N.J.F.B.F.S. & DA
New Jersey Savate Federation

New Jersey Federation (Association) of Box- Francaise Savate & Associated Disciplines (TM)

Recognized  by ARSIC-International
Member of the U.S North Eastern Atlantic Federation of Savate and Associated Disciplines (TM) (N.E.A.F.B.F.S. & D.A)
Registered by  the U.S.F.B.F.S.D.A
Recognized by  the International Federation of BF-Savate & DA (F.I.B.F.S.D.A.) through  the U.S.F.B.F.S.&D.A.

New Jersey Savate Federation
7707 Bergenline Avenue
North Bergen, NJ, 07047
(15 minutes from NYC Port
Authority,42nd Street)

ARSIC  Registered Savate Clubs In New Jersey:
1. South Mountain Savate Club
91 Main St, 3rd Floor
Madison, NJ 07940
 Link to South Mountain Savate Club

2. Choisy le Roi USA
7707 Bergenline Avenue
North Bergen, NJ, 07047

Link to Choisy le Roi USA Savate Club

Moniteur Norman Taylors, Silver Glove
Presiding officer and Chairman of the NJSF Board
President of the USSF

Armando Basulto
ARSIC Registered White Glove of Savate
ARSIC Correspondent for the NJSF
Vice president NJSF

NJFBFS& DA contact:
201-861-3772 or 212-539-2679
Email :  bjjsavate@yahoo.com
The NJFBFS& DA/ NJSF can also be contacted through ARSIC-International

ARSIC-International Registered
NJSF Savate Seminar
November 18th and 19th, 2000

Photo taken at the ARSIC-International Registered Seminar
Direct from France! The New Jersey Savate Federation will be hosting the
 Women's World Champion of Savate, Ms. Virginie LESCURE.  She will also be
here with her trainer and head coach of Choisy Du Roi in France, Mr.

NJ Savate Federation
Contact: Armando Basulto, ARSIC Correspondent
201-861-3772 or 212-539-2679
 or for more info email:

Webmaster Armando Basulto
 Link: Discussion Forum and New-Jersey Savate Federation
 Web Site

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