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12/01/2002 Update On Aquarian by Judy Rosenblum

Art Rosenblum was killed in a car accident on June 5th, 2002 at age 74. He was a peace activist since the 60's, a writer, printer, pilot, mechanic, and inventor. Art lived in the future. He called himself a futurist. He had a clear vision of the planet ruled by love. When he was 20, he went to Paraguay to join the pacifist Christian community called the Society of Brothers, where they followed the teachings of Jesus and held all things in common. He lived with them until he was 38, when he struck out on his own. For two years, he traveled all over the country setting up print shops for any group that opposed the Vietnam War, asking only room and board in communes along the way.

In 1969, he came to Germantown in Philadelphia to start a commune devoted to finding ways to bring about a whole new age of peace and love to the world. He created a small nonprofit organization called Aquarian Research Foundation. He wrote a newsletter for over thirty years about alternative lifestyles, safe energy, psychic research, and sustainable living. The first five years of the newsletter are published in his book, Unpopular Science.

Art had an offset press in his dining room, which he used to print newsletters and also a booklet on natural methods of birth control, which grew into a book that sold over 90,000 copies. When we married in 1976 after a 28-day courtship, I helped him edit the fifth edition. The next year, Art became a pilot at age 49 and started flying people all over to visit intentional communities. He took in printing apprentices to work for peace groups that needed printing done at cost. He printed and distributed 300,000 Big Party invitations in 1984 to visualize and celebrate, in advance, the disarmament of the world.

In 1988, he flew a Soviet social scientist to visit intentional communities in the U.S., and we wrote and produced the first video on such communities, called Where's Utopia? He influenced Ted Turner to create the Turner Tomorrow Award, which resulted in the prize-winning book, Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, who befriended Art.

He raised our two kids to be loving, free, creative, and caring about the needs of the world. He picked up every hitchhiker on the road that could fit in the car. He took in homeless people to live with us. He championed homebirth, home schooling, polyamory, communal living, natural foods, alternative medicine, and every cause that came down the road. He flew his small plane to Cuba a few times at age 70. He took in Freedom Summer kids to sleep on our floors every summer. He got himself arrested for civil disobedience trying to free Mumia. He promoted the Disclosure Project's efforts to get UFO information out in the open.

At 74, "seaweed man" still bounded down the stairs two at a time and built a loft with our daughter. He spent his last years writing articles to his listserv and teaching our son about electronics and politics. He started a free radio station, which the FCC shut down. He threw out our old printing press and got two old copy machines and made handouts about Dennis Kucinich and Israeli refuseniks. On his last drive out, he was transporting a computer that was to be the first in a project to give computers and mentoring to disadvantaged kids in the neighborhood.

Art wanted a world without money where everyone's needs would be met. He deeply believed that if he worked for the universe, the universe would work for him. And it did, many, many times. We even managed to keep an airplane somehow, on a poverty level income, because he did his own maintenance.

He never gave up trying. He said, “The difficult things we do right away; the impossible takes a bit longer." He didn't believe in death. He said that death is just a change of lifestyle. He thought he could be more effective from the other side.

Most of the back issues of his newsletter are still available from the Aquarian Research Foundation, along with copies of The Natural Birth Control Book, some of his audio tapes, as well as the videos we produced, Where’s Utopia, and Grow With Sound And Spray, which are available by donation.

You can read our daughter (April)’s speech, which she read at Art’s memorial, here.

You can also visit April Rosenblum's website, for information on the work that she is doing to find a solution to the problems of anti-semitism on the Left. Any donations for this project are, as always, greatly appreciated (and tax-deductible). See the web site for more details.

12/01/2002 Re:Natural Birth Control

Our son Joel wrote a program to help women find their cosmic fertility times. If you know your sun-moon angle, all you need to do is go to this page in order to find the dates and times when your angle occurs throughout the year. Currently we are hosting this on our own computer, so it may be inaccessible at times.

archived news

What is the Aquarian Research Foundation?

Aquarian Research is a federally tax-exempt nonprofit association working since 1970 to find ways this planet can have a really positive future. We are not funded by any government or corporate interests so are free to look at any matter whatsoever that could bring the answers we need.

We look at all manner of new sciences, and also spiritual and cultural approaches. In 1970's we published the first book on natural birth control methods which, in 6 editions sold 100,000 copies in English and was translated into 4 other languages. We'd hoped natural methods would become popular and solve problems of over-population but discovered that birth control is not the problem. Over-population is due to insecurity which causes people to have many children.

In 1986, director and futurist Art Rosenblum was invited to the Soviet Union and met with Gorbachov's advisor on U.S. Affairs who later sent one of his scientists to help us make a video on communal living in America. Dr. Gladkov had done his Ph.D. thesis on American Communes but had never seen one. The Video is called WHERE'S UTOPIA?

It now has a long section on the German community of ZEGG, Center for Experimental Cultural Design.

Art also met with Ted Turner to get him to produce films on a positive future, and so far he has only produced a contest for the best novel leading to a positive future. ISHMAEL by Daniel Quinn was chosen from 2,358 submissions.

New Energy for Our Planet
Update: January 21st 2000

Back in October Randy Mills made his first presentation at a meeting of the American Chemical Society to share his discoveries of the new energy and a host of new chemical compounds never seen before. When I heard this was happening I spent hours on the phone calling every suitable publication to try to get the reporters to the conference. Amongst them was Wall St. Journal and Village Voice. WSJ sent Erik Baard and he did a great article which appeared on the Blacklight Power Website but then for some reason WSJ decided not to print it.

Erik quit and went to the Village Voice which asked him to expand the article and made it a cover story. Almost the whole of that article is reprinted in our newsletter 230 (12/26/99) which you can get to by clicking here.

We're now working on a major discovery which could bring the world to a very positive future in the next few years. We've met with Dr. Randell Mills, CEO of BlackLightPower Co., and discoverer of the fantastic energy which can be obtained from hydrogen atoms as they progress to a lower energy level and become a stable, inert gas! - or so it was at first believed. - now we know that they are expremely active in the right situation. - 1/21/2000

This new system can produce up to 1,000 times as much energy as is produced by burning hydrogen, and produces no harmful byproducts. It can provide decentralized power systems for the entire planet, and for vehicles. For instance, using this method a car can run 100,000 miles on a single tank of water!

All this is discussed in our newsletters #220 and #221, and a biography of Dr. Mills. We recently received a copy of his Australian patent, and have done four taped interviews with him. All this is available from Aquarian.

Since 1969, Aquarian has also published the Aquarian Alternatives newsletter, produced several videos and many audiotapes. At this time, we are not attempting to market those items, but people could call us for more information.

We feel that the new energy possibilities could revolutionize the planet in a very good way, but for that to really happen, we'll also need a major change in world thinking. Abundant energy could also be misused, but the new possibilities will really blow your mind. Every village could have electricity, video educational systems of all kinds, new ways to produce food and manufactured goods and a complete end to the use of fossil fuels.

We've also discovered a new system of organic agriculture which could bring healthy food to millions (without genetic engineering) and new cooperative lifestyles in which people could live a far happier life. We are going to have a really hard time between now and the year 2,000 as world computer systems learn to cope with the year "00", but in the end things will be much better than they are now. There is finally a possibility of real progress.


Radio for Peace International has (April 24, 1998) broadcast 35 minutes of our interviews with Dr. Mills. We have it available in RealAudio, and you can download it online by going to our radio programs page. Now we're working on a new broadcast which will be much more for lay people and at higher quality. Radio for Peace International reaches as many as 500 million people worldwide, but hardly any in the U.S.

We want to change that. In Portland, OR Art met with their founder, Dr. Richard Schneider and agreed to get tapes of their best programs to share with the low power FM or so called "pirate radio" movement - about 1,000 unlicensed FM stations operating on less than 100 watts, with a radius of one to five miles. Umax Technologies has donated a PowerMac S900 for that purpose (see newsletter #225).

COOPERATIVE LIVING will hopefully be the theme of other Radio For Peace Broadcasts in the future. We are beginning to realize that when energy becomes freely available, the competitive system would tend to abuse it. But in future, we'll need much more cooperative living instead of competition. Therefore we'll already be working with the Fellowship For Intentional Communities and using their website: to attract those who respond to our Energy Broadcast and lead them towards cooperative living. I expect Radio for Peace will agree to that, and I know Fellowship for Intentional Communities will be delighted.


Our work on a positive future goes way beyond energy solutions. Food and lifestyle are a main concern as are very low cost answers to excellent health. We can send out recent newsletters and audio and videotapes including the interviews with Dr. Mills, but we're overloaded with work until we get help with that also. We need free, creative, self-starters who want to change the world. Aquarian Research is a federally tax exempt 501 c3 and all donations are tax deductible. For printed information, send an address, label and stamps, or a donation to Aquarian Research (click to see our address).

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletters, Past and Present

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #231, May 30th, 2000

Newsletter 231 is our first and so far the only one since our return form Washington state. It tells why we went there and what we found, and why we returned to Philadelphia somewhat the wiser. Along with NL 231 is an article called (P)researching Our Future which is really an overview of what we have discovered in the whole 30 years we've been researching the future of our planet, a fine summary for new people. I gave out about 500 copies of that article at a conference led by Politics of Meaning and the New York Open Center. That's where I met videographer, David Lionel who later spent a week with us at the Shadow Convention in Philadelphia. More on that later.

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #230, December 26th, 1999

This is of course the last newsletter of the century and we are in the midst of Y2K preparation so did not have time for a careful job. But there are so many important new things happening that we could not delay and one of the greatest is a long article about Dr. Randell Mills and the new energy recently published in the Village Voice. The future is very bright after the Y2K time which we hope will be a time of spiritual transformation even if not very easy.

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #229, October 31st, 1999

Dr. Randell Mills has finally gone public and presented his discoveries to the American Chemical Society in Calif. And the Wall St. Journal picked it up and did a pretty accurate if also critical article about it. Also included here is Mills own press release.

There is also info on a type of helicopter that could be far simpler than what we have now and also info on Mumia's chance of a new trial. Finally we also have a way to get rid of your long distance bills and make every call a local call, including Information calls and local long-distance (intralatta) calls too!

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #228, July 21st, 1999

Newsletter 228 starts with a short report on new energy from the collapse of hydrogen atoms which produces up to a thousand times the energy of burning hydrogen, (a process now being studied by U.S,' National Laboratories at our request - Sept. 21, 1999).

Then follows the full speech to students of Evergreen College in WA by condemned political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal entitled "A Life Lived Deliberately" which resulted in such controversy that the Governor of WA was forced to decline his invite as keynote speaker.

Then a short review of PRISON MADNESS and a report of how a "primitive" tribe handles its offenders to create real and immediate healing and a report of how a group of kids have gained standing to sue major corporations on behalf of all children, born and unborn for damage to the environment, and finally latest news on Y2K preparations which still leave much to chance.

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #227, March 3rd, 1999

Finally a major breakthrough in energy for the world ! Dr. Randell Mills, CEO of Blacklight Power has agreed to help us put a FUEL-LESS heating system on the market THIS YEAR ! This is what we've been after for months and now we need manufacturers to work with us to produce these units which,when on the market, will convince folks that the new energy is real and that pollution and fossil fuel use is coming to an end. That could bring a positive future vision to millions and make the transition through Y2K far happier. ALSO - Great news on long distance phone systems including one that lets you talk all you want for a fixed monthly fee less than you pay now!

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #226, January 1st, 1999

This is our first newsletter since August when we were working on our move to Washington state. Now the action is really starting and you'll want to keep up with it. There's a good chance the new energy will be on the market in a simple heating unit before 2,000 !!

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #225, August 10th, 1998

Newsletter # 225 is about our visit to the Love Israel Family near Arlington, WA and our plans to move there on Sept. 12, 1998. The Millennium computer bug hits in about 500 days, and few are aware of the disaster that can be if we're not prepared for a cultural collapse. Sen. Bennett (R-UT) said: "If [it] came today it would be the end of civilization as we know it". We look at ways to make this change a transformative one instead. We have new info. on the real cause of the TWA-Flt. 800 crash and on OK City bombing, both terrible cover-ups. Also how corporations are trying to take over the world's food, and the Int'l Conf. of Indigenous Peoples in Virginia Beach Oct. 4 to 10, which need help to attend. Getting Long Distance at .05/min anytime, and our new project already started, putting Radio for Peace Int'l on the web.

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #224, April 28th, 1998

This newsletter has the best info. yet on Y2K the computer "glitch" that could devastate our whole culture. It's a speech by one of the world's leading economists to a group of international bankers warning them how serious the matter is and suggesting ways to handle it. Cooperation is his answer, but will it be accepted ? Heed his warning !

NL-224 is also about our search for community and many exciting items leading to a positive future for the planet. A history of Aquarian is included. The formatting is a little better than before, and we've got loads of pictures from our trip as well!

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #223, December 1st, 1997

Seeing as how much work it is to anchor each section of our newsletters, this will be the last one with a sort of "table of contents", and from now on, we will only anchor things that we either happen to mention in the description, or that we feel are very important and need to be seen.

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #222, September 20th, 1997
Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #221

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #220
Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #219

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #218

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #217

Aquarian Alternatives Newsletter #206

Newsletter 206 includes information about a visit to a free-love community in Germany (ZEGG), and of course, much more. Click here to subscribe to a listserv for people interested in forming ZEGG-style communities in the United States.

Pages of Interest

Children and Sexuality
In our present culture we take it for granted that sex is harmful to children. Of course for a child to get pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted disease is a lifetime tragedy. Therefore children should never have unprotected intercourse so we keep them ignorant to prevent that. But does it work ?

Sudden Social Change
One small planet stands at a unique crossroads. We can painfully resist world fascism by the WTO and the Bush takeover with an illegal government in total control from above, the rich getting far richer, and the poor in prison or otherwise enslaved: or we can rise up to cooperate with advanced cultures ready to help us move ahead faster than light !

"War On Drugs" = WAR ON THE POOR

More and more we are finding out that the "War on Drugs" is actually a War against the Poor of our planet !

It turns out that the major importer of drugs to the U.S.A. is actually our own CIA and related agencies who are supposed to be stopping it ! If you think this is crazy, yes, it is, but it is also true !

Urgent Need for Miracles to Elect Ralph Nader

We're finding out that G. W. Bush is much more of a Nazi than we had realized and that Gore is also guilty of allowing the CIA to bring huge amounts of drugs into our cities.

Therefore only Ralph Nader appears to be a candidate we can trust and just possibly (with enough miracles) even elect. This is just more evidence.

Bring Third Parties Into Presidential Debates

The presidential debates are presently in control of just the Republicans and Democrats who form a Debates Commission. Many people feel that is unamerican and that all candidates who have a chance of winning the electoral college vote if the popular vote supports them should be allowed to take part. That would at least include Ralph Nader and one or two others. Here's something you can do to help it happen.

Alternative Health Using Seaweed

Click the link above for an article on alternative health using seaweed. Art, who is 72, and still going strong, attributes his good health to seaweed which he buys now at $4/lb. and which contains all of the trace minerals in the sea which are missing from the soil because of 100 years of acid rain and no ice age in over 10,000 years.

Are We on the Threshold of a New Age?

Is there really a "new age"? Most of what people use those words for is shrouded in mystery, but here's an article we felt was sane and to the point. The writer perceives big changes ahead with the coming of the new millennium and is not even aware of the huge changes that a major computer system collapse could cause, or the amazing results of a whole new system of safe, clean energy which seems to be coming soon. We look forward to great things happening and believe this article is part of it.

The Institute of Global Education
"...The Institute of Global Education has created a learning experience that is global,experiential, wholistic and sustainable. So as to provide accessibility to all peoples, a pragmatic, individualized approach is used for determining prerequisites for courses.Outreach through the University of the Air assures accessibility to people throughout the world."

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