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April 8, 1998

June 25, 1999

February 2005


1985 CJ7 Restoration


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After taking the summer off from my restoration I am back to work on Project CJ7...

Back in 1990 when I bought my 85 CJ7 I was in my glory.
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Now it is slowly coming apart at the seams.

Bolt by bolt I plan to totally restore this piece of American steel. Seems like a lifetime since I had my CJ  on the road but it has only been about 18 months. Anyone that has a Jeep or should I say a
GP knows just how I feel  about not driving it around. I guess you could call it...
I will sometimes go into greater detail with this project if I feel it is warranted. If you can pass along any helpful tips I will listen with an open ear. Can always use help or a shortcut !!!!

If you know of any helpful links please forward them to me so that they can be added to the links page. Only links to Jeep related sites will be considered.

If you have any spare parts you don't need or want let me know...I might need them and will pay the shipping.

I don't need any parts at the moment but ya never know what your gonna need in the future.



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