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Welcome to the redesigned Vanity Plate Project Site. During the hiatus we received quite a few emails regarding the status of the project. Now that our prayers have been answered, the upcoming shows presents us with an opportunity to move forward once again. We will be out at the phish shows with camera, and hope to be able to get the plates we need by then. Please continue to send in your plates, we will update the site regularly to keep you informed.

We are working together with others to acquire Digital Photographs of Vanity Phish license Plates. Our goal is to obtain quality photos of Phish Plates from every state in the country. We want to make a poster of the photos and distribute them to everyone involved in the project.

Similar to what Dead fans did in the late 80's when vanity plates became more available to the public. Although, we believe the publication Unbroken Chain based in Richmond, VA came up with the idea and sold the posters to fans. We here at the Vanity Plate Project however will distribute the posters free to everyone who sends in a photo or helps us with production.

If you are interested in participating, or have a photo to send in, click the link at the left to send us an email. Please be sure to read the rules for submissions as well. All photos will be used, providing they fit the submission rules, regardless of the state or wording. Even duplicate plate wording will be used! Send it all!

Thanks again for all the support and we look forward to seeing you on the Holiday Run!

Shawn and Greyson

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