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My name is Kendra. I'm 13 years old, and this page is about my virtual pets - past and present.

This is a picture of my Talking Nano-Baby that I got for Christmas. It talks instead of beeping when it needs something. She lives to be 10 years (days) old, and then she grows up to be different things - like a bingo champion, or marrying a sweetheart. Here is a close up of her when she

is happy --- 

and not-so-happy ---

If you would like to hear her talk, click here.
You can see her acting silly by clicking here.
I like her because she is easy to take care of - but, she is always saying things like - "feed me!", "I'm sick!", "Let's play!", "Hey!", and more. She even snores sometimes, when she sleeps. Sometimes late at night I'll wake up and hear her saying, "let's play!"


    Tamagotchis first came out about 8 years ago. They stopped making them for a few years, and now they came out with Tamagatchi Connections.  This picture shows my original Tommy after he died. He is now an angel.

I had to change the batteries once. Now I mainly take care of my Talking Nano-Baby, and my new Tamagatchi Connection.  With the Tommy Connections you can let your Tommy play with other people's Tommys.  You point the Tommys at each other, and the 2 Tommys will become friends.  They can play games together, and even have baby Tommys!  You can have a lot of Tommys in your friends list - and whenever you are around another Tommy, they can play together.  Here are some pictures of my new Tommy Connection.
This is the Tamagotchi Connection.

This is my pet Amy. She doesn't look like much but she's only 2 days old.

This is a close up of Amy.  And, yes, that's a pile of Amy's poop that needs to be cleaned up - yuk.

This is my Giga Pet Bit Critter. He (or she - if you give it a girl's name) eats tiny computer chips, and batteries. He poops a lot - and I have to clean up after him. He gets sick sometimes, and I have to send him to the doctor. He likes to sleep with the lights out, and sometimes he's bad, and I have to punish him.
He knows some tricks, too. He can "reboot" himself, yell, make sparks, and play games. Oh yeah, he can wink, too. If you'd like to see him wink, just click here.
I have started Giga-pets named after everyone in my family, but they all died after turning 4 years old (4 days). My brother Jason has gotten my Giga-pet named Cass to live to be over 14 years old! Giga pets are made by a company called Tiger Electronics.

If your Virtual friend is sick - and you don't know what to do. Or - if you need some tips on raising the little bugger - Here are some places you can go to get help with keeping your pal alive!

For Tamagotchis:
The Tamagotchi Page - Health tips, How to's, and Links
For Giga Pets:
Dr. Giga Pet - Lot's of Giga info, even a giga discussion board.

And now for some

Since we first made this page some companies have stopped making Virtual pets.

Nano Babys - Playmate toys has stopped making Nanos. They don't even mention them on their website anymore.  If you would like to send them an email and tell them you want them to start making talking nanos again, go here and do it ---  Playmate Toys

Giga-Pets - Tiger doesn't make Giga's anymore, but I still sometimes see Digital Doggies and Salem the Cat giga's in the KB Toy store in the mall.  You can try there.  Here is their website - you can go here to tell them you want GIGA'S!!!  You'll have to click around to find the place to send them an email --- Tiger Electronics, Inc.

The only other place I know to get a Nano or Giga is on Ebay the Auction site.
I have seen both new and used talking Nano's, Giga pets, and Tommys
there from time to time.
GOOD LUCK in your Pet search!



Hey Kendra!...You can send me an email if you'd like to talk about your pets, or if you just want to say"HI KENDRA".   I'll try to write back but I get a LOT of email!!


You can also see my Dad's Web Page, which is really cool, but it's not about virtual pets.

Thanks for visiting! 

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