Classic Plane Making
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Hollows and Rounds
Hosted by Tod Herrli

    This show, the first in a series of plane making videos, will show the viewer how to design and construct a pair of size #14 Hollow and Round.  Tod Herrli uses a mix of traditional and modern construction methods in this introduction to wooden plane making.  This type of plane is the most basic molding plane and yet, with a complete set , you can create or re-create any style of molding.  After you have completed your first pair of planes, you will be ready to make an entire set, or move onto more complicated molding profiles.

    The DVD has 15 chapters for direct access to any section of the show, including the measured drawings.

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****  Floats you say, I don't have any planemaker's floats!  Not to worry, Tod shows you how to make your own set.

****  Sharpening, how do I sharpen a hollow iron???   Tod shares his grinding and buffing secrets.

    The tape comes with a complete set of plans for the planes and all the jigs needed.  Here are a few behind the scenes shots of the location shoot at greenwoodworking .

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    If you don't want to do make your own irons, Bob Howard, of   St. James Bay Tool Co.  will sell you the blanks you need for your planes.  They are made from O-1 Steel.  Just let him know what size plane you are making and he will send you the irons.  Then just scribe the plane profile on the iron, grind, harden (the fun part) and temper.  He will also have Side and Edge floats .  You can contact Bob at  (800) 574-2589 for more information.

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Measured Drawings included with Video as a PDF File


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