DIAMOND and Renee Artymyshyn

Ch. Cosmic Nuit de la Comete, MX, MXJ, CGC, TDI, HIC, TT 4/13/96 - 6/9/04

To think Diamond was returned to us, his breeders, at a year of age because he had a "bad" temperament and was "unstable" was something we never understood. Roman and I, as well as Diamond's fan club (which consisted of virtually everyone who ever met him after he "came home"), appreciated his solid character and charisma. His zest for life was infectious. We did often struggle together as an agility team, as Diamond's abilities far exceeded mine and his enthusiasm was at times difficult for me to channel. He loved this game - and he will always be remembered for the flourish he put on it - which included yodeling through the weave poles, and the sassing while on the table because he had to stop... Diamond's career suffered a bit due to my own multiple health problems, but he was always ready and willing to dive into it when I asked him - even 2 days before his premature death due to gastric carcinoma. Even though now I am sure he was suffering during his last few weeks, his face would still light up as it always had when he knew he was about to run, and he continued to earn placements in large classes right to the end. While officially he still needed 4 more double "Q's" for his MACH, in my eyes he had far exceeded the requirements for any title a dog could earn. There were so many things we still had to do together - and now I can only dream about them - and savor all the memories.

Renee Artymyshyn

"We watched this wonderful team come together as a well matched pair of athletes. As they gathered legs and titles, there was no doubt that this dog was destined to earn the coveted MACH title in AKC.

When a higher power than any human decided to take Diamond before his time, we all felt his absence, but never doubted his ability.

It is with this in mind that Ch.Cosmic Nuit de la Comete, MX, MXJ, CGC, TDI, HIC, TT, is hereby inducted to the Sunrise Hall of Fame. "

Janet Seltzer