Sculptures male/female figures & horses
Sculptures - Focus on Horses
by Waylande Gregory

Am focusing on sculptures of horses but first would like you to see the two relief works of semi-nude female figures which is a reminder of the Gregory style during his teen years; Hotel President, Kansas City, KA; and historical St. Joseph Missouri Theatre.
Left: Temptress: 1936; 18+"H without stand; Unglazed Ceramic Relief.
Right: The Young: 1936; 24"H; Unglazed Ceramic Relief.
Received Avery Award from the New York Architectural Asso.-1936. First time given for "Ceramic".

Reason I choose to focus on horses: Gregory was noted for his sculptured horses; so stated an article in Time Magazine.
Below Left: MAN FROM LA MONCHIA; Unglazed Ceramic. After the death of Waylande his wife experienced vandalism and theft; this was one of the works reported to the police. It is such a lovely work that I thought you would enjoy seeing this unglazed, hand molded claywork.
Right: KANSAS MADONNA; Unglazed terra cotta; 22+x13+x11"; 1933; executed while Gregory was Resident Artist at Cranbook Academy. A highly publicized work and award winner which took center stage in Fortune Magazine. This caught the attention of Henry Fonda who was traveling to NYC by plane. He visited Gregory in the NJ Metuchin Studio, took some lessons, posed for him and purchased a work titled: The Diver. Fonda sculpted a small mouse that came calling at the studio which is still in the Gregory estate as well as news articles about the visit and the work purchased by Fonda. I wonder if Fonda estate still has the work of art purchased by Henry Fonda??

Below Left: Galloping Horse; 1934; 15+x13+x6+"; Cream colored hand molded. At one time it had been on loan to the late Donald Desky who included it in one of his decorated rooms while on exhibition. (See book by Cooper Hewitt on Donald Desky). Gregory also used this horse as a model for his smaller cast art deco or white works; 8"H.
Below Right: Nude on Horse; 1930's; Unglazed white ceramic; 24"H. This too is reminiscent of his earlier works as a teen ager.

Below: Europa & the Bull; a work owned by Everson Museum of Art; Syracuse, New York. Another work executed while Resident Artist at Cranbrook Academy.

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