Cloverdale Farm

Welcome to Cloverdale Farm, our country oasis on the Internet. The "real" Cloverdale Farm actually exists outside of Lismore, Minnesota. It was homesteaded by John Conrad and C. Mae Graf, Dee's grandparents, and remained in the family until their death. Family folklore has it that when Conrad proposed marriage to the young schoolmarm, Mae, she accepted with one caveat. She would marry him once he built a house for her on the farmland. Every Sunday, weather permitting, Conrad would pick Mae up in the buggy and driver her out to the site to inspect the building progress. When the house was finished to Mae's satisfaction, they were married. The word around town that day was, "Did you hear hear that Spitfire and Tightwad were married today?" The "spitfire" tradition has continued down the female line to this day.
So kick off your shoes, loosen that tie, and enjoy life on the farm with us. There are a lot of fun nooks and crannies to explore on the farm and no chores to speak of. Our cows take care of themselves, the corn grows tall whether it rains or not, and there's always time for a picnic or a good book. Enjoy!
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Last Updated: January 6, 2001