Waylande Gregory executed ton-size ceramic sculptures for the 1939 NY World fair. He received a commission from General Motors of Detroit and executed 14-works for their contribution to the Fair.

FIRE: 1938; 76X41X41"; ton size part glazed Ceramic. Part of a twelve piece fountain Gregory executed for the 1939 New York World's Fair; Titled; FOUNTAIN OF THE ATOM. The work consisted of the 4-elements Fire, Earth, Water & Air of monumental proportions; while the 6 electrons were of smaller stature. As with the Egyptians, Gregory depicts the elements in human form; the ELECTRONS as whimsical children dancing to the tune of the wind; Fire as a female engulfed in flames.

EARTH: 1938; 77x46x32"; ton-size part glazed ceramic is the largest of Gregory's monumental ceramic works. She is depicted as a proud queen enthroned upon a seat of crystal and earth. All of the works were high fired and can withstand sub-zero temperatures. Gregory was commissioned by General Motors of Detroit and executed approx. 14 works for their exhibition at the fair while several of his private collection sculptures were exhibited at the Federal Building.

Male & female ELECTRONS; part glazed ceramic. The fountain consisted of 8-Electrons sizes from 45 to 55"H.

BELOW: Maquettes to the 1939 NY Fair Fountain: EARTH, FIRE AND WATER. 1938.

Above Photo: Earth, Fire & Air at the Museum
Sizes of Maquettes range from 24/25"H

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