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QUEEN OF INDIANS Story of Frances Slocum, Stolen by Miamis. Her Descendants Will Hold a Reunion Soon. Lived Out Her Life Among Children of the Wilderness. From the New York Journal.

Word has gone forth to all the family of Slocum, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren of Frances Slocum, summoning them to gather about her grave on Thursday, May 17, when the last honors will be paid to the woman whose history is one of the most romantic tales of the beautiful Wyoming valley. A monument which will recite briefly the events of her life will be raised, and the descendants will hear again how Frances Slocum was stolen from her mother's arms and grew into the life and manners of an Indian queen.

In early times two great Indian tribes, the Shawnees and the Delawares, waged constant war for the possession of the fertile valley. After the Indians sold their claims to the whites, settlers from the old Plymouth colony, in Massachusetts, and William Penn's colony, at Philadelphia, took up homesteads there. One settler from Penn's colony was Jonathan Slocum built his log cabin on the western bank of the Susquehanna. On the little farm sons and daughters were born. "LITTLE RED-HEAD" STOLEN.

The family of Jonathan Slocum had lived in Wyoming valley for 10 years, when the tragedy was ecacted which cast sadness over the lives of the parents and altered so strangely the current of life of the child Frances, "little red-head," as she was known, from her mass of auburn hair. Jonathan Slocum left home early on the eventful day. Shortly after noon three Indians approched the Slocum house. Mrs. Slocum admitted them into the house. They told her they had come to kill her husband.

She pleaded with them to leave in peace the family of their brother, who had never done anything against them. The Indians had been drinking however. After a time they became boiterous. Finally, with a stroke of his tomahawk, the leader brained the youngest boy before the mother's eyes. She fainted. When she regained consciousness the savages had gone, taking with them little Frances.


That was in 1779. When the father returned to his disolate home he was frantic with grief. Accompanied by as many of the settlers as he could muster, he searched the forests and hills for many miles around the settlement for his daughter in vain.

In 1835 a traveler visited the reservation of the Miami Indians, in Indiana. He found an old woman, known as queen of the tribe. The traveler spoke the Miami dialect, and by gifts to the Indian queen gained her confidence. Her manner of speech convinced him that she was not a native Indian, and he asked her flatly if her parents were not white. She acknowledged that she was white by birth and told him that her father's name was Slocum and that she had been stolen when a child from her home in the Wyoming valley.

The traveler at once went to the Wyoming country and made inquires for the sons of Jonathan Slocum. He found two of them living as prosperous farmers within a few miles of the old homestead. They returned with him to the Miami settlement.

Wauwauchope refused at first to believe that the two men were her own brothers, but was convinced by a broken finger which one of them had from an accident in childhood.

She resented all efforts to reclaim her from her life with the savages. She had two grown-up daughters who had married prosperous half-breeds on the reservation and she preferred to live out the life in which she had grown up.

The blood of her white forefathers asserted itself in the grandchildren, however, and they married whites and took the name of Slocum. Frances Slocum died as she had lived, a Miami Indian, but several generations of her descendants still honor her name and memory.
Presented to me the 1st day of January 1896 by William Schad

Wed Jan 1st - merc 20 above a nice n=mild day, Newyears, the family all well prais(e) God from whom all blessings flow

Thurs 2d - Ella came, quite cold

Frid 3d - Will took me to Ellas verry cold

Sat 4th - merc 10 deg below quite stormy snow showers all day

Sund 5th - merc 10 above all day bright sunshine, Kittie come for me in the afternoon I had a pleasant visit

Mond 6th - Kittie is sending some presents to Mrs Aldrich, Ida Ray, & Mrs Bell California

Tues 7th - merc 26 all day in the afternoon she and Wm went to Duran(d) it is much warmer

Wed 8th - the Teacher is not able to teach to day - She fainted in School twice yesterday wee are so sorry

Thurs 9th - merc 36 above Wm and Kittie attended a lecture last evening in Byron - Mrs Kerkendol is helping Kittie to day Kittie received a letter from Blanch saying Sister Kittie has a little boy one week old

Frid 10th - merc 32 above Wm and Kittie entertained a company of 34 last evening, they had an enjoyable time Mr & Mrs Will Close were here, Mr & Mrs Ralph Tubs stayed all night, Will took him to Gaines for to meet the 6 ocl morning Train Mrs Kirkendoll helped Kittie yesterday - and washed to day two young Ladies Came with the Teacher to dinner, Catharine went to School this afternoon, the first in two weeks - Kittie received a letter

Sat 11th - merc 26 above Kittie received a letter from Ida Ray yesterday Miss May Atherton Teacher the teacher took Bell Nora & Ella Runnyan home with her last evening

Sund 12th - merc 26 all day a verry nice day, with a few snow squals the Teachers Mother sent me a Shoe pin Cushion, I prize it for the givers sake

Women that are fair on the hearth stone, - And pleasant when nobody sees kind and sweet to their own folks - ready and anxios to please

1896 Mond Jan 13th -

A new Page
Several paint samples for;
West or Southeast Chamber, Nursery, For the Parlor or Living Room
A report card for Virginia Ray from Mills Seminary Brooklyn;
Report of Virginia Ray
For the Month of Feb. 1877.
Standard Average
Perfect, 10 Studies, 9 10
Good, 8 Languages,
Indifferent, 7 Music, 10
Very Poor, 5
Failure, x Deportment, 10 On * Roll of Honor.
Rev. C. T. MILLS, Principal.
* The loss of twenty credits, either in Deportment or by Absence, removes one from the Roll of Honor.
A blank promisary note from the First National Bank of Corunna, Mich.,
A empty envelope addressed to
to Mrs Roger Haviland Byron Shiawassee Co. Mich. Box 36
with a post mark from St Johns Mich. Dec 23, 5 o'clock P. M. 1896 with a two cent stamp for postage and on the back of the envelope a post mark from Byron 23, 1896
A news paper Article

On January 18th, 1896, occurred one of the most pleasant social events it has ever been our privilege to attend. It was the 77th birthday anniversary of Mrs. Wm. Chaffee. Her children had planned a surprise for her and gathered themselves in their youthful home, inviting a few of the old time friends of rears agone. Hale and cheery are the aged couple, 77 and 83, passing gently and apparently unregrettingly down the slope of time that enters the mystic beyond. Surely lives of industry and integrity like theirs, find mete reward in peaceful age, surrounded by children who have all attained honorable and useful adulthood.

Three daughters and one son met to honor the occasion, sons and daughterin-law and grandchildren were present, and beaming faces and happy laughter and a mutual good will was manifest on every hand. The long dining table with dainty edibles, was filled to its utmost capacity; as soon were the guests that surrounded it. A few pretty presents were giiven, one. a beautiful potted plant with abundant cluster of bluish, purple flowers, nested in broad green laeves, this by Mrs. Northway the youngest daughter, from Owosso; she, Mrs George Eddy, Mrs. Wm. Close, Mr Seward Chaffee, their partners and children present, gave most considerable attention to father, mother and guests.

One remembrance of the hour was that father, mother, two of the daughters, the son, a granddaughter, and one of the guests had taught in their district school and most of them in the present building.
Oh, happy hours for peaceful age,
Surrounded by their cherished ones,
Who smooth the path, and mark the page
As each successive birthday comes.
That these aged ones may tarry years
Within their home, amid their friends,
Unknowing want. or sorrow's tears,
Till life's long journey gently ends.
Is wished by all; their friends and mine,
And as their anniversaries repeat
May we who write or read these lines
Be often there to chat and e - t.*

*E -t, long sound of e, is conceded abbreviation for "enjoy it" but hitherto but little used. Please do not think the writer a gormand or glutton, the abbreviation is introduced simply as a pertinent matter of fact and to preserve the well nigh faultless measure and rhyme of the verse. Trusting this explanation is not am-big-you-us, (I don't know as I have spelled that last word right) but any way, with much love to all, I am,

ONE WHO WAS THERE. A sixteen page letter concerning Roger Haviland (His Eulogy ?)
Page 1 Rev Strong

Roger haviland was born near Londondury Ireland Dec 12th 1812. His parents were by no means wealthy. And therefore as their children grew up they were obliged to seek homes for themselves. Two of the sons Bernard & Roger started out in life as shoemakers and by their industry and frugality secured the means which enabled them to leave the old world. In the year 1832 Bernard Haviland came to this country and after carefully looking over his surroundings became satisfied that this new world offerd advantages to those of limited means such as could not be found in the land of his nativity. Accordingly he wrote his brother advising him to come as soon as possible. In the
Page 2

Fall of 1833 Roger Haviland landed upon the shore of America, and the two brothers commenced working at their trade as shoemakers and continued at that employment until 1839 when they came to this part of the country and took up Govt Land and set to work at once to make themselves homes.

Two years previous to this or in the year 1837 Roger Haviland was united by marriage to Miss Catharine Ferry. And the happy couple entered upon their life work in Ypsilanti when they continued to reside until their removal to Byron. It was in 1839, that Roger, leaving his wife in Ypsilanti searched for his wilderness possession in order to make some improvement before bringing his partner. A house of some kind must be
Page 3

built. A place for the future home was selected and cleared. Logs were in abundance and they were drawn to the spot and soon the log house was erected and fit for occupancy.

The nails in that new home were carried upon the back of the owner all the way from the village of Dexter. After the building of the house, five acres of timber was cut down and burnt and the land made ready for the first crop of wheat.

In the year 1840 Mrs Haviland joined her husband in their new home, to share with him in his toils and truimphs. Their stock at that time consisted of 1 span of Horses, 1 Pig, and 6 Hens. Their household furniture all told represented a cash value of less than $100.00. With these limited appliances, but with a determination that Knew no such thing as failure
Page 4

these heroic pioneers endured upon the work of subduing the forest and of making the? places bloom and blossom as the rose.

During the first few years after moving upon the this place Mr Haviland labored hard to improve his circumstances.

The trees were felled either by his own hands or by those he employed while he worked at his trade to earn the means to pay them. The people needed boots. they bought their home tanned leather to him. And he made it up into what they needed receiveing for making a pair of Boots $1.00 or an equivalent in labor at .50 ct per day. From the very earlist commencement of his work on this farm God blessed his labor, and before five years had elapsed he was in a position to pay his men from the products of
Page 5

his farm. In the year 1843 the Brothers sent to Ireland for their parents who arrived here sometime in July of that year. For five years Mr Haviland Sen. continued to live with his son Roger when death came and severed their connection with each other. The widow and Mother still found a comfortable home abundant support in the family her faithful and loving son for twelve years after the death of her husband, when she too was called away to the inheritance beyond.

The years roll by and with each passing year we only witness the temporal prosperity of this noble man. Never perhaps in the experience of any man has been exemplified the truthfullness of that declaration.The diligent
Page 6

maketh rich. But need not to trace simply the temporal prosperity of our deceased friend. for if this was all that could be presented to challenge our admiration or incite our love. Many might turn away dissatisfied and say, that perhaps circumstances had most to do in the accumulation of properity than anything else.

No wealth itself, no matter how acquired does not make the man we may surround ourselves with broad acres stretching out in every direction; we may add house to house or barn to barn; we may be able to count our gold by thousands or revel in the accumulation of Bank Stock and other securities and in our families, the Church or the Neighborhood in which we live
Page 7

Thank God it takes something more than gold to buy the esteem of our race or else many of us would be depraved of this boon. How was then in reference to that man whose Mortal remaines now lie before us?

Was he popular because he was rich? Was he loved because he could offer gold in return for that love? By no means. Had Roger Haviland been poor he would have been esteemed for his very works sake, for within him beat a heart true as ? to every ? of fallen humanity.

Did the widows or orphan come to him in the day when the cloud washed upon their hearts, and deep darkness was in their home. And they went away with the tears wiped from off their faces. And felt hope spring up within them as they listened to the words of cheer
Page 8

spoken by those lips now closed by death. Those hands now still have ministered to the necessities of the destitute and needy.

Hundreds of dollars annually have slipped from those fingers into the hands of those who by force of circumstances had been unable to meet the pressing wants of dear ones around them. Never did man moor fully obey the words of our risen Savior Jesus. But when thou doest alms but not thy left hand Know what thy right hand doeth? Thousands upon thousands of dollars have been placed in his hands by widows and others who, relying upon his integrity have sought to use his business capabilities to further their own interests and clearly

increase their little capital. Does there come a single voice
Page 9

today either from the living or the dead to accuse our departed friend of trust betrayed or confidence misplaced? No not a voice. Why? From the very fact that very mouth has been closed by the unblemished character of the man.

Look at the positions he has been called to fill in the business and political world. He was an Officer of the Mutual Fire Ass.ever since its first organization. For years he was President of the Corunna Bank. He has been elected to fill almost every office in the gift of the poeple with whom he lived. And his entire public record has stood untarnished before the world. Was it because he was ambitious that he filled so many offices? Did he seek in the compromise of principle, to be popular with men?
Page 10

No. No. His elevation to the different positions he occupied was simply a just recognition of his worth.

In his Political history he has been a faithful and consistent adherent to the Democratic Party overlooking his principles and embodying them in his actions.

Every one that knew the man, knew him as a stuanch temperance man. And had he lived a few months longer he would have cast his first vote for the Prohibition Party.

But we have been looking at the man as he presented himself before the world. And his every Public act has called forth our unqualified approval.

But we would draw just a little closer. There in one spot to-day we would invade. It is the privacy of the home circle.
Page 11

We cannot forget that here we invade a sacred spot. Not with prying curiosity, but simply that we may follow the man we have learned to love.

We want to know something of him in his character as Husband & Father.

Weeping friends to-day will pardon us if the pain the family circle, sit at the family board (?): or even kneel with them at the same alter, and breath out our petitions with them to the same God. If the character of our deceased friend shone forth with peculiar brightness in all his public acts so as to win our admiration. It is not until we catch a glimpse of his home life that the whole force of our affection goes out after him. We enter his family circle and then we find, not the President of a Bank, or an official of some other corporation, but we
Page 12

find the fare minded, loving and simple hearted husband & Father. It is true he may never had children of his own, Flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone, but he has gathered around him no less than five adopted children, to whom he has acted the part of the most devoted parent. The heart of Roger Haviland was too large to allow him to go childless to the grave. There must be some loved ones upon whom this man and his faithful partner could pour the full stream of a God implanted affection.

But his love for those about him was not of that nature that could not discover wrong in the part of those to whom he had surrounded the affections of his heart, but it was purer in its operations, ever leading
Page 13

him not only to present in his own conduct a model worthy (of) their imitation, but by kindly winds ever seeking to bring them to a higher and purer life.

How much of love was mingled with his ? Gov't, let the sighs and tears of these mourners answer. Some of us in the company of strangers. Roger Haviland found his in the society of his devoted wife and loving children.

Some men lavish all their smiles and acts of kindness upon those who are men (of) casual acquaintances and leave their families starving for what they so freely give to others. With our departred friend it was home first and after that those friends whose privilage it was to gather around the family circle.
Page 14

From the lips of one man deeply interested in this matter than anyone else can possibly be, I learn that our deceased friend was all that a Husband could possibly be. His presence never cast a cloud upon the bright sunshine of the family circle, thereby marring their enjoyments and enterfering with their pleasures; but on the contrary, his very presence was always needed to give additional zest to the innocent amusements and festivities of the hour.

As a husband he was faithful loving & Kind. And from the very hour of his union with her who now laments her loss, they seemed to grow as like the ivy & the oak each feeling their need of each other for support and usefullness.

What was he as a parent ? Here we enter with profound respect now
Page 15

dare we to say all that we feel prompted to attend on this subject for fear our very words of commendation might cause loved & Loving heart to bleed anew. We may simply say that the happiest hours in the home were those hours when the Father was there, to counsil, to encourage, or reprove Further than that I dare not & need not say.

The question may be asked, what of his religious life? Was he a member of any Church? Too many, alas look more to Church membership than they do to Godly living. The question is more frequently asked to what Church do you belong? than What is your religious belife and conduct. Tis true our departed friend never stood connected with any Church organization. In infancy he was baptized in the R. Catholic Church
Page 16

but he felt as he grew up that he could never subscribe to the dogmas of that Church and therefore never associated with them. Of him may it be said that though a member of no Church yet he was a friend to all. He was a full believer in all the doctrines of the Bible. He felt that he must be saved through faith in the blood of the Lamb. He had shone confidence in the efficy of prayer as addressed to God through Jesus - I enter the Chamber of this man and I see the devoted Husband & wife bound together pleading with God for pardon & purity. The very day he

left his home for Detroit, before leaving they go to the Closet, they shut the door, and ask God to give them support & Comforting Grace - Was he a Christian? In reply I ask what constitutes a Christian if it be not faith in Christ, and an earnest desire to mold the life of accending to Gods word.

Mond 13th Jan 1896 - Kittie and Wm went to Gaines She mailed a letter to Mrs Fitzgerald for me

Tues 14th - I rode to Idas and staid til they came back

Wed 15th - merc 44 in sun Mrs Margaret Mc Caughna came and staid 2 hours Will finished filling the Icehouse to day Robert Cummin & Frank Welch helped

Thurs 16th - merc 46 in sun Wm is helping Bernard fill his Icehouse to day they haul in Waggons it is a lovely day about 2 inches of snow, I am making 2 blue Calico aprons

Frid 17th - Mr & Mrs Robert Carter made us a visit to day, Dan Mc Caughna called

Sat 18th - merc 36 all day I was invited to Mrs Chaffees birth day party, Wm took me there there was Invited guests, Mrs R Sherman aged 71 yrs Mrs Isaac Barnum aged 61 yrs, Mrs Hattie Cole aged Mrs Noah Joslin 58, yrs myself aged 75 the 21st of next April Mr Chaffee aged 83 the 6th of next April Mrs Chaffee aged 77 to day Jan 18th 1896, May wee all met in the world to come there was Mr & Mrs Seward Chaffee 25 Children Mr & Mrs George Eddie, Lossie & Hattie Eddie Mrs Will, & Mrs Fred Close, Mrs Northaway, & two boys it was a lovely visit long to be rememberd, Heavenly Father bless and keep them, an unbroken Family a lovely day snowed and thawed the roads are good

Sund 19th - a mild day

To reach at last that happy land
Where Tears are never known
To see the wondrous face of him
Who sits upon the throne

1896 Mond Jan 20th - I sent a money order to the Christian He(r)ald office of $3.00 d for paper Library of 10 books, Wed evening Jan 29th 1896 merc 36 above all day Wm & Kittie went to Durand they found Father Schad poorly, I made 3 sheets to day it is plesant no sunshine

Tues 21st - merc 32 Kittie received a letter from Ida Ray last evening Wm has gone to Durand to get the colt shod

Wed 22d - merc 26 above Mrs Kerkendoll is here washing for Kittie Wm and Kittie has gone to Byron, I made a sheet to day

Thurs 23d - merc 36 all day it is raining a little all day Wm and Kittie has gone to Owosso to hear Rev T Dewit Talmage Lecture they left Byron at 4 o'clock returned home at 2, ocl this morning, well pleased with the Lecture he held them spell bound 1 hour and 40 minutes

Frid 24th - merc 36 above it is raining and snowing, Wm, & Kittie, with others, has gone to visit the school in the evening Ida Haviland came and spent the evening while Wm & Bernard went to Lodge

Sat 25th - merc 36 above I received a letter from Robert Cowan last evening

Sund 26th - A lovely day bright sunshine

Mond 27th - it is like spring I went to Byron with Wm and traded some.

Tues 28th - I finished sewing for Geenie Fiorshee to day - I went to Ida Havilands

Wed 29th - merc 40 above I sent a money order and took some things to put in her Barrel, - I sent a letter to John Forshee Will took a box for me, to the Depot, to ship, to John Forshee

Thurs 30th - merc 38 all day dear little Catarine Commenced her second Reader to day she has been out of school, 3 weeks this term with a cold. I sent a letter to Robert Cowan to day, Kittie has gone to spend the afternoon with Ella Sheldon, it is foggy and a ground thaw

Frid 31st - Foggy rained a little Wm and Kittie has gone to Byron the Teacher went to James Mc Caughnas this evening I received a letter from Roger M, & one from Mrs Fitzgerald

1896 Sat Feb 1st - merc 40 above all day it rained a little this forenoon, Foggy all day, frost 1st of June

Sund 2d - merc 30 above Wm Kittie & Catharine has gone to Byron to the Crusades meeting

Mond 3d - it snowed last night, and this forenoon, about 2 inches

Tues 4th - merc 34 above it is snowing a little about 4 inches verry light no sleighing sinc(e) before Thanksgiving

Wed 5th - merc 50 above in sun Mrs Kirkendol is here washing, Kittie has gone to Ellas the Baptist Aid Society meets there

Thurs 6th - Kittie Teacher and little Catharine went to Durand to get there Pictures taken together

Frid 7th - A nice day the Teacher went home after school

Sat 6th - merc 34 above it snowed a little last night not one inch, I commenced a fann quilt the Crusaders are in Byron yet

Sund 9th - merc 34 above I went to Church and heard a Lady Crusader preach

Monday 10th - Local option went no, so we have a wet town a while longer and women weep and children hungry Kittie carried provision, and helped to give dinners for 10 cts and teas for 5 cts She worked all day Mr & Mrs Frank Hunt spent 3 hours with us Sunday afternoon pleasantly Apples sold to day for $1.50 pr bush

Tues 11th - merc 50 in sun 56 yrs ago last night, I arrived on this Farm, My husband was here one week before me, Bernard Haviland went to Ypsilanti for one load of goods, and I came from my Fathers, at AnnArbor, it is blowing and drifting but not cold - I received a letter from Geenie Forshee

Wed 12th - it snowed all day yesterday & Last night

Thurs 13th - merc 20 above it is snowing all day to day about 6 inches of light snow

Frid 14th - merc 30 above Vallentines day, - bright sunshine and warm about 8 inches of snow on the ground Will and Kittie has gone to Byron in the Cutter the first time since the fore part of December

Sat 15th - merc 40 above til evening I went to Idas in a Cutter, Sleighing verry poor, Will came for me

1896 Sund Feb 16th - merc at zero at 7 ocl this morning It is a bright sunshine day, verry cold, merc 8 above, at 3 oc(l) afternoon

Mond 17th - merc 18 below zero this morning the coldest morning this winter a beautiful sunshine day & sunset

Tues 18th - merc 18 above Wm bought me 1930 lbs of Cole at $6.00 pr Ton I paid $5.81 cts there is snow squals all day & drifting

Wed 19th - Mrs Kirkendol is here washing for Kittie it is snowing & blowing all day

Thurs 20th - merc 4 below this morning it is a bright sunshine verry cold

Frid 21st - merc at zero this morning our school closes to day Miss May Atherton a splinded Teacher

Sat 22d - merc 34 this evening Wm & Kittie attended a Free Mason Party at Byron last evening

Sund 23d - merc 40 above this morning it is raining and thawing, the cold wave lasted one week, the sleighing going

Mond 24 - Frank Welch & Mr Daily are working with straw Will sod $25.00 dol worth

Tues 25th - F Welch & Daily are here to day putting straw in Barn

Wed 26th - merc 46 this afternoon Wm has gone to Corunna Kittie took him to the station, Came back at noon Mrs George Runnyon came and spent the day wee had a pleasant visit

Thurs 27th - merc 54 all day Mr & Mrs Peter Schad came and made a good visit the snow most gone I went to Idas a little while this forenoon

Frid 28th - merc 36 above a nice day quite muddy

Sat 29th - A little colder, Ida has gone to see her mother.

Sund 30th(?) - merc 32 all day it froze up last night, Wm Kittie and Catharine went to Church, it is bright sunshine our cold weather is moderating

Women that are wanted, are wise ones, that know what to do and to say that lead with a smile and soft word, the frown of the household away

1896 Sund March 1st - Wm and Kittie and Catharine has gone to Church and Sunday School it froze up last night the snow is gone

Mond 2d - Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand they took dinner to Father Schads

Tues 3d - Ida Haviland came home from Annarbor, Henry Douglass was there

Wed 4th - I went to Bernards for 2 hours, Henry came and staid all night

Thurs 5th - Wm and I went to the W ? R Union it was Mr George Goffs 75 birth day at 12 ocl last to night it Thunderd, Lightned, and rained, ice was on every

Frid 6 - every limb and bush all gone at noon to day, merc 36 above the Christian Temperance Union met and had a prayer meeting before the business meeting Rev Benson, W Royce and Mr Lewis came and took part, in the exercises, Kittie is ironing all day

Sat 7th - merc 36 above it snowed this morning a sugar snow was soon gone, 7 lambs with 3 sheep

Sund 8th - Colder, Eddie Sheldon called - there is one pr of twin Lambs the first

Mond 9th - dark and gloomy, Wm and Kittie went to Byron evening, there is 7 lambs with 3 sheep

Tues 10th - merc 26 above this morning it snowed last night about 4 inches, Mr & Mrs George Eddy visited Wm & Kittie

Wed 11th - Cold I finished a fan quilt for Kittie to day

Thurs 12th - merc 8 above a verry cold day

Frid 13th - merc 4 above Mr Lewis is here showing samples of wall paper, he said Gregory Reynolds got hurt with a horse

Sat 14th - merc 14 above Kittie has gone to attend a Maccabee supper for the benifit of the lodge

Sund 15th - Kittie and Catharine has gone to Gaines to attend the funeral of she that was Emma Still, she died of Consumption, at her Fathers and Mothers our cold wave has caught a thaw the snow is going fast, it did not make sleighing it was verry light

1896 Mond March 16th - Charley Reuss came to work for Will Thursday, March 19th - 1896 Ella Sheldon came for me and Catharine

Tues 17th - A nice day, Ella and I called on Mrs Lynn - Mrs Devore and Mrs Lee - She told us her sister & Milton Westrich were going to be married the next morning - met Mrs Will Close and Miss Mills there

Wed 18th - Ella, Frank, Catharine, and I went to the Depot - with Mr Sheldon, from Pawpaw, a Cousin of Franks who was visiting him, wee met the Bride Lena Wolfin & Groom Mr Westrich wee staid til they left for their home in Ohio - Wm bought 11 hundred lbs of Cole - I paid $3.30 cts

Thurs 19th - Catharine went to school with Eddie and staid all day Ella and I went and called to see Rose Kelsey, she is at Mrs Joslins her Mothers, She is a great sufferer with Rheumatism perfectly helpless.

Frid 20th - it snowed last night - Ella is verry poorly, She is lying all day. Will came and took Catharine home, Mrs Linn & Mrs Devore called

Sat 21st - it is thawing snow is going fast. Mrs Bostwick called.

Sund 22d - Frank, and Ella, came home with me, Will & Kittie, were at Church, after Church, Fred, - Mrs Close, Lucy and Harrold - came spent the day

Mond 23d - a verry nice day but cold

Tues 24th - Mr Ferguson called and paid me some, Interest Wm and Kittie went to Byron Charlie sowed clover, and grass seed to day

Wed 25th - merc 50 above Kittie went to Byron for Carrie Fisher and Nellie Carpenter of Owosso wee had a pleasant day I gave Will $10.00 dol for Clover seed and Timothy

Thurs 26th - Wm, Kittie, Fred Close, & Wife went to Frank Hunts to tea by invitation

Frid 27th - I spent the afternoon at Ada Goodspeeds, - Saturday I went to Bernards, Ida came home with me My Cole cost me $28.30 cts this winter

1896 Sund March 29th - Wee let our Cole Stove go out Sunday March 29th it rained all night thunderd some, it is a lovely morning and warm Will Kittie Catharine went to Church

Mond 30th - A lovely day, Mr Frank Rhorabacher came and fixed our pump, I paid him $1.25 cts

Tues 31st - verry pleasant the frost almost gone

Wed April 1st - merc 50 above Mrs Kirkendol is here washing, it is a lovely day the Robins & black birds has come

Thurs 2d - merc 20 above Cold, blowed and snow, squals all day; it just coverd the ground

Frid 3d - Wm and I went to Byron, I bought me two dresses, some towels, and Callico

Sat 4th - pleasanter Mr & Mrs Snowden were here to dinner they are cleaning the school house

Sund 5th - Easter Sunday a lovely day the roads good Wm Catharine and I went to Church Catharine staid to Sabath School - I visited my dead, came back, went in the class - Mrs Hunt came and invited me to spend the rest of the day til evening with her, when wee attended the Sabbath School - Contata at the Methodist Church it was verry nice

Monday 6th - It is Town Meeting day. The W C T Union are going to give .10 cts dinner Kittie has gone, she took Biscuit Pie, Cake, and Milk, I sent by her to mail an Order to Jah Lewis Childs $6.20 cts for garden seeds - flower seeds, & Shrubry - it is a lovely day, Our School commenced to day, Mrs Fred Lewis Teacher.

Tues 7th - I went to Byron with Will bought myself a pair of Gaiters, and Rubbers, discharged Mr Lillies Mortgage, bought Garden seed - dust pan, 1 Kettle hammer, flour sifter, called on Mrs Gill Cole had a pleasant call our former Teacher Miss May Atherton, came and staid all night

Wed 8th - She and Kittie visited our school, she staid with Bell Cummin

Thurs 9th - Kittie has gone to take her to the Station at Gaines, - it is raining a little and cold

1896 Frid April 10th - Mrs Mina Carpenter died about 4 ocl to day, Wm & Kittie went to Byron

Sat 11th - merc in the sun 80 it rained, Thunderd, & Lightend, last night from midnight, til morning, Charly set a number Lilacks H ollyhocks, 2 Peach trees, 2 Horse Chestnut, Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand She bought Catharine a Sundown

Sund 12th - merc 80 in shade all day A lovely morning I think Spring has come to stay

Mond 13th - Wm has Henry Hadden, & Mr Campbell Shearing his sheep it is a lovely day

Tues 14th - Wm and Kittie has gone to Mina Carpenters funeral, Charley is digging post holes for hen yard

Wed 15th - merc 80 above in shade Wm and Kittie has gone to Owosso to trade they came on the evening (train) to Duran(d) left the horse there Charly is plowing the south field, it is a lovely day

Thurs 16th - merc 80 above verry warm Hiram Carpenter died this morning in Byron, Charly plowed the Garden

Frid 17th - merc 80 Wm and Kittie has gone to Durand, Ida Haviland, Alice & myself attended the Ladies Aid Society, at Mr Wellmans to day, - Charly plowed the garden

Sat 18th - it Thunderd, and Lightend, last evening but no rain wee have had 7 days verry warm days in suckession, Mrs Snowden & Charley moved the stove Mr Rosencrans remains, were bought on last evenings Train from Lansing

Sund 19th - Wm and Kittie attended Hiram Carpenters funeral to day, in Byron

Mond 20th - Mr Rosencrans will be buried this afternoon Wm & Kittie is going to the funeral it has rained for 2 hours thunderd some Mr Bullis came and set one hundred Strawberry plants 2 qut of pease 2 qut of onions I set 3 hens in the old hen house to day, the cows are out in the north orchard to day on grass for the first, 7 little Chickens hatched yesterday

Tues 21st - my 75th birth day Kittie invited, Ida Haviland Mrs Mc Kinney Mrs Goodspeed Mrs Hunt, Sen, it was a lovely day, Willie, Bell, Alice & Robert - to tea Mrs Fred Lewis, Teacher, took dinner with us to day, The days of my years are three score and fifteen, so teach us to number our days Heavenly Father guide me

1896 Wed April 22d - there was a frost last night, I set 5 rose bushes - 5 shrubs, 15 lillies to day Wm and Kittie has gone to Durand, Billy Carpenter trimmed 26 Apple trees in the south orchard I paid him $1.00

Thurs 23d - there was a Thunder storm last night, Mrs Nellie Ohern died this morning

Frid 24th - Kittie and I went to (Byron) wee visited my dead and set some plants wee called to see Mrs Ohern

Sat 25th - Will sowed 7 acres of oats yesterday, wee called to see Mrs Rose Kelsey she is verry poorly Mr Peter Schad is here, Kittie went to Mrs Nellie Oherns funeral

Sund 26th - merc 72 in shade Wm Catharine & I went to Church, and Sabbath School, every thing looks lovely Eddie Sheldon was here to dinner

Mond 27th - it rained Thunderd, & Lightened, last night, and this forenoon, Charly fixed my gate to flower bed

Tues 28th - merc 80 in shade there was a fog last night, I received a letter from May Atherton from Ypsilanti Normal Mrs Atherton Mays Mother, called to day, Wm bought 10 Peach Trees and set them in the garden, I paid .08 cts for them, he bought 3 pigs of Robert Cummin he paid $2.50 for them - it is a lovely day

Wed 29th - merc 72 in shade Wm is sowing oats Mrs Kirkendoll washed for Kittie to day I set a Turkey this evening Wm sowed 12 acres of oats and then it rained hard

Thurs 30th - Kittie ironed, Charlie set Cherry Trees the ground is to wet to to work it Will and Charlie went to Byron, Will bought wire screen for henyard and lumber for gates, for which I paid $11.25 cts - they got some Plumb trees of Mr Snowden, he bought an other pig of Robert to day, it rained hard this evening

Frid May 1st - Arbor day - Charley set 4 plums trees in the hen park and set my Oleander I sowed some seeds Will & Kittie has gone to Durand

1896 Frid May 1st - Wm & Kittie returned from Durand - She got her dress from dress makers - Mr & Mrs Tubs came to Tea

Sat 2d - it is raining a little, I received a Picture of all 5 of Mr & Mrs Fitzgeralds Children All kinds of fruit trees and bushes are in full bloom

Sund 3d - Wm and Kittie went to Church it is a lovely day

Mond 4th - merc 80 above a lovely day, the Assessor called to day Wm & Charley finished putting in their oats

Tues 5th - Mr & Mrs Snowden is here to dinner, they are taking Apple tree wood out of the South orchard

Wed 6th - Mrs Kertendol is washing for Kittie - Mr Bullis is making garden

Thurs 7 - Wm & Charley is putting the wire around the Chicken park. Charley planted Potatoes yesterday I have been sowing some flower seeds, this morning, - received a rosebush from John Lewis child Frank Sheldon came along I went home with him - staid all night - Ella & Frank

Frid 8th - merc 80 afternoon Ella & Frank came home with me, staid to dinner Kittie & Perl Tubs has gone to Byron Wm & Charley took a load of gravel from Mr Vanripers hill to the cemetery .10 cts paid this afternoon, Charley is putting the narrow boards on the hen park

Sat 9th - merc 86 - 6 ocl afternoon Wm & Charley finished the Henpark it Cost $12.66 cts I paid it

Sund 10th - Wm & Kittie went to Church, Dan Mc Cage spread the gravel on my coping yesterday I paid .50 cts

Mond 11th - Kittie washed Wm & Charley are fitting Corn ground

Tues 12th - merc 86 above I went to Byron and visited my dead, then Alice drove to Ellas wit home Wed 13 Ella is cleaning house, Mrs Kirkendol is helping Kittie, they claened up staires

Thurs 14th - verry warm, Mrs Barnes, Ella and I attended the W C T U, there was a thunder shower in the evening there was an other shower it cooled the atmospherr

Frid 15th - Ella came home with me, Mrs Kirkendol & Mrs Snowden was cleanin west room & Parlor how beautiful every thing looks after the rain, I sowed some flower seeds, wee have now 30 little Chickens, Billy Carp is triming north orchard

Sat 16th - John Mc Caughna is here this afternoon papering the dinning room, he paperd the ceiling

1896 Sund May 17th - it rained last night Charley finished planting 9 1/2 acres of Corn yesterday - 14th it is blowing hard all day, I never saw any thing like it

Mond 18th - John Mc Caughna is here papering dining room & Kitties bedroom paid him $3.40 Mrs Kirkendoll & Mrs Snowden is cleaning house, all is done to day but Kitchen

Tues 19th - Billy Carpenter is triming North Orchard. Mr Snowden is burning brush in North Orchard Ella & Nellie Mc Queen Called - Willie Cummin is Sick, had the Dr to day it rained last night, Will Wallworth Committed Suicide - died at 10 o'clock to day Ida Haviland came a little while

Wed 20th - Mrs Kirkendol is here washing for Kittie Kittie paid Mr Devero for paper, $8.00 dol for me I paid John Mc Caughna for papering $3.40 to Kittie for house cleaning to help pay women $2.00

Thurs 21st - Mrs Snowden is cleaning the Kitchen Billy Carpenter is triming north orchard a shower this morning, wee have all the fowls in the hen park

Frid 22d - Kittie finished Ironing and hung her lace curtaines

Sat 23d - Will and I went to the Cemetery, I visited my dead, and tied up the Sweet Peas sowed some seeds - in the afternoon Will & Kittie went to Duran(d) She bought Catharine a hat, leghorn

Sund 24th - merc 82 in shade at 4 ocl afternoon Wm Catharine, and myself attended Memarial Service at the Methodist Church and myself, after dinner he went he went for Mrs Salsberry she came to

Monday 25th - sew for Kittie, Mr Coats is here fixing screen doors, and windows I paid him .75 cts Billy Carpenter is triming north orchard, I paid $7.00 for getting the Carriage painted I paid for screen door & screens and trimings $2.00 there was a hard shower & Thunder Storm when wee were at supper

1896 Tues May 26th - there was terrible destruction of life & propperty, by Cyclones in the eastern and north eastern part of this state, it was fearful

Wed 27th - merc 82 all day it is Kitties 28th birth day, Heavenly Father watch over her and spare her to her little girl Mrs Kirkendol is here washing for Kittie Willie Cummin is verry poorly, Mr Dana of Williamston & Mrs Burt of Durand called on Mrs Salsberry, and staid to tea, Mr Day of Parshalville, was to dinner

Thurs 28th - merc 58 above mercury has fallen 24 degrees to day it thunderd Lightened last night there has been terrible Cyclones, through the Northe and eastern part of the State it killed a great number of people & 17 Children God help the afflicted

Frid 29th - Will took me to Idas, I staid to tea Wm came for me, to day is Decoration day

Sat 30th - Decoration day Kittie had her flowers picked, but it commenced to rain after dinner no one went from here Billy Carpenter finished triming morth orchard I paid him $4.25 cts Will bought paint for vase and east porch & butry I paid for paint $1.25

Sund 31st - Kittie & Wm went to the Cemetery and put flowers on the graves

Mond - I went and visited my dead, then bought 2 quts of Strawberries of Mrs Martenes 2 1/2 cts Kittie & Will washed in the forenoon, he painted the east porch

1896 Mond June 1st - I went to Byron, called on Mrs Rose Kelsey she is low then to the Cemetery, and visited my dead, then bought 2 quts of Strawberries .25 cts

Tues 2d - Wm, Kittie, Robert & Alice Cummin went to the Cyclone district they have returned, 10 ocl at night, the sights was beyond their Comprehension it is terrible to read about but more to see Mrs Clark Buel, & Mrs Ed Hathaway made a pleasant call

Wed 3d - a nice day Charley Cultivated the garden and planted Potatoes Charley planted the south orchard to beans yesterday Tuesday

Thurs 4th - Mr & Mrs Peter Schad visited her to day

Frid 5th - merc 88 all day verry warm, Kittie & Mrs Salsberry is making a Satteen dress, wee are having Beet greens for dinner the first this season, wee have plenty of Onions, Kittie had one mess of strawberries of her new vines

Sat 13th - Mrs J C Schad and her Father Mr Day took dinner with us to day

1896 Sunday 14th - Will & Kittie started for Parshallville yesterday about 6 ocl to Mr Days

Mond 15th - they returned at 9 ocl Frankie Schad came with them, Charly finished planting Beans it rained a little this morning cleared off nice, Will has gone with Catharine to Byron, She is going to practice for Childrens day, Ex govenor Alpens Felch is dead

Tues 16th - Wm took Mrs Salsbury to Durand, I rode to Idas, and staid til he came back, I went to Byron with Catharine, she is preparing with her class for Childrens day, I visited my dead Frankie Schad and I drove to the mill, I got some meal graham and chicken feed

Wed 17th - Mrs Kirkendoll is here washing & Ironing, I took Catharine to the Church again I called on Mrs Hunt found her quite sick, with high fever, Mrs Swick is poorly Mr Umberhow died this morning I received a letter from Robert Cowan

Thurs 18th - I visited Mrs Lewis School with Catharine this forenoon, I enjoyed it verry much Kittie has gone with Catharine to practice for Childrens day Mrs J C Schad came from Duran(d) and was here to breakfast, She and Frankie left at 9 ocl for Parshallville. I received a letter from Robert Cowan

Frid 19th - merc 86 above Kittie attended a Macabe meeting, I sent a letter to Robert Cowan

Sat 20th - verry warm Kittie is making a white dress for Catharine what Mrs O Conor gave her

Sund 21st - Wm took Catharine to Sunday School it rained last night I set a hen in the old hen house it is Childrens day. I went this evening to attend the exercises it was lovely every one done so well dear little Catharine done so well

Mond 22d - Mrs Mc Kinney called this morning She brought Kittie some Cherries I heard John Shepperd is dead, died Sunday morning, I have written to Mrs Dell Tubs to day

Tues 23d - Wm Kittie Robert Alice and myself attended John Shepperds funeral at Gaines Sermon by Rev Sanburn - Text blessed are the dead that die in the lord

Wed 24th - Alice and I attended Mr & Mrs Chamberlains babys funeral at Mrs Rogers Mrs Kirkendol is here washing for Kittie

1896 Thurs June 25th - Kittie canned one 1/2 bushel of Strawberries yesterday Mr Ralph Tubs staid here last night Wm has gone to get some Currents to his fathers old Farm, now Mr Gools

Frid 26th - J C Schad called, he is from Ohio Kittie made Current jelly she has 24 quts of currents She put up 7 cans of Strawberries - 4 cans of Cherries our school closed to day, Mrs Lewis Teacher Mr Ralph Tubs staid here last night, Mr Tubs and Wm has gone to Howell this morning

Sat 27th - J C Schad came and staidall night, Wm took him to Parshallville

Sund 28th - Sunday morning it is childrens day at the Methodist Church I attendid in the evening the Children done nicely, Bell Cummin

Monday 29th - took part, wee had new Potatoes from the garden & String Beans Will got red and black Raspberries at Mr Days Kitties canned them

Tues 30th - I went and visited my dead - then made Margaret a visit Anna was at home when I came home James Haviland & Daughter Perl was here a verry pleasant surprise - I had a letter for Ida in it was the Shocking news that her Mothers house was burned to the ground

Rejoiceing, thinking of home, where our Spirits all shall meet In the realms of perfect love, happy in eternal home

1896 Wed July 1st - Robert, Alice, Kittie & I attended Dr Allens, funeral, - Wm is cutting Rye

Thurs 2d - Wm cut Wheat yesterday, the earliest that was ever cut on the place

Frid 3d - James - Pearl and I went to John Havilands - he is building a beautiful house

Sat 4th - All has gone to the 4th but James and myself - Dan & Margaret Mc Caughna came and staid to tea - there was a slight shower

Sund 5th - Perl Catharine and I went to Church and Sabath School then wee visited my dead - after dinner - 3 of John Havilands boys, Mike Charley & Dan 2 girls Eliza & Sarah came til evening

Mond 6th - John Haviland came for James they have gone to Lennon Wm & Charley are hauling in Rye - Dan Mc Gage helped this forenoon

Tues 7th - the men are cutting Rye James, Perl, Catharine & I went to Ellas took dinner

Wed 8th - James and Perl went to John Havilands made a visit - Mr & Mrs Mc Kinney spent the evening

Thurs 9th - James & Perl started for their home in Kentucky. I bought 17 quts of Huckleberries of Mrs Newman, paid .07 cts pr qut $1.19 cts

Frid 10th - Kittie bought of Mrs Snowden 6 qut of Raspberries .07 pr qut Mrs Herman of Fenton visited here yesterday, it rained hard last night wee have Peas Beets & new Potatoes out of the garden for dinner

Sat 11th - Wm & Charley finished hauling Wheat and Rye to day, I called on Ida to day

Sund 12th - Wm Catharine and I went to Church & Sunday School Text Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world

Mond 13th - Wm went to Pontiac there was 4 hard showers more rain fell than this Summer, it blew the Wheel off our Wind mill and tipped the wood, it blew the most of our early Apples

Tues 14th - Wm took me to the Train, I went to Corunna took the Electric Carrs went to Mrs Nichols She and Ella are alone

Wed 15th - I came on the 10 ocl train Mrs Kirkendol is here washing for Kittie Kittie & Catharine have gone to the Baptist Aid Society to Mrs I Barnums

Newspaper Article
Mr. James Haviland and daughter, Pearl, of Bardstown Ky.,are visiting their aunt, Mrs. R. Haviland.

1896 Thurs July 16th - Wm Kittie Fred and Mrs Close Children have gone to Duran(d), in Closses Surrey

Frid 17th - there was a man to dinner looking after the Wind Mill, the Wheel is broke

Sat 18th - Catharine and I visited my dead and filled the vase with water I bought 5 qut 6 pr of Huckleberries

Sund 19th - it is raining a littlejust enough to hinder from going to Church

Mond 20th - I went to Gaines for Mrs Ferguson, Kittie, & Mrs Rhodes

Tues 21st - A nice day and a pleasant visit received a letter from Perl Haviland

Wed 22d - Mrs Kirkendol is here washing - I took the Company to Mr Mc Caughnas

Thurs 23d - Wm and Kittie went to Owosso Anna Mc Caughna & Miss Martin called it rained all night - wee received a package from James Haviland and a white Honeysuckle root, one for Ella and one for me

Frid 24th - it is raining this morning, Wm went to Gaines and got the Sourie and set it up, Kittie went to Dan McCaughnas for Mrs Ferguson Jessie and Kittie wee received a letter from James Haviland, Ky and a white Honysucle

Sat 25th - Wm and Charlie set up the Surry

Sund 26th - wee got ready for Church it looked like rain we did not go it rained all the rest of day

Mond 27th - there was thunder storm all last night - I am making a dress

Tues 28th - Jessie Rhodes, Kittie Ferguson and I visited my dead then went to Ellas

Wed 29th - Mrs Ferguson Jessie & Kittie Ferguson went to Idas Mrs Kirkendol is here washing

Thurs 30th - Wm went to Tom Robs

Frid 31st - the men are putting in the oats. I took Jessie & Kittie to John Havilands I sent to Detroit $5.00 for Carriag(e) duster, one dol of it for Blanch Vanburen

1896 Sat Aug 1st - Kittie took Jessie Rhodes & Kittie Ferguson to Gaines, they missed the Train, it rained hard all day but they would go Sarah staid, This is the aniversary of my dear husbands injury which caused his death 12 yrs ago

Sund 2d - Will went to Church in our new Surry, I visited my dead Mrs Ferguson was with me Mr Dan Mc Caughna Wife and two Children called

Mond 3d - I paid Kittie ten dol sixty cts $10.60 cts for Jessie, Kittie and Mrs Fergusons board for 2 weeks Will & Robert has gone to Duran(d) to order a Wind Mill took Catherine with him

Tues 4th - it rained quite a shower I finished 2 dresses for Sister Mary

Wed 5th - merc 96 all day Mrs Kirkendol is here washing Sarah went to Idas I received a (letter) from James Haviland 2 men took dinner here, I let a Contract to C J Potter for a Wind Mill

Thurs 6th - it rained Thunderd and Lightned all night last night

Frid 7th - Sarah and I went to Ellas to dinner - I bought one Camphor, Soup, Sulfur, and cream of Tarter Some Tomatoes an Chicken feed & fly paper

Sat 18th - verry warm Mr Peter Schad was here to dinner Wm had 3 men putting in oats at 3 ocl afternoon there was the heaviest thunder storm I ever heard

Sund 19th - merc 92 in shade verry warm quite a shower at noon

Mond 10th - it was a fearful night last night with Thunder & Lightning all night and to day, I hear Mr Browns Barn and 4 Horses were burned last night Mr Robert Orrs Barn and grain was struck and is burning yet Charley Reuss and & Sister came about 1 ocl

Tues 11th - Lulu Washed, in the evening there was a terrible Thunder & Lightning storm

Wed 12th - I took Mrs Sarah Ferguson to John Havilands, A Mr White head was Shocked with Lightning and had not returned to Conciousness this morning - I went to Ida Haviland

Thurs 13th - I went to Ida Havilands a little while, - I sent a letter to Robert Cowan

1896 Frid Aug 14th - the threshers are here. I received 2 Pictures from Mrs Emma Duncan of her boys Bell Catharine & I went to Byron to trade for Kittie

Sat 15th - merc 86 above the Threshers got through at 11 ocl went away, - Wheat & Rye 454 bush oats 676 Mrs Vanburen came from Detroit on the afternoon Train Kittie is sickwith Tonsiletus

Sund 16th - Dr Howard came to see Kittie, wee took a ride in the new Surrey

Mond 17th - it is a little cooler Kittie is no better, Anna Mc Caughna took tea with us

Tues 18th - A lovely morning a light shower Mrs Vanburen is Ironing Kittie Whispers Cannot Speak Aloud

Wed 19th - Will and little Catharine has gone to Durand Perl & Mable Tubs and Mable Savage called,

Thurs 20th - A Mr Huckelbury is putting up a steel Wind Mill for me to day Kittie is no better can onely whisper

Frid 21st - Mr Hucklebury finished putting the steel Wind Mill together The Firm is Smith & Pomroy, Kalimazoo Mich Thurs evening Miss Lawerie Miss E Maning Miss M Morris called to see Kittie, She onely whispers Bernard and Ida spent to day with us Mrs Hattie and Mr Fred Close & Children made a pleasant call Will has gone to Corunna

Sat 22d - there was a light shower this morning Dr Howard came to see Kittie in the night Mrs Vanburen and I rode out and visited my dead it looks lovely

Sund 23d - Kittie is no better Mr & Mrs Hunt called & Mr and Mrs Fred Close called Mrs vanburen, Sarah Ferguson, Lulu, Catharine myself and Will took a ride in the new Surry

1896 Mond Aug 24th - Lulu washed she scalded her fingers, Kittie is no better

Tues 25th - Will went to Bay Citty, yesterday as a delegate to the St Convention in the afternoon Mrs Vanburen and I went to the Cemetery and visited my dead - Mrs Umberhaum - was buried, A large procession

Wed 26th - Kittie and Mrs Vanburen - has gone to see the Dr Howard, it is 12 days since Kittie has not spoken a loud word, A thunder Shower passed this morning

Thurs 27th - it is Catharine - Marie Schads 6th birth day, God bless and keep her good Kittie is no better - Charley went for Dr Howard at 12 ocl last night he staid til 3 ocl - Mrs Vanburen and I sit up til 4 ocl this morning I bought a bushel of Peaches for $1.25 and one bush for $1.00 dol and one Bushel of Plums of George Runnyon for $1.00 dol for which I paid - Mrs Vanburen, Sarah Ferguson, & Lula are canning them to day Dr Howard has been here to see Kittie, she is no better onley whispers Sarah and Mrs Vanburen has gone to Idas, the Threshers are to Roberts Will came on the evening Train

Frid 28th - Dr Howard came and sprayed Kitties throat

Sat 29th - Kittie had a good nights rest she feels some better but whispers Mrs Vanburen is making Ketchup of Tomatoes I am finishing my muslin dress, I boiled the last of the old Potatoes to day Wm Kittie & Mrs Vanburen has gone to Byron to see Dr Howard to have him spray her throat

Sund 30th - Wm Mrs Vanburen, Mrs Ferguson, Lulu Reese Catharine & myself attended Baptist Church, I gave $1.00 dol to the Preacher wee visited my dead, after dinner they all rode out in the Surry Roger B, and Wife, called on us after dinner,

Mond 31st - Kittie whispers yet, Will & Charlie is pulling Beans in South Orchard

1896 Tues Sept 1st - Catharine and I went to Gaines with Mrs Ferguson, She is going home Friday I pulled the onions in the garden yesterday

Wed 2d - Mr & Mrs Legrand Schad was here to dinner to day Mrs Vanburen finished the ironing - Will and Mr Hunt has gone to Owosso - Mr Martenes worked around the Windmill this forenoon, Kittie onely whispers yet, She received a letter from Mattie Duncan, I made an under waist for Catharine to day

Thurs 3d - Will came in the evening, Train Mrs Vanburen Catharine and, I went to Mrs Lawrence bought 5 lbs Honey I sent $2.00 dol to the Bank for Elder Benson Sarah Ferguson, and Dan Mc Caughna, came for her Parasol this evening

Frid 4th - Wm and Kittie went to Byron Dr Howard sprayed her throat Mrs Vanburen & Kittie has gone to Gaines, to see Sarah start for Detroit Wm has gone to Byron with a load of Rye, there was quite a frost last night he took Catharine with him, Mrs Vanburen and (I) went to Mrs Lawerences I bought 5 lbs of honey

Sat 5th - Mrs Vanburen and I drove to Bert Lawrences and bought one bushel of Tomatoes paid .25 cts, Charley is digging potatoes in garden Wm is selling Rye seed - it is raining and quite cool a fire on the hearth

Sund 6th - there was a Thunder Storm last night it is cold to day I made a fire on the hearth

Sat 5th - Wm gave me for my share of Wheat $25.00 dol, .56 cts pr bush he paid me on Rye $20.00 dol - .25 cts pr bush My share of Beans come to $26.11 cts .50 cts pr bush

1896 Mond Sept 7th - there was a frost last night, Mr & Mrs P Schad came made a visit

Tues 8th - Catharine went home with them, Kittie Spoke one word this morning it(s) 25 days since She spoke, but cannot any more, I thanked God for one word Alice & I has just returned from the house of mourning Mrs Wellman is breathing, Mrs Lemon is there, kind neighbors are calling Kittie & Mrs Vanburen has gone to Ellas to visit Mrs Wellman died this afternoon at 4 ocl

Wed 9th - there was a slight shower this morning, I received a letter from Kittie Ferguson

Thurs 10th - Wm Kittie Mrs Vanburen and I attended Mrs Wellmans funeral Elder Benson (deliverd) the sermon when wee came Kittie & Mrs Vanburen went for Catharine arrived 1/2 past 9 ocl

Frid 11th - Kittie & Mrs Vanburen has gone to spend the day with Ida Kitties voice is fully restored after 24 days of Whispering thank God

Sat 12th - it rained and thunderd & Lightned verry hard last night

Sund 13th - it rained last night Frank, Ella & Eddie came to dinner Will, Kittie, & Catharine went to Church and Sabath School after dinner they drove to Durand Wms Father is not well

Mond 14th - Lula is not well, it is showery our school commenced to day

Tues 15th - Kittie & Mrs Vanburen went to Gaines, they went to Mrs Lawrences and bought - 11 lbs of honey, it rained all night, Lulu is washing

Wed 16th - Kittie, & Mrs Vanburen went to Dan Mc Caughnas spent afternoon

Thurs 17th - Mrs Vanburen & Kittie went to Duran(d), She bought Water & Musk Melons Mrs Margaret Mc Caughna came to tea - it is so wet the Beans are spoiling

Frid 18th - All went to the theater this evening the Labadda Troup it rained hard Bell staid with me, Mr Vanburen & Kittie attended the Methodist Aid at Dr Websters

Sat 19th - it rained all the forenoon cleared off cold

1896 Sund Sept 20th - Charley and Lulu went home. She is through working here

Monday 21st - The Silverites have a pole raising & Speakers - the Ladies get up a dinner for the benefit of the Baptist Church will got towards the building of the Parsonage Twelve years ago to day Bernard & I went with my dear husband to be treated in Detroit wo is me, I am sad and lonely to day - I went to Byron this morning with Will Lullu, her sister Carrie, Mr & Mrs Mitchell, came staid all night

Tues 22d - They raised a Silverite pole, 135 feet high, had speakers, one from Chicago - the Ladies gave dinner and supper Kittie & Mrs Vanburen took Chicken pie, Cake, biscut, Can of Peach

Wednes 23d - to day 12 yrs ago my dear husband died 12 yrs of Sorrow passed Mrs Kirkendol is here washing - Kittie and Mrs Vanburen has gone to get Timothy seed - Charley is sowing Wheat

Thurs 24th - Eddie Mc Caughna and an other man is cutting Corn Will lifted my plants yesterday, A hard frost last night

Frid 25th - I sent a package to Sister Mary in Indiana A letter to Durand Express A letter to Smith & Pomroy Wind Mill Co - a letter to Robert Cowan Will, Kittie, & Mrs Vanburen, has gone to Maccabee Meeting and Republican Speaking this evening - it rained a little this forenoon, it has cleared off beautiful

Sat 26th - Will went to Argentine to a politticle meding (meeting) it rained to night

Sund 27th - Mrs Vanburen and I visited my dead, it is bright Sunshine it is 12 yrs to day since he was laid to rest, oh my soul I am sad Mr & Mrs Fred Close and Children came and spent the evening Kittie got Coffee lunch

1896 Mond Sept 28th -

A newspaper Article pinned to this page

Feburary 5, 1897. - Little Gladys Williams. Gladys, the little daughyer of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Williams, whose sickness wee noticed in our last issue, died Friday at 11:30 p. m., aged 3 years. As soon as practicable a metallic casket was procured, and the rooms occupied by the family were thourghly disinfected, and the remains were kept until Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock when the burial occured. The case was a very sad one and the family have the deep sympathy of this community. Sweet flower of home's garden, But God was its warden, To till it, and dress it and keep; He took this sweet flower Near one midnight hour, While the winter winds lulled her to sleep. Now in the garden of God, Not under the sod, Dear little Gladys has gone. By Life's beautiful river, To bloom on forever, In the glow of eternity's dawn. F.E.S.

Just as glad was the child's reception
On the banks of the farther shore,
As though a legion of mortals
Had heralded her passage o'er;
Just as sweet was the kindly greeting
Of the gathered angel band,
As though a legion of mortals
Had stood by the parting strand.
Though the golden hair is pillowed,
Low, in the brick-walled grave,
The earth-freed soul is nestled
In arms so tender to save;
To save from sin's contagion,
That the moral life oft wrecks,
Arms where no germs of woe, or evil,
Immortal Purity can check.
Oh, father mother, parents,
Lift up your hearts on high,
Believe your darling loved one
Dwells far beyond the sky;
And when your eyes are closing
In their last earthly sleep,
Believe that sweet child's welcome
Will be first your ears to greet.
With loving regards of a friend.

Card of Thanks To the friends and neighbors who so kindly sympathized with us in our recent sorrow, when by death was removed our dear little Gladys, we hereby tender our heart-felt thanks; and also to the friends who have sent us so many sympathetic letters, hoping that no such terrible loss will ever befall any of these.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Williams " " A. J. Williams

Mond 28th - Wm went to Corunna as Jury man Kittie is cooking for Aid Society

Tues 29th - Mrs Vanburen went for Mrs Kirkendol, to help Kittie I paid Smith & Pomroy for steel Wind Mill, pr Kittie at the Bank $48.50 less the freight which was $1.90 being $46.60 Mrs Hunt and Mrs Prat is here

Wed 30th - Mrs Kirkendol is washing, it rained all day yesterday Kittie & Mrs vanburen has gone to Byron, the new Bridge is built Kittie paid Dr Howard $11.50 Eleven dol and fifty Cents in full

Thurs Oct 1st - Kittie took Mrs Vanburen to Gaines, She has gone home She visited here 7 weeks Saturday. I staid to Idas til she came back

Frid 2d - it has cleared off after a week of rainy weather Charley is Cutting up Corn, A man Came and bought a sheep paid Kittie $5.00 dol

Sat 3d - Wm came home last evening, The Jersey Cow Came in last night

Sund 4th - A nice day, Wm & Kittie went to Fred Closes, they attended a Silver Meeting at Durand last evening

Mond 5th - Charley Sowed 1 1/2 acre of Wheat and is Sowing Rye this afternoon Kittie & Catharine has gone to Byron with the washing to Mrs Campbel Wm went to Corunna again this morning

Tues 6th - It rained and Thunderd this forenoon, Mr & Mrs Schad Mr & Mrs Shook Came and took dinner with us they left at 3 ocl it cleared off nice

Wed 7th - Wm came home Rose Mc Kinney called

Thurs 8th - Wm went for the washing

1896 Frid Oct 9th - Sund Oct 11th I gave Mr Kanouse $5.00 for Parsonage & $1.00 for Preacher that makes $4.00 dol for Preacher and $5.00 dol for Parsonage to date Kittie ironed in the forenoon attended Macabee Meeting Charley dug the late Potatoes there was 39 bush and 15 bush of early ones

Sat 10th - Wm is putting winter Apples in the cellar - Charley is picking off the Trees Mrs Sayrs & Mrs Royce of Byron called

Sund 11th - Charley Catharine and I attended Church and Sabbath School

Mond 12th - Wm took the washing to Byron, Wm & Kittie went to Durand they attended a Mc Kinly Speach in the evening Will & Charley has put in the celler over 100 bush of Apples

Tues 13th - Kittie is ironing I am pieceing a little quilt

Wed 14th - Mrs Mc Kinney called - Kittie has gone to Byron

Thurs 15th - Wm took Apples to the cider mill brought one brl Cider 1 gal boiled

Frid 16th - Kittie has gone to Mrs Orus to Aid Society Charley has commenced husking Corn to day Wm has just come with a sheep Mr Grout was found dead in his Corn field

Sat 17th - Wm Charley Catharine & myself went to Durand to see Bryan and hear ten minutes speech - it was sport (short) but good - wee went to Legrand Schads to dinner, in the afternoon heard 4 good speeches on free Silver, I took tea with Mrs Solon Stone, She and I went to see the Torch lights they were fine, wee got home at 11 ocl at night

Sund 18th - Kittie drove over to the house of mourning, the Schriptures truly verrified in the midths of life wee are in death Mr Grout was found dead in his Cornfield by Mr Smith

Mon 19th - Wm went for Cole he got 750 lbs did not pay for it til wee get our winter supply - then they set up the Cole Stove after they returned from the funeral Started a fire

1896 Mond Oct 19th - Oct 19th Wm got 750 lbs of Cole - Nov 7th he got 2240 lbs of Cole forenoon 2100 lbs afternoon Nov 7th Wm bought me 5090 lbs Cole at $6.00 pr Ton 19 day of Oct I paid $13.11 cts for the Cole Wm & Kittie attended Mr Grouts funeral at the Baptist Church, at 2 ocl

Tues 20th - it rained last night - bright and pleasant to day

Wed 21st - the Baptist Aid Society met here to day 35 in number my share for the dinner $3.00 had a verry pleasant time. Judge Kanouse & Wife met with them it snowed a little in the morning cleared off nicely Mrs Kirkendol helped Kittie, I paid her .75 cts for her help

Thurs 22 - Kittie has gone to Gaines - Charley is hauling in Corn for the first Mr Peter Schad is here

Frid 23d - Kittie has gone to met with the Macabees Wm & Charley are husking

Sat 24th - A lovely morning Mr Ezakiel Jewel called

Sund 25th - Charlie Kittie & Catharine went to Church - Mr & Mrs Hunt and little boy Weston called

Mond 26th - A lovely day Mr Jewel called the 3 men are husking I received a letter from Mrs Bell of California, - one from James Haviland

Tues 27th - the men husked and hauled in Corn a lovely day

Wed 28th - A lovely day, Wm took us all to Byron to hear Speakers on the Silver Question The Nominee for Govenor Mr Burt, Lieutenant Gov. Mr Whiting - for Congress Mr Miner all able men, the Oppera house could not hold the audience the people were entertained by Speakers at the Hotel there was a parade of 16 ladies dressed in white, and Horse men, that went to the Depot to escort the Speakers

Thurs 29th - it was a lovely day yesterday but raining this morning Kittie was sick last night Charlie went for Dr Howard, She is better to day

Frid 30th - Wm Kittie Robert Cummins family has gone to Owosso to attend Silver Meeting Catharine & I went to Idas and staid all night - there was anumber of Carrs M & Carse Ovid Clinton Co Mich Visited here

1896 Sunday Nov 1st - I renewed my Subscription to the Byron Herald to day Nov 5th 1896 paid $1.00 Mrs Carse of Ovid visited from Friday eve til Monday morning

Mond 2d - the Bean Threshers are here, they ar(e) through from 8 acres 153 bush

Tues 3d - A lovely day, All has gone to Election the W T C U is going to give 10 cts dinner and supper, Kittie is taking a good supply

Wed 4th - Wm and Kittie has gone to the Baptist Aid at George Eddies

Thurs 5th - it has rained verry hard all night and til 11 ocl to day

Frid 6th - it blowed and rained last night - our fall term of School closed to day it is a lovely day Kittie has gone to a Maccabee Meeting

Sat 7th - Mrs Snowden is cleaning the dinning room changeing the Carpet putting down a rag Wm hauled Cole slade this forenoon, and this afternoon Charley dug Carrots, Parsneps and Cabbage and put them in the cellar

Sund 8th - Wm and I attended Mrs Stephen Hammonds funeral to day An other Pioneer has gone She Came to her home in 1840 she was 82 yrs old

Mond 9th - Will and Kittie are washing, Charley is splitting wood and putting it the wood house Wm took Catharine and me to Ella Sheldons after dinner

Tues 10th - Catharine went to School with Lucy it is cold

Wed 11th - Cold and snow squals

Thurs 12th - Ella Sheldon and I went to the W T C U meeting

Frid 13th - Snow squalls all day Catharine came home with Robert Cummin he is selling his Beans

Sat 14th - Cold I called on Carrie Devour & Mrs Lin in the afternoon Ella and I called on Mrs Barnes he has been quite sick but is better

Sund 15th - Ella came home with me staid to dinner them(n) Wm and Kittie rode out

1896 Mond Nov 16th - merc 66 above a lovely day Kittie sent a letter to Roger m

Tues 17th - it is foggy raining a little Kittie & Will washed, I cleaned the shop paid Wm $1.00 for getting Kit shod

Wed 18th - A nice day, I am knitting red mittons for Children

Thurs 19th - I went to Byron with Wm traded in Kittie Coles & bought a white spread at J Royces called on Ella

Frid 20th - it is colder Charley Reuse came this morning for his trunk I mailed Mr Havilands & My Pictures to Mrs Gale of Lansing and one to Mrs Vanburen Detroit Gracie Rogers has Diptheria

Sat 21st - it snowed last night, Kittie has taken Catharine to practise for a Cantatta Miss Lords Class at the Baptist Church

Sund 22d - Wm Kittie and Catharine have gone to Church, the snow is going with a thaw to day

Mond 23 - Charley Reuse left took hid Trunk

Tues 24th - Wm & Kittie washed a lovely day the snow is all gone, the fire is out in the Cole Stove

W (ed) 25th - it rained last night, foggy Kittie is ironing Mr & Mrs Snowden called to day

Thurs 26th - merc 66 above it is Thanksgiving day and lovely Frank, Ella, Robert Alice Bell & Wallie came and spent the day, in the evening Wm and Kittie were invited to Mr and Mrs Savages

Frid 27th - it is a lovely (day) our Cole Stove has not had any fire since Monday the grass is green Sheep and S(t)ock are out in the fields plenty of pasture I received a letter from Robert Cowan, one from Mrs Gale

Sat 28th - it is growing cold Wm started a fire in the Cole Stove

Sund 29th - the froze up last night the road is verry rough

Mond 30th - Wm and Kittie washed verry cold

Keep thy toung from speaking evils and thy lips from lisping guill

1896 Tues Dec 1st - Kittie has gone to Byron to help prepare for a reception of Masons and there Wifes - Wednes evening, I received a letter from Kittie Ferguson

Wed 2d - mercury 10 above zero this morning Wm and Kittie attended the reception they say it was fine - a success in every respect

Thurs 3d - merc 12 above Kittie went to Byron for some things, the road is terrible rough verry cold

Frid 4th - merc 30 above at 10 ocl this mor it snowed a little last (night) and begins to look like a thaw wee had 3 verry cold days

Sat 5th - merc 40 above all day thawing - the snow is gone

Sund 6th - Kittie and Catharine went to Church and Sunday School Mr & Mrs Hunt - Weston Frank and Ella called

Mond 7th - merc 40 above a little snow fell last night, it is thawing Wm & Robert is butchering

Tues 8th - merc 40 above all day Wm and Kittie washed, there is a little rain this morning I have knit 5 pr of red wollen mittens one pr of little stockings for Genie Forshees little ones, I sent a package to Genie Forshee Thurs 10th

Wed 9th - Wm is cutting up his pork it is verry nice - two hogs - Robert had 3

Thurs 10th - Kittie & I attended the W C T U dinner met Mrs Livingston with other ladies - while there, Sister Mary Cowan & Robert Cowan came from Indiana - they left there Wednesday 9th

Frid 11th - merc 42 above a lovely day - Robert left on the evening Train returned hame Saturday

Sat 12th - a lovely day Ida came, I received a letter from Mrs Nichols

Sund 13th - lovely Roger B took dinner with us

Mond 14th - Wm & Kittie washed

Tues 15th - Bernard came for Sister Mary Cowan, snowed a little til 3 ocl

Wed 16th - a lovely day Mr & Mrs Hunt Weston Mr & Mrs Fred Close & children came to Tea

Thurs 17th - a lovely day Kittie is ironing

Frid 18th - Kittie attended a Macabee Meeting

Sat 19th - Mr Wormlys Note is $63.73 - paid

1896 Sund Dec 20th - Dec 22d I renewed my subscription for Free Press til 1897 Kittie and Catharine attended Sabath School, a lovely day

Mond 21st - Wm & Kittie are washing a lovely day. I received a letter from Mrs Duncan

Tues 22 - merc 28 above it is snowing a little about 3 inches fell

Wed 23 - merc at zero at 12 ocl to night I received a letter from Mrs Monroe Stt Johns, I received 8 pocket hand from Hudsons Detroit

Thurs 24 - merc at zero this morning. Kittie & Catharine has gone to practice for the Cantata this evening, at the Oppera house, - I am going to stay with Sister Mary at Idas; I found her better than when she left here

Frid 25th - Christmas day - cold brigh(t) sunshine, a little snow but no sleighing Kittie come for me at noon - they enjoyed the Christmas eve entertainment I received a pr of slippers from Kentucky Kittie and Catharine gave each a pocket hand kerchief - little Catharine gave me an apron white

Sat 26th - evening I sent a letter to Mrs Duncan - Sailor was killed at Mr Perkins in a dog fight

Sund 27th - Kittie & Catharine Wm went to Church & Sabath School they heard Moody preach, & Billhorn Sing, some one shot our dog Sailor

Mond 28 - Wm and Kittie went to Durand they took dinner with Legrand Schad

Tues 29th - merc 40 above morning it is thawing the snow almost gone - Ella & Frank called she gave me a neck tie

Wed 30th - merc 46 the snow is gone Ella gave me a neck Tie one to Sister Mary one to Kittie a book to Catharine, Wm and Kittie are washing

Thurs 31st - merc 42 above it is verry muddy and warm - Kittie & Will attended an entertainment Bell Cummin staid with Catharine and me all night

Oct 9th 1896 Wm bought my Cole I paid $600.00 ($6.00) pr Ton $13.11 cts
Wed Jan 28th Wm bought Cole to day - at $6.50 pr Ton, I paid $7.50
March 8th Wm went to Gaines bough(t) Cole of Dan Mc Caughna 1960 lbs paid $6.27 $6.50 pr ton for Cole $26.88

1897 Frid Jan 1st - I renewed my subscription for the Corunna Journal Frid Jan 1st 1897 New Years day merc 48 above it has been Cloudy for one week and thawing verry muddy wee are all well, praise God from whom all blessings flow Frank Ella & Eddie came and spent the day - verry muddy

Sat 2d - merc 56 on east porch wee ate breakfast without any fire in the stove, in dining room it is raining a little, it has rained all day and all night

Sund 3d - merc 52 all day it has rained all day which makes it verry gloomy, I received a Calendar from the Bank yesterday

Mond 4th - merc 28 above Wm helped Kittie wash - Wm & Robert has gone to attend Mr Henry Redmans funeral he died Friday New Years day -it is growing cold

Tues 5th - the road is verry rough, Mrs Duncan sent me a letter and 2 pocket handkerchefs

Wed 6th - merc 26 above Kittie is ironing Mr R Tubs of Lansing called - Mrs Rily Crawford is dead

Thurs 7th - I went to Idas made a visit, Sister Mary Cowan came home with me there was 2 Sundogs about 4 ocl, it was a beautiful sight one the color of the rainbow, Kittie came for us

Friday 8th - is a lovely morning Wm paid my tax to day, $114.05 cts Ella Sheldon gave Sister Mary and me a Neck Tie, Silk black and white

Saturday 9th - merc 41 above it is thawing the roads are verry rough

Sund 10th - the roads is verry rough

Mond 11th - A man came from Durand with the new(s) of the death of Mrs Sylvia Schad Wm and Kittie went over there, She died of Inflamation of Lungs heavenly Father Shield the threee little girls from Temptation & danger

Tues 12th - Wm and Kittie has gone to the house of mourning

Wed 13th - merc 28 above Wm and Kittie has gone to day - George Chamber is soting Apples Thursday

Thurs 14th - Wm & Kittie attended Mrs Legrands funeral at Durand

Friday 15th - Kittie is ironing Sister Mary is sewing Carpet rags - George Chambers sorted apples yesterday

Sat 16th - Mr & Mrs Fowler and Techia came last evening stayed til this afternoon 4 ocl to day

1897 Sund Jan 17th - there was a rainbow in the east at 4 ocl afternoon in a few minutes it thunderd - there was a Cyclone at Corunna it had rained all day it rained all last night, at 4 ocl this afternoon, there was a beautiful rainbow

Mond 18th - merc 10 above Wm and Kittie are washing, - in the evening they with Catharine attended an entertainment

Tues 19th - merc 22 above Mr Day called yesterday I am making a night dress

Wed 20th - merc 38 above Kittie is ironing no snow the roads are verry rough - my Christmas Cactus is in bloom

Thurs 21st - I took Sister Mary to Idas, it snowed last nigh(t) 3 inches, the most this winter I saw two long sleighs pass pretty poor sleighing

Frid 22d - Mrs John Haviland is dead - died at 11 ocl to day, Thursday morning She received a paralitic Shock, Thursday 6 ocl morning - another 3 ocl this morning

Sat 23d - Wm and I went over there, - She died of Consumption, it is verry cold

Sund 24th - merc at zero this morning it is verry cold about 3 inches of snow, Mrs Cross is dead in Byron

Mond 25th - merc 18 below this morning Wm & Kittie has just returned from attending Mrs John Havilands funeral it is verry cold, and clear, mercury 18 below at the south door this morning I have written a letter to Mrs Bell while they were away Auburn California

Tues 26th - merc at zero this morning I have written to Mrs Gale Lansing Wm & Kittie are washing

Wed 27th - merc 4 above zero this morning Mr Peter Schad came with the news Mrs Solon Stone has inflamation of the lungs staid to dinner Wm and Kittie is going to see her now 5 ocl it is snowing verry fine all day they wil(l) go in a Cutter Wm and Kittie went in the Cutter to see Mrs Stone found her low

Thurs 28th - merc 30 all day Kittie went to Owosso bought a black robe paid $12.00 & a Cape for me paid $12.49 cts

Frid 29th - merc 10 above morning it is warmer Wm & Robert Cummin is filling the Ice house - Mr Walworth packed away the ice

Sat 30th - Kittie is picking 3 fowls, She expects company, - finished filling ice house

Sund 31st - merc 30 above Kitties company Mr Legrand Schad & 3 Daughters Mrs J C Schad Daughter & 2 Sons, Mr Day and Son 10 in all they had a pleasant visit it thawed a little Mr Cass Williams Child died with Dyptheria Friday, will be buried to day

1897 Mond Feb 1st - merc 34 above Wm is helping Robert Cummin to fill his Ice House 57 yrs ago to day - Mr Haviland, his brother Bernard, and myself left Ypsilantie for our nem home on this farm, he in his 27th yr I in my 19th

Tues 2d - merc 32 above I renewed my subscription for the Christian Herrald paid $1.50 and home made beautiful, by Margaret Sangster paid $0.50 cts

Wed 3d - merc 30 above Rev Robert Carter called - Wm and Kittie washed, it is thawing

Thurs 4th - Wm and Kittie went to Durand found Mrs Stone better

Frid 5th - merc 32 above Kit is ironing foggy I finished 2 night dresses and a Skirt for Catharine

Sat 6th - merc 40 above this morning thawing fogg freez a dog in june Wm & Kittie spent las(t) evening at Bernards, little Catharine is dusting

Sund 7th - merc 32 above Catharine and I went in the Carriage for Sister Mary to Idas

Mond 8th - merc 32 above wee arrived with our second load of goods 57 yrs ago to night Wm & Kittie washed, I sent a letter to Mr & Mrs Gale Lansing

Tues 9th - merc 32 all day Wm and Kittie went to Durand Mrs Stone is better

Wed 10th - Kittie and Wm spent the evening at Fred Closes my right hand & arm was numb, 4 times to day and evening - it snowed 1 1/2 an inch the roads are good a little snow would make sleighing a little Catharine is at home to day she is not feeling wel(l)

Thurs 11th - it snowed about 6 inches it is nice sleighing. I sent a letter to Mrs Mc farlin Reno Nevada

Frid 12th - merc 32 all day Wm went as delegate to a Silver Convention at Corunna, Kittie attended a Macabbee meeting

Sat 13th - Kittie & Wm went to Duran(d) - Mrs Stone is continueing better

Sund 14th - merc 36 above all day the sun rose beautiful this morning, the first time it rose clear in a week Wm Kittie and Catharine went Ellas to dinner by invitation Mr Frank Hunt and Mother came I got tea for them & Sister Mary

1897 Mond Feb 15th - merc 34 above Wm and Kittie are both poorly with colds - Mr Mattison took all the school Children to visit the north School, and give them a sleigh ride which they enjoyed verry much, - it snowed, fine snow all day, the snow is 6 inches

Tues 16th - merc 40 above I was married 60 yrs ago to day - the sun shines bright and thawing

Wed 17th - merc 40 above it is thawing no sleighing, a lovely sunset, like Ap(ril) Kittie has a cold

Thurs 18th - merc 40 above Wm went to Duran(d) bought beef paid $3.00 dol, in the evening attended a Donation for Rev Benson, Methodist they relized over $80.00 dol cash

Frid 19th - Wm and Kittie washed it is a lovely day, no sleighing - thawing all slush Sister Mary Cowan was married to Patrick Cowan 62 yrs ago to day I sent a letter to Ida Ray - and one to Mary A Mc Farlin Reno Nevada

Sat 20th - Pearl Tubs called, received a Postal from Mrs Kelsey Corunna inviting

Sund 21st - me to attend the Pioneer Society Monday 22 - Mr & Mrs Tubs spent 3 hours with us

Mond 22 - mercury 52 evening Mr & Mrs Tubs and baby came to Tea in the evening Wm and Kittie attended the Anual Masonic party at Byron - in the evening

Tues 23d - merc 22 above there was snow squals all day and cold mercury fell 30 deg since last night

Wed 24th - the sun rose lovely like a spring morning. I took Sister Mary to Idas and took dinner with them

Thurs 25th - Wm and Kittie washed

Frid 26th - Kittie attended Macabbee Meeting - Mr & Mrs Fred Close spent the evening here

Sat 27th - snow squals this fornoon there is 3 inches of snow but no sleighing

Sund 28 - colder

1897 Mond March 1st - Wm is not well

Tues 2d - Kittie and Will washed he is poorly

Wed 3d - merc 28 above there was snow and sleet last night, Mrs Anderson & Mrs Fred Close and children came in a Cutter the first sleighing in 4 weeks Mr & Mrs Peter Schad visited us - they came in a Cutter

Thurs 4th - merc 30 above all day Kittie has gone to spend the day with Mrs Maud Anderson I sent a letter to Mr Charles Coleman Inaugeration day at Washington of Major Mc Kinly - a lovely day

Frid 5th - merc 46 above warm and a fog Kittie is ironing, I received a letter from Robert Cowan yesterday the snow is sloppy

Sat 6th - merc 20 above all day it is clear and cold to day, - Mr Day is here to dinner

Sund 7th - A lovely day Mr & Mrs Fred Close and children came Wm & Kittie attended a W C T U entertainment at the M E Church

Mond 8th - merc 40 above William Alexander, Commenced work to day for Will it is raining they both went to Gaines and bought me Cole 1960 lbs $6.50 pr ton I paid $6.27 cts

Tues 9th - merc 48 verry foggy - it rained all night Wm and Kittie is washing, the road is bad the snow is almost gone

Wed 10th - it thunderd and rained last night Mr Burlingame & Mr Lilly is here shearing Wills sheep

Thurs 11th - merc 50 above the men are here to day finishing shearing, it is a lovely day, like April morning, the snow is gone Frank Sheldon was here to dinner the road is so bad on Cowsway he came up the track the man is carrying out the Apples and dumping them last year they were $1.50 pr bush

Frid 12th - a lovely day, I walked around the yard - Wm and Kittie went to an entertainment a Mr Deveroux from Gratiot took dinner & tea with us

Sat 13th - Mr Martenes done work on barnyard pump I paid him .50 cts Catharine went with Alice and Bell to the entertainment

1897 Sund March 14th - it snowed, 3 or 4 inches last night - bright sunshine and blowing I fell yesterday at the north door and hurt my right arm

Mond 15th - quite cold snow showers all day Bernard called

Tues 16th - A lovely day the snow is going fast - Wm and Kittie washed, the Lambs are comeing to day

Wed 17th - there is 12 lambs I went to Bernards for Sister Mary, the road is muddy - it is raining a little

Thurs 18th - Mr Ralph Tubs staid here last night Will took him to Gaines this morning

Frid 19th - our school closed to day for one week - there was a Thunder shower in the night

Sat 20th - Mr Martin Minor died in Dakota, of Paralasis his remains come to Byron to day

Sund 21st - Wm and Kittie has gone to the funeral it is a lovely day verry muddy

Mond 22d - merc 56 above A lovely day Mr W Alexander went home Saturday, came back to day mud - mud

Tues 23d - Mr Ferguson called, there is a sugar snow, melts as fast as it falls Kittie & Wm washed

Wed 24th - it snowed last night about 3 inches a little all day Frank Sheldon called Sister Mary and I are sewing Carpet rags dear little Catharine is pieceing

Thurs 25th - I received a letter from Mrs Mary A Mc Farlin Reno Nevada

Frid 26th - bright sunshine roads mud - mud

Sat 27th - Ida came in the afternoon, the Silverites had a Caucus

Sund 28th - A lovely day - and sunset, the snow almost gone

Mond 29th - the snow is gone, - the Robbins has come, Spring here - mud - mud

Tues 30th - Mr Martenes is here putting Galvanised pipe in the Wind Mill well

Wed 31st - Mr Wetmore Coverd a sofa, 3 chairs, & Couch, - for which I paid $14.00 Wm says there is 5 little pigs, Wm Alexander commenced to sow Clover seed

1897 Tues April 1st - Apr, Sat 3d I received a letter from Mrs Aldrich California I took Sister Mary to Idas and spent the day pleasantly

Friday 2d - no school to day Kittie is coloring Carpet rags

Sat 3d - merc 60 above A lovely day, Kittie has Colord, red, pink, orang(e), yellow, purple, blue Wm is sowing Clover seed, the roads are good again

Sund 4th - A cloudy morning - Mr, Mrs Hunt and little weston came in the afternoon there was a thunder shower towards evening

Mond 5th - Town Meeting Kittie went to Byron staid all day

Tues 6th - Wm Alexander went home for his horse, I am sewing hit and miss

Wed 7th - it is snowing and thawing

Thurs 8th - quite cold white frost in the morning

Frid 9th - cold frost in morning

Sat 10th - Kittie went to Macabee Lodge in the afternoon

Sund 11th - Charlie Reuse Came, staid all night.

Mond 12th - William Alexander left - went home this morning I paid Mr Martenes $8.32 cts to day for putting a Galvanized pipe in at the Wind Mill

Tues 13th - I am sewing Carpet rags

Wed 14th - I went to Byron with Wm to see Mrs Wm Joslin She is verry low

Thurs 15th - Kittie has gone to Elder Ehles to take dinner it is his berth day Henry Hadden Came to work for Will to day the roads are good

Frid 16th - Kittie has gone to take tea at Mrs Orland Lees with the Methodist Aid Society

Sat 17th - quite cold some spitting of snow, I washed the brown rags for Kitties Carpet

Sund 18th - Easter Sunday - one sweetly solemn thought, comes to me oer and oer that I am nearer home to day than I have been before,

1897 Mond April 19th - Apr Tues 20th Will and Kittie bought each a Macintosh paid $12.50 for both Wills sheep has 50 lambs he sold 6 fat sheep for $40.00 dol Sat 17th

it froze last night, - I went to Church last evening, and heard Col Smiley preach Henry Hadden is here to work to day

Tues 20th - Cold it froze last night & all day, I went for Sister Mary, Will & Kittie

Wed 21st - it is my 76th birth day Bernard, Ida, Robert Alice Bell & Willie Cummin Frank, Ella, & Eddie Sheldon, Rev Riley Crawford & Mrs Isaac Barnum spent the day with us pleasantly, it rained a little, is warmer wee have just got Kitties Carpet rags ready for the Weaver

Thurs 22d - it rained a little Kittie bought some fresh fish of Mr Tillman

Frid 23d - Wm sowed oats it rained a little - Kittie has a hen with 9 little Chicks

Sat 24th - Wm & I went to Byron. I took dinner with the W C T U

Sund 25th - After dinner I took Sister Mary to Idas, - Will & Kittie went to F Closes

Mond 26th - Kittie took her Carpet rags to Mrs Badgeros Weaver

Tues 27th - Kittie washed - I made a Gingham Sunbonnet Mr R Carter called

Wed 28th - Mr Bullis is here cleaning my flower beds, Will & I went to Gaines yesterday My knife blade Cactus has 6 large blossoms on they are red

Thurs 29th - Kittie & I went to Byron I attended the W C T U wee met Princes Viroqua Mohawk Nation the Masons Wives are organizing the Eastern Star Mr Bullis came and fixed up my flower yard - and made some garden I paid him .75 cts Charley plowed the garden to day Mr Bullis fixed strawberry plants

Frid 30th - Kittie & Rose went to see about their Carpet, - I paid Mr Bullis for onions .21 cts I received an Express from Howell - A dress pattern from Mc Phersons the stock and sheep are all out on short grass I paid Mr Bulis for fixing flower beds and onions sets .96 cts

1897 Saturday May 1st - Mr Morell Gale came Tues 4th put a lock & knob on the west door I paid him .75 cts it rained all last night - all day to day grass is growing

Sund 2d - it rained all day to day all last night

Mond 3d - it is raining this forenoon - and all last night Wm and Kittie washed, Charley helped Kittie wash a Carpet, he is Cleaning the cellar - this afternoon Legrand Schad has just gone I finished sewing Carpet rags to day

Tues 4th - Wm went for Mrs Kirkendol She is helping Kittie clean house Kittie paid her .75 cts - it rained from Friday night to Tuesday noon

Wed 5th - Wm went for her again, Charley helps them, I paid her .75 cts for to day

Thurs 6th - Kitties 3 hens has 37 little Chichens Mrs Kirkendol is here to day Kittie paid her .75 cts Wm took Catharine to have a tooth pulled

Frid 7th - Mr Luts came and took our Assessment Kittie met with the Maccabees they gave a tea Wm & Charley is planting Potatoes in the garden

Sat 8th - Mr Bullis is working in my flower beds Wm and Charley is planting over west

Sund 9th - Charley - Wm Kittie Catharine has gone to Church and Sabath School in the afternoon there was a Thunder Storm wind and rain I had rheumatism in my right arm, it grew worse during the storm so I could not raise from my side my arm

Monday 10th - Will & kittie washed Ella came and staid all night

Tues 11th - Dr Howard came - Mrs Kirkendol came and washed Kitties curtains and ironed them

Wed 12th - Dr came - said it was paralisis it was verry painful. I could not rais(e) my arm

Thurs 13th - Kittie ironed Mrs Will Close & Margaret Mc Caughna came to see me

Frid 13th - Sister Mary came and spent the afternoon - Mrs Mc Kinney & Dan Mc Gage came

Sat 14th - Bernard & Id(a) came a number of times

1897 Sat May 14th - Wm went for Mrs Kirkendol, - then went for Kitties rag Carpet of 37 yds they are making it, and are going to put it down to day I paid her $1.00 dol Bert Barns called this is the first time I could use a pen since last Sunday

Sund 15th - Mr Sherman is dead his funeral is to day - Harry Stone & Ollie Schad came

Mond 16th - Mrs Rorason called - this afternoon Mrs Mc Kinney & Rose called Wm and Kittie has gone to Durand, - Charley commenced plowing for Corn Mr Schad is better; I sowed a few flower seeds to day

Tues 19th - Showers are passing around. I received a letter from Mrs Fitzgerald

Wed 18th - it is raining. I went to Idas to see Sister Mary, She is well

Thurs 19th - Wm went to Durand to see his Father, he is no better, Lee Grand Schad sprained his ankle, and came home with Wm, Kittie is sick a bed all day, with her throat - Tom Cooney called this afternoon

Frid 20th - our school closed to day on account of Dyptheria in Mr Parrs family Dr Howard called at the gate - I paid him $5.00 dol for attending me

Sat 22d - Wm took his Brother to Durand his Father is no better two of Mr Parrs Children has Dyptheria, Kittie is sick a bed all day

Sund 23d - it rained all night, Kittie is better and up

Mond 24th - Wm and Kittie went to Durand to see his Father he is no better Wm went to Corunna to attend business for me - Charlie received a Telegram - and went home to attend a funeral

Tues 25th - John & Mike Haviland was here to dinner to day

Wed 26th - J C Schad & Wife came and staid last night & Charley came and left this morning, - Kittie sent her washing to Mrs Kirkendol

Thurs 27th - it is dear Kitties birthday, I hope she may have many happy ones I received a letter from Kittie Ferguson to day

1897 Frid May 28th - Sat 29 Wm & Charley planted 6 acres of Corn it is cold June 1st I gave Wm .50 cts for Evening News this month Kittie spent this forenoon in the Cemetery fixing for Decoration (day) to morrow

Sat 29th - Decoration day Kittie Lillie and Catharine went and decorated our graves with flowers

Sund 30 - I wrote a letter to Mrs Nichols - to Kittie Ferguson one to Mary A Mc Farlin

Mond 31st - Kittie is washing Wm has come from Byron, Mr R Sherman had a shock this morning Wm Kittie Lillie & Catharine went to see his Father he is pretty low wee have fire on the hearth it is cold for the time of year our school commenced to day

Tues June 1st 1897 - Kittie is fixing over a pale blue flannel for Lillie

Wed 2d - I am helping make a Callico dress for Catharine, Kittie Ironed it is a lovely day every thing looks fine, wee let the fire go out on the hearth

Thurs 3d - it rained for a few minutes hard, I sent a letter to Mrs Fitzgerrald

Frid 4th - a lovely day but cold Mr Swick & lady friend called Kittie went to Byron and had a tooth extracted She has gone to meet with the Macabees this afternoon

Sat 5th - Mrs Hunt & Mrs Gale of Morris spent the day with us pleasantly with us

Sund 6th - Ella came - Wm Kittie and girls went to Durand to see his Father he is better

Mond 7th - Wm & Kittie is washing, it rained last night, - and a little every day

Tues 8th - Wm went for Mrs Mulkin to come and make me a dress

Wed 9th - Kittie ironed. I boiled up a kettle of soap Lillie Bell and Catharine goes to Byron every afternoon to practice for an entertainment given by Mrs Cora Bell Elliot Mr Charles Carter and Wife called

Thurs 10th - Will and Charley took the fence away from my flower bed

1897 Frid June 11th - there was a Thunder shower this morning. Charley is setting Cabbage plants Wm has gone to Durand with Robert Cummin Mrs Mulkin finished my dress this morning I paid her $2.50 for making now is fixing over Kitties Silk Wm went to Durand to see his Father, he is not as well

Sat 12th - Charley has gone to Perry for Lula Reuss to come and work for Kittie

Sund 13th - there was a Thunder storm this morning, Will took the girls to Sunday School

Mond 14th - Lula is washing, Mrs Mulkin is finishing Kitties green Wrapper

Tues 15th - I went to Idas and took dinner Sister is quite smart

Wed 16th - it rained this morning a little - and is thundering

Thurs 17th - Sister Mary and I visited my dead, then wee went to Dan Mc Caughnas

Frid 18th - our school closed to day, Mr Bishop Teacher, Kittie has gone to Byron

Sat 19th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand to see his Father, they found him better & dressed in the afternoon Mrs Mulkin & Mrs Hitchcock came to tea

Sund 20th - they all went to Church, 6 of them in the Surry, but Sister Mary and I wee will have Chicken and strawberry Short Cake, for dinner off Kitties vines

Mond 21st - Miss Eunice Wheeler died Sunday - Lulu washed Kittie went to Byron

Tues 22d - it is Queen Victoria Jubilee 60th Aniversary of her reign - it is the longest day of the year I took Sister Mary to Idas - our Cistern is dry - Will & Charley cleaned it

Wed 23d - Kittie and I attended Miss Eunice Wheelers funeral then wee met with the Baptist Aid Society at Ellas Sheldons when wee got home there was a shower our Cistern was empty

Thurs 24th - verry warm Kittie and Lulu are making 2 dresses for Lillie Schad

Frid 25th - Wm has gone fishing with Mr Tubs and Mr Savage Perl Tubs called yesterday the girles finished two dresses

Sat 26th - Mr Ralph Tubs staid to night

1897 Sund June 27th -

A Newspaper Clipping dated July 24, 1897

Mr Richard Wellman, whose illness has been briefly noticed in the Herald, died on Tuesday, June 29th, at his home one mile north of Byron. The funeral was held at the M. E. church yesterday afternoon, conducted by the pastor, Rev. W. W. Benson, who preached from the text: (Rev. 14, 13): "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors, and their works do follow them." The remains were laid at rest in the Byron cemetery.

Mr Wellman was born at Troy, Oakland county, Mich., April 12, 1826. He came to Byron in May, 1836, and lived within one mile of Byron until his death. He was married to Miss Roxanna Smedly in February, 1847. Three children were given to them; one, a daughter, preceeded mother and father to the heavenly home thirty-one years; one son and one daughter remain to mourn their loss. He became a member of the M. E. church in 1852, remaining faithful to his vows until June 29th, 1897, when he fell asleep in Jesus. For forty-five years he has been an active and consistent member, and his services will be greatly missed. His many virtues as a citizen: honest, upright and strictly honorable: and christian goodness: quiet, unassuming, conscientious, a man of strong convictions, will be in the memory of all who knew him.

Sund 27th - they all went to Church Mr & Mrs Snowden came to dinner Fred Close Wife and children Mr & Mrs Anderson came

Mond 28th - Kittie took me to Ellas in the afternoon and Lillie and Catharine to practise for Children

Tues 29th - Mr Wellman died at 1 ocl to day, there was a shower

Wed 30th - Kittie came and took me to Mr Chafees and she went to Sewards & met 30 others to Tea I came home with her - will attend the funeral they say Anna Mc Caughna was married to day I bought Kittie 2 dresses - one for myself Mr & Mrs Peter Schad visited here Tues Kittie took me to Ellas after the funeral Thurs

I bought Kittie 2 dresses myself one wee all attended Mr Richard Wellmans funeral Elder Benson deliverd the sermon blessed are the dead that die in the Lord 14th Chapt of Revelations - 13th verse truly a good man & Woman is gone Mr & Mrs Wellman

How tedious and tasteless the hours when Jesus no longer I see

1897 Thurs July 1st - Ella and I called on some of the neighbors it is verry warm we had a nice shower - I bought Ella 10 qut of strawberries paid .50 cts

Frid 2d - verry warm and a nice shower

Sat 3d - verry warm, Ella took me to Byron, I traded to Kittie Coles then I went to Mrs Shermans - took dinner to Mrs Comstocks Mr & Mrs Runnyan was there, had a pleasant visit I went to Mrs Mulkins about 3 ocl staid til Will came in the evening, Kittie had the Children to the Church practiceing for Childrens day - which is to morrow I bought a set of Croquets for the children Sat 3d 1897

Sund 4th - merc 96 in shade at 1 ocl it does not seem like 4th of July on Sunday Frank and Ella came to dinner, - Wm took the two girles to Sunday School

Mond 5th - merc 96 in shade Wm Charley & Dan Mc Cage is helping Bernard in haying

Tues 6th - merc 96 in shade Wm & Charley is to Bernards, Roger B is cutting Clover for Will Kittie has gone to Byron Lulu is ironing - I am making underware for myself Roger B is cutting Clocer for Will

Wed 7th - merc 96 in s(hade) Bernard and his man is helping Will Mr Bush and Lissie took tea with us 10 men to dinner and Tea

Thurs 8th - merc 96 in shade there is 9 men helping Wm to day it is verry warm I received a letter from Mrs Fitzgerald

Frid 9th - Kittie had 10 men to dinner - 15 teen in all they are cutting & Tedding, and hauling in clover, the men hauled 40 loads of hay yesterday and 36 loads to day - the rope to their fork broke

Sat 10th - merc 98 in shade Kittie had 10 men to dinner & supper they hauled 30 loads of hay mercury 126 in sun Mrs I Barnum & Sister Mrs Tuttle visited here

Sund 11th - merc 64 it rained verry hard this morning, it was much needed our cistern was dry mercury fell 30 degrees - Tillie, Catharine and I rode to Idas to see Aunt Mary wee had new Potatoes for dinner

1897 Mond July 12th -

Two Newspaper articles pinned to this page

Charles Carter Commited Suicide, Last Friday, near Byron.

Durand, July 17. - Charles Carter, a farmer living near Byron, committed suicide last night by hanging himself to an apple tree. He leaves a widow and four children, the eldest of which is but seven years old. Financial reverses and hard times are supposed to have led to Carter's self-murder.

The suicide of Charles Carter, of Burns, mentioned in the Monday Reporter, was witnessed by his wife, who saw him trying to fix a rope to a tree. She called out to him just as he had the rope all fixed; he answered by saying "Good bye," and then jumped. Mrs Carter rushed to him calling for help. When she arrived on the scene she held him by the legs until some other member of the family got there, when he was cut down. It was too late, he was dead.

2 men came the clover was to dampto haul in they put in 4 loads

Tues 13th - merc 58 above it Thunderd & lightened and rained hard last night Mrs Charley Sickles called merc has fallen 40 deg since Saturday Wm got 80 loads of hay in the Barnes without a drop of rain L Stone hired with Wm to day - he and Charley cleaned the Conductors Will Fred and Will Close & Mr Savage went fishing last night

Wed 14th - merc 92 7 men are here to day getting in the last of the hay

Thurs 15th - A nice rain they built built a stack to day

Frid 16th - merc 82 all day I took Catharine and Lillie to Byron and done some trading went to Mrs Kirkendols and bought 24 qts of Cherries, I paid $1.00 dol Kittie bought a peck of Currents of Mrs Gulick - .37 cts I finished my thin dress - there was a nice shower, wee have new Potatoes

Sat 17th - Kittie is canning Cherries 18 cans made jellie Wm Charlie & L Stone went and helped Bernard finish putting in hay Mrs Will & Mrs Fred Close spen(t) this afternoon when Will came home wee received the shocking news, Charley Carter hung himself

Sund 18th - Kittie & I went to see Charley Carter it was a sad sight to see his neck he will be buried Monday at 2 ocl Harvest Thrust in your sharpend Sickles, and gather in the grain Night is fast approaching, and soon will come again The master calls for reapers, and shall he call in vain. Shall Sheaves lie there ungatherd, and waste up on the plain.

1897 Mond July 19th - I received a Papper from Pewam, with Ezra Hammond Obituary died Thursday July 8th aged 72 yrs merc 84 at 4 ocl afternoon Wm commenced cutting Wheat with Binder Charley & L Stone is setting up Kittie & Lulu has gone to Charley Carters funeral - it was very sad

Tues 20 - merc 82 all day Wm cut 5 acres od Rye

Wed 21st - it rained hard this forenoon prevented cutting Wheat, - it cleared off and is lovely

Thurs 22d - Kittie & I attended the Ladies Aid at Mrs Swicks it being her 71st birth day Mr & Mrs Snowden took dinner with us Kittie bought 17 qut of Raspberries of her paid her $1.00 - I bought 1 pr of Scissors paid .45 cts A dipper .08 cts A tie strap .25 cts

Frid 23d - merc 78 Wm & Roger B are building a Wheat stack, Robert Charley & L Stone are hauling and pitching, - the wheat is fine, - it is a little cooler

Sat 24th - Mrs Mary Fox Bachelder came and visited me - Charley Reuss and Sister Clearry came

Sund 25th - Mrs Batchelder & I went to Church, - the young people all went

Mond 26th - Charley and Clarra went home, it is sprinklin(g) - the 3 men has gone to help Bernard draw in Wheat it commenced to rain

Tues 27th - merc 80 it rained all the afternoon yesterday and last night Kittie took Mrs Bachelder to Charley Foxes - it rained Kittie bought a peck of Currents paid .25 cts

Wed 28th - it has cleared

Thurs 29th - Will & Charley Stacked the rakings, it is a lovely day

Frid 30th - Lulu and Kittie went to Mrs C Fox and picked Cherries on Shares - Mrs Bachelder came home with them Kittie went and picked Currents

Sat 31st - Mrs Bachelder & I went to Mrs I Barnums and spent the afternoon with Riley Crawford Mrs R Sherman and Mrs Mary Cole - wee had a pleasant visit Charley has gone to Lansing on the evening Train he was cutting oats

1897 Sunday Aug 1st - there was 506 bush of Wheat 150 hund of rye my share my share for Wheat when sold $120.00 dol for Rye $16.36 cts $136.36 13 years ago to day my Dear Companion got his shoulder dislocated Will Kittie, Lulu, Lillie & Catharine has gone to Durand

Mond 2d - merc 88 above all day Roger B came and finished cutting Oats, Wms Binder is broke

Tues 3d - Charley came last evening Lillie staid in Durand to go to a picnic at Whitmore Lake

Wed 4th - Wm expected Threshers at noon, but it commenced to to rain at 10 ocl they did not come

Thurs 5th - the Threshers came to breakfast 18 to dinner and supper of 25 acres there was 505 bush of Wheat, and 150 of Rye of 5 acres

Frid 6th - Kittie & Lulu is finishing sewing Wm is hauling Wheat

Sat 7th - Wm finished hauling Wheat to day he gave me a check for $120.00 dol on Byron Bank

Sund 8th - merc 82 above Will, Kittie, Catharine, took Lulu home to Pitsburg Charley took me to Ellas came for me after Church when I got home Legrand Schad Gracie and Lillie was here

Mond 9th - I went to Byron with Wm done some trading bought 8 yds of Crush sent a letter to Mably with $ 3.00 for pr of Gaiters & Slippers

Tues 10th - Wm & Bernar(d) has gone up north to buy cattle to pasture Kittie is washing

Wed 11th - Charley Kittie Ella and Catharine went to Owosso to a Circus I went and staid with Sister Mary & Ida Mattie Duncan came from Detroit it rained hard one shower

Thurs 12th - Mr & Mrs Herman of Fentonville came and staid all night

Frid 13th - they have gone to Will Kitsons this morning Wm retuned last evening at 10 ocl

Sat 14th - Mattie Duncan returned to Detroit to day, Charley is threshing for Mr Dodge Mrs George Carpenter spent to day with us Kittie took her to Byron Ella came home with her and staid til Sunday evening

1897 Sund Aug 15th - A shower, Roger Mc Caughna called, Kittie took Ella home

Mond 16th - Wm is going to look for Cattle and sheep, Mr & Mrs and Weston called

Tues 17th - Wil is gone again I rceived a letter from Mrs Beebe Lacross Wisconsin

Wed 18th - I went to Byron visited my dead - took dinner with Ella wee attended the Baptist Ladies Aid, it rained a little, I bought of Kittie Cole 80 yds of sheating 10 yds pink Callico - I sent a letter to Mrs Beebee

Thurs 19th - Wm came home he sold 39 sheep to Mr Frank Hunt $10.00 pr head

Frid 20th - Mr Reuss came and took the sheep to Mr Hunts farm Kittie is going to the Methodist Aid this afternoon she went to Mrs Holgs

Sat 21st - Kittie went for Sister Mary Wm is away to buy stock and sheep

Sund 22d - Charley - Lillie - & Catharine went to Church and Sabath School

Mond 23d - Kittie washed and went to attend the Eastern Star in the evening

Tues 24th - T Cowan, came yesterday, Mrs Hunt came at 8 ocl this morning for Kittie to go 20 miles visiting Charley dug some bags of new Potatoes, - and plowed some for Wheat

Wed 25th - Wm went for his sheep that he bought, left them on his Fathers farm Miss Mable Savage & Miss Mytra Gould called Kittie went to Mill and got some Flour Robert C threshed

Thurs 26 - it is verry dry - Mrs Fitzgerald sent Kittie one bush blackberries

Frid 27th - Kittie sent Mrs Fitzgerald one bush Pears

Sat 28th - Wm & Ralph Tubs went in search of stock to put on the pasture

Sund 29th - I took Sister Mary to Idas

Mond 30th - Kittie went to Gaines to meet Mrs Mattie Duncan, two Children and Sister Mrs Sinclair, from Detroit

Tues 31st - Kittie ironed Miss Savage Lucy & Harold called Miss May Atherton called, Charley hauled one load of fence posts

1897 Wed Sept 1st - Sept 2d - 1897, Wm Schad bought - 90 rods of Page Wire fence for me, I paid $38.12 cts pr Wm Schad Sept 7th Wm Schad bought my Cole 3 1/2 Tons at $ 6.25 pr Ton I paid $22.84 cts pr Wm Schad Wm and Ralph Tubs returned, it was raining hard and thundering

Thurs 2d - I went to Byron with Wm visited my dead called on Mrs Green Mrs Miner and Josie Mc Ewen bought Kittie 2 stove pokers bought 25 yds Callico and 6 pocket handkerchiefs Mrs Seward Chaff(ee) & Mrs Dell Tubs & baby came to tea Mrs Duncan & Mrs Sinclair took Will to the train for Corunna

Frid 3d - they went and met Will on morning Train Mr Lusk died yesterday morning

Sat 4th - Kittie & Mrs Sinclair attended Mr Lusks funeral

Sund 5th - Wm took Mrs Sinclair Lillie and Catharine to Church and Sabath School I took Mrs Duncan and two boys, - Ella came in the afternoon Mr Sylvester Bates was buried to day at 1/2 past two

Mond 6th - Wm and Charly, stretched the Page Wire fence to day

Tues 7th - Charley went to Gaines for my Cole - three Tons and one half $6.25 cts pt Ton, 3 1/2 Tons $22.84 cts, bought of Dan Mc Caughna Kittie had an ulcerated tooth lanced to day at Byron - is sick in bed Mrs Snowden washed - and Mr worked in the strawberry beds Mr & Mrs Snowden they cut the early Apple tree down last Saturday Mrs Duncan - Mrs Sinclair and I done the ironing and housework

Wed 8th - merc 90 afternoon verry warm, Kittie is better to day - Wm turned his stock in north field Miss Netta Smith commenced our School yesterday it is verry warm to day, I bought Catharine a Third Reader paid .50 cts Kittie caned Plums to day she bought of Mrs Snowden

Thurs 9th - merc 94 in shade verry warm

Frid 10th - Kittie Mrs Duncan, Mrs Sinclair has gone to a Mackabee Social

1897 Sat Sept 11th - Kittie took Mrs M Duncan, Children & Mrs Sinclair to Gaines for Detroit

Sund 12 - Charley went to Perry last evening, Wm an(d) Kittie attended a lawn social in Dr Howards yard Wm Kittie & Girles went to Durand I went to Idas - Charley came to Gaines on evening train

Mond 13th - I sent to Mc Gregors Broth for collection A Hyacinths .50 cts for collection B Tulips - .50 cts, - 1 day Lillie Funkia .20 cts - 1 Chinese Sacred Golden .20 cts 1 Jacobean Amarlis formosium .10 cts $1.50 cts amount sent by me to Springfield Ohio Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand - the Threshers came & threshed oats 232 bush wee had a nice thunder shower, it was needed, Charlie sowed Wheat to day Mond 13th

Tues 14th - merc 96 in shade I went to Idas to see Sister Mary, Charlie is working on the road

Wed 15th - Mrs Snowden is here washing for Kittie - Mr Peter Schad called

Thurs 16th - Wee heard Mrs Stowels Barn was burned last night Lillie is sick to day she cannot go to school

Frid 17th - I received a letter from Robert Cowan will answer it to day Wm took me to Byron I visited my dead the Hydrangea is in full bloom

Sat 18th - I went to Ella Sheldons staid all night, - rode home with Bernard

Sund 19th - I went to Church and Sabath School with the little girles gave $5.00 for preacher I visited my dead, I feel sad and lonely

Mond 20th - 13 yrs ago to day Bernard and I went with my darling husband to Detroit

Tues 21st - I sent a letter to A L Devereaux Beebe one to Mr Walts there was a frost last night

Wed 22 - Wm & Kittie went to Durand in the afternoon I went to Mrs Mc Kinneys

Thurs 23 - Mrs Mc Kinney and I visited Mrs Smith, a verry pleasant visit

Frid 24th - to day Kittie sprained her ankle wee have fire on the hearth

Sat 25th - Kittie is quite lame she and I finished 2 pink dresses for girles

1897 Sund Sept 26th - 13 yrs ago to day - all I had on earth dear to me was laid to rest

Mond 27th - Eddie Sheldon is married this evening Charley is digging Potatoes along the road Legrand Schad took tea it is verry dry, a little frost every night, no rain since 13th

Tues 28th - Mr & Mrs Chafee visited all day it was a pleasant visit Wm bought 11 pigs of Bert Mc Kinney paid $43.00 dol

Wed 29th - merc 86 in shade Kittie and I attended the Ladies Aid at Aenith & Frank Welmans there was over 40 Elder Benson & Mrs Benson was there & Riley Crawford wee met Mrs Stowel, Kittie and (I) Presented her with $5.00 dol her barn was burned when Kittie and I met there 2 yrs ago Mr and Mrs were both there - now they are gone

Thurs 30th - merc 86 all day Charley picked the Peaches, 2 bush on a tree South side of the house Charley went to Perry on the evening train wee have not had a shower since the 14th our Cistern is dry

1897 Frid Oct 1st - merc 86 in shade Kittie is canning Peaches She bought cans for .50 cts pr doz

Sat 2d - merc fell 30 degrees last night - Charley came, - a fog this morning I received a letter from Ida Ray - She was married the 27th of Sept Kittie is making Tomato Pickles - Legrand Schad to dinner

Sund 3d - Mr Patric Crosby came yesterday, staid til after dinner to day, no rain

Mond 4th - Lottie Gooddel came this morning to work for Kittie, Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand

Tues 5th - Wm took Kittie to Gaines, She has gone to Detroit, Heavenly Father bring her safe home no rain yet this is the 21st day without a drop of rain the 11th of September

Wed 6th - Me Legrand Schad took dinner with us - received a Postal from Kittie

Thurs 7 - I went to Byron traded with Kittie Cole went to Ellas to dinner came home put on a Comforter - that Bell Niles pieced for Kittie, wee had it tied at 5 ocl Wm brought home the washing

Frid 8th - it is cold looks like rain, - Lotta is ironing - Mrs Kirkendol washed it is verry lonely without Kittie I received my Chinese Sacred Lillie day Lillie & Amarysis to day, from Mc Georges Springfield Ohio

Sat 9th - I set my Sacred Lillie in water to day - no rain yet A Postal from Kittie

Sund 10th - Charley took the girles to Church and Sabath School - a letter from I received a Postal from Kittie & a letter from May Atherton Saturday My Sister Mary is 79 yrs old to day, She is quite smart for her yrs

Mond 11th - Mr David Conroy called there has been a beautiful rain 27 days drouth it is raining wee have not had a shower in 27 days before, not since the 14th of Sept

Tues 12th - Lottie washed, I put on a quilt for Catharine Legrand Schad - dinner

Wed 13th - Lottie ironed I quilted wee finished quilt

Thurs 14th - received a letter from Alden L Devereaux, I sent a package to Geenie Forshee

Frid 15th - I went to dinner to George Runnyans - the Methodist Aid met there

1897 Sat Oct 16th - Oct 16th 1897 I paid Dr Sleath $1.00 for Byron Hearold - til - 1898 Lillie, Catharine, M, and I, went to Byron, I sent Mr A L Devereaux $21.50 cts 12 cts for money order I bought 2 Lamp Chimneys paid .30 cts - Wm sent .08 cts to pay Kitties Assessment to Mrs Emma Barnes - I paid it, wee called on Mrs Sleath and seen Carries lovely baby, wee called on Mr & Mrs Sheldon, - he is verry poorly, then wee went to the cemetery, to visit my dead, once more before winter I drove to Mrs Snowdend and got a fusia, She gave me some time ago Roger B brought up 8 large Pumpkins, - A postal from Kittie y(esterday) I sent a package to Geenie Forshee yesterday

Sund 17 - Wm went to the Train Kittie wee all rejoiced when she came Charley took the girles to Church and Sunday School

Mond 18th - Wm is picking a few Apples, Charley helped Mr Dodge Thresh Beans

Tues 19th - Mrs Goodspeed came to dinner, then wee went to Alices to tea She came back and staid all night

Wed 20th - wee had a thunder storm last evening the first in 9 days wee have plenty of cistern water now Mrs Goospeed has gone it is clearing off - Wm & Charley took young stock to Roger B farm I received a letter from Mr Devereaux Beebe

Thurs 21st - Wm took me to the Train - I went to Corunna to Mrs A T Nichols I had a splended visit - Ella & Harry always kind

Frid 22d - I went to Mr & Mrs Sloanes took dinner enjoy my visit Ella called for me at 3 o'clock - wee called on Mrs Carland - whil(e) I was at Mrs Sloans Mr Carland invited Mrs Nichols and me to take Tea - wee done so they entertained us nicely. Kittie called to see me

1897 Sat Oct 23d - Ella and I called on Mr & Mrs Boyce & Mrs R Potter yesterday I came home on the morning Train - staid to Ellas til night

Sund 24th - She and I went to Church met Wm Kittie and Children came home with them - home - sweet - home - dearest spot on earth

Mond 25th - Kittie has gone to Fenton with Myrtie & Fred Close Wm went for her to F Closes in the evening, Charley finished corn husking

Tues 26th - Mr E Jewel called, Charley & Kittie took up the rag Carpet & shook it Wm has gone for the washing - I pulled down the Clematis vine

Wed 27th - I went to Byron visited my dead once more - I took dinner with the Baptist Aid at the basement of Church - I bought 2 Lamp chimneys a red table cloth - some Shaker flannel Crash towels outing flannel, other things Came home at 2 ocl Wm and Kittie went in the evening, Wm got Ising Glass in Stove doors, I paid $1.00 pr Wm, I received a lettter from Mrs Fitzgerald

Thurs 28th - Charley lifted Dahlies & Chrysanthems

Frid 29th - Kittie attended the M E Aid at Mrs Buels

Sat 30th - Catharine & I took Charley to Gaines - he came back on evening Train I sent a letter to May Atherton Ypsilanti Ella came in the afternoon

Sund 31st - All but Ella and I went to Church - wee had chicken dinner

1897 Mond Nov 1st - I took Ella home - She and I went to the Depot and met Mrs Fitzgerald and two children from Shepperd

Tues 2d - Cold and stormy Wm started the Cole Stove yesterday

Wednes 3d - merc 60 it has cleared off lovely - Wm Sold the young cattle he bought I finished ironing Mr Galt is painting the school house and boards with Kittie

Thurs 4th - A lovely day Mrs Fitzgerald has Neuralgea in her face

Frid 5th - Mrs Ella F and I started for Byron we met Mr & Mrs J Kanouse and Mrs John Drake, comeing to visit us wee turned come back after dinner it commenced to rain

Sat 6th - some colder Mrs Fitzgerald and I visited my dead I got some presents for her children

Sund 7th - they all went to Church but Mrs Fitzgerald and me

Mond 8th - Cold and rained all night

Tues 9th - Cold and rained I drove to Mrs Sickles her Grand Father Mr Convis used to own the place wee called on Mrs Rorason

Wed 10th - and on Ida, She and Children Mrs Fitzgerald has gone home Kittie has gone with them for the 11 ocl train Ella Sheldon staid with us last night, Alice took her home Kittie and Ella will go to Mrs Joslins to attend the B Aid it is a lovely day

Thurs 11th - it is raining and colder, Charley is putting in two panes of glass

Frid 12th - Charley and a man went to draw Cornstalks but it was to windy Kittie and I took in my flowers, received a postal from Mrs Fitzgerald

Sat 13th - a lovely day - a man is helping Charley to day - Mr Kahler took dinner

Sund 14th - A cold day - Charley has gone to Perry yesterday

1897 Mond Nov 15th - Nov 8th Miss Nettie Smith Teaches our winter term, 4 months and boards with Kittie rainy all day, Legrand Schad staid here to night this is the second week of school - Miss Nettie Smith, Teacher, - boards with Kittie

Tues 16th - it is raining cleared off Kittie went to Byron Ella came home with her Charley came back. I received a letter from Kittie Carland

Wed 17th - Mrs Snowden came and washed for Kittie Ella, staid all night Wm took two loads of hogs to the Station he sold to Kelseys

Thurs 18th - Legrand Schad took dinner with us - I have been ironing

Frid 19th - Wm had wood sawed with Buzz saw

Sat 20th - merc 60 it is a lovely day, Wm and Kittie has gone to Durand, Charley hualed wood

Sund 21st - A cloudy day Charley Kittie and Children went to Church and Sabath School Ella Sheldon staid with me last night, wee had chicken & dumplings for dinner, Mr Legrand Schad and daughter Gracie came Kittie and Wm went to Mr Luther Kanouses - Charley went to Church

Mond 22d - Teacher has come Children gone to school it is colder

Tues 23d - merc 20 last night colder it snowed a little yesterday for the first

Wed 24th - merc 20 above Kittie went for Mrs Mulkin to come and sew for her Ella staid with me last night

Thurs 25th - merc 40 above Thanksgiving day - Robert Cummin presented (us) with a Turkey Robert, Alice, Bell, Ella and Mrs Mulkin is to dinner mercury 40 above and raining - Eddie and wife came in evening

Frid 26th - merc 58 above it rained all day, at evening became colder - Wm went to Corunna on evening Train

Sat 27th - merc 30 above recerived a letter from Kittie Ferguson - answerd it this morning, and a postal from Mrs Guthrie Ithica

Sund 28th - merc 22 above brigh(t) clear cold, Wm took Mrs Mulkin to Byron

Mond 29th - merc 26 above Cold it looks like snow,

Tues 30th - Cold and spitting snow Charley went to Perry

1897 Frid Dec 1st -

A newspaper article


Mrs. Lewis Wife of Addison Lewis Died Quite Suddenly at Their Home South and West of Byron on Monday

Mrs. Fred Carpenter, of Owosso a daughter of the deceased lady, had just returned from a happy Thanksgiving reunion at the Lewis home, when a telegram announcing Mrs. Lewis' serious illness again summoned Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter to her bedside, where they arrived only to bid her the last long farewell, death ensuing only two hours after their arrival. While Mrs. Lewis had been an invalid for several years and had at times suffered much pain and weakness, her death still comes as a sudeden shock to her family and friends.

Mrs. Lewis was an old Shiawassee county resident. In 1864 she was unitin marriage to James Brown and settled on a farm near Byron. Two daughters were born to them, Mrs Fred Carpenter, of Owosso, and Miss Ora Brown of Byron. In 1876 this union disolved by death. Two years later she married Addison Lewis and removed to a farm in the vicinity of Maple River where they lived for several years, and where the family has a large circle of relatives and friends. One son, Clifford now grown to young manhood, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis. Mrs. Lewis was 57 years of age. She was a most devoted christian woman and through her long illness, derived much comforts from the truths of religion. She was a member of the Byron Baptist church, from which her funeral will be held to-day (Thursday) at 11 o'clock a.m., her pastor, Rev Roe, officiating. Interment will take place at Union Plains cemetery.

it snowed a little last night - it is lovely to day, Kittie is going to the Baptist Aid at Rev Rowes Parsonage - Wm attended an auction at Mr Wykes yesterday

Thurs 2d - merc 10 above the ironing board fell on my foot I am quite lame Wm and Kittie attended an Installation of officers at the Eastern Star Mrs Emma Barnes got the supper - there is a little snow on the ground

Frid 3d - it is raining all day a fogg ice on limbs of trees

Sat 4th - merc 32 above Wm & Charley set up the wood stove

Sund 5th - no one went to Church had pressed chicken for dinner

Mond 6th - Teacher come, & Mrs Snowden is washing for Kittie

Tues 7th - merc 36 above About 2 inches of snow fell last evening. Wm and Kittie went to Durand Wm and Kittie went to Durand to day to have her tooth filled, she bought me 12 yds of edgeing, - Mr & Mrs Fred Close came in a Cutter the first this winter a number passed to day, the roads are beautiful I ironed and got dinner while Kittie was gone

Wed 8th - merc 46 above all day Wm took me in a Cutter, to Bernards about 2 inches of snow the first this winter and came for me at noon, the snow is going fast a lovely day I ironed 32 handkerchiefs this afternoon, Kitties eye is sore

Thurs 9th - Ella Sheldon came Legrand Schad took dinner here

Frid 10th - merc 56 above it is verry warm, raining, the grass is green, Wm bought 10 nice sheep to day

Sat 11th - Kitties eye is better it is raining wee let the Cole Stove go out Thursday night

Sund 12th - merc 40 above it is dark and gloomy the girles are invited to Bells to eat Turkey Mr Ralph Tubs took tea with us last evening This is my Husbands 85th birth day, born Dec 12th, 1812, Died Sept 24th, 1884 blest be the tie that binds

1897 Mond Dec 13th - Mrs Snowden is here washing, Wm and Kittie went to Durand She had 2 teeth filled, I sent for Lillie a dress and pin $1.75 - 4 yds Cotton flannel

Tues 14th - Wm sold the Roberts Cow, Charley took her to Mr Mires it rained last night is verry dark day wee have not had fire in the Cole Stove since Thursday last

Wed 15th - merc 42 Kittie & Ella Sheldon has gone to Ladies Aid at Mrs Isaac Barnums I am ironing it is verry muddy, I sent a letter to Mrs Guthrie Ithica one to Mrs Fitzgerald - and the little boy a silk necktie

Thurs 16th - merc 42 above I heard Mrs Wm Joslin died this morning Ella Sheldon staid with me last night

Frid 17th - merc 20 above Bernard and Sister Mary called, - last evening they received a Telegram that John Cowan was dead Bernard was taking Sister to the Train for Ann Arbor about 2 inches of snow fell last night, and is snowing now Bernard and Ida went on the evening Train to Ann Arbor. Mrs Joslin was buried at 2 ocl to day, Wm & Kittie attended the funeral, Ella Sheldon is sick all day.

Sat 18th - merc 12 above morning Ella is better, there is 4 inches of snow, the most that fell this winter Wm took the Children to Byron to practice for Christmas

Sund 19th - merc 6 above morning Charley Kittie Lillie & Catharine went to Church and Sabath School it is a nice day

1897 Mond Dec 17th - Dec 20 Dr Howard borrowed my battery Mrs Snowden is washing for Kittie - Eddie Sheldon came Kittie went to Byron and mailed some presents to Kentuchy Wm and Kittie have gone to Durand - to get her teeth finished

Tues 21st - merc 26 above I ironed all day, My Sacred Lillie is in bloom Wm went to Corunna on eve train

Wed 22d - merc 20 above Kittie went to Byron to meet Wm and get horse shod

Thurs 23d - merc 10 above Wm and Kittie went to Durand, She is busy making Christmas presents

Frid 24th - merc 6 above morning Kittie sent presents to Kentucky to James Havilands family

Sat 25th - merc 30 above Christmas day, mercury has gone up, Christmas presents given and received Apron Handkerchief, Christmas Card from Mrs Duncan Satteen Apron from Alice & Bell - black silk handkerchief from Ella pocket handkerchief from Kittie, a Silver Thimble from James Haviland there is about 4 inches of snow but better wheeling than sleighing

Sund 26th - merc 32 above Wm Kittie Catharine Lillie Charley has gone to Church Ella Sheldon is with me - Gracie and Ollie, Schad has just come John Haviland and two Daughters Anna & Ida have come staid to dinner

Mond 27th - merc 10 above Wm & Charley went 17 miles north and bought 11 sheep returned at 4 ocl T Cowan came in evening staid all night I sent a letter to Mrs Fitzgerald

Tues 28th - merc 20 above Charley is heating the water in the tank for the stock there is 4 inches of snow but no sleighing the ground is so rough each received a pocket handkerchief from Mrs Fitzgerald Tom Cowam came this eveing

Wed 29th - merc 36 above the wind blowed from south - it snowed then rained

Thurs 30th - merc 40 above it is a fine day no sleighing yet. I sent a letter to John Forshee, one to Mrs Duncan

Frid 31st - merc 22 above it has cleared bright sunshine T Cowan left this morning Wm and Kittie has gone to Byron Mrs Bird & Mrs Gracie - Robert called Kittie and Will attended a Masquerade party to night

farewell 1897

1898 Sat Jan 1st - Thursday Jan 13 I commenced paying .10 cts a week for Evening News Charley attended young poeples meeting prayed old year out new year in it is verry cold and clear Ella Sheldon staid with me last night

Sund 2d - clear and cold there is no sleighing

Mond 3d - A beautiful morning, Mrs Snowden is here washing, Ella staid last night I sent a letter to James Haviland this morning, there is about 2 inches of snow

Tues 4th - merc 36 above A nice d(ay) Legrand Schad took dinner here Kittie & Wm went to Durand

Wed 5th - merc 36 above Ella went to Detroit, I ironed, Charley is building over the Ice house

Thurs 6th - I have just received Roger M's Tax receipt from Mr Devereaux

Frid 7th - merc 36 above Kittie and Catharine gone to Byron

Sat 8th - A lovely day, I received a letter from Elliot and Co wholesale grocers Jan 7th - 52, 54, & 56 Jefferson Ave Detroit Mich Kittie had pumpkin pie for dinner Charley is putting roof boards on Ice house

Sund 9th - merc 41 above in shade Wm, Kittie, Lillie, and Catharine went to Church and Sabath School

Mond 10th - Mrs Snowden is here washing, - Kittie took Wm to evening Train

Tues 11th - Wm came on morning Train - wee had chicken for dinner

Wed 12th - merc 46 above it is raining, Charley did not build any fire in the wood stove it is foggy, then raines, then sunshine, merc 56 above, thunderd once

Thurs 13th - merc 32 above Wm and Kittie has gone to Durand Charley finished the Ice house to day

Frid 14th - Kittie finished ironing wee had chicken for dinner

Sat 15th - merc 32 above Wm & I attended the funeral of Mrs Henry Telling at the Methodist Church Rev Joslin officiated Text blessed are the dead that die in the Lord

Sund 16th - Wm Kittie, Charley, Lillie, Catharine have gone to Church & Sabath School it is a lovely day, about 2 inches of snow Ida Haviland came yesterday afternoon staid 2 hours Mr & Mrs Frank Hunt came for a short call

1898 Mond Jan 17th -

A notice of mortgage sale
Whereas default has been made in the con ditions of a certain mortgage bearing date the fourteenth day of February, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninty-five, made excuted and delivered by Elijah B. Welch and Jennie Welch his wife, both of the village of Byron in the county of Shiawassee, and the state of Michigan, to Clifford Elliott, of the city of Detroit, in the county of Wayne, and State of Michigan aforsaid; said mortgage being duly recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds, for the county of Shiawassee, and State of Michigan, in Liber sixty-nine [69] of mortgages, on pages two hundred and thirty-eight [238] two hundred and thirty-nine. [239] and two hundred and forty [240] on the eighteenth day of February, A. D. 1895, and whereas by reason of said default, there is now due and claimed to be due and payable at the date hereof, the sum of seven hundred and thirty-seven dollars, and thirteen cents for principal and interest under the terms of said mortgage, and no suit or proceedings at law or equity, having been instituted to recover the same or any part therof. Now therefore, notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power of sale in said mortgage contained and in pursuance to the statutes in such cases made and provided, said mortgage will on SATURDAY THE SIXTEENTH DAY OF APRIL, A. D.1893 at two o'clock in the afternoon of said day, be foreclosed, by sale, at public auction or vendue to the highest bidder, ofthe premises described in said mortgage, at the front door of the Court House, in the city of Corunna, that being the place for holding the circut court for said county of Shiawassee, for the purpose of paying the principal and interest of said mortgage, together with the costs of sale and an atorney fee of twenty-five dollars as provided for in said mortgage. The lands and premises to be sold are situated in the village of Byron, county of Shiawassee, and State of Michigan, and describ as follows, to-wit; The east half [E 1-2] of lot one [1] and two [2] in block twenty [20] of the village of Byron aforsaid. Dated this 21st day of Feburary, A. D. 1898. CLIFFORD ELLIOT, Mortgagee. William Rathbone, Attorney for Mortgager

it is a lovely day Mrs Snowden is here washing for Kittie

Tues 18th - merc 40 above Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand to have tooth extracted, Ed Hathaway called Charley went on the evening Train - he is through working for Wm he is going to Washington St. Ella called she came from Detroit yesterday I ironed - and made a Chair Cushion

Wed 19th - merc 40 above all day Kittie is ironing foggy looks like rain

Thurs 20th - merc 40 above rained all night, and this morning I received a letter from Kate Catharine Haviland, Beardstown Kentucky

Frid 21st - merc 42 all day Kittie met with thew M E Aid Society, at Mrs Stowels

Sat 22d - merc 36 above foggy no snow, Kittie went to attend a Macabee Meeting came home at 4 ocl it was, snowing quite warm

Sund 23d - merc 32 above it is snowing and drifting about 4 inches of snow yesterday I renewed my subscription for the Christian Herald an(d) a Bible for Kittie for both $3.00 Kittie is going to read the Bible through by the first of May Catharine and Lillie going to read it through in one year for a present from Grandma

1898 Mond Jan 24th -

A seperate sheet of paper

1898 Interest & Principal $644.80
Attorney $20.00
Register $3.00
Sheriff Sale $2.00
revenue Stamp $07.80
to Wm Schad $11.20 $695.80
Insurance 7 48,706
Tax $51.20
Tax for 1898 11.20 2 1.25 1.00
this years interest 1 yr 3 months 194.15
to Wm Schad 2.00
to J Royce 644.80
to Frank Welch $748.95 cts
Another page

Att Fee 20.00
Deed Reg 2.00
Sheriffs Sale 3.00
Printers Bill 24.75
Revenue Stamp 1.00
To Will Expense 4.00
Tax 7.00
Insurance 3.00
644.80 princ
4.139 for 1 mo
3 for 3 mo
12.417 for 3 mo
49.668 for 12 mo
Another page
Priciple and Interest one year $ 644.80
Attourney fees 20.00 Register fees 3.00
Sheriff Sale 3.00
Revenue Stamp 1.00
Wm Schad 6.00
Insurance 3.00
Tax 11.25
Tax 11.77
Stamp to Frank 1.00
J Royce 1.25 $751.87 amount 42.00 793.87
and numerous other indescrimante figures
Another page

1898 Interest and principal one yr $644.80
A E Richards fee 20.00
Printers bill 03.00 03.00
Register 01.00 02.00
Sheriff Sale 05.80 03.00
Stamp on Sheriff Deed 11.20 $716.55
Interest on Princ 62.66
this yr interest 42.00
to Wm Schad for going to attend sale 02.00
Tax 1 yr 12.50 int 3 months
Insurance 02.00
Tax $11.20 1.25 1.00
1898 Interest 1 yr 3 months $839.96 cts
1899 Interest 42. 3 months
Wm Schad 2.00
A J Royce 1.25
Frank Welch 1.00

Mond Jan 24th - merc 32 above verry nice Wm and Kittie has gone to Byron in the Cutter, to Durand in the evening

Tues 25th - merc 30 Kittie took Wm to Byron, he has gone to Owosso, Legrand Schad is here it is snowing and blowing since 11 ocl not cold Catharine has a cold She is not at School to day

Wed 26th - I am sick in bed all day Ella came this evening and staid all night

Thurs 27th - Catharine is not at School She has a bad cold, I am some better of my cold Ella went home this afternoon. it is a lovely day about 6 inches of snow Wm is hauling Ice, Legrand Schad is stowing it away

Frid 28th - Wm and Kittie went to a Macabee entertianment last evening

Sat 29th - it is a lovely day Wm is hauling Ice Legrand is stowing away it is nice sleighing, wee received a letter from Roger to day Catharine and I have verry bad colds. She has not been to School this week

Sund 30th - they all went to church but Legrand, Catharine & me Legrand kept the chicken boiling. I did not sit up all day

Mond 31st - Mrs Snowden came and Mrs Stowel. Mrs Snowden washed Wm & Legrand & Robert Cummin moved 6 racks of sheep to Mr Wadleys it is beautiful slieghing Catharine and I are some better

1898 Tues Feb 1st - merc 10 degrees below this morning it is cold bright and clear 58 yrs ago to day Roger Bernard and myself left Ypsilanti for our home in the wild wood - I never thought I would be old, as I find myself to be to day, what changes in that time Heavenly Father - help me to bear up a little longer

Wed 2d - merc 10 below Kittie lined my Cape - Wm & Legrand went to Durand I am verry poorly - Catharine is better, but does not go to school yet

Thurs 3d - merc 8 below there is about 16 inches of snow, beautiful sleighing Wm & Legrand finished filling the Ice house yesterday put in 240 Cakes

Frid 4th - merc 10 above Wm & Robert has gone to Corunna they are voting for and against bonding the County $40,000.00 dol for building a new Court House it is a good deal warmer Legrand Schad is hauling Cole for me, merc at 2 ocl 32 above good sleighing

Sat 5th - merc 40 above it is thawing with mercury 40 above what a sudden change Wm Kittie and Catharine attended the Donation at the Baptist Church last eve Wm Kittie and Catharine & Lillie attended the Lecture at the oppra this eve Wm went and paid for my Cole $14.56 cts and $22.84 $37.40 the cost of my Cole this winter

Sund 6th - merc 40 above A lovely day Wm Kittie & girles has gone to Church and Sabath School

Mond 6th - merc 40 above A lovely day I hear they received $62.00 at the Donation Wm & Kittie gave $5.00 dol

I would not live always, - I ask not to stay

1898 Mond Feb 7th - merc 40 above all day Wm & Kittie went to Durand, - Mr Parris called, Vernon Tax Collector, called

Tues 8th - merc 50 above all day A lovely day thawing. Legrand Schad is hauling up wood Mrs Nick Harder died verry sudden Saturday evening good sleighing Kittie bought me a pair of stockings paid .45 cts, Eddie & May called evening

Wed 9th - merc 40 above Legrand went to the Depot for Wm Kittie did not come foggy all day, Feb fog will freeze a dog in june no sleighing

Thurs 10th - merc 40 above Legrand went for Wm, he was here to dinner Legrand is splitting wood Wm went for Kittie for evening Train

Frid 11th - merc 52 all day raining and a heavy fog, no sleighing the snow has all gone Mr Riley Crawford & Mrs Isaac Barnum came and made a visit it is raining a little the fog is lifted the road is bad. My Christmas Cactus is in bloom

Sat 12th - merc 42 above A lovely day the roads are verry bad

Sund 13th - A lovely day

Mond 14th - merc 40 above thawing bright sunshine, Vallentine day - Kittie bought valeentines

Tues 15th - merc 26 above 4 inches of snow fell last night, it is drifting to day, not cold

Wed 16th - merc at zero it is a bright sunshine merc at zero - the ground is not frozen Legrand Schad had to stop hauling wood the ground was so soft Wm took Kittie for the evening train to Corunna - he bought Mrs

Thurs 17th - merc 18 above Kirkendol she will wash for Kittie - I hear Mrs Bostwicks remaines from Kansas will come on this morning Train - Arrived laid to rest in Byron Cemetery I gave Kittie $2.00 for Elder Joslins donation returned on evening train

Frid 18th - merc 34 above it rained all night the snow is most gone. Allen Ferguson took dinner with us yesterday Wm has gone to Corunna, Legrand - took him to Durand

Sat 19t - Kittie went to Durand to meet Wm comeing home it snowed from the north

1898 Sund Feb 20th - merc 32 all day it snowed all day, all night

Mond 21st - merc 30 above there is one foot of snow on the ground, Wm went to Byron in a Cutter Kittie bought Catharine a plaid worsted dress paid $1.45

Tues 22d - Washington(s) birth day, Wm took Catharine to Byron to visit Weston and have a sleigh ride

Wed 23d - Wm & Kittie attended the Masons anual party Mr Mc Kinney & Wm has gone to Burton, - Legrand is hauling out manure there is good sleighing, it snows a little every day

Thurs 24th - merc 30 above it snowed all day, more snow on the ground then at any time this winter in the afternoon Mr & Mrs Lute Kanouse, Mr & Mrs J Royce came and staid all night Fred and Mrs Close came and spent the evening

Frid 25th - merc 34 above Mr & Mrs Kanouse left after breakfast - Wm took J to morning Train Kittie and Mrs Royce has gone to Macabee meeting - it is lovely to day Wm and Legrand has been to Mr Lawrences and bought a Horse

Sat 26 - Wm took me to Idas wee just heard the sad news Ira Joslin is dead

Sund 27th - milder, Mrs Stone L & Olla Schad mad(e) a pleasant call

Mond 28th - A lovely day - Wm & Kittie has gone to Ira Joslins funeral
Wm bought Lumber for a gate & Stable florr I paid for it to him $5.60cts

1898 Tues March 1st -

a newspaper article dated March 11, 1898

Ward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Joslin, passed away to the world be yond on Tuesday night of this week, after a short illness from kidney trouble, aged 15 years. Sickness at the age of two years

seemed to interfere with his physical condition. He was a very bright boy, with mental powers in advance of others his age. The kind offices bestowed upon him by his parents, grow ing out of his greater dependence upon them, no doubt strengthened the family tie, and made the separation more severe than it might have been under other circumstances. Mr. and Mrs. Joslin have the sympathy of this community. The funeral was held today at the residence; sermon by Rev. Rowe; burial in Byron cemetery.

Cramped was the earthly casket,
That imprisoned a spirit bright,
As it struggled on toward manhood,
And reached out after light;
To respond to the soulful strain
Of the gentle, loving spirit,
That strove for their growth in vane.
Till raised in incorruption,
A body of spirit power
Is given the released one,
At the morning's early hour;
To soar away in gladness,
Where ages of progress roll,
Where new found joys and duties
Bless each immortal soul.
Cramped are we all, in prisons
Of earthly flesh and clay;
God grant our growing spirits
May burst the walls away;
And we be given bodies,
Mete for the kingdom fair,
Where we may dwell forever,
With dear ones gathered there.
H. E. C.

merc 30 above A nice day, Robert Cummin has gone to Corunna a juror

Wed 2d - Wm and Kittie has gone to Durand, - the Byron Flour Mill burned last night I have commenced a Silk fan quilt yesterday, Nellie Billhorn, & Mrs J Mc Caughna called

Thurs 3d - bright sunshine the sleighing gone - Mrs Nellie Billhorn & Mrs J Mc Caughna called

Frid 4th - bright sunshine, our school closed to day, Miss Netta Smith Teacher

Sat 5th - Dan & Margaret called yesterday it is lovely - a beautiful sunset

Sund 6th - Wm Kittie Lillie & Catharine have gone to Church in the Surry

Mond 7th - pleasant the snow going

Tues 8th - Kittie went to Idas for Sister Mary - wee are haveing a good visit

Wed 9th - merc 50 above Mrs George Eddy called - she said Ward Joslin died last night Wm and Kittie attended the Eastern Star banquet

Thurs 10th - it rained last night, - it is foggy - the snow is almost gone

Frid 11th - Wm & Kittie attended Ward Joslins funeral, the road is verry bad

Sat 12th - Kittie & Will has gone with Catharine to a birth day party, to Elder Rows for his little girls 4 yrs old

Sund 13th - it is so muddy no one went to Church bright sunshine

Mond 14th - Our school opend to day, Clifford Bishop Teacher

Tues 15th - it is raining a little all day the Robbins & black birds have come frogs are croaking

Wed 16th - merc 62 above it is a lovely day - the road is drying nicely - Sister Mary & I are pieceing Silk blocks

Thurs 17th - St Patricks Day verry nice so warm wee let the Cole Stove go out

Frid 18th - A lovely day roads bad, Sister Mary & I are pieceing Silk blocks Kittie is ironing

Sat 19th - A Thunder shower the first of the season

Sund 20th - the road verry muddy

1898 Mond March 21st - merc 60 above Wm & kittie went to Durand Sister & I are pieceing Silk

Tues 22d - merc 62 above it rained all night some showers to day verry muggy

Wed 23d - A lovely day Wm is helping Kittie wash

Thurs 24th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand

Frid 25th - Kittie is ironing, a lovely day

Sat 26th - merc 58 above a lovely day Sister Mary pieced 25 blocks for Kitties Silk quilt - I have pieced 170 blocks, the fan, enough to finish it

Sund 27th - merc 62 Catharine, Sister Mary, and I went to Idas - it rained all night and showers to day it is warm, grass is getting green, - Mrs (Mr)Burlingame sheared Wm coarse sheep yesterday Legrand & Lillie Schad went to Durand, it rained

Mond 28th - Legrand came back Olla & Lillie came with him Kittie is sick Wms hired man Robert White commenced work to day

Tues 29th - Kittie is no better J C Schad was here to dinner

Wed 30th - Wm has gone to Corunna Legrand S came, 16 men are putting up Telephone poles on our sid(e) of the road to day

Thurs 31st - A nice day, Kittie is better, Elder Rows & Wife made a call Legrand Schad built my Share of line fence between Mose Wolfin and me.

1898 Friday April 1st - Ed Lawrence is here digging post holes and stretching the wire fence along the north field - 80 rods it is snowing all the afternoon, the Evergreens are loaded and all trees, an bushes loaded with snow beautiful snow

Sat 2d - the snow almost gone

Sunday 3d - Wm Kittie & I attended Mrs Moah Joslins funeral - one - by one the old settlers are passing over

Mond 4th - Kittie & Wm went to Town Meeting

Tues 5th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand - Mr Johnsons boy died in Byron to day at 1 ocl

Wed 6th - Wm and Kittie has gone to Durand to take farewell of J C the men are string(ing) the Telephone wire this morning

Thurs 7th - A nice day Kittie received a package from Blanch Vanburen of rilbon

Frid 8th - merc 60 above A lovely day Kittie has gone to a Macabee Meeting Wm has gone to an auction at Jerry Joslins - what a change death makes

Sat 9th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Durand, - they heard J C was knocked down and rob(b)ed in Chicago, he was on his way to Alaska

Sund 10th - Easter Sunday, Kittie and Lillie, and Catharine, has gone to Church

Mond 11th - Bernard called - Mrs Mc Kinney made a pleasant call

Tues 12th - A lovely day Wm & Kittie went to Durand J C improving, sits up a little

Wed 13th - Mr & Mrs Foot were here to dinner - Mr Wm Close & Lottie Gooddel called

Thurs 14th - Wm went to Durand - his Brother J C will be home to day if he is able to come

Frid 15th - J C did not come it is a lovely day a light shower

Sat 16th - I cleaned the cupboard in the Kitchen, - received a letter from Genie Forshee

Sund 17th - Kittie & girles are getting ready to go to Church it is a lovely day I received a letter from Geenie Forshee last evening

1898 Mond April 18th -

A newspaper article dated 1898

Aunt Laura Haviland Died This Morning.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., April 20."Aunt" Laura S. Haviland died this morning, aged 90 years. More than 60 years of her life have been spent in works of philanthropy and charity. In 1837, with Elizabeth Margaret Chandler and others, the Havilands organized the first station of the "underground railroad," at Raisin.

After her husbands death in 1845, "Aunt" Haviland became one of the conductors and was actively engaged in helping fugitive slaves to Canada. Aunt Haviland had many narrow escapes, and one time a reward of $3,000 was offered for her capture. She served all through the war as an inspector of hospitals and as a nurse, and after the war was engaged in the freedmen's aid missionary work. In 1836 Aunt Haviland started a mission home for young girls. It developed into the industrial school for girls at Adrian. She was also instrumental in establishing the state school for abandoned children at Coldwater.

Five of Aunt Haviland's children are still living.

another article


Helped to Secure the Freedom of 3,000 Union Soldiers.

Grand Rapids, Mich., April 20.-(Special.) -"Aunt" J. Laura Haviland, one of the most picturesque feminine characters in the country before and during the war and one of the most patriotic workers in the interests of the freedom of the slaves, died here to-day at the advanced age of 89 years and four months. She had lived in this city but five years, but had lived in the state since 1828. She was born in Canada and came to Michigan when a child. Early in life she became an active worker in the cause of abolition and many are the stories told of her work but the most prominent of all is her successful effort to free 3,000 union soldiers confined upon Ship island in the gulf of Mexico. It was near the close of the war when Miss Haviland and another nurse were in New Orleans awaiting a boat to take them north. They took another boat for a little recreation trip into the gulf and landed on Ship island, where they found a rebel captain who had taken the oath of allegiance and had secured appointment as judge advocate before whom union soldiers were brought for minor offenses. He was serving the rebel cause by sending these men to Ship island for long terms of years. He had landed 3,000 of them there and would have had more in time. Miss Haviland set to work and had to go clear to Washington with her petition but she succeeded in getting the soldiers freed and they served in the last days of the war

Wm & Kittie went to Durand yesterday to see J C found him bad off there was a Thunder Storm in the evening

Tues 19th - it rained at intervals all day and turned cold

Wed 20th - it is quite cold and cloudy. there was a frost to night

Thurs 21st - it is my 77th birth day, I thank my Heavenly (Father) for my health and every blessing

Frid 22d - War was declared between United States & Spain Apr 21st 1898

Sat 23d - rained all day I sent a letter to Mrs Duncan

Sund 24th - Kittie & girles went to Church & Sunday School

Mond 25th - Wm went to see his Brother he was no better

Tues 26th - Kittie and Wm went to Byron they took the washing to Mrs Kirkendol

Wed 27th - the Teacher took tea here last evening - Mr Bishop Mr J C Leland & Mr Hibbard made a pleasant call

Thurs 28th - Kittie Fred Close & Wife - went to Owosso Kittie bought me a Carpet for my Bedroom .65 cts pr yd traded $15.00 dol for me

Frid 29th - it is Arbor day and lovely - Wm Robert & Mr Mattison raised a pole 40 feet high and runn up a flag - I went to see them

Sat 30th - A lovely day - Wm has 2 sheep shearers, Mr C Lillie and one other man the Children has gone to gather wild flowers I have 12 Hyacinth in bloom. I set the bulbs last fall I set my plants on the porch this forenoon for the first Mrs Hunt has a girl baby born this morning

Sunday 1st May - they fired Cannons at Durand to night for victories in Cuba Eddy Sheldon Wife had a girl baby this morning

Tues 2d - I went and called on them and done some trading in Hattie Coles wee called at Mrs F Closes for a Lady Washington & Heelatrope that Kittie bought in Owosso paid .35 cts it is a beauty .05 cts for Heelatrope

1898 Sund May 1st - the first battle fought by Dewy in Cuba Wm took the girles to Church and Sunday School

Mond 2d - Billy Carpenter & Mr May are here blowing out stumps with Dimonite it rained and the sun shone bright received a letter from Mrs Duncan

Tues 3d - I am fixing a wrapper, Kittie is poorly with her throat

Wed 4th - it is cold to day I started a fire in the Cole Stove

Thurs 5th - Wm has gone to Corunna to doe some business for me paid him $2.00 dol Kittie is better

Frid 6th - Wee had a frost last night, I received a letter from Mrs Beebee Kittie received one from Charley Stenger I went to see Sister Mary. Roger B Wife had a little boy Wed 4th 1898

Sat 7th - I staid with Sister Mary all night Wm Kittie & girles went to an entertainment

Sund 8th - the second battle fought Sund Wm took the girles to Church and Sunday School then came for me Mr Myron Carpenter died this morning

Mond 9th - I will have a letter mailed this evening to Mrs Bostwick, Kansas

Tues 10th - Sister Mary and I went to see Roger Ms baby - there was a shower last night

Wed 11th - Mrs Kirkendol came to help Kittie clean house, Kittie fell off a chair

Thurs 12th - Mrs Kirkendol cleaned my Bedroom to day. I paid her $1.00

Frid 13th - Wm went fishing last night with others to Nags bridge Ralph Tubs joined them, and came home with Will to breakfast, they caught nice fish a lot of fish Mrs Kirkendol came with them this is her third day I paid $1.00

Sat 14th - Mr & Mrs Peter Schad came and spent the afternoon staid to tea yesterday

Sund 15th - Kittie and Children went to Church and Sunday School

1898 Mond May 16th - Mr Peter Schad & J C came the first time he was here since he was the first time since he came from Chicago is verry feeble

Tues 17th - Kittie and I to Byron, I bought a sundown paid $2.15 a bottle of Cutticura resolvent, a white Pitcher and soup I called on Mrs Sheldon, found her verry feeble Wm and Mr Dodge planted 10 acres of corn

Wed 18th - Mrs Kirkendol and Kittie is cleaning the dinning room and bedroom there was a Thunder storm this forenoon it has cleared off beautiful

Thurs 19th - there was a Thunder storm last night Lightened all night Mrs Kirkendol & Ella Simonson came and paperd west room up Staires and washed wood work in Kitchen for which I paid them one $1.00 a piece - amount $2.00 I received a letter from Mrs Bostwick Kansas Citty

Frid 20th - Mrs D Conroy called last evening it rained all night the ground is so wet Wm let the hired man fix up my flower beds

Sat 21st - there was a shower all day, my pail of Cactus has 50 blossoms I have set my plants out in the flower beds

Sund 22d - Bell and girles went to Sunday School, there was a shower

How sweet it will be in that beautiful land
So free from all Sorrow and pain
With Songs on our lips and with harps inour hands
to meet one an other again

1898 Mond May 23d - Wm bought posts and staples for Page Wire fence I paid him $2.90 cts Sept 2d - 1897 Wm Schad bought for me 90 Rods of Page wire fence I paid him $38.12 cts carried from page 64 June 3d Staples .35 cts Wm bought post and Staples for Page Wire fence - I paid him $2.90 cts

Tues 24th - Kittie washed, my pail Cactus has 50 blossoms on they are beautiful I planted Nasturtums sowed Carnations seeds it has cleard off

Wed 25th - A lovely morning Wm has filled the refrigerator the first this summer

Thurs 26th - they have a heiffer come in - Wm took me to Idas Sister is quite smart

Frid 27th - it rained a nice shower, I sent Mrs Beebee a letter Lacross Wisconsin

Sat 28th - it rained a shower Mr Bullis came and made Asparagus bed Kittie bought each of the girls a new leg horn flat Mr Bullis cleaned the S(t)rawberry Wm paid Mr M Mc Queen $2.00 dol Assessment on cemetery for me

Sunday 29th - Kittie and girles has gone to Church and Sunday School

Mond 30th - Decoration day and lovely Kittie and girles have gone to Byron with flowers Mrs Gil Lewis came to sew for Kittie

Tues 31st - Mr Dodge & Mr Ed Lawrence is here helping Wm

Frid May 27th 1864 - Bernard Haviland Sr. died being 94(?) yrsw to day

1898 Wed June 1st - Mr Ed lawrence is here stretching Wire fence Mr Dodge is helping Wm Robert White is putting in Beans Mrs Lewis is through sewing for Kittie she made Catharine a white dress and commenced a Callico

Thurs 2d - Wm took Mrs Lewis home, Kittie & I drove to Idas she is poorly Wm has 25 acres of Beans sowed and drilled Mr Dodge here today

Frid 3d - Mr Ed Lawrence finished stretching the wire Fence for which I paid him pr Wm Schad $3.25 cts paid W S $1.35 cts our school closed to day, - Mr Clifford Bishop Teacher

Sat 4th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand in the evening returned at 11 ocl

Sund 5th - merc 86 above all day Kit had a colt last night Kittie Lillie & Catharine and I went to Church, it is Childrens day the program was renderd beautiful by the Children I gave $5.00 dol to Preacher, - I visited my dead once more Mr & Mrs Anderson, Fred Close - Wife & Children came to dinner, - wee had Ice cream evening

Mond 6th - merc 86 above Kittie Mr & Mrs Wm Close & Mrs Fred Close went to Fenton to trade Kittie bought me a bedroom set of China & paid $3.25 she bought other things for herself the little girles and I ironed there was a stranger to dinner

Tues 7th - 88 above Wm is poisined by ivy he has 3 men planting beans to day there was 6 men came and put up 2 more Telephone wires on our side of the road - there is now 5 one of the Heiffers had a Calf last night, Mond 6th both has come in

Wed 8th - merc 88 Kittie went for Mrs Mulkin to sew for her Robert finished planting Beans to day

1898 Thurs June 9th - verry warm and dry Kittie went to Gaines and got a Barrel with my bedroom suit China and glass ware. 9 pieces for which I paid $3.25 I bought a bedroom suit of Mr Savage 3 pieces, Bedstead dresser and commode for which I paid $26.00 dol he deliverd them 1 Matrass, - & Springs, he set up my bedstead, Kittie arranged my room, Robert planted for late Potatoes to day

Frid 10th - Mrs Mulkin is here sewing, wee have had two fine showers this afternoon it will doe worlds of good

Sat 11th - Wm is about over being poisoned, he and Kittie has gone to Durand there has been 3 heavy showers Thunder and big lightning it is Thundering now I have a stitch in my back can hardly get around - received a letter from Katie Haviland Ki(t)tie took Mrs Mulkin home Del Mrs Hichcock and little Linda came

Sund 12th - they all went to Church but me, I have a stitch in my back since Thursday there was a thunder shower about 11 ocl - it is verry warm

Mond 13 - Charles Gale is setting Posts and straightning up the picket fence along the Lane, and fixed door Screens, and hung a gate on the north field Wire fence, he furnished the gate which was $1.25 his work $1.25 for which I paid him pr Wm Schad - paid Wm S $1.00 for posts for picket fence Wm & Robert is working on the road there was showers all day

Tues 14th - I wrote a letter to Katie Haviland Kentucky, it is verry war(m) sun bright I am some better to day, I paid .85 cts for green screen pr Kittie

Wed 15th - Kittie went to Byron with washing Dell Hitchcock, mother & baby Linda and Mrs Mulkin called Wm is working on the road

Thurs 16th - quite cool after the rain wee have a mess of Beet greens for dinner

1898 Frid June 17th - Wm finished the road, Wm went to Byron bought a Gasoline Stove paid $22. dol I received a letter from Robert & Lissie

Sat 18th - Kittie is baking a Cake & Pie cooking dinner on new stove it bakes fine wee heard George Crosbey was dead the last flower of 50 has fallen from my cactus to day

Sund 18(?)th - Sund they all went to Church and Sabbath School Mr Closes Elevator burned at 2 ocl this morning Wm took us to see the fire after dinner, Mr & Mrs Hunt and Children called Mrs Mulkin came home with us, - I wrote a letter to Rob Cowan

Mond 19th - Wm finished planting Corn between Corn

Tues 20th - Kittie went to Byron and bought a bushel of Strawberries for .04 cts pr qut Kittie took Mrs Mulkin to Byron - then went to Durand She bought the girles white Silk Mits paid .50 cts I paid for them

Wed 22d - wee huled the strawberries, Kittie cann(e)d them

Thurs 23d - Kittie went for Sister Mary - in the evening they all attended the School exercises in Byron, I sent Robert Cowan a letter

Frid 24th - merc 92 in shade Kittie made a Kettle of beautiful soap, I am fixing a wrapper it is verry warm and blowing in the evening they all attended the Graduating Exercises

Sat 25th - merc 90 in shade it rained, Thunderd & Lightned last night Sister Mary & I are making sheets I have pieced 260 blocks of silk for Kittie since Feb 9th 1898 I received a letter from Katharine H Lewis Bardstown Kentucky

Sund 26th - A lovely morning the Children are going to Sabath School Kittie goes with them Mr Royce came with Mrs Goodspeed She is verry poorly with Rheumatism

Mond 27 - Sister Mary Mrs Goodspeed & I are making sheets it rained a good deal last night

1898 Tues June 28th - Wm commenced Haying Legrand Schad is helping him, Mrs Cantrel was buried to day

Wed 29th - it is cool and cloudy Wm is teding the hay to day Kittie took Mrs Goodspeed to Mrs Mc Kinneys wee have string beans, Peas - & beets onions Lettuce wee received a letter from Roger M

Thurs 30th - Wm and Robert White is putting in thair(their) first hay Sister Mary is whipstitching one dozen napkins Mrs Stone Gracie and Ollie Schad spent the afternoon

Frid July 1st - I spent this day by invitation at Mr Frank Hunts Mrs Gale was there Mrs Hunt and I visited my dead, after tea wee all went to see the new Stone Church - there is 9 men at work on it they are even with the ground. I called on Mrs Jerry Joslin Mrs Swick - Mrs Close, Kittie came for me, I traded in Mrs Coles

Sat 2d - wee had new Potatoes for dinner for the first plenty peas string beans

Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking ill
He that observeth the wind, shall not sow
And he thet regardeth the clouds, shall not reap
Cast thy bread upon the waters
for thou shalt find it, after many days.

1898 Frid July 1st - Robert Cummin put up a Wind Mill to day merc 93 in shade I spent this day with Mrs Hunt - and family by invitation Wm and men hauled in what hay was cut 19 loads Robert White went home on his Wheel to spend the 4th

Sat 2d - they are celebrating the 4th to day in Durand wee had new Potatoes for dinner the first plenty peas and string beans

Sund 3d - Wm took us with Sister Mary to Idas Santiago was taken to day with the Spanish General Cevera in the Ship Christobol Colon

Monday 4th - Kittie washed it is not much like 4th of July Margaret came to day Kittie Ironed, it is warm and dry.

Tues 5th - merc 76 in shade Wm is in the hay field with Legrand Schad, Robert came to day Kittie ironed, it is warm and dry.

Wed 6th - merc 88 Mr Johnson is helping Wm wee had new Potatoes for dinner

Thurs 7th - merc 92 above verry warm Mr Peter Schad called, - Perl Tubs was here to tea

Frid 8th - Wm finished stacking hay at noon, A lovely shower after dinner it lasted about 30 minutes, our cistern gave out in the morning, now have plenty of water wee had string beans for dinner

Sat 9th - Wm commenced to cut Wheat to day

Sund 10th - Mr Schad, and Lillie, went to Durand, Mr & Mrs Fred Close and Children came wee had our first Water Mellon to day, it was lovely it is quite cool since the rain Wm & Kittie and girles went to Church and Sabath School Ella, Eddie, May, and baby called

My days are passing swiftly by and I am a pilgrim stranger would not

1898 Mond July 11th - Wm finished cutting Wheat, - Robert Cummin commenced to cut his Wheat to day Kittie and Alice called on Mrs Will Kitson she is poorly

Tues 12th - I made Kittie an Apron to day, I have made her 5

Wed 13 - Wm Legrand, Robert White finished stacking hay 35 acres I made myself 2 Aprons to day - our Cistern is dry the two girles Lillie & Catharine went to Mrs Matisons to see Vera Kittie took her washing to Mrs Kirkendol last evening Wm Legrand & Robert stacked the Wheat to day Kittie took me to Will Kittsons where I spent a pleasant afternoon Mrs Clow died Tuesday morning

Thurs 14th - Kittie and I are going to the house of mourning this morning Wm Kittie the two little girles and I attended Mrs Clows funeral at 2 pm

Frid 15th - merc 94 on east porch Kittie and Catharine has gone to Mrs Kellys to buy raspberries Wm Legrand & Robert W has gone to help Robert Cummin put in Wheat

Sat 16th - merc 94 on east porch Wm has gone to Corunna, Legrand is helping Robert Cummin Robert White is helping Wm Kitson, it rained a little last night Wm went to Owosso, he bought me a pair of Prunel Gaiters for which I paid him $2.00 dol - I paid him $2.00 for going on business for me

Sund 17th - merc 94 above in shade Bell and girles went to Church and Sunday School Mr & Mrs Hunt called, it is verry warm

Mond 18th - merc 92 in shade Legrand Robert White is cutting Rye along the road

Tues 19th - Wm and the men are cutting Thistles Kittie has gone to Byron with washing yesterday she bought 20 quts of Cherries of Mrs Rorason for .05 cts qut Kittie got the tires set on the Carriage for which I paid $1.63 cts

1898 Wed July 20th -

A newspaper article dated July 29, 1898

A very sad and heart-rending accident occured in our village yesterday morning, on the premises of E. Fisher, in the drowning in a cistern of little Walter H. Butler, aged one year and ten months.

His mother was here on a visit from Westfield, N. J. She has the heartfelt sympathy of all her acquaintances in the terrible bereavement which has fallen out of her family.

It is not known how long the little fellow was in the water, probably ten minutes, before being taken out, but medical aid failed to bring to life in his case.

Mrs Butler left for Owosso this morning with the remains of the little boy, and on Monday will go to her eastern home.

Angels bending kindly over
The water where Walter lay,
Saw the suffering of the dear one,
Saw the spirit leave the clay.
Gently in their arms they clasped him,
Softly floating in the air,
Up to pearly golden portals,
Tenderly they bore him there.
God in Heaven heard you, mother,
He will keep the little one,
Safe in that immortal kingdom,
Till your days on earth are done.

merc 92 in shade wee had one hours rain yesterday - Kittie got some Currents of Mrs Fox Wm & Kittie went to Luther Kanouse, with the Eastern Star A suprise party Robert is mowing the door yard Legrand Schad is not well he went to Ed Hathaways

Thurs 21st - Wm took us all to Byron, - to see the Corner Stone of the Methodist Church laid, Bishop Ninde of Detroit Addressed the people, there was other preachers I did not know there was a great many people, I met Mr & Mrs Chafee Mrs Gale of Perry, - Mrs Mary Brown from the east,

Frid 22d - Mr & Mrs P Schad and Perry took dinner with us yesterday

Sat 23d - verry warm Robert is putting wood in wooshed Lillie - Catharine & I are are making worsted Stars for rug

Sund 24th - merc 94 in shade at 5 ocl afternoon it is so warm none went to Church, merc was 124 in shade

Mond 25th - merc 92 in shade verry warm Robert is filling the wood house with dry wood Kittie is cooking Sweet Corn for supper the first this season

Tues 26th - 62 this morning mercury fell 30 deg last night

Wed 27th - Kittie ironed 2 Miss Savage called said Mrs Carl Pickert was dead

Thurs 28th - Kittie with others has gone to attend Mrs Pickerts funeral Mrs Bell Butler wee heard she that was Bell Carpenter her little girl of 2 yrs old was drowned in Mrs Fishers S(c)istern where she was visiting, from the Citty of New York, A few weeks This morning at 3 ocl wee had a Thunder & Lightning Storm, George Fox Barn was struck and burned to the ground Wm and Mr Tubs has gone fishing this afternoon

1898 Frid July 29th - Wm and Kittie invited the Christian endeavor, they met had a pleasant evening, plenty of Ice Cream and Cak(e) the Society realized $15.30 cts - all said a lovely time

Sat 30th - Mrs Peter Kanouse is buried to day - After a long sickness of Paralysis - one here one there Kittie went for Sister Mary

Sund 31st - verry warm Sister Mary is here

Mond Aug 1st - merc 86 above Wm Kittie - Mr & Mrs R Tubs Perl baby & Mabel Mr & Mrs Welch all went fishing to Mires Lake Dan Mc Caughna called 14 years to day my dear Husband received his death wound how sad I feel, but the years are passing by - it will come it is verry dry looks like rain every day

Tues 2d - it rained a nice shower

Wed 3d - Robert is hauling sand putting it in the lane

Thurs 4th - it is verry warm Sister and I are mending Bags

Frid 5th - Kittie had Company, Mrs Mc Kinney, Mrs Tubs Mrs John Gaylord, Mrs Goodle Alice & family took tea 18 in all

Sat 6th - Mrs Charles Hunt & Daughter Mrs Lucy Bugbee called Sister Mary and I mended 40 bags

Sund 7th - Mr & Mrs Ralph Tubs lunched with Wm & Kittie

Love brightens labor, and makes home life sweet
Keep heaven in view, and bliss will be complete.

1898 Mond August 8th - Friday 12 of August - 1898 Peace declared between U. S. A. & Spain 12th Hawai annexed to the United States at 12 ocl Aug merc 80 above there was a hard shower this forenoon, Wm has gone fishing with Mr Savage

Tues 9th - wee had 25 fish for dinner they were nice. I sent a postal to Mr Devereaux

Wed 10th - Wm took Sister Mary to Idas, he and Kittie went to Durand

Thurs 11th - wee ironed Kittie baked for Threshers

Frid 12th - the Threshers are here, - threshed 179 bushels of Wheat, was to dinner

Sat 13th - I bought 3 tin pails, & dish pan of a pedler paid .75 cts Wm & Kittie are going to Lansing this afternoon Robert took them to Durand Bell Cummin stays with us at night

Sund 14th - Robert took the girles and myself to Church and Sunday School I visited where my dead lies once more, the Hyderangea is in full bloom. I called to see Mrs Swick, she is a little better. Harry Crosby was sick on the couch

Mond 15th - A nice shower Lillie and I ironed - the girles will go to meet Wm & Kittie to Durand this evening from Owosso all returned home at 8 ocl feeling they had a good time

Tues 16th - there was a Thunder & Lightning Storm last night

Wed 17th - Wm and Kittie went to Durand, he bought a Carriage

Thurs 18th - wee ironed

Frid 19th - Kittie and I attended the Methodist Ladies Aid at George Eddies there was one hundred to tea

Sat 20th - Mrs Chaffee & two 2 little Daughter, Mr & Mrs Schad were to tea

Sund 21st - merc 86 above Wm has gone to Durand with Lillie She is going on the Excursion with her Father to Detroit, and Canida, he took Catharine to Durand Wm Robert White & Robert & Willie Cummin pulled beans yesterday it rained hard a few minutes to day

1898 Mond August 22d - our School commenced Clifford Bishop Teacher $23 dol pr month

One of two newspaper articles
Among the real estate transfers of the past week in this county is O. J. Clark to Fred Bemis, s w 1/4 of n w 1/4 and s w 1/4 of n w 1/4 of sec 22, Burns, $3000.

Mr. Mark Boice was called to Orion last Friday, on account of the death of a brother, Frank Boice, who fell dead from heart disease on the previous Wednesday.

We have just completed a large number of manuals of the public schools of Byron. They will be in the hands of the officers and teachers for distribution.

Last Sunday afternoon Mr. Dennis Shields. a prominent citizen and lawyer, of Howell, passed away to the world beyond, aged 62 years. Bright's desease the cause.

Catherine Schad gave a birth-day party last Saturday. Twenty-seven of her little friends made up the gathering. Many beautiful present were in sight. She is eight years of age.

The second article
Yesterday the Corunna Commandery of Knights Templar visited our village, and under direction of Capt. General H. B. McLaughlin, of Vernon, held a drill on Saginaw street. The uniform of the Knights was imposing and fine, their movements dignified and exact in the general, and with the mercury at 96 in the shade a very creditable appearance was made by the commandery. A number of ladies from Vernon and Corunna were present on the


Wm went to Corunna to attend the sale of Elijiah Welch Estate, for which I paid him $2.00 dol

Tues 23d - merc 92 in shade the Eastern Star has a peach Festival this evening Wm and Kittie have gone

Wed 24th - merc 86 above Kittie and girles has gone to a Sabbath School picknick in Mr Redmans grove

Thurs 25th - Kittie has gone to Byron to trade the men are hauling in Beans

Frid 26th - Wm Legrand & Robert are hauling in Beans Robert fell down cellar with milk this morning and hurt his back, he went home Sat morning

Sat 27th - dear little Catharine, Marie is 8 yrs old to day. God bless her She had a birth day party of her Sabath School Class. Number 23 of the sweetes little girles I ever saw together Miss Elsa Lord Teacher - Miss Mattie Redmond - Mrs Fred Close, Mrs Ella Barnes, Mrs Alfred Sherman were here every thing passed pleasantly, - Catharine received a present from each of the Children God bless them all Kittie had prepared a lovely supper all partook at one Table 4 girles out side the class were invited Geenie Brewster Edna Parrish Mildred Lord - they are in Lillies class, - Mattie Redmond Teacher they all left before sunn down happy saying they had a good time

Sund 28th - John Haviland and 2 youngest girles called Dr Howard Wife and 2 Children called Frank Hunt Wife and 2 children called, a man came with Legrand Schad to work for Will, Mr Ballou

Mond 29th - merc 86 Wm had 6 men in the Beanfield - I received a letter from Mrs Beebee

Tues 30th - merc 86 all day there is 6 men in the Bean - field - 7 men to supper Mr Day was here

Wed 31st - merc 96 in shade there is 5 men in the beans they are stacking them

1898 Thurs Sept 1st - merc 94 in shade Night Templers meet in Byron to day have dinner & supper Wm Kittie Catharine has gone to attend the exercises Robert & Ed Balau are bunching beans Lagrand is sick and gone to Durand

Frid 2d - verry warm I paid $1.25 for one bushel Peaches

Sat 3d - merc 94 Kittie took me to Dan Mc CAughnas Anna & baby is there Wm Legrand & Mr Dodge finished stacking Beans

Sund 4th - there was a Thunder storm last night, the Children and Bell has gone to Church and Sunday School it is a lovely day

Mond 5th - Kittie went to Elder Boes I sent him $5.00 dol, she got one bushel of Peaches of Frank Sheldon for which I paid $1.50 pr Kittie, she caned them

Tues 6th - Alice & Kittie went to see Mrs Sheldon she is verry low, she had a shock it rained hard last night. Wm has gone to buy some sheep

Wed 7th - My eye is verry sore Mr Sheldon had a shock of Paralasys

Thurs 8th - I helped Kittie iron my eye is verry painful

Frid 9th - Legrand is fitting the Bean ground for Wheat Mr May & Billy Carpenter came to cut corn to day

Sat 10th - Legrand sowed 8 acres of Wheat to day, - my Eye is quite sore

Sund 11th - Wm Kittie & girles have gone to Church & Sunday School Mrs Sheldon died at 9 o'clock this morning

Mond 12th - Mr Friend died this morning, and a Mr Harris Robert White came, Wm settled with him, he is

Tues 13th - Wm & Kittie attended Mrs Sheldons funeral - my Eye was so sore I could not go Riley Crawford preached the Sermon - in the forenoon Kittie Mrs Fisher & Mr Lord trimed the grave with bunting and flowers

1898 Wed Sept 14th - Mr Friend was buried to day, Legrand finished 24 acres of Wheat to day

Thurs 15th - it rained hard this forenoon

Frid 16th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand the Knight Templers had a banquet

Sat 17th - Wm & Kittie went to Mr Lewises and bought one bushel of Peaches for .75 cts I paid my fire Insurance Assessment to day pr Wm Schad $6.82 cts to day James Clarkes house burned this forenoon

Sund 18th - Kittie & girles went to Church and Sunday School after dinner they drove to Lola Stones, Wm and Mr Hunt went to Langsburg Ella Eddie May and baby came

Mond 19th - Mr May & Billy Carpenter is cutting corn Legrand is sowing Wheat Kittie is canning Peaches that she bought Saturday

Tues 20th - I ironed, Legrand finished sowing 25 acres of Wheat Mr May & Billy Carp finished cutting 13 acres of corn

Wed 21st - Mr Lola Stone took dinner with us - Mr Jacob Kanouse called I hemed Kitties dress 14 years ago to day I went with my dear Companion to Detroit to be treated, I am sad and lonely to day God help me

Thurs 22d - Kittie and Catharine went to Owosso to the street Fair

Frid 23d - Wm went for them in the evening it rained last night and this morning

Sat 24th - it stoped raining after a big shower this morning, wee had the Lamps lit til 10 ocl morning I sent a letter to Mrs O Conor and Kittie Ferguson

Sund 25th - A lovely morning

1898 Mond Sept 26th - Mr May & Billy Carpenter is husking Corn Legrand is hauling in Corn

Tues 27 - I made Lillie & Catharine a Satteen Skirt Wm took the washing to Mrs Kirkendol & got 2 bags of flour Mrs Judson Cole & Mrs Lemon called, she is from Midland

Wed 28th - 14 yrs ago to day, My Dear Husband was laid to rest in the Byron Cemetery, I feel sad and lonely the bean Threshers came to day after dinner

Thurs 29th - wee received a letter form Blanch Vanburen last evening

Frid 30th - Wm & Kittie went to Durand Sat----- Oct 1st - 1896

Sat 1st - Kittie took me to the Cemetery I visited my dead then she took me to Ellas

Sund 2d - Ella and I went to Church, after dinner Kittie came for me

Monday 3d - Mrs Hunt & Mrs Jabez Close came and spent all day Mr Jewel called and paid me some money, Mr Waltz called Wm paid our Church Note to day $50.00 dol

Tues 4th - Mr Cornelus Wiltsie cut his throat and is dead

Wed 5th - Wm took me to Idas to day

Thurs 6th - Wm took me to Byron to visit with Hattie Cole and her brother Don, and Wife Mrs Sutherard, I spent the day verry pleasantly done a good deal of trading I bought a dress for myself, a bathtub $1.30 cts cabbage cutter .25 cts 2 pearing knives .10 cts

Frid 7th - I done part of Kitties Ironing She and Wm went to Durand

Sat 8th - I cut and sewed on a wrapper

1898 Sund Oct 9th - Oct 14th I paid Dr Sleath $1.00 dol for Byron Heral(d) til 1899 Kittie girles and myself went to Church Text Enoch walked with God. I gave the minister $5.00 dol after Church I visited my dead once more, oh how lonely I feel

Mond 10th - Kittie went to Gaines to meet a dear friend Mrs Beebee from Lacross Wisconsin, She was here - 12 yrs ago this month

Tues 11th - it has cleared off nicely

Wed 12th - Wm & Kittie has gone to Lansing to attend the unveiling of Ex Govenor Blaires Monument at Lansing Mrs Kirkendol is here washing and getting dinner

Thurs 13th - Kittie took Mrs Beebee and myself to Mrs Isaac Barnums to spend the day

Frid 14th - Kittie took us to Dr Sleaths to spend the day

Sat 15th - general housework, Wm started the Cole Stove to day

Sund 16th - Wm took Mrs Beebee Catharine & myself to Church Sermon ye ought always pray Mrs Hattie Cole came home with us to dinner, wee spent the afternoon pleasantly

Mond 17th - Kittie invited guests for tomorrow

Tues 18th - this forenoon Wm went to Byron with the Surry and got Mr & MrsGulick and Mrs Sleath - Mrs Isaac Barnum Mr R Crawford and little Major Smith Mr & Mrs Andrew Williams all acquaintance of Mrs Beebee Wm and Kittie entertained them pleasantly Mrs Kirkendol came and helped Kittie done all the cooking herself I bought a book Miss Fransis Willard of Riley Crawford paid him $2.00 dol

Wed 19th - Kittie has gone to gaines with Mrs Beebee - I bade her farewell forever

Thurs 20th - I heard Mrs Sam Atherton fell dead from her chair yesterday

Frid 21st - Kittie and I went to the house of mourning it is sad not one moments warning

Sat 22d - rained last night Legrand is hauling my Cole Mrs Beebee and I visited my dead Sunday - the 16th

1898 Sund Oct 23d - Kittie and I attended Mrs Sam Athertons funeral at Gaines Rev Sanburn delivered the sermon, blessed are the dead that die in the Lord it was a verry large funeral - Mr Rheubotom of Finton firnished the Hearse and Coffin

Mond 24th - Kittie Wm took me to Byron, - I sent a box to AnnArbor Wm took it to the Deypot - I bought 2 Satteen dresses one for Kittie one for myself 1 pr Stockens for Sister Mary

Tues 25th - Kittie, Catharine, & Mrs Mulkin, went to Detroit, - Kittie bought two dresses and a Cloak for herself, several other things they returned at half past 10 ocl evening Mrs Nelson Smith, spent all day with me pleasantly

Wed 26th - it is snowing this morning the first this fall Mr Stone came with Mr Legrand Schad this morning

Thurs 27th - it is a lovely day, A hard frost last night, Legrand Schad lifted my plants Mrs Mulkin cut and fitted my Satteen dress is cutting a black worsted for Kittie, Catharine & Lillie went to visit Byron School to day

Frid 28th - it is cold finished ironing Mr Matison is putting a floor in School house

Sat 29th - Mrs Mulkin is making black Sattin Waist for Kittie Elder Joslin made a verry pleasant call Wm has gone to Toledo Kittie took Mrs Mulkin to Byron

Sund 30th - Kittie took Catharine & Lillie to Church & Sabath School

Mond 31st - Kittie took her washing to Mrs Kirkendol
Wed 26th Wm sold 11 hogs that Weighed 2320 lbs to Kelseys 3.25 pr hundred and 2 hogs that Weighed 920 lbs for .03 cts pr lb

1898 Tues Nov 1st - Kittie, Mrs Bert Mc Kinney, Mr & Mrs Frank Hunt went to Perry I ironed Mrs Mulkin is making a black Satin waist for Kittie

Wed 2d - She finished a black dress for Kittie, it is a lovely day Mr Wm Schad is in Toledo wee expect him home to night, I bought some edging of a peddler and buttons paid .60 cts

Thurs 3d - merc 60 above Wm took me to see Sister Mary - I received a letter from Geenie Forshee

Frid 5th - merc 60 above I made a pillowcase, and finished a mother hubbard

Sat 5th - merc 60 above wee let the fires runn low, it rained all night, - Legrand plowed yesterday wee have not had any frost to Kill any thing yet - it is lovely to day I finished a Sateen Wrapper Thursday forenoon, Wm went to Toledo

Sund 6th - Kittie and girles went to Church and Sabath School after dinner she went for Sister Mary

Mond 7th - Wm came home, Kittie met him - our School commenced after vacation of 2 weeks

Tues 8th - Town Meeting, Legrand has gone to Durand I received an Express of a making of a wrapper from Newcombs and Endicots paid $3.00 dol, Express .25 cts

Wed 9th - it is raining My Eye troubles me is verry weak, - all my plants are in the North Window

Thurs 10th - it is snowing about 6 inches on the ground at 2 ocl afternoon

Frid 11th - it is a lovely day after the storm and thawing

Sat 12th - A lovely day I received a letter from Mrs Beebee Lacroux Wis

Sund 13th - Stormy snowed all day

1898 Mond Nov 14th - it has cleared off is thawing

Tues 15th - A lovely day Snow going, Wm took Sister Mary to Bernards I received $20.00 dol from Mr Fasket to be applied on Note

Wed 16th - A nice day and thawing

Thurs 17th - finished my Callico wrapper

Frid 18th - there was a Thunder Shower last night, and rained this morning the snow is almost gone, there has not been any frost in the ground yet the grass and every thing is green

Sat 19th - Mrs Mulkins came to make me a black worsted wrapper

Sund 20th - foggy and warm snow all gone verry muddy

Mond 21st - raining then cleared off warm, Charley Gale is here making sheep racks

Tues 22d - Mrs Mulkin finished my wrapper in the forenoon for which I paid her $2.25 cts Wm took her to Byron, it began to freze the ground, the first this fall, - Legrand finished sheep racks to day 9 of them

Wed 23d - merc 28 above Wm and Kittie has gone to Durand this afternoon

Thurs 24th - it is Thanksgiving day, thank our Heavenly Father for life health and every blessing received the past year

Frid 25th - Kittie, Wm and Lillie, Catharine has gone to take Thanksgiving dinner at the Oppera for the benefit of the Methodist Church .25 cts apiece, they realized $52.00 dol A man took dinner with us, Kittie is sick has not sit up to day

Sat 26th - Kittie is not up yet - about 1/2 an inch of snow fell last night

Sund 27th - Cold road rough froze up

Mond 28th - Wm went to Gaines and met a friend Mr J Kline from Detroit

Tues 29th - Wm, Mr Kline Mr Will Close Dr Howard & Willis Lowrie went hunting

Wed 30th - went hunting again Wm took Mr Kline to take evening train

1898 Thurs Dec 1st - I paid pr Wm paid for my Cole to day $17.91 cts - 3 Tons, 500 lbs My Cole has cost to date Feb 14th $22.07 cts to Mr Close when wee sold the hay 11 Tons Cole $5.50 bought Cole $2.31 Cole cost me this winter $30.29 Kittie attended Mrs Addison Lewis funeral

Frid 2d - merc 38 above Wm & Frank Hunt went to Pitsburg - Mr Lola Stone called

Sat 3d - merc 38 above Wm & Legrand hauled Beans to the Elevator - Closes

Sund 4th - merc 38 above dark and gloomy thawing

Monday 5th - Wm is hauling beans, wee heard George Struble was dead

Tues 6th - Kittie went to the house of mourning Nettie Kanouse husband is dead

Wed 7th - Wm & Kittie attended the funeral, Heavenly Father comfort the young widow

Thurs 8th - the Methodist Society are having a Church fair this week Wm sold the Beans to day Thurs, Dec 8th for .85 cts pr bush 513 bush Amounted to $436.69 cts - to Close my share $144.23 cts - my share of hay sold to Close $40.00 received payment

Frid 9th - Wm and Kittie spent afternoon and evening at Church entertainment

Sat 10th - merc 28 above I ironed there is one inch of snow

Sund 11th - merc 34 above Legrand has gone with Lillie, and Catharine, to Sunday School

Mond 12th - Wm and Kittie has gone to Durand, about one inch of snow fell last night

Tues 13th - merc 8 above verry pleasant Legrand and Kittie are washing, they set up the Cole Stove Mond 12th was my dear Companions 86th birth day

Wed 14th - merc 20 above it is cold and cloudy

Thurs 15th - Wm took me to see Sister Mary they heard Ezekiel Jewel died with shock of paralisis

Frid 16th - merc 38 above Kittie went to Owosso and bought a dol(l) for Catharine A Christmas present $4.00 dol

Sat 17th - merc 40 Mr E Jewel was buried in Byron 2 ocl this afternoon Mr & Mrs Frank Bush called he said Mr Mc Donold on County line was dead would be buried to morrow at 11 ocl Sunday Wm took the little girles to practice for Christmas evening

1898 Sund Dec 18th -

An Obituary Notice

CHARLAND-Dec. 18, Alexander, beloved husband of Annie Charland, 909 Vinewood avenue. Funeral Wednesday, Dec. 21, 9 a. m. from residence, and from St. Joachim's church at 10 a. m.

FERGUSON-Dec. 18, 1898, Annie Ferguson, daughter of John Ferguson, Sr., 385 McKinstry avenue. Funeral Wednesday, Dec. 21 at 2:30. Funeral private.

GINNAN-Dec. 19, at residence, 230 Woodbridge street east, Daniel E. husband of Ann Ginnan, aged 25 years. Funeral from residence, Thursday, Dec. 22, at 8:30 a. m., and to SS. Peter and Paul's (Jesuit) church at 9 o'clock.

HARDING- Dec. 18, 1898, at late residence, 334 Merrick avenue, Francis Harding, aged 50 years. Funeral from Lincoln Avenue M. E. church Tuesday at 2 p. m.

HANSEN-Dec. 18, Margaret, beloved wife of Mathias Hansen and mother of Edward J. Hansen, aged 68 years. Funeral from residence, 211 Adams ave. east, Wednesday at 8:30 a. m. and from St.

MYERS-At his sister's residence, 350 Woodbridge st. east, Dec. 19, Henry Myers formerly of 176 Beech st., aged 63 years. Notice of funeral hereafter.

MIDDEL-At 61 Mitchel ave., Wm. Middel, Monday, Dec. 19, beloved husband of Rena Middel, aged 27 years 6 months. Burial Thursday morning at 8 30 from house and 9 o'clock from St. Elizabeth's church, cor. McDougall and Canfield aves.

MICHELS-Dec. 19, Philip Michels, husband of Gertrude Michels. Funeral Wednesday from residence, 460 McDougall avenue at 8 a. m., and to Our Lady of Help church.

MOTT-Dec.19,1898, at his late resi dence, 6 Victoria avenue. Windsor, Ont., James Nelson, in his 52nd year. Funeral Wednesday at 2 p. m., to St. Johns church, Sandwich.

SAUNDERS-At Port Huron, Dec.18, Mrs Clarinda Saunders, aged 66 years. Funeral Wednesday, Dec. 21, at 1 p. m. from John A. Dick's chapel, 20 Adams W.

merc 38 Kittie and girles went to Church and Sabath School

Mond 19th - Legrand and Kittie washed the the snow is gone

Tues 20th - merc 40 above Wm took me to Byron, I traded in Mrs Coles

Wed 21st - Charley Fowler came last evening roads are good

Thurs 22d - Mrs Duncan sent me a Christmas letter and present a book of Poems and 3 handkerchiefs

Frid 23d - it rained all day verry moderate at night it snowed about one inch Mrs Charley took tea with us

Sat 24th - Legrand took the girles to Byron to practice for Christmas Wm sold 10 sheep to Frank Hunt - and bought a horse of him I received a letter from Robert Cowan - Kittie sent one to Roger

Sund 25th - merc 30 above Christmas day lovely bright and clear wee all gave & received gifts

Mond 26th - merc 26 above I sent for Freepress to day by Wm Schad Mr & Mrs Tubs and dear little Almeda took dinner with us

Tues 27th - Snowing a little I received a letter from Robert Cowan

Wed 28th - merc 26 above Wm and Kittie went to Durand received a letter from Mrs Duncan

Thurs 29th - merc 50 above Wm took me to Byron - I daone some trading it is a lovely day

Frid 30th - merc 26 above Mrs Bostwick and her Mother Mrs Sweet spent the day pleasantly

Sat 31st - merc at zero morning it is cold Ida Haviland called for 2 hours

yesterday Farewell - 1898 Time like a flowing river, - once past, is past forever My days are passing quickly by And I'me a pilgrim Stranger - would not detain them as they fly, those hours of toil and danger

1899 Sund Jan 1st - no snow road froze and rough

Mond 2d - Legrand went to Durand - is appointed Deputy Sherriff

Tues 3d - merc 50 above Kittie washed, James Haviland sent Wm a present

Mrs Mc Kinney called, verry pleasant, no snow

Wed 4th - merc 30 above it rained all day, til evening - wee received a letter from Roger M

Thurs 5th - snowed a little all day - Received a letter from Mrs Duncan

Frid 6th - snowed all day about 4 inches fell, Lillie fell & hurt her arm

Sat 7th - merc 14 above noon clear cold and drifting. Merc 8 above zero 10 o'clock at night

Sund 8th - merc 40 above morning A lovely day merc 38 above 4 ocl afternoon the snow going fast I received a letter from Kittie Ferguson Kittie & Catharine one from Charley Stanard - I received a letter from Roger M with Tax

Mond 9th - Kittie washed - I put sleeves in her wrapper

Tues 10th - merc 26 above I ironed - I wrote a letter to Kittie Ferguson, Lillie went to School

Wed 11th - merc 30 above Wm & two Mr Dodges are filling the Ice house

Thurs 12th - merc 40 above the two Mr Dodges are here - it is thawing they finished hauling Ice

Frid 13th - the Mr Dodges are finishing hauling sawdust - the snow is gone I sent a letter to the Freepress Office and one to Kittie Ferguson

Sat 14th - merc 40 above all day it rained & snowed a little last night - it is all gone, a lovely day

Sund 15th - merc 40 above it (is) thawing - the causeway is overflowed, wee received a letter from Mrs Aldrich Cal.

Mond 16th - merc 20 above Kittie washed, a lovely day, I received a letter from Jessie Rhodes

Tues 17th - merc 28 above All the family attended - Ellen - May - Towers funeral but me Mr Dodge is putting in----- Wood

Wed 18th - merc 30 above A lovely day Wm and Kittie has gone to Durand, I finished ironing

Thurs 19th - A lovely day Mr Burlingame is helping to trim sheeps toes, Mr Dodge worked yesterday

Must I go and emty handed, Must I meet my Savior there

1899 Thurs May 5th - Wm went to Corunna with a Mortgage against E B Welch for which I paid him $2.00 dol

Also on this page a notice of mortgage sale
MORTGAGE SALE.-Whereas default has been made and excuted by Elijah B. Welch and Jennie S. Welch, his wife, parties of the first part, to Catharine Haviland, party of the second part, which said mortgage bears date the eighteenth day of April, 1892, and is recorded in office of the Register of Deeds, in and for the county of Shiawassee and state of Michigan, in Liber forty-five (45) of Mortgages, on page four hundred and fifty-four (454), on the nineteenth (19) day of April, 1892; on which mortgage there is claimed to be due at the date of this notice, for principal and interest, the sum of six hundred and forty-four dollars and eighty cents (644 80-100), together with an attorney fee of of twenty dollars, as provided by law, and as stipulated for in said mortgage, and no proceedings at law or in equity having been instituted to recover the said sum of money secured by said mortgage and herein claimed to be due and owing thereon or any part thereof.

Notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, and the statutes of the state of Michigan, in such case made and provided, said mortgage will be foreclosed by sale of the premises described therein, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy the said sum of money due and owing thereon as aforsaid, with interest thereon at the rate of seven per cent from the date of this notice, together with said attorney's fee and all legal costs and expenses of this foreclosure, at public auction or vendue, to the highest bidder, at the front door of the Court House, in the city of Corunna, Michigan (that being the place of holding the circuit court for the county of Shiawassee), on the 22nd DAY OF AUGUST, 1898, at TEN o'clock in the forenoon of said day. The lands and premises are substantially described in said mortgage as follows, to wit., village lots, as follows: The east half (1/2) of lots one (1) and two (2), in block number twenty (20), in said village of Byron, Shiawassee county and state of Michigan.

Dated May 26th, 1898. Catharine Haviland, Mortgagee. Austin E. Richards, Attorney for Mortgagee. A bill from A. E. Richards Attorneys at law
For Welch Mortgage Foirclosure
Att fee $20.00
Register of Deeds for recording deed 2.00
Sheriff ? on sale 3.00
Printer bill notice of sale 24.75 49.75
23d I sent to A E Richards $50.75 cts
fifty dol Seventy five cts $1.00 is Revenue Stamp Will went to Corunna to day to attend the sale, for which I paid him $2.00 dol I paid Wm $2.00 for going to Corunna A letter from A.E.Richards Attorney Special attention given to Tax Titles and Chancery Practice. Corunna, Mich. Aug 22d, 1898

M W B Schad

Byron M. Dear Sir; In figuring the cost in the forclosure case I forgot to figure the revenue stamps required to be placed on the sheriffs deed. I have put the stamp on amounted to one dollar which you can send me when convenient. Yours Very Truly A.E. Richards

I awoke my eyelids were wet, - with the tears, I had shed it was onely a dream, but I will never forget What the dream to my reasoning said, Though you wander away from the work of to day, from its duties, that bring onely pain for another may finish your labor begun, but its better your hand should not leave it undone Catharine Haviland 1899

A very tragic end was the fate of Thomas Campbell, a former resident of this city, at Rose City, Mich., last week. Campbell formerly resided here and at one time was egineer on the Owosso & Corunna street car line when it was first started. He had been working in a saw mill at Rose City. While operating a saw there he fell upon the rapidly revovling teeth and before he could be rescued or the machinery stopped he had been literally sawed in two. His many friends here in Owosso will regret the deplorable accident which caused his sudden death.


Word has been received here bringing the news of the awful fate which befell Winnie Lemon, a former Corunna boy, near South Bend Indiana, last week. He had been enjoying a rest of a few days, caused by the factory, in which he had been working, closing down. Accepting the invitation of a brother, a freight conductor on the Grand Trunk road, he started out Wednesday to take a trip. Shortly after leaving South Bend, the brother started over the tram to the engine to get a drink. Winnie started to the caboose but was never again seen alive. He fell between the cars and his mangled body was found in halves along the rail. He was well known here, being a member of the Maccabee lodge. His many friends will regret to learn of his tragic death. He had been wedded about three months and leaves a wife to mourn his loss.


The opening session of the September term of the circuit court begun Monday, with Judge S. F. Smith and the members of the county bar in attendence. The rooms are now made quite light and airy by the addition of the new windows recently placed in the building by Sheriff Scougal.

Robert Cowan, Angola, Stuben Co Indiana
May Atherton, 209 Nomial St. Ypsilanti
Ida Ray No 660 - 19th St Oakland California
Mrs Laura Gale, No 110, Chestnut St, Lansing, Mich
Mr John Ferguson No 131 Wabash Ave Detroit Mich
Mrs A C Middlesworth Vacaville California
Mrs Sam - Vanburen - 42 - Winder - St - Detroit - Mich
Mrs Margaret Duncan 646 - 15th St Detroit
Mrs Byron Bostwick address - 415 - Everett St Kansas Citty,Kansas
Robert Ferrys Address Eauclaire Po - Berrien Co Mich 1899

A newspaper article

The will of John O'Connor, who died in 1891, leaving an estate worth about $34,000, was confirmed in the Wayne circuit court yesterday, Judge Reilly so instructing the jury after a three days trial. Mr. O'Connor left the bulk of the estate to his two neices, Mrs Van Buren and Miss O'Connor, of Detroit. Other relatives in Ohio contested the will on the ground that he was unduly influenced by his Detroit neices and was mentally incompetent. A program from the meeting of the Pioneer and Historicl Society


Wednesday and Thursday, June 1 and 2, 1892.
Standard Time.
1. Prayer- Rev. W. F. Dickerman.
2. Music: Hymn-"Blest be the Tie that Binds."
3. Reading of the Minutes of 1891.
4. Report of the Recording Secretary, Geo. H. Greene.
5. Music: Duet- Mrs John J. Stealy and Earl Mead.
6. Report of the Treasurer, M. L. Coleman.
7. Report of the Corresponding Secretary, Geo. H. Greene.
8. Report of the Committee of Historians, Col. M. Shoemaker, Chairman.
9. Music: Solo-"Pauline," Miss Besse Lisk.
10. Report of the Memorial Committee bu Counties.
11. Sketch of Rev. Gabriel Richard- Hon, Thomas A. E. Weadock of
Bay City; read by Edwin J. Pink.
12. Appointment of Committee to Nominate Officers for 1892-3.
13. Music: Duet- "Murmuring Sea," Mrs John J. Stealy and Mrs.
Geo. W. Coleman.
Standard Time.
1. Prayer- Rev. Louis Grosenbaugh.
2. Music: Quartette- " We Came from the Old Granite State
H. R. Pratt, Fred B. Lee, George W. Coleman, John J.
Stealy. Messrs. C. H. Thompson, Arthur Babcock,
W. C. Haines, William Patterson.
3. Address of the President-John H. Forester, Williamston.
4. Music: Solo-"Fiddle and I." -Miss Bessee Lisk.
5. The French Element-Fred Carlisle, Detroit.
6. Music: Solo-L. A. Baker.
7. Five Minute Speeches.
8. Music: "Memory's Bells"-Harmonia Quartette.
Standard Time.
1. Prayer- Rev. H. S. Jordan.
2. Music: Solo-"Bessie the Maid of Dundee"-Miss Juna Todd.
3. Sketch of John R. Grout-John H. Foster, Williamston.
4. Music: Solo-Mrs Geo. Riley.
5. Indian Reminiscences-Mrs. Helen Nichols Caldwell, Battle Creek
6. Music: Solo-"Darby and Joan"-Miss Eva Hutchinson.
7. Historical Paper-Ex-Gov. Austin Blair, Jackson.
8. Five Minute Speeches.
9. Six Months on Long Island-John F. Hinman, Battle Creek.
10. Music: Solo-"Why the Cows Came Home Late"-John E. Daniels.
Standard Time.
1. Prayer-Rev. C. H. Beale.
2. Music: "we'd Bide a Wee"-Mrs. Geo Riley.
3. Michigan's Court of Chancery-ExGov. Alpheus Felch Ann Arbor.
4. Music: Solo-Miss Stella Cheney.
5. Reminisces of Seventeen Years' Residence in Michigan, 1836-1853 Hon. Geo. H. Hazelton, Elwood, N. J.; read by Chas.
H. Tompson.
6. Music: Solo-"Janet's Choice," Mrs. Geo. Dumond.
7. A Sketch of the Life of Capt. Samuel Ward, and a Glance at the
Early Commerce of the Lakes- Hon. William L. Ban croft, Port Huron.
8. Five Minute Speeches.
9. Music: Solo-"I've Something Sweet to Tell You," Miss Mildred
Standard Time.
1. Prayer-Rev. W. H. Osborne.
2. Music-Mrs. Stealy's CHORUS.
3. Pere Marquette, the Missionary Explorer-Hon. Thomas A. E.
Weadock, Bay City, read by Edwin J. Pink.
4. Music: Solo-"Love's Sorrows"-Miss Neenah Jones.
5. Early Settlement and Settlers of the Township of Concord,
Jackson County-Judge Melville McGee, Jackson.
6. Music: Solo-"Anchored"-Ernest Sellers.
7. Five Minute Speeches.
8. Music:Students of the School for the Blind.
9. "Auld Lang Syne"-By the Audience.
10. Benediction-Rev. W. H. Osborne.
Musical Director-Mrs. John J. Stealy.
Stenographer-Miss Gertrude Wardwell.
Darius D. Thorp, Printer.
Mrs Hermans Recipe for Carpet bugs
1 oz of Chloride of Zink
1 oz of Alum
3 oz of salt
1qut of soft water, put together over night
drain then add 2 more quts of water
Sprinkel edges of Carpet as often as you like

1899 CORUNNA JOURNAL Gorsuch & Welch, Publishers.
An Estimable Citizen of Burns Township.

Mr Mark T. Boice, one of Burns most estimable citizens died very suddenly last Thursday morning, at his home one and half mile north of Byron. He had just finished his breakfast when he suddenly expired. The announcement of his death was received with sadness by his many friends who were not prepared for his sudden demise, although he had been in poor health for some time. Of late he appeared to be on the mend and his complete restoration to health was confidently hoped for. Mr Boyce was born in Addison township, Oakland county, on Dec. 14, 1841, and died March 30, 1899. He was one of a family of thirteen children, eight of whom still survive him. viz: Elmer, of Elsie, William of Rochester, Nicholas, of Laingsburg, Benjamin, of North Dakota, Sarah Sharts, of Laingsburg, Hanna Lanning, of Oxford, Edna Shurter, of Orion, and Labbie Whitesal, of Pontiac. He resided onfarm until seventeen years of age when he went to Oxford and learned the blacksmith trade. He afterwards worked at his trade in New York and Philladelphia. On Dec. 13, 1861, he enlisted in Co.,I, 10th regt Mich, infantry, and served until Feb. 17, 1863. when he was honorably discharged for disability contracted in the service. He came to Byron in 1869, and formed a copartnership with his brother, Jacob Boice, now deceased, in the blacksmithing business. The partnership was dissolved in 1885 and he moved on the farm where he died.

He was married to Miss Elizabeth Lahring in 1874, to whom were born one son, Harmon E. Boice, who is pursuing his medical studies in Philladelphia, but was called home on account of his fathers death. One daughter Miss Nora E., resides at home, who with the widow survive him.

Mr Boice was a prominent mason and an active member of Byron Lodge No. 80. He was also an honored member of D. G. Royce post G. A. R., also a member of the order of the Eastern Star.

Mr Boice was a good citizen, a kind neighbor, a fond husband and an affectionate father, his death will be sincerly mourned by his many friends. The family has the earnest sympathy of the entire community in their irreparable loss.

The funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at his late home under the auspices of the masonic fraternity and was largely attended, many of his old friends of this city being in attendance. 1899

A note on a seperate piece of paper

Byron; Oct 10/98. Mrs. S. R. Kelsei.

Oct - 1898
Wm Threshed 179 bush of Wheat
660 bush Corn

A newspaper Article

Saginaw, Mich., November 19.- James Stewart, of the James Stewart Company (Ltd.) related a strange experience to The Detroit Free Press correspondent to-day, in connection with the death of his father, Duncan Stewart, this morning at Detroit. "I awoke early this morning," said he, "and was startled by a bright light overhead and looking up, the face of my departed mother appeared before me. I was about to say 'mother' to her when I noticed the face of my father close to hers. My mother's face looked bright while my father's appeared very pale and wore a grave. I felt at once that he passed away and a moment after the dear faces grew indistinct and I watched them until they faded away. I lay quiet for a moment, dazed at what I had seen and knew that it was no hallucination as I was wide awake at the time. I asked my wife if she had observed a light in the room and she replied 'No.' I then related what I had seen and she said 'they are reunited at last.' I got a light and looked at the clock to note the time, and remarked , 'It is a few minutes after five. Shortly before six I was called to the 'phone and the first words I heard were: 'is that you Brother James?' I answered and my brother Dun can, of Detroit, said : 'Father is dead; he died a few minutes after five.' I said: 'I knew it,' and he asked, 'How did you know it?' I then related what I had seen and he said 'It is very strange.' I don't pretend to account for this for I am no believer in spiritualism and am not superstitiouse, but the occurrence has produced a strong impression on my mind that there is some connection between this world and the next when dear ones will thus reappear to us."

Another Newspaper article
Sure Cure for Dipheria.

The following is said to be the best known, at least it is worth trying, for physicians seem powerless to cope with the desease successfully: At the first indication of diptheria in the thraot of a child make the room close; then take a tin cup and pour into it a quaitity of tar and turpentine, equal parts. Then hold the cup over a fire so as to fill the room with fumes. The little patient, on inhaling the fumes, will cough up and spit out all the membraneous matter and the diphtheria will pass off. The fumes of the tar and turpentine loosens the matter in the throat and thus afford the relief that has baffled the skill of physicians.

Another newspaper article
Possessed by a Girl Who Reads With Her Hands. [Portland Oregonian.]

Ethel Gilliam, a young girl living with her parents some ten miles east of Palouse, is at present the subject of close attention on the part of doctors and others as the result of remarkable resuscitation from supposed death.

Late last fall Ethel was taken seriously ill. At that time she was an apparently strong, robust, healthy girl with every faculity alert. After a long illness she died, so it was thought. The body was cold and clammy and soon became rigid. She was mourned as dead and arrangements were made to bury her on the third day. The little body was placed in the casket and all arrangements made to consign the remains to the earth. A glass case was over the face of the child, and about an hour before the services, while the heart-broken mother was taking her last look at the dear face, she saw the eyes open as if from a deep sleep. The cover was only laid on the casket. The mother removed it and the child at once sat up, and in a pained voice said: "Oh, mamma, I wish you had not recalled me. But why is everything so black? Why do you not light the lamp?" An examination then showed that the child was totally blind, though every other faculty was perfect. Although blind she seemed endowed with a wonderful power that enabled her to read and see by the sense of touch alone.

She told her parents that she had been in heaven and had seen Jesus and the angles and many friends who had gone before.

Although blind, this girl can read by passing her fingers over the printed or written page, and can describe persons whose pictures were handed to her. The latter power was first discovered by J. B. Cawthorn, a photographer, whose mother lives in Walla Walla. He told the marvelous story to a Sunday school in Palouse City, and Mr. Gray and wife, hearing it, drove out to the home of the girl to see for themselves. Mr Gray first handed the sick girl his watch, and she told him that it was a gold watchand the time of day by passing her fingers over the glass.

To make sure her power was genuine a paper was heldbetween her face and the photograph that Mr. Gray handed to her, and she described the picturs perfectly as that of an old gentleman with gray whiskers, wearing a dark suit and a cavet. She read from books and papers handed to her by the use of her fingers. Mr and Mrs. Gray tell many other wonderful things in relation to this child. She has now been ill 100 days, and has not been able to digest any food. ______________

[Obituary Card in Eldorado (Kan,) Times.]

I desire to thank the friends and neigbors most heartily in this manner for their united aid and co-operation during the illness and death of my recent husband, who escaped from me by the hand of death on Friday last while eating his breakfast, To the friends and all who contributed so willingly toward making the last moments and funeral of my husband a howling success I desire to be remembered most kindly, hop ing these few lines will find you enjoying the same blessing. I also have a good milch cow and a roan gelding horse which I will sell cheap-God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform. He plants His footsteps in the sea and rides upon the storm-also a black and white shoat very low.

M. S. R. Monsignor, - Manuel Santander, Bishop of Havanna Mrs Goodspeed

for a number 5 slipper 50 stitches on a needle of Carpet warp Knit around 10 times plain, - knit 2 stitches. Seam one, have a seam, stitch on one needle, narrow one stitch each side of the seam every time around

Mrs Goodspeeds remedy for piles the bark off Bittersweet root sweet cream put in the Tea after boiling down til it makes oil it is good for piles

Recipe for weak eyes

Spirits of Niter reduced one half with rain water, in case of inflamation, wet cloths and lay them on the eyes

A newspaper article

STATE OF MICHIGAN, In the Circuit Court for the County of Shiawassee, In Chancery. Catherine Haviland, Complainant. vs.

Robert Carter, Eleanor Carter, his wife, Sarah C. Carter, adminstratrix of the estate of Charles W. Carter, deceased. Eleanor Carter Wayne Carter, Robert Carter, Lizzie Carter, minor children of Charles W. Carter, deceased, and the infant posthumus child of Charles W. Carter, deceased. Defendant.

In pursuance and by virtue of a final decall of said court made in the above entitled cause, on the 9th day of May, A. D. 1898, notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, one of the Circuit Court commissioners in and for said Shiawassee county, will sell at public auction or vendue, to the highest bidder at the front door of the court house in the city of Corunna, in the county of Shiawassee and state of Michigan, (that being the building in which the circuit court for the said Shiawassee county is held) on the 13th, day of May, A. D. 1899, at one o'clock in the afternoon of said day the following described lands and premises viz: The south-west quarter of the south-west quarter of section thirty-five in township number six, north of range four east, of the state of Michigan containing forty acres of land. Dated, March 30th, 1898 Joseph H. Collins Circuit Court Com missioner for the county of Shiawassee Austin E. Richards, Solicitor for the Complainant, Corunna, Mich.