Distant Rumble was based in Santa Cruz, California.
The band recorded two albums between 1988 and 1989.

("Coincidence" and "Aftershocks", both on the Kharmatic Sounds label).

The original group consisted of Me -congas, percussion and vocals, Adbullah Hassan -percussion and vocals, Joshua Horowitz -percussion and vocals, Scott Hill -clarinet and vocals, Walter Levison -percussion, Kristina Johnson -saxophone, William Bardsley -dumbek drum, Jason Selness -guitar. At the bigger shows, we also had two background vocalists: Marrium and Jennifer.

Distant Rumble performed from coast-to-coast, including a stop at Presidents Park in Washington, DC for people touring the White House. The band received a certificate from the President of the United States (Bill Clinton at the time.) for that performance.

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