Mr P Schad & Perry have gone to Durand to attend to business

Sat 2d - Wm & Legrand hauled in the last of the hay 3 loads Mrs Duncan & Kittie went to Ellas yesterday, - wee have Black berries Kittie took Mrs Duncan & 3 Boys to Gaines, they went home to Detroit

Sund 3d - Legrand, Perry, Kittie, Lillie & Catharine went to Church & S School

Mond 4th - Mr Peter Schad & Perry went to Elsie to see Charlie & Mary Fowler, in the afternoon Lillie & her Father went to Durand

Tues 5th - I spent at Ida Havilands, Catharine, Linda Hichcock came for me Mrs Mulkin came to sew for Kittie, wee had a Postal from Roger

Wed 6th - Lizzie Bruce is ironing - I finished my crazy Quilt, worsted

Thurs 7th - cold and rained & hailed, wee had a fire in Furnace

Frid 8th - clear and warm Mrs Mulkin is sewing for Kittie for dinner wee had from the garden New Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Cucumbers, onions, Radishes, Lettuce, & Beets Kittie has gone to spend the afternoon with Lettie Wolfin

Sat 9th - after dinner Wm took me to visit my dead, - he set a pink Rose of Sharon and some Lillie bulbs that was in front yard - I called on Mrs H Cole bought 3 pr of hose met a number of friends - had a pleasant call, - Catharine went to evening Train to meet Mr P Schad & Perry, they had been north as farr as Alma to visit friends

Sund 10th - a nice day Perry, & Catharine has gone to Church and Sabath School

Mond 11th - Mrs Mulkin & Linda are here, went home this evening

1902 Tues Aug 12th - Kittie went to Byron - got Mr Lord to clean up cemetery lot and seed it to white clover, - she cleaned the graves, - God bless her Lizzie went to Byron, - going to Detroit to day

Wed 13th - Kittie, Perry & Catharine has gone to Detroit on a Masonic excursion this morning Heavenly Father bring them back safe, it is cold & cloudy, Mr P Schad, Wm & I keep house they returned at 12 o clock at night, I thahk my Heavenly Father for their safe return

Thurs 14th - I finished my crazy Quilt Perry, Catrharine, & I tied it

also a newspaper article dated August 14, 1902
Paste it in Your Hat and See How Near He Strikes It.
Prof. Allen, the Plainwell astrologer, has issued a new list of predictions touching, among other things, the political situation in Michigan. He says conditions in the planatery system indicate heavy and violent and electrical storms, with wind, rain and hail, doing great damage and causing many deaths. They also show a great decrease of the public revenues and heavy expenditures of money from the United States treasury, as well as indicating an uneasy and restless tendency of men in high public life at Washington, D. C. Mars and Venus conjoined with the eighth house and ruling the fifth house jointly indicate and show a bad state of affairs at Washington. Labor troubles will increase and blood will flow freely during this month. Murders, great robberies and suicides will be more abundant than ever before. Great earthquakes, cyclones and cloudbursts, etc., are plainly shown. Michigan, as a state, will go Democratic. Durand will be elected governor by a good majority and a good per cent of the state officers will also be elected. A bad shipwreck or a bad disaster caused by a flood is also shown. Railroad and motor car accidents are also shown. President Roosevelt should still beware, as danger is still before him. Gunshot wound or poison is plainly shown. Great danger is before him and will continue until after Oct. 28. Some high official in Michigan and who is now prominent in public life will pass away before the close of the present year. King Edward's life will close before the end of 1902. Referring to Michigan's military scandals he finds strong indications that Eli R. Sutton, the Henderson-Ames Co. and others connected with the military scandal, will not be tried on the charge of perjury at all. The Republican party will do well to remember Andy Johnson and the year 1868, heed the lesson therein taught and save the party disaster and trouble.

Frid 15th - cold, Charley Fowler took dinner with us wee had Sweet Corn Bernard and Ida called, Perry Schad is picking the peas

Sat 16th - this morning, Perry Schad & I went to the cemetery to visit my dead Mr Lord has cleaned it up nicely, then wee went to Ella Sheldons a few minutes Mr Carley Fowler was here to dinner, is attending Camp meeting in Shermans grove

Sund 17th - Kittie, Perry & Catharine have gone to Church & Sabath School

Mond 18th - Mr P Schad went to Durand with Catharine

Tues 19th - Catharine & I went to the cemetery to visit my dead once more Kittie washed

Wed 20th - Mr & Mrs Charley Fowler came and spent the day went to Byron eve

Thurs 21st - Mr P Schad & Perry went to Langsburg visiting Wm, Kittie, Catharine & a number of others went to Mires Lake fishing Charley & Mary called, - I received a letter from Mrs Mc Farlin Wyoming

Frid 22d - the hired man left this morning, George Burk

Sat 23d - I received a letter from Frank Welch Wm & F Hunt are going to Chicago this evening Henry Haden is doing chores

1902 Sund Aug 24th - Kittie & Catharine went to Church & Sabath School

Mond 25th - Kittie washed forenoon, she was invited to Mrs Lowries in afternoon Wm returned from Chicago last night, thank God for his safe return

Tues 26th - Mr P Schad returned from his visit out west

Wed 27th - it is darling little Catharines 12th birth day, Heavenly Father guide and bless her, Catharine, Ida & I went to John Havilands in the forenoon, took tea to James Mc Caughnas

Thurs 28th - Perry came home yesterday, I finished my Wool Comforter

Frid 29th - Catharine took me to Mrs Boyces in forenoon & to Mrs Mc Caughnas afternoon

Sat 30th - Wm sheep arrived at Byron 4 ocl afternoon, 3 little boys helped drive them

Sund 31st - Perry & Catharine went to Sunday Sch & Church, she paid Mr Lord $1.50 cts for me for cleaning & seeding my cemetery lot

Monday Sept 1st - Kittie is washing, the 2 Mr Dodges are here working for Wm Mr Mc Kinney brought Mrs Goodspeed to make a visit, wee had a nice shower

Tues 2d - Perry & Catharine commenced school this morning at Byron

Wed 3d - Mrs Goodspeed and I called on Alice, she come and staid all night

Thurs 4th - wee had a little shower last evening - it is cold Mr Dodge & man is cutting hay Kittie is canning Plums - Wm & Kittie took Mrs Goodspeed to Hattie & Mrs Boice and then drove to Durand, & met Lafayett, Wife & baby from Montana

Frid 5th - Wm, Father & Lafayett have gone to Durand, Kittie bought a bush of Peaches - $1.00 pr bush, she canned 4 cans of Plums from our own trees

1902 Sat Sept 6th - Sept 9th Wm had Wheat Threshers they threshed 498 bushels by 4 ocl Wm & Layfaett have gone to Durand for Lafayets Trunk, - Perry went on Wheel Kittie, Susie, Catharine & baby, Harriet have gone to Durand to take her music lesson there is one man in the hay field, I was to see the bean crop they are filling

Sund 7th - Kittie got dinner for a family reunion, Mr & Mrs Ed Hathaway, Lillie & Allen were here to dinner, Elva Fips came Sat evening from Hartland, Miss Cook called they both left after dinner to drive 20 miles

Mond 8th - Kittie sent Mrs Lemon her washing & ironing

Tues 9th - Wm had threshers, Wheat - 500 bush, through by 4 ocl

Wed 10th - Mrs Hattie Cole invited Mrs Chaffee and myself to spend the day with her which wee did Wm has pressers to day - Mr P Schad, Lafayett & Wife Susue & baby went to Durand

Thurs 11th - Mr & Mrs Charley Fowler came this forenoon, Mr Dodge is hauling away the hay

Frid 12th - Mr P Schad Lafay his Wife & baby have gone to Hartland to make a visit, it commenced to rain at noon - Charley Fowler came, I hemmed 4 double fold sheets this afternoon I have a stitch in hip I traded $6.18 cts with Hattie Cole, Wed, Flannel for wrapper - outing flannel for night dress

Sat 13th - Charley Fowler came staid all night, went to Byron, came back to dinner with Mrs Lola Stone, after dinner Kittie, Catharine & Mrs L Stone went to Durand to take her lesson this evening Mr P Schad, Lafayett Wife & baby Schad came verry tired I have a stitch in my hip cannot get around but little

Sund 14th - it is cold a fire in Furnace, I received a letter from Emma Duncan Lafay, Wife baby Harriet Mr P Schad Perry & Catharine were all invited to take dinner to Ed Hathaways in Byron Wm & I staid home

1902 Mond Sept 15th - when Perry & Catharine went to School Mrs Kirkendol took Kit and drove home she came to help Kittie, Wm Lafay Kittie Susie & baby went to Corunna & Owosso

Tues 16th - Lafay - Wife & Kittie have gone to Howell Mrs Kirkendok is doeing the work she is ironing. I finished an outing flannel night dress

Wed 17th - Wm, Lafay, Wife & Kittie went to Detroit started 4 ocl morning returned 2 ocl next morning Mr G Dodge came to pull Beans it rained

Thurs 18th - it rained Legrand Schad came Lafay Wife baby Harriet Legrand Wm Kittie went with them to Durand to take Train at 12 ocl night for home, Montana, Will & Kittie got home 2 ocl this morning

Frid 19th - Mrs Kirkendol left last evening, - it is cold and cloudy all day

Sat 20th - Kittie Catharine went Durand to take music lesson

Sund 21st - Perry & Catharine went to Church & Sabath School

Mond 22d - 18 yrs ago to day Bernard and I went to Detroit with my darling husband - where his precious life was taken all I had to call my own, God help me I am sad and lonely, - I sent a letter to Emma Duncan

Tues 23d - Kittie sent her washing to Mrs Kirkendol, Wm & 2 men working in Beans

Wed 24th - Wm bought a bushel of Peaches paid $1.50 at Durand - Kittie canned 15 quts my husband died Weds morning

Thurs 25th - wee came with all I had in a coffin where dear friends & neighbors met us, God bless them all for they are all kind to me, it is raining

Sept 24th Wm gave me $25.00 dol on Pressed hay 1902

1902 Frid Sept 26th -

A newspaper article pinned to thi page - no date

Vetran Wanted a Place and Said So in Verse. Probably the most unique and original application for office of which there is record was one received at the war department last week. It was headed "An old veteran's petition to Secetary Root," and ran as follows:
"Dear Mr Root, please list a while.
My poem might be off in style
To catch your ear is my intention
And my request to briefly mention.
Of my own necessities I must sing,
For I belong to no political ring.
When they were wearing clouts and britches
I was picketing in Union ditches.
And yet I do not draw a pension
A fact I think worth while to mention.
To state facts is only fair;
I neither drink nor chew, I sometimes swear.
In your department I would like a birth;
Would prove myself of excellent worth.
Upon my own merits I ask for the place
And hope you will soon enter me in the race.
In the war for the Union, we brothesr four
Were volunteer soldiers: could we be more?
We obeyed all commands, in success and defeat.
And were always resdy to beat and retreat.
Three yet survive; one has answered the call
That sooner or later our fate must befall.
A thousand a year, let it be more ar less,
Would keep us in grub and allow something for dress
I won't ask politicians; I have no servile knee;
I stood erect in the ranks like one that is free;
And so, Mr. Root to you I appeal
For a Kind consideration; tis this way I feel.
That one gray-haired vetren out of brothers four
Should get an appointment; we ask for no more.
I think you will read this as a matter of course,
Then turn it over and on the back endorse
The name of some magazine in need of a verse;
They print much that is better and much that is worse."

"I am very sorry," said Secretary Root, in reply, "that I cannot secure the services of an old soldier who is in such an accomplished poet, but all the civilian places in the war department were put under the civil service rules by an act of congress, passed at the last session, and all appointments now have to be made from the civil service lists. As I understand it, veterans have a preference in such an examination, but they have to get on to the list before they can be appointed. I do not know whether the examination includes versification, but if so, you would undoubtedly be successful." - Washington Star.

Another newspaper article pinned to this page no date
Death of Mrs. Newton From Flint Citizen: Mrs. Grace Newton, wife of Judge Wm. Newton was found lying unconscious in her room at her home on Kearsley street east, about six o'clock Friday evening of week before last. The discovery was made by her sister, Miss Jessie Hughes, with her brother Edward, who was visiting Flint, had just returned from a drive, Dr. Chamberlain was called and an examination disclosed a bullet wound in her right side. The ball had entered between the eighth and ninth ribs, and is thought to have grazed one of the ribs and reflected downward. Efforts to revive the patient proved unavailing and a message was sent, summoning Dr. H. O. Walker, of Detroit. He arrived on the 5:20 a. m. train next morning and after consultation had been had with the attending physician it was decided that the patient would be unable to stand an operation to locate and remove the bullet at the time. Although Mrs. Newton's condition was considered quite critical, she appeared to be resting easy during the day and Dr Walker returned to Detroit. For the next few days the patient continued to show signs of improvement and her many friends were quite encouraged, but a change for the worst set in during Wednesday night and death came about one o'clock Thursday afternoon. The news of her demise spread rapidly over the city and caused universal sorrow. The circumstances of the shooting is a mystery. Mrs. Newton was alone in the house at the time and no person has been found who heard a shot fired. Judge Newton and his son had gone out to the farm and the domestic was not at home. There appears to be no doubt about the bullet having been fired from the lady's own revolver. When the brother and sister came in and enquired for Mrs. Newton, the domestic said she thought the mistress was out as she had not seen or heard her around the house since she (the domestic) had come in a little while before.

There had been several attempted burglaries lately and Mrs. Newton, it is said, was very nervous over them, having been timid about burglars since discovering one in her room not long ago. She kept a revolver and the theory advanced was that when alone in the house she became nervous and took up her revolver to examine it and the weapon was discharged.

Deceased was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Hughes of Chatham, N. Y. and was twenty-eight years of age at the time of her death. Her father was at one time in the hardware business in Flint, but later removed to New York. In December, 1892, the deceased was united in marriage with Judge Newton, the ceremony taking place at Malden Bridge, N. Y. Besides her husband she is survived by one child, a boy five years of age. Two sisters and a brother, Miss Jessie of Flint, Constance and Edward Hughes, of Chatham, N. Y., are also left to mourn her loss. The funeral services will be held at her late home Sunday afternoon at three o'clock, Rev. R. E. Macduff officiating. Interment will be made at Glenwood Cemetery.

Frid Sept 26th - it rained all day - Mrs Rose Harrington & Mrs Birt Mc Kinney made a call

Sat 27th - Kittie & Catharine have gone to Durand to take her lesson on Piano - it looks like rain Mr P Schad and Perry have gone to Byron Wm & 2 men are working in Beans

Sund 28th - Perry & Catharine has gone to church & Sabath School - it rained

Mond 29th - wee heard Mrs Will Royse died in Ann arbor, Roger Wife & boy Howard came to day I sent a letter to Mrs Mary A Mc Farlin, it rained all night Wm Bean Crop of 20 acres is ruined with the rain which comes every day

Tues 30th - rain Charley & Mary Fowler came, Roger M Minnie & Howard came yesterday

Wed - Oct, 1st, - 1902 - Charley & Mary Fowler came

Thurs 2d - they left this afternoon, Kittie went to Ella Barns to meet with embroydery Class

Frid 3d - Kittie & Minnie & Roger has gone to Ella Sheldons this afternoon Will has 2 men digging Potatoes 15 teen bush, - Mr P Schad & Will went to Byron they are back

Sat 4th - Kittie & Catharine went to Durand to take Piano lesson, Ida & B called Perry lifted my Chrysanthem, it is large wee heard Rob Foxes baby is dead

Sund 5th - it is raining, I paid My Fire Insurance yesterday pr P Schad $8.72 cts

Mond 6th - Roger M Minnie Howard & I went to Byron I called on Mrs Hunt she is poorly, - then wee visited my dead once more, I feel sad and lonly after dinner Roger M, Minnie, Kittie, Howard, Mr P Schad went to Byron to trade it rained hard yesterday Sunday Mrs Royce was buried in Byron precious promise

Who soever liveth and believeth in me shall never die John 11th 26th,

1902 Mond 6th - Roger M, Minnie - & Howard left for their home

Tues 7th - Wm turned his Beans, wee heard Mr Nisley was dead, Kittie went to Byron

Wed 8th - I was invited to the golden wedding of Mr & Mrs Silas Atherton, Gaines it was a pleasant Company, there was 25, to dinner Bernard & Ida was there I came home with them

Thurs 9th - Kittie drove over to see Lettia Wolfin. Wm went & Helped Mr Dodge

Frid 10th - Mr Dodge & Mr Harter is helping Wm get in the Beans they finished it is a lovely day - Mr P Schad is fixing a place for the little Rabbits

Sat 11th - Perry put my plants up staires, Kittie & Catharine went to Durand to take Piano lessons, Catharine & Perry went to E Sheldons and got 1 bush of grapes

Sund 12th - it is cloudy and cold, Kittie & Catharine went to Mrs Chafees and got Peppers

Mond 13th - Kittie sent her washing to Mrs Kirkendol, Kittie made Jellie

Tues 14th - Mrs Stone & Harry took Tea with us, before going to Orogon

Wed 15th - Mr Harter is picking Apples they are nice, A letter from Minnie Roger has Rheumatism

Thurs 16th - Mr Harter & Will are cutting up Corn, Will sold his hogs yesterday, Mr P Schad has gone to Durand to day Kittie has gone to meet with class at Mrs Savages

Frid 17th - Kittie has gone to attend an invited guest of Macabees I sent a letter to Mrs Beebee, Wisconsin Wm put 5 barrels of Apples in cellar

Sat 18th - Kittie Catharine & Fannie Shaunts has gone to Durand to take music

Sund 19th - merc 64 above warm, no one went to Sunday School, the Scarlet fever is in Byron, School closed this week on account of sickness in Byron Perry and I put the plants up stairs yesterday Mrs Phips and her daughter Bernice came The Anthracite Coal Strike is ended in Pennsylvania, Oct 16th 1902on since May

1902 Mond Oct 20th - Mrs Cody Stanton woman Dean died Oct 26 1902 Mrs Phips went home to Hartland, Bernice staid to help Kittie Mr C Walts called, Mr P Schad & Perry went to Durand Mr Harter is picking Apples and putting in the cellar, wee had a letter from Roger, has Rheumatism

Tues 21st - Mr Harter is putting wood in the Furnace cellar, Perry is piling it up

Wed 22d - Mr P Schad & Perry has gone to Durand wee have all the house plants in at noon there was a Thunder shower, verry dark, Kittie lit the lamps for dinner

Thurs 23d - a nice day Bernice ironed

Frid 24th - Wm gave me $6.00 dol for 10 bush of Wheat, sold for .60 cts pr bush to Mr Banks

Sat 25th - Mr Coats came and made an outside cellar door, Kittie & Catharine has gone to take her musik

Sund 26th - Kittie Perry & Catharine went to Church & Sabath School, it rained last night wee received a letter from Roger M last eve, it is a lovely day

Mond 27th - there was a Thunder storm yesterday afternoon - Mr Ralph Tubs came staid to lunch Eddie, May, Melda & Stewart came staid to luncheon it is dark and cloudy all day Mr Harter is here husking Corn

Tues 28th - our school commenced to day, full term, Miss Bernice Phipps Teacher Mr Harter here husking Corn, Wm & Mr P Schad have gone to Durand

Wed 29th - Kittie is baking - and getting re(a)dy for her company to morrow

Thurs 30th - The Silk Embroydery Class of 12 and 2 visitors met here to day Mrs Kirkendol came and helped Kittie, Wm took her home in evening Catharine went for Lettie Wolfin to come and make a waist for Teacher Bernice Phipps

Frid 31st - Ella May Sheldon & 3 Children came in fore noon, Mrs Frank Anderson & Mrs Coats and baby made a pleasant call I went to Bernards, Ella came for me

1902 Sat Nov 1st -

A seperate piece of paper
Sept 10th 1902

Wm has Hay pressers to day 24th, gave me $25.00 dol on Pressed Hay. Frid, 24th Oct
Wm gave me $6.00 dol for 10 bush of Wheat
sold at .60 cts a bush to Mr Banks
March 28 1903 Wm gave me $50.00 dol on Hay
Jan 9th 1903 Wm gave me $20.00 out of $200.00 dol
he paid my Tax $177.12 cts due me $2.88

Nov 12th Wm went to Ithica to transact business $13.50 cts I paid the 13th
I paid Wm Roger M will pay me $3.00 dol on that and expenses of bying and recording
I paid Wm $5.00 Roger will pay me $8.00
Another piece of paper

Sept 24th -- 1902
Wm gave me on pressed Hay - $25.00 dol
Oct 24th Wm gave me for 10 bush of Wheat $6.00 .60 cts pr bush
sold at .60 cts pr bush to Mr Blank
Feb 15th -1903
Wm paid me for my share of Wheat $96.28
I paid it all to him for what I owed him but $21.98
$21.98 due me
March 28th Wm paid me $50.00 dol on Hay
May 12th Wm gave me $25.00 dol on pressed hay
I gave it back to him to apply on ditch over west on farm
it cost me $47.75 cts due Wm Schad $22.75 cts paid
I received $202.28 cts for my share of 1902 crops

Sat Nov 1st - all our family was to a halloween Social last evening but Mr Schad & me it was a lovely day it is a lovely day Ida Haviland made a short visit, Nina Boyd came with Bernice last evening, Lettie came staid all night

Sund 2d - Perry took Lettie home this morning he & Catharine have gone to Church & S School it is a lovely morning, there was a beautiful Rainbow at sunsetting

Mond 3d - it is a lovely day, Mr N Boyce came to work for Wm Mr Harter is here Mrs Eva Middlesworth, Burtons, remaines passed yesterday from Duffield to Byron Cemetery

Tues 4th - Election day I took a walk yesterday to see ditch the men have gone to Election; it is warm and cloudy

Wed 5th - a gloomy day Mr Redmond called

Thurs 6th - Mrs Fosket called, I am piecing Worsted quilt

Frid 7th - Kittie has gone to assist getting up a dinner for the Methodist

Sat 8th - I renewed my subscription for the Byron Herald $1.00 paid Catharine and I went to Ella Sheldons, staid to dinner got home at sundown wee called on Mrs Walworth to see her 2 week old baby it is nice

Sund 9th - Kittie Perry & Catharine has gone to Church & Sunday School Kittie & Bernice went and called on Letta after dinner

Mond 10th - the Bean Threshers are here this morning, - 160 bush of Beans

Tues 11th - I went to Byron with Wm it rained Kittie went for Lettie

Wed 12th - Wm has gone to Ithica - Mr Dodge, Mr Beterly, Mr Martenes and hired man is fixing Windmill Pump

Thurs 13th - Mr Dodge - Mr Betterly was here to dinner Mr Dodge to supper they were filling ditch in Barn yard, Wm has put in 3 hydrants Mr Martenes fixed the Wind Mill Pump was here to dinner yesterday

1902 Thurs Nov 13th - Kittie & I drove to see Mrs W Chaffee, found her sitting up the first since she was hurt last Friday 6th, God is good, I hope she is will soon be around again she cannot move herself in the least she is pillowed up in a Rocking Chair I called to see poor afflicted Frank Wellman, his dear Sister & Cousin is curing for him Wm returned on this evening Train, thank God for his safe return

Frid 14th - it rained last night, it is a lovely morning warm grass is green Lettie Wolfin is finishing a dress for Catharine it is green worsted

Sat 15th - She is making Catharine a white waist of Lansdowne Perry and I reset the large knife blade, Cactus, Mr P Schad has gone to Durand Kittie has the (rh)umatism in her knees, Kittie & Catharine have gone to rehersal at Durand

Sund 16th - Perry & Catharine has gone to Church and Sunday School after dinner - Mrs Hunt and 3 children and sister Miss Rowal called

Mond 17th - Mr P Schad has gone to Durand the Teacher had Company yesterday it rained last night

Tues 18th - Lettie Wolfin came yesterday is making an other dress for Catharine

Wed 19th - Kittie & Teacher Bernice Phipps went to Byron, Catharine and Teacher took music lessons - Mr P Schad went to see Frank Wellman he is verry sick, Kittie has sore throat

Thurs 20th - Kittie & Lettie, has gone (to) Mrs Fred Closes to meet the Silk Embroydery Class

Frid 21st - Mr Jack Driscol took dinner with us, grass & Wheat looks green

Sat 22d - Wm & Kittie & Bertha Phipps went to Owosso left at 7 o'clock morning returned at 7 o'clock this evening Bertha bought a coat, Kittie bought a Silk waist Mr Schad came from Durand with them Perry came on wheel

1902 Sund Nov 23d - Bernice, Perry, & Catharine went to Church & S School, Frank Wellman died Friday afternoon

Mond 24th - Frank Wellman was buried to day funeral at Methodist Church 1/2 past 2 ocl Wm Schad has gone to Toledo left this evening, Heavenly Father bring him safe back

Tues 25th - Mr P Schad took a Horse and Carriage, gone to Bancroft William returned on this evening Train, thank God for safe return

Wed 26th - cold & cloudy Mr Peter Schad has gone to Durand, snowfell 2 inches to night, Tom Cooney died at Durand to day

Thurs 27th - Thanksgiving day wee are all well, thank the giver Kittie had Roast Turkey & Chicken Pumpkin pie and every thing good Our Teacher Miss Burnice Phipps from Hartland Center has taught 4 weeks and went home this morning to spend Thanksgiving

Frid 28th - Kittie went to Byron to attend a meeting of Eastern Starrs

Sat 29th - it is snowing this forenoon - looks wintery

Sund 30th - Perry & Catharine gone to Church & Sunday School - Ruth Smith came with them to dinner the Teacher Miss Bernice Phipps came

1902 Mond Dec 1st - A lovely day, snow all gone, Mr P Schad gone to Durand this morning Wm & Kittie have gone to Byron, I am alone with my own thoughts

Tues 2d - wee received a letter from Minnie saying Roger M was verry sick with Rheumarism

Wed 3d - Cloudy all day, Catharine will take her music lesson in Byron, Teacher went to take hers I have a stitch in my hip but some better Mr Sayers died yesterday on Farm

Thurs 4th - Kittie has gone to St Johns to see poor afflicted Roger with Rheumatism returned on evening Train I received a letter from Mrs Goodspeed this evening

Frid 5th - it is cold and cloudy, I answerd Mrs Goodspeeds letter

Sat 6th - Teacher Miss Bernice Phipps went to Byron to visit Miss Nina Boyd

Sund 7th - Wm & Kittie went to Mr & Mrs Neals to spend the day by invitation

Mond 8th - verry cold, last night Fannie Shounts came with Perry & Catharine from Sund School

Tues 9th - Cold, old Kit fell down, with the Children, and broke a Thill

Wed 10th - A fog looks like a thaw, ground coverd with snow

Thurs 11th - I finished the blocks for a worsted crazy quilt, - Dan Haviland took dinner here to day

Frid 12th - clear and cold, Wm Schad & Mr Boice have gone to Sena Wellmans vandue this afternoon

Sat 13th - Catharine went to Byron with her pa to skate on Millpond

Sund 14th - Perry & Catharine went to Church and Sunday School

Mond 15th - the Children have gone to school & took Kitties washing to Mrs Kirkendol

Tues 16th - not so cold Wm & his Father went to Byron, Mr J Ferguson called paid Interest

Wed 17th - it is snowing this afternoon Mr Graves called

Thurs 18th - A lovely day bright sun shine snow all gone Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand, I renewed my subscription for Christian Herald Kittie bought for me 2 dozyen pocket handkerchiefs for me for xmas presents

1902 Frid Dec 19th - Mr J Driscol took dinner with us Mrs Fred Close called this afternoon Wm & Nick butcherd a two yr old Beef, Byron School closed for 2 weeks

Sat 20th - warmer rains a little, Kittie Bernice & Catharine has gone to Byron

Sund 21st - it was rain no one went to Church Lettie called

Mond 22d - Wm, Kittie, Mr P Schad, & Perry went to Durand - Kittie got some Christmas presents

Tues 23d - Kittie went to Byron with girles to tak(e) music

Wed 24th - eve Kittie and Children went to Christmas eve recei(ved) presents

Thurs Dec 25th Christmas day - about 1 inch of snow fell last night not verry cold Kittie is putting a Turkey in the oven for dinner wee received a package of presents from K. Y. last eve Nick Boice cut a Christmas Tree, the Teacher & Catharine are trimming it with presents from the family Kittie mailed presents to California, Kentucky & to Roger M the Teacher had a Christmas Tree at the School for children about noon Frank, Ella, Eddie & May and 3 children came the Christmas Tree was loaded it looked beautiful, all was rememberd it snowed all day a little about 4 inches fell The Corunna Bank was burned, Wednesday morning at 5 ocl and block, loss on Bank $6000 Block $25,000 Wm bought 2500 hundred lbs of soft Cole Mond $6.50 pr Ton My Christmas Cactus is in bloom, Perry Schad put a large book the life of Dwight L Moody on our Christmas Tree

1902 Frid Dec 26th - Perry Schad went to Shaftsburg to spend a week Charley Fowler came in the evening

Sat 27th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Byron, Mr P Schad & Charley Fowler has gone, Bernard & Ida Haviland called, Mr George Badgero was buried in Byron yesterday

Sund 28th - wee received a Christmas box from Montana last eve from Lafay & Susie all was rememberd last one it is a lovely day, Teacher Miss Bernice Phipps & Catharine & her pa went to Church & S S

Mond 29th - Bernice went to Byron, spent the day at Dr Ruggles, Catharine & her pa went to Durand

Tues 30th - wee received a letter from Alfred, California, no sleighing 3 inch snow

Wed 31st - a bright sunshine verry cold, Wm has gone to Jack Driscols, about 3 inches snow Kittie took Teacher to Gaines this morning, she is going home to spend New Y it is verry cold Fare well - 1902

Time has dealt kindly with me, - my days are passing swiftly by
To him that worketh not, but believeth on him, that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness, Romans 4th & 5th

Jan 1903 - Marconi has established Communication across the Atlantic without wire

Also a newspaper clipping


New York, January 10. - The Electrical Review, in to-day's issue, publishes the diary kept by Samuel F. B. Morse, during his earliest work on the Baltimore and Washington telegraph line, in the year 1843. The book was discovered in the library of Thomas A. Edison, at Orange, N. J.

Under date of August 10, 1843, Mr Morse describes certain test he had made and makes the following interesting prophecy:

"The practical inference from this law is that a telegraphic communication on my plan may, with certainty, be established across the Atlantic. Startling as this may seem now the time will come when this project will be realized."
Commenting on this prophecy, the Electrical Review says:
"To-day there is no ocean unspanned by a telegraph cable. We have completed the first Pacific cable and have made a good start on the second and Marconi has established communication across the Atlantic without wires. It is difficult to realize that this diary was written less than sixty years ago."

How tedious and tastless, the hours, when Jesus no longer I see Sweet music, sweet prospects, sweet flowers have all lost their sweetness to me

Thurs Jan 1 1903 - Wm & Catharine went to Durand to have her teeth filled Kittie went to Gaines to meet Roger M he has a bad cough it is thawing this afternoon

Frid 2d - Kittie went to Byron, renewed my Subscription for Freepress & Bi Corunna Journal Mr J Driscol took dinner with us , - Perry returned on evening Train

Sat 3d - Roger M went to Ellas to spend the day it is raining a little & thawing A Bible I received from the Christian Herald Office by Express, a present to Catharine Marie Schad, my darling Grand Child, who was 12 yrs old, 27 of Aug - 1902 it is foggy and thawing no sleighing this winter so far, about 2 inches of snow

Sund 4th - Perry & Catharine has gone to Church & Sabath School it is snowing a little quite warm, I received a letter from the Bank & one from Mary A Mc Farlin Catharine received a letter & 2 Pictures of Alfred Barnes, California.

Mond 5th - Wm went for Lettie, she came Kittie & Lettie washed, Kittie went to Byron Mr Tagart, came home with her, they are going to Detroit

Tues 6th - up in the morning at 4 ocl, at 5 ocl Kittie & Mrs Tagart Wm took them for the early Train, God be with them and bring them safe home, Lettie ironed, a lovely day

Wed 7th - Wm & Roger M has gone for a load of Corn, A carr load has come in it snowed all nigh(t), there is sleighing now the Children went on a Cutter to School the first this winter Wm went for Kittie on evening train they returned 1/2 past seven thank God for her safe return, Lettie finished ironing

Thurs 8th - Kittie & Lettie has gone to meet with Embroydery Class at Mrs T Barnes

1903 Frid Jan 9th - verry cold, snowing, - good sleighing, Lettie & Nick went to a party to Wm Kitsons Wm paid my Tax for me $177.02 cts, Wm & Kittie attended a party Thursday eve at Wm Lahrings

Sat 10th - not so cold a little sun shine perhaps 6 inches of snow when in Detroit Kittie bought herself a Fir Cloak paid $50.00 dol and Catharine a Fur Boa paid $13.00 dol both are beautiful Lettie is sick to day

Sund 11th - it is snowing not so cold good sleighing

Mond 12th - Wm went to Corunna, came home evening Kittie, Lettie & Children attended lecture eve I received the Speaking Oak to day, A Christmas present, for Perry - paid $1.00 dol I sent an acknowledgement this afternoon I went to see the fat sheep before they took them away

Tues 13th - Wm has just taken away 260 fat sheep to ship to Buffalo, they looked fine

Wed 14th - Roger M took Wm to Durand he is going to Buffalo to sell his sheep God be with him and bring him safe back to his home again it is verry cold, good sleighing, Kittie is poorly with a cold Mrs Ettie Hathaway made a pleasant call Roger M went home to St Johns on this evening Train

Thurs 15th - Kittie is quite poorly with her throat & cough it is milder to day Mr P Schad went to Byron with the children

Frid 16th - it is thawing Mr P Schad took the Children to Byron, wee expected Wm but he did not come, after dinner the hired man went for Dr Howard for Kittie, she is quite sick Coughs he says it is Lagripp Mr D Leland of Durand made a pleasant call, I received a letter from Mrs Fitzgerald

A separate piece of paper pinned to this page

Jan 23d 1903
I sent Roger M - $15.00 dol
Wm expense $5.00 dol
for buying and recording 28 acres
of Mrs Stones for buying and time spent
I paid it, Roger will pay me
due $3.50 on sale of Farm
for buying & recording 12 acres of Mr Graves

1903 Sat Jan 17th - thawing, the Dr has been here says Kittie is some better, thank God Wm did not come last night, Catharine has gone to the Train, to meet her pa Wm come on this morning Train, Ollie & Gracie Schad came on Train

Sund 18th - after dinner Lettie & Bernice took Ollie Schad to Durand

Mond 19th - Kittie is better took dinner with us, - thank God, - Mr J Driscol took dinner with us Wm & his Father went to Durand after dinner, Wm attended to some business for me

Tues 20th - Mr Frank Hunt took dinner with us he & Wm went to Corunna Wm got deed of 12 acres of land of Mr Graves for me which I paid $1000 dol pr Wm Schad, and 28 acres of Ed Hathaway for which I paid $600.00 dol Wm put them on record, Mr George Dodge & Nick are filling the Ice house

Wed 21st - it is warmer, Mr Dodge & Mr N Boice are drawing Ice, Catharine did not go to School they finished hauling Ice this afternoon Wm took Gracie to Durand

Thurs 22d - A lovely day, Wm & his Father have gone to Durand Catharine did not go to School is not well, Kittie is around at work, Lettie is making a silk waist for her Kittie & Lettie was out last eve to Starr Social

Frid 23d - Lettie is making a white waist for Bernice Phipps

Sat 24th - Lettie finished waist, Teacher took her home received a letter from Mrs Fitzgerald

Sund 25th - it is cold, Bernice, Kittie & Catharine went and called on Ella S

Mond 26th - it is thawing Wm & Kittie went to Durand the sleighing is spoiled Wm & Mr Frank Hunt has just started for Chicago for sheep, N Boice took them to Durand Mr P Schad is not verry well

Tues 27th - it is thawing, no sleighing I have written a letter to Mrs Fitzgerald and sent her little girl a Doll with other things

A newspaper article pinned to this page
1819 -- JANUARY 18 -- 1903.

1819 - a darling baby girl,
In a mother's loving arms.
Who the future sees unfurl
Her infant's maturing charms.
A soft eyed little lass,
A school girl fair and bright
Beginning soon to pass
Into womanhood's delight.
Wooed and won - a wife.
A home in newer lands,
A patient toiling life,
And happy marriage bands:
A mother loving and sweet,
A neighbor generous and just,
And as the winged years fleet
All who know her in her trust.
Her children leave the home,
Other homes to make,
Still often gathering back,
Old memories to partake.
Grandmother and Great-grandmother she,
Now a widow, still faithful she strives,
To do for all and self, and be
No trouble to other lives.
1903 - and she is 84,
Calm and sweet as in the long ago,
Walking all kindly as in the years before,
Though now with crutch, stayed step and slow:
Oh, may her farther journey,
Be one long thread of love,
Which death shall snap but gently,
To again unite above.
With true regard of H. E. Cole

1903 Wed Jan 28th - thawed & rained, yesterday Kittie went to Byron & sent an Express for me to Mrs Fitzgerald and brought the children home it is thawing snow is going

Thurs 29th - Foggy all day verry dark, the snow all gone, mud, mud Kittie is gone to Mrs Strawsines to meet with Silk Embroydery Class I am house keeper we received a letter from Roger M he is poorly

Frid 30th - it is colder Wm came last eve at 10 ocl thank God for his safe return it snowed a verry little, Mr Frank Alden, buried a child yesterday

Sat 31st - a beautiful day Wm & men have just come with 615 Lambs it is thawing, I sent a letter to Alfred Barnes Cal, Mendocena After I was 80 yrs old I pieced 6 friendship Silk blocks one for Ida Haviland, one for Minnie Haviland, one for Lissie Cowan, one for Mrs Vanburen, I sent it to Detroit, one for Layfayet Schad, Montana, one for Hattie Cole Byron

In the day of my youth I rememberd my God he has not forgotten my age

A newspaper clipping pinned to this page
Mary The four year old little girl of Mr. and Mrs John Alden of this township, died on the 27th inst, of pneumonia Funeral Thursday at the house, conducted by Rev. Howland, burial in Byron cemetery.

"For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"
Dear little form in the casket,
Wee little figure in white,
Cold, unbreathing, still lovely,
She, our darling, home light.
Things that she did and has spoken,
We shall miss -- all her sweet pretty ways,
We'll weep as we fondly recall them,
Through all the long future days.
Her dear curly head rests so lowly,
Under the tear-dripping sod,
But were there not beautiful angles
Who bore her away to God?
Yea, the spirit is freed from the body,
To grow and develop in light,
To watch for the loved ones home-coming,
And greet them with joyous delight.
How good is the God of our being,
This beautiful earth to give,
How kind when He calls us from it,
In another and better to live.
With love, H. E. C.

1903 Sund Feb 1st - A lovely morning

Mond 2d - dark foggy and rain forenoon, 2 ocl sun shone bright the ground hog can see his shadow Feb fog 2d June frost

Tues 3d - I went to the Barn yard to see Wm lambs, they look fine, Mr Dodge and Mr Hatten are covering a shed with straw, it will be fine, all can be housed it is a fine winter day

Wed 4th - Wm took me to Byron . I Deeded Roger M 40 acres of land and bought me a bed spread, 5 spools of thread it rained and snowed last night the ground all ice, the forenoon lovely this afternoon it is snowing and colder, the ground coverd with ice Mr Leo Dodge & Mr Hatten is working for Wm

Thurs 5th - it is a lovely morning Wm is poorly, Mr P Schad is some better Mr G. D. & Mr Hatten is here working

Frid 6th - it is a lovely morning the ground is coverd with ice a little snow Mr Hatten is here, I received a letter from Mrs Fitzgerald yesterday

Sat 7th - eve at 7 ocl Roger M came, - Wm Kittie & Bernice went to Byron - Comeing home it began to snow about 8 inches fell dureing the night

Sund 8th - Mr Peter Schad is poorly - Wm went for Dr Ruggles he came Mr Ralph Tubs just came Roger M is better he moved some Farming implements on Waggon, to his farm - it is nice day I have sore throat & Rheumatism Ed Hathaway Wife & Allen came to see Mr Schad spent the eve

1903 Mond Feb 9th - Feb 9th 1840 I arrived on this farm, with Bernard Haviland Mr Haviland, came one week before, wee came, our house was built the summer before It is a lovely day, snow 8 inches good sleighing, Dr Ruggles called Mr P Schad is better, got up at 4 o'clock Mr G Dodge Mr Harter are hauling Hay from Mrs Boyces he bought Wm a stack $20.00

Tues 10th - Mr Schad is up, Roger M started for St Johns this morning Mr Dodge & Mr Harter are hauling hay - it is a lovely day Roger M bought 2 cows of Wm Schad price $80.00 dol to be paid out of money in Durand Bank Tues 10th Feb 1903

Wed 11th - it was snowing hard this morning - Kittie has gone to Byron to meet with the Embroyderry Class - at Mrs Crawfords Nick is going to May Kitsons wedding this afternoon

Thurs 12th - Mr P Schad is better gone to Byron with Wm to get shaved it is a lovely morning bright Sun Shine the thaw yesterday spoiled the sleighing

Frid 13th - Mr P Schad went to Durand, Mr J Driscol took dinner with us

Sat 14th - A lovely day - Wm & Mr P Schad gone to Byron, Vallentines day

Sund 15th - it has snowed fine snow all day Mr West lake has Diptherie Mr P Schad is poorly Mr West lake has Diptherie verry bad Mr Wm Gennings was buried in Byron to day

Mond 16th - it is cold 1100 hundred bush of Corn came from Chicago for Wm

Tues 17th - merc 10 below Mr G Dodge & Mr Harter are here drawing it verry cold Catharine poorly Miss Mattie Redman called yesterday it is 63 yrs the 9th of this month since I came on this Farm

1903 Wed Feb 18th - merc 10 below merc 16 below it is verry cold Wm has 3 men & 2 teams hauling Corn Kittie is sick & Catharine poorly with a cough

Thurs 19th - merc 16 below it is verry cold I received a letter from Mrs Gale, Howell Catharine is sick she coughs verry hard wee think she is going to have the measles Kittie is better Wm has 2 men hauling Corn, the sun shines bright

Frid 20th - mercury 16 below last night Mr P Schad and Perry have gone to Durand Catharine broke out with measles last night, she was verry sick all night I sent a letter to Mrs Gale, Howell, one to Mrs Goodspeed, Lansing Dr Howard came afternoon, her pulse 104 she is broke out all over

Sat 21st - Catharine feels better after a good nights rest, her mother lay with her Mr P Schad & Perry returned on morning train Wm & Teacher have gone to Durand to have her teeth filled it has snowed a little all day. I just read in Byron Herald of the death of Elder Arthur Day once of Byron now of Harmon Tenisse Mr P Schad came on Train from Durand, he said Mr Isaac Crawford came on same Train with his dead Wifes remains buried her in Byron afternoon I received a letter from Sarah Ferguson sent one to day to her

Sund 22d - cold & snowing fine snow it is neither sleighing nor wheeling

Mond 23d - merc 30 above warmer, Catharine is better broke out some

Tues 24th - Wm & Kittie bought 2 hanging Lamps one for Parlor the other for Sitting room, - I saw the sun set north of Barn this evening

Wed 25th - A lovely morning Catharine does not improve verry fast

Thurs 26th - merc 30 above it is a lovely (day) Kittie went to Byron Mr P Schad came home with her Mrs Mc Caughna & Nora Boyce called

1903 Thurs Feb 26th - it is raining Miss Bernice Phipps is going to Owosso to attend the Teachers Institute Mrs Taggert came home with Kittie and spent the day

Frid 27th - it rained all night the (snow) most all gone water every where Frank Shaunts died yesterday, God help the afflicted Perry Schad is poorly to day Catharine feels pretty well raining a fog the 28th of Feb will Freeze a dog 28 of June Bernice School closed Friday she is going home to day Wm & Kittie has gone to the house of mourning an only son Lent - Sunday 1st March

Sund March 1st - a lovely day in the afternoon Wm & Kittie drove to Lettes

Mond 2d - Wm & Kittie have gone to Frank Shaunts Funeral 10 ocl at house Perry commenced going to School after 2 weeks vacation on account of measels Rev Mr Ball died at 2 ocl to day

Tues 3d - it is some colder, the snow most all gone, I received a letter from Mrs Goodspeed 111 Pennsylivania Ave west Lansing Catharine coughs a good deal, does not go to School, Bernard & Ida called

Wed 4th - Kittie met with Embroydery Class at Mrs Seward Chaffees Rev Mr Ball was buried to day - I heard Mrs Fishers Mother & Mrs Onan Foster was dead

Thurs 5th - it rained last night and to day the snow most gone frost out of ground I received a letter from Mrs James, Wisconsin saying Mrs Beebee died the 28th of Feb Nick went to the garden and dug Parsnips I have just written a letter to Mrs James, Lacross Wisconsin

Frid 6th - I received a letter from Lacross Wisconsin saying Mrs Lucy Beebee died Feb 28th remaines taken to Rochester N. Y. for Interment with her husbands , Theodore Gross & Mr Beebee , I sent a letter to Mrs James Wisconsin

Sat 7th - raining Thunder & Lightning, Wm & Kittie spent last evening at Seward Chaffees merc 52 above Wm bought 25 bush of Potatoes, nice and warm

Sund 8th - A lovely day mud - mud

Mond 9th - fog warm mud

Tues 10th - Mr P Schad went to Byron with Perry, took the Train for Durand Kittie & Catharine swept the whole house, I received a letter from Mrs White, Howell wee heard Dan Holmes of Durand is dead

Wed 11th - Mr G Dodge is working for Wm, Mr P Schad came to day

Thurs 12th - Mr Dan Holmes was buried to day mud lovely day Wm & Kittie went to Byron said they never saw road so bad

Frid 13th - A lovely morning

Sat 14th - A lovely morning foggy mud - mud

Sund 15th - A lovely morning fog the Children are going to Church and S School

Mond 16th - A lovely day, I sent $5.00 with Catharine to Rev Howell yesterday

Tues 17th - A fog a lovely day Kittie & Catharine went to Byron to take her music Mr Fred Clough called in the forenoon

Wed 18th - Wm took Catharine to see Fanny Shaunts & Mr P Schad to Byron it is a lovely day I am finishing a worsted quilt for Kittie

Thurs 19th - beautiful day

Frid 20th - Mr P Schad attended a vandue at Mrs Redmans

1903 Frid March 20th - Wm started for Buffalo with 450 sheep God be with him and bring him safe home Ida Haviland came and spent the day with us she is verry poorly

Sat 21st - a beautiful day

Sund 22d - Perry and Catharine went to Church and Sabath School, Mrs Kirkendol came home with them

Mond 23d - it is raining, Catharine started to school, the first since she had the measles Kittie has taken Mr P Schad for morning Train to Durand the grass is green

Tues 24th - Mrs Tagart came and staid all day, spent pleasantly yesterday, - it is growing cold it is verry cold this morning freezeing sun shines bright Wm returned on morning Train, thank God for his safe return Mr Peter Schad came on morning Train from Durand wee hear Mr Frank Hunt has Small Pox, oh what affliction it is verry cold

Wed 25th - A little snow on the ground this morning, Wm has gone to Corunna it is warmer, sun bright, Kittie & Catharine have gone to call on Mrs Mc Kinney Miss Mattie Redmond is here calling

Thurs 26th - Wm Schad paid me $50.00 dol on hay Robert Lissie & Emma Cowan came from Indiana Kittie has gone to Mr G Eddies to meet with Embroidery Class

Frid 27th - warmer, it is raining a spring Shower, the dear little birds are happy

Sat 28th - Wm went to meet the Insurance agent and get Roger Ms House & Barn Insured Robert & Lissie went to Idas & Bernards to spend the day - it is a lovely day

1903 Sund March 29th - after dinner Robert Lissie & Emma came

Mond 30th - Mr A Bitterly Mr Harter & Mr G Dodge are here shearing Wms lambs after dinner Nick took the double Carriage and took Robert Lissie & Emma one mile west of J Kanouses it is a lovely day the roads are pretty good, Roger M came at 11 ocl he is moveing Mr Graves has moved off Rogers farm - Wm got Roger Ms house & Barn Insured

Tues 31st - Two Mrs Oberts made a call, then Kittie & Catharine took music lesson Mr Bitterly & Ed Lawrence is shearing lambs Ed's machine gave out Ed Sheldon brought his two children for a ride yesterday Mr Dodge went for a load of Tile, he hauled 3 loads Will & Kittie has gone to Byron this eve wee just received the sad news of the death of Lillie Ray Aldrich who died in California, Oakland March 24th was buried the 26th died from heart trouble and Dropsy, they are going one by one

1903 Wed April 1st - Roger M started for St Johns this morning - for an other load of goods Mr A Betterly, Ed Lawrence are shearing Lambs, Mr G Dodge hauling manure Mr Harter commenced a drain over west Mr P Schad & Perry went to Durand this morning at 8 o clock returned this afternoon, Miss Bernice Fipps, our School Teacher came with them Mr Wm Telling called, it is a lovely day

Thurs 2d - warm, Thunderd & Lighned rained a little

Frid 3d - it is snowing hard this morning, about 6 inches of snow fell

Sat 4th - colder Mr A Betterly finished shearing lambs at noon

Sund 5th - Perry & Catharine went to Church & S School yesterday I received a paper the Bellair Independent saying Robert Douglass was married to Jona D Field March 30th 1903 the snow is going fast - I pieced a silk block for Kitties quilt

Mond 6th - Town meeting day, - Bernice Phipps commenced School in Cole District my Big Cactus is full of blossoms, - Kittie sent for 5 Roses & a Fern, I gave her $1.00 dol for them it is a lovely day

Tues 7th - wee received a letter from Hugh Aldrich saying his wife was dead died the 30th of March after one years sickness with heart trouble & Dropsey

Wed 8th - I mailed a letter to Hugh and one to Ida E Wagoner

Thurs 9th - Roger M Minnie & 2 children Georgia & Howard came from St Johns

Frid 10th - Mr P Schad went to Durand Kittie went to Owosso yesterday

Sat 11th - I sent her for a set of Table Spoons for which I paid $4.00 dol paid

1903 Sund April 12th - Easter Sunday Kittie, Catharine & Bernice went to Durand yesterday it rained Thunderd & Lightned the ground is so wet men cannot work, Mr P Schad came yesterday it raines, School opend Teacher Miss Seaman

Mond 13th - Roger, Wife & Children went to their own home this morning

Tues 14th - Mr P Schad has gone to Durand, - it raines every day and night

Wed 15th - Mr Schad came on morning Train it rained, I am not well

Thurs 16th - it has cleared off lovely, I hear Mr Frank Hunt is out again our school opend Monday, with Miss Seaman Teacher

Frid 17th - A lovely day Mr N Boyce & Kittie set the 5 roses I sent for Kittie went for her hat

Sat 18th - A lovely day, Ella came staid 2 hours, Ida & Bernard made a pleasant call

Sund 19th - Perry has gone to Church & S School, grass is verry green, Roger Minnie, Children came Ralph Tubs came staid to lunch evening Ella Stanton came in the evening

Mond 20th - Ella Stanton commenced work for Kittie to day, - is washing Wm, Roger M is hauling 2 loads of hay for each one, Kittie has gone to Call on Minnie

Tues 21st - it is my birth day I thank God for my health and every blessing received Kittie & Catharine has gone to Ellen Simonsons funeral, she was found dead Sunday morning in her own house Ella Stanton is ironing

A newspaper article pinned to this page
Word has come of the death of Mrs. Eliza Miner, late of Chicago, and once of Byron. Her remains may reach her today; the funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at M. E church. She was 82 years of age, and for a time before her death, was a great sufferer from a complication of diseases. Miss Ellen Simonson of our village, who had a room in the building occupied by Mr. F. Rohrabacher, was found dead in her room last Sunday morning. Heart disease said to be the cause. Age 42 years. Her funeral was held Tuesday afternoon under the management of the Relief Corp of Byron. Burial in Lovejoy cemetery.
Fare well my Diary of 4 yrs - Apr 21s 1903

July 9th 1902 - bought - 180 rods of Page Wire fence, .50 cts pr Rod - 150 Posts .15 cts pr post
Staples $1.20 pr Wm Schad, he and Legrand stretched it without charge to me
180 rods of Wire fence .50 cts pr rod $90.00 dol
150 Posts .15 cts a piece 22.50 cts
Staples for same 1.20 July 9th I paid Wm Schad on same $50.00 dol $113.70 50.00 due $63.70
Fred Clough finished house Sept 18th same yr
Apr 17th, - 1900, Mr Fred Clough commenced work on the house
An account of expense
T O Lee for Lumber E E kohler hardware Fred Clough
$140.00 $24.30 Master builder
$159.34 $.80 $10.00
$35.97 $8.00 $10.00
$12.00 $9.00 $20.00
$44.00 $26.40 $10.00
$49.00 $4.00 $30.00
_________ $5.75 $3.00
$440.31 $1.75 $10.00
$86.46 $1.00
$25.30 $10.00
Syms for Lumber $26.76 $8.50
$56.00 $12.00 $9.00
$13.50 $17.22 $10.00
$4.00 $13.40 $10.00
$36.32 $1.20 $10.00
$.81 $9.00 $10.00
$80.32 $3.00 $64.00
$48.00 $42.00 _________
$30.00 $10.00
$8.50 _________ $225.50
$16.40 $326.34

$3.50 Help
$11.00 Help $7.50
$24.00 $.50 $7.50
$12.00 $.50 $7.50
_________ $5.00 $10.00
$344.35 $5.00 $10.00
$6.00 $13.50
Masons $3.00 $7.00
$6.00 $1.25 $7.50
$5.00 $5.56 $2.00
$5.00 $10.00 $7.50
$24.00 $7.50 $7.00
$10.00 $9.00 $7.50
$20.00 $7.00 $8.30
$9.65 $7.00 $18.00
$2.50 $10.00 _________
$.50 $10.00 $120.80
$46.00 $11.00
$5.00 $34.00
$3.00 _________
$7.00 $132.31
Mr Gill & Fred Lee $440.31
Lewis painters Syms $344.35
$7.50 Kohler $326.34
$16.50 Clough $225.50
$16.00 Help $132.31
$9.00 Masons $143.65
$2.50 Help $120.80
$4.50 G & F Lewis $78.50
$6.00 Hall Bros $110.50
$4.00 Benedict $140.00
$12.50 Howell $37.3
__________ Furnace $75.00
$78.50 Lather $13.50
Hall Bros $2,188.06
$13.00 I have paid Expense of
__________ house to date $225.06
$110.50 Apr - 24th 1901
Benedict $1,150.00
$37.50 $175.00
$15.50 $104.00
$8.00 $50.00
$75.00 $50.00
$4.00 $30.00
__________ $100.00
$140.00 $46.96
Lather __________
$13.50 $2,072.82
paid Wm Schad $8.00 dol on Cyclone Insurance May 15th 1901 paid
paid Wm Schad $15.00 to Mr G & F Lewis painter paid
paid Wm Schad $115.24 cts on building
I paid on Cyclone Insurance $5.00 dol May 15th
March 1st 1901 I paid $75.00 pr Wm Schad last payment on Furnace
Apr 11th I paid Mr Frank Karrer for putting up eve troughs $28.70 cts pr Wm Schad
I paid Frank Rorabacker for putting pipe in cistern $3.82 cts pr Wm Schad $108.00 for tile
Sat Sept 28 - 1901 I paid Wm Schad $100.00 dol I owed him on the house
Nov 8th 1901
I paid Wm $115.24 cts
Interest on same 6.91
Window Screens 14.00
Nov 8th - 1901
I paid Wm Schad $100.00 Settled to date
Interest on same 6.91
Wheat 31.00
Cash 5.00

Jan 20th due Wm Schad paid $4.30 for board of men
1902 Jan 15th I paid Wm Schad for Mr F Cloughs board - 16 weeks $2.00 pr week $32.00
I paid Mr Dunning board $8.00 dol New $14.00, Coats $3.00 Lewis $10.00 Conklin $2.60 J Clough $4.50 - Masons $18.00 - paid for mechanics board - that worked on house $87.50 cts
Wm Schad owes me $21.98 cts Feb 15th 1903
Mrs R Haviland

A newspaper article pinned to this page
Reese Mich. - "F. B. T." - How did Michigan happen to have an upper peninsula? In 1835, when the state constitution was formed, Michigan claimed a strip of land on the south, including To ledo, which embraced altogether about 427 square miles. Ohio also claimed the strip of land. After much contention between the states, Michigan was admitted to statehood on condition that she yield the strip of land to Ohio and in its place accept what is now known as the upper peninsula.
Manchester, O.- "T. F. L." - Does a foreign born woman become a voter in the United States by marring a citizen of the United States? She becomes a naturalized citizen but does not become a voter unless the laws of the state in which she resides confer that privilege. The right to vote comes from the state and is the state gift. Naturalization is a federal right, and is a gift of the union, not of any one state. 1903 T Dewitt Talmage Creed, Feb 11th, 1902

it reads as follows My Creed The glorious Lord, To trust him, love him, obey him, is all that is required to that Creed I invite all mankind - T - Dewitt- Talmge

Inflamatory - Rheumatism Salicilate of Sodium, F Wilmot, of origon
Mrs Mary Goodspeed one hundred & ten 110 Pennsylvania Ave South Lansing
Hugh S Aldrich, 906 Broadway Oakland California
Mrs John James 214th South 9th St Lacross Wisconsin

1903 - Address Jan 1st 1899

John Forshee, AnnArbor, 1178 - Washtenau Co
Kittie Ferguson, - No 131 - Wabash Ave - Detroit
Robert Cowan Angola Indiania - Steuban Co
Mr John Fitzgerald - Shepperd - Isabel Co
Mrs Sam - Vanburen, - 42 - Winder - St Detroit Mich
Mrs Margaret Duncan, No 646 - 15th St Detroit Mich
Mr Pardon Cargil - Vacaville California
Mrs Laura - Gale, No 110 - Chestnut, St Lansing
Roger M Haviland - Eaton Rappids - Eaton Co
Mathew Duncan - 474 - 24th St Detroit
who was married Sept 27th 1897
E Wagner, 501 - Jones Street Oakland Cal
Mrs Lucy M Beebee, 214 S 9th Street Lacross Wisconsin
Mrs Mary Goodspeed 110 - Pennsylvania Ave West Lansing
Mrs Elois Beardsley Platten Howell Mich
Mrs J L Mc Farlin, 108 third St Reno Nevada
Mrs S K Smith Cherokee Crawford Co Kansass
Mrs Emma Duncan Washington Ave, No 7 - Detroit Mich
Emma Balcom is Rogers Wifes name St Johns
Roger M Haviland Eaton Rappids Clinton Co Box 199 Mich

1903 - Dec 13th - 1900

Prince Albert Saxe Coburg Gother
Name Albert Wettin
Victorias Name Alexandrina, Argon
Miss Lulu Reuss
Patterson ranch Cal.

1903 - Receipt for Rheumatism
2 oz Alcohol
1 oz Wintergreen Oil
1 oz Oraganum
Mr Lovelaces
Kate Funke 273 24th St Detroit

the abberviation Mgr stands for Monseigneur, a French title it is given to Bishops - Arch bishops of the Catholic Church

Minnie Balcom is Rogers Wifes name

28th March 1900
Caskara Garada 1 teaspoon full once a day
A regulator of the bowels
Mrs Arthur pr Mrs Goodspeed A bill from Fred E. & H. L. Close dated Aug 17/4 Fred E. Close & Co. Wool, * Grain, * Seeds, Byron Mich. 1920 1900 1950 5770 Coal 5.75 1659

paid Aug 9/94 H.E.C. Will Schad paid me August 21st Wm has paid me $150.00 dol on grain, Wheat and Oats Cole $16.59 cts

A letter
Owosso Jan 9th 1899

My Dear Mrs Haviland it - is with a broken heart I address this my Dear Friend I am in great trouble We have lost every thing. We have got in the Hotel at Ovid and I have come to Owosso and I am going to start a Boarding House and I want you to lend me twenty five dollars and I will pay you some every week until you get your pay Mr Potter is going in a Mill some time next month if they can finish it he cant get one days work he can soon let me have the money I shall suffer forGod sake dont let me suffer God will bless you if you want me to give you my watch for security I will I will do any thing I can soon to fill my House with Boarders Now you are the only one on earth I could tell my troubles to & it is for my poor little Boy I ask help if you cant Help me I will starve dont be a fraid to trust me my dear woman you know I would work my nails of(f) to pay I must have help I am a stranger in Owosso I cant tell any one but you Please do the best you can for me and answer soon as you get this
No House 524
West main St
Yours truely Becky Potter

Keep this secret for me

Wed Jan 10th - 1894

I lent Mrs Rebecca Potter $25.00 - 524 East Main St Owosso Mrs Roger Haviland

A newspaper Article dated November 3, 1899
Desperate Work.
Attempt to Burglarize the Exchange Bank at Byron.

Burglars made an entrance into the Exchange bank here about 2 o'clock yesterday morning. The bank door was forced open, a hole made through the brick work surrounding the vault, then an attempt was made to blow open the safe. The outer part of the door was blown off in the exploit. Mr A. J. Williams, living two doors north of the bank, heard the explosion, and was about to go out of his house to find out the situation when he was confronted by a man with a revolver, who gave him to understand that he must not come on the street except at the peril of his life. Mr Williams withdrew, went out of his house through a skylight and gave the alarm to S. H. Devereaux and T. A. Lawrie. While Mr Williams was giving the alarm, Herbert Chambers, who lives over L. F. Lutz store, and who was awakened by the explosion, called Mr. Lutz up by telephone. Mr Lutz in turn called Deputy Sheriff Tillman out of bed, but by this time the thieves went out of sight, appropriated the hand-car and went to Durand. No clue to the culprits. But a few dollars were taken and a very extensive wreck in brick, broken iron and glass, presented itself to the spectator. The M. E. church lost some twenty dollars which was in a drawer in the vault, one hundred dollars in another drawer left there by L. F. Lutz was overlooked in the raid; some four dollars worth of revenue stamps were taken. Two hundred dollars worth of postage stamps were left untouched, all this of course for want of time, as the patrol no doubt found out that the matter on hands was getting publicity and that a retreat was the best thing.

Another newspaper article not dated
If it is desired to pickle the meat make a brine with one gallon of water, one half pounds of salt, one-half pound of sugar, one - half ounce of saltpeter and half an ounce of potash. In this ratio the pickle may be increased to any quantity desired. Boil all together, skimming carefully until the liquid is perfectly clear. Then pour it into a tub to cool, and when it is quite cold pour it over your beef or pork, which will keep perfectly sweet in it for many weeks. The meat should not be put into the brine until at least two days after killing, and each piece should be entirely covered with the liquid. When required for use take the pieces out separately, freshen in cold water and use. No better receipt than the above can be given for pickling pork and hams. If these are to be smoked they should be taken out of the brine in about six weeks, well dried, and then smoked. To cure ham and pork dry, put the pieces on a platform of boards and arrange a cleat which will convey the moisture dripping from them into a pail. Then mix one pound of brown sugar with every four pounds of salt, rub the hams, side pieces, etc., with this daily for a week, and afterwards every two or three days for two weeks more, Brush off the salt thoroughly before the meat is smoked. A good brine for Corned-beef is made by adding to four gallons of water two pounds of brown sugar, three ounces of saltpeter and ten pounds of salt. Boil it till all is dissolved, skimming meanwhile. Pack the meats closely in a barrel, and when the brine is quite cold pour it over the meat. The quantity given above is enough for 200 pounds of beef. If dried beef is wanted, pieces may be taken from the pickle after five or six weeks and smoked. It may be noted that in pickling meat, salt and sugar are all that are really needed, though saltpeter and potash are often added. The only use of saltpeter is to preserve the red color of the meats; potash is thought to make them more tender.
another newspaper article
The fumes of burnt camphor will relieve a cold in the head. Put a piece of camphor the size of an egg in an old saucer, set it on fire, and after burning a few moments blow out the flames, and inhale the fumes. As a remedy for an obstinate corn bind a piece of lemon upon it, renewing every morning for three or four days. The corn can then be removed. For a cold, hot lemonade is a household remedy. Put the juice of two lemons in a pint of hot water. Boil one minute, sweeten to taste, and drink as hot as possible. Another excellent way is to put a good sized lemon in the oven and let it remain until thoroughly baked. It will then be soft all through. Take it out and add enough sugar or honeythe latter preferable-to make a thick syrup with the juice. Keep this warm and take a teaspoon every few minutes.-Indianapolis Sun.
another article

The heart of a child,
Like the heart of a flower,
Has a smile for the sun
And a tear for a shower;
Oh, innocent hours
With wonder beguiledOh heart like a flower's
Is the heart of a child!
The heart of a child,
Like the heart of a bird,
With rapture of music
is flooded and stirred;
Oh, songs without words,
Oh melodies wildOh, heart like a bird's
Is the heart of a child!
The heart of a child,
Like the heart of the spring,
Is full of the hope
Of what summer will bring;
Oh, glory of things
In a world undefiledOh, the heart like the spring's
Is the heart of the child!